IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2006-10-26

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_mavrick61Is there not any one who is updateing the lshw PKG anymore?00:37
jaegeris it in attic?00:43
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_mavrick61I found 14 GUN mirror sites for screen but no one have 4.0.3 version only 4.0.201:10
jaegerattic ports are no longer maintained by anyone, that's why they're attic :)01:11
_mavrick61Aha.. OK...01:11
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_mavrick61About Screen it seem the latest version have been stalled because the main ftp server is broken...01:12
_mavrick61Is there a way to have more then one download adress in Pkgfile..01:13
_mavrick61But why is OPENVPN in attic. When still is in OPT01:16
jaegerperhaps someone adopted it and forgot to remove it from attic01:17
pitilloummm interesting... nessus was ported. Need to read it and contrast with mine...01:18
_mavrick61To bad I not have skills to make PKG my self. But I will try to learn.. But I can't a single syntax of C, so if there is ned for somepatching then I have no clue..01:20
pitilloNeed to make a diff with footprints... Pkgfiles differs a lot. It´s a good idea to add a little script/daemon (Didn´tthink it).01:23
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pitillointeresting... they are very similar... I´m thinking to add the daemon too. Here is the diff , if anyone can take a look and tell me if there is some error or sugestion
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pitilloremade the ports. Is there a possibility to be the maintainer of that 4 ports (libnasl, nessus-{libraries,core,plugins}) ?02:15
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pitillowell, may be I´m not capable by now... Learning bit by bit. :)03:15
* Romster just got home03:31
pitilloRomster, did you update the script?03:43
Romstera little yes03:45
Romsterhaven't done alot more to it yet i've been busy with other things03:46
pitillocan you pastebin it? To take a look.03:46
pitilloNo problem.03:46
prologicHan, ping04:06
Romsterwhy in this program do some of the *.h files have #include <string> and others #include <string.h> ?04:11
Romsterwonder if this is a error or not04:12
Romsteror local vs global include?04:12
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pitillotilman´s tips in the script?... xD04:33
pitillofor the chroot dir, may be is a good idea to create it too, instead of add a README file or add it in helpñ. What do you think?04:35
Romsterheh yeah04:45
Romsterset a default and have a pram to redefine it.04:45
Romsteri'll add that, but thats not a pirority yet.04:45
pitilloand what about put it under /tmp?04:46
Romsterlovely i add a port and i get other missing files..04:46
Romsteri thought about puting it under /tmp04:46
Romsteri should test that actually04:47
pitillowhich priorities do you have? (if they are related to this...)04:50
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Romsterget it to work :) improve on it04:53
Romsteruse it with antoher bash script or modifyed pkg-utils to test ports with, and rebuild toolchains04:53
Romsterpitillo, thats basicly what your wanting todo?04:53
pitilloI hope we can make a neat chrooted enviroment to test own ports... (my idea was only using official iso but can be extended with ports update)04:54
Romstercan do both now :P04:55
Romsterok gonna pastebin a update soon04:55
Romsterafter testing04:55
Romsterwill learn how to make man pages too and add a man page for it.04:59
pitilloit depends in the difficult of use... may be it´s better keep it simple and use only the --help option to get info about use.05:03
Romsterpitillo, ok going into /tmp isn't a good idea05:04
RomsterNo space left on device05:04
Romsteri wonder if /var/tmp is seperate or part of /tmp ?05:04
pitilloI don´t know how to do a man page too, may be is interesting refering to learn how to do it.05:04
pitilloummm take a look to fstab and you´ll see it05:05
Romsternot in fstab05:06
Romsterwell as complex as the bash script gets, it'll be listed in a man page and still use what i've added now as the -h or --help pram05:07
Romsterone thing is for sure it takes some time to setup the --system option05:08
Romsterok compiled ports, not sure if i should copy them all across.05:10
Romsteractually, i think that should be left clean and have a option to include some if need be.05:10
prologicHan, boehm-gc needs to be added to the dep list for your inkscape port05:35
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Romsterwtf em i doing wrong now06:25
Romsterbash-3.1# chroot /var/tmp/crux-2.2/ /bin/bash06:25
Romsterchroot: cannot run command `/bin/bash': No such file or directory06:25
Romsterit exists and it used to work,,06:25
Hansimply try cd /var/tmp/crux-2.2/; chroot06:33
Romsterchroot: missing operand06:36
Romsteri'm in root i've read the man page i've tryed various ways and no go...06:38
Romsterbah i'm getting food, computers can get frustrating06:38
Romsterthis is what i have so far, it did work untill chrot is arse farting around,
* deus_ex googles for 'crimping coaxial cables for dummies' 06:44
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Hanfor p in $CHROOT_TOOLCHAIN *; do06:48
HanIt doesn't really matter if the toolchain ports are installed before, it's just reinstall. 5 seconds loss06:48
HanBut it makes the code a lot easier06:49
Romsterwell it does if they need to be built?06:49
Hanfor i in $(ls --color=never); do06:50
Hanfor i in *; do06:50
Handoes the same06:50
Romsterif the toolchain ports arn't built already it'll build them in order06:50
Romster< newbie at bash06:50
Hanamerican isn't a language either.06:51
Han`basename $CHROOT_COMMAND` -> ${CHROOT_COMMAND##*/}06:51
Romsterthen what is it lol06:52
Romsterah yeah06:52
Han#!/bin/bash -> #!/bin/sh06:54
Romsterjust altered that one06:54
Romstersh is to be more generic i take it with othe shells06:55
HanI don't have bash installed for example.06:56
Romsterzsh or something you use.06:57
Hanmksh for /bin/sh and zsh for interactive shell06:58
HanSince mksh is about 10% of the size of bash and nearly every buildscript calls sh at least 100 times you can imagine it makes a difference.06:59
Romsteromg, so looking into that.07:03
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Romsterdeus_ex, get the coaxal cable crimped lol07:15
deus_exRomster: Heh.07:16
deus_exWho ever said 'if it's not broken, don't fix it' is a wise man indeed :)07:17
Romstera friend cleaned a fluro tube holder and frosted plastic cover and it jsut fell to peaces, i had to put a new one there for him.07:19
deus_exI bet taht was fun...07:20
Romsterdidn't take long to change07:20
Romsteri bet he had the bad part, carefully cleaning then to find out its no good lol07:20
Romsterand paying for a new one07:21
deus_ex5 min work, two hours of beer destruction?07:21
Romsterhehe :P07:21
deus_exYou *do* drink beer?07:21
Romsternot that time but its been like that sometimes07:21
Romsteryeah, not all the time though07:21
deus_exWhen you sleep, you don't drink it.Gotcha.07:22
deus_exHm, I'm in a mood for debuging(avidemux 2.3 hangs while opening a file).07:24
deus_exI should be in a mood for spelling, too...07:25
Romstereating dinner then i'm attacking that shell script with hans alterations07:25
deus_exdinner?Oh, you're Aussie, right?07:26
deus_exI've watched show about Australia on Discovery channel few days ago.Fascinating country.07:27
deus_exDamn hot, too.07:27
Romsteryep it gets hot here07:28
Romsteri'm used to most of it, i hate winter07:28
Romsternice to have some hot days now07:28
Romstermsot of them are still mild though07:28
deus_exIt's summer there now?07:28
Romsterlol i forgot what month summer starts i think it was in december? and its october now07:30
deus_exA friend of mine emigrated there about 10 years ago.07:30
deus_exCanberra, I think.07:30
Romsterthats gotta be the worst place for weather, its always cold there07:31
deus_exI haven't heard from him all this years, he is not much into computers, mail, im and all that.07:32
deus_exAnd its too far for pigeons :)07:32
Romsterthats too bad as computers are the cheapist way to chat07:33
Romsterdeus_ex, want something to freak you out :P i'm eating kangaroo meat hehe.07:35
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deus_exWho has the heart to kill such sweet animal?07:37
RyoSi ate that once in a restaurant07:38
RyoSits great actually07:38
RyoSdeus_ex: they would kill you if they knew how :P07:38
deus_exWhat's for desert?Roasted panda/koala?07:38
RyoSactually, fish07:38
deus_exRyoS: Who would kill me?07:38
deus_exThey can take a number :)07:39
Romstertheres an abrundence of them, so there allowed to kill so many to keep the population down. also the meat is jsut as good as beef for ya. with less fat07:39
nipuLwhen you've hit a roo at 110km/h in your car, then you can talk about how sweet they are07:40
Romsterdeus_ex, What's for desert?Roasted panda/koala? < eww no way07:40
deus_exCare to send me some kangaroo meat?07:40
RyoSfind some decent restaurant around you and they will serve it07:40
deus_exnipuL: Talk from experience?(hope not)07:41
Romsterbit hard it dosn't keep well unless in the fridge or freezer.07:41
RomsternipuL, yeah thats happend before and recked the radiator etc. and bonnet07:42
deus_exRyoS: That's too exotic for these parts.07:42
RyoSwhere are you located?07:42
RyoSi see07:43
Romsterjukebox in Serbia ?07:43
deus_exSo, I'll put kangaroo meat on  a list of things to try, then.07:44
Romsterfirst thing that came to my mind07:44
Romsteryeah if you like beef you should like kangaroo meat07:44
RyoSthere are also people eating horse meat..07:44
RyoSwhich is more perverted imo07:45
deus_exRomster: jukebox?There was a music magazine named that 20 years ago.07:45
deus_exWhat about wild rabbit meat?07:46
RyoSnever at it07:46
RyoSi want to get eggs at eastern07:46
Romsterhorsemeat eww07:46
deus_exI ate that several times, it is fantastic.07:46
deus_exRyoS: :)07:46
Romsterdeus_ex, that maybe it07:46
Romsterrabbit mmm07:47
nipuLlol, romster, the jikebox was in siberia07:47
Romsterrabbit stew is damn nice07:47
RomsternipuL, ah07:47
RyoSrabbti stew?07:47
* deus_ex agrees07:47
Romstervery nice too07:47
deus_exYes, stew.07:47
RyoSwhat do you do? throw rabbits into a bottle fill it with water, put some carrotts in it and its ready or what? :p07:48
RomsterRyoS, slow cook the rabbit in a big pot and a few hours b4 serving throw carrots and other veggies in and serve when cooked.07:48
RyoSi kinda feel like i want to cry ^^07:49
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RyoSmy eastereggs!!!!07:49
RomsterRyoS, if you saw the amount of bunnies digging holes here and then twisting ya ankel in one you wouldn't be saying that!07:50
RyoSmaybe ;)07:50
Romsterthey where trying to use the bilby for the aussie bunnie07:51
Romsterit never worked though07:51
deus_exRyoS: What rabbit has to do with Easter?07:51
RyoSthe easter bunny? :P07:51
deus_exNo such thing in ortodox church.07:51
RyoSwill you never take my playboybunny Romster? :P07:52
RyoSi neither ortodox nor catholic, but i take all the presents07:52
RyoS*i am07:52
deus_exSmart man :)07:52
Romsterplayboy bunny thats a diferent thing though :P07:53
deus_exMy mother is catholic, father ortodox.Two Easters/Christmas  for me :)07:53
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Romsterdeus_ex, lol07:55
RyoSdeus_ex: i envy you :P07:56
deus_exRyoS: No need, I don't get presents for either :)07:56
* deus_ex is too old for presents07:56
deus_exOr so they say....07:57
deus_exI crash shitload of eggs, though07:59
Romstertoo old for presents but never to old for toys like computer parts :)08:00
deus_exRomster: Amen, brother!08:01
RyoSehehehe ^^08:01
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j^2hey all09:23
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Romsterhi j^209:33
j^2morning Romster09:37
Romsterwhats up09:39
j^2not much working on a router of mine09:39
j^2iTerm just crashed though :(09:39
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j^2any e17 users here?10:25
pitilloj^2, one here...10:25
j^2did you use the contrib port to build it?10:26
pitilloyes, Han did a great job... only modified some modules.10:27
j^2ah cool, i'm gonna give it a shot in a bit, wanted to see the concenious10:27
j^2i cant spell10:27
Romsterneather can i :)10:28
jaegerj^2: I use it sometimes, built from cvs. it's not difficult either way10:31
j^2jaeger, ah cool thanks, i have a guy here at the company that wants to play with it, and i need a test *inx box so i figure what the hell :P10:33
Romsternot this again...10:34
Romsterrm: cannot remove directory `/var/tmp/crux-2.2/dev/pts': Device or resource busy10:34
Romsterumounting it dosn't help..10:34
pitilloRomster, man, another time?...10:35
Romsterall i seem todo is remove all the stuff out of /dev and i have to run udevtrigger again10:36
Romsterwish i knew what i was doing wrong.10:36
jaegermaybe it's not getting unmounted when you do an rm -rf or rm -r10:37
Romsteri can't even use chroot now, but i've only done small changes to the scrpt, i can't do it manually either and i can't think why it would change.10:38
jaegerhow are you mounting dev in the chroot?10:38
Romsteri'm mounting it before i chroot10:40
Romstermount -t proc proc "$CHROOT_DIR/proc"10:41
Romstermount --bind /dev "$CHROOT_DIR/dev"10:41
Romsterchroot "$CHROOT_DIR" /bin/sh10:41
jaegerhrm, looks ok10:41
Romsterbut chroot itself compains10:41
Romsterchroot: cannot run command `/bin/sh': No such file or directory10:43
Romsterthats a load of bull it exists10:43
Romsterand it used to work. i refreshed "prt-get update chroot coreutils" but to no avial10:44
sepen $ mount --bind /dev $CHROOT_DIR/dev10:44
sepen $ mount --bind /tmp $CHROOT_DIR/tmp10:44
sepen $ mount -t proc proc $CHROOT_DIRt/proc10:44
sepen $ mount -t sysfs none $CHROOT_DIR/sys10:44
sepen $ chroot $CHROOT_DIR /bin/bash10:44
Romstersys ?10:46
jaegernot really needed for building ports10:48
Romsterdidn't think so10:48
Romsterthis i don't get10:53
Romsterbash-3.1# chroot /crux-2.2/10:53
Romsterchroot: cannot run command `/bin/bash': No such file or directory10:53
Romsterbash-3.1# ls -la /bin/bash10:53
Romster-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 679348 Oct 26 21:33 /bin/bash10:53
tilmanls -la /crux-2.2/bin/bash10:53
RyoShi tilman10:54
Romsteris it ment to goto that bash10:54
RyoSgot it working :) almost everything at least :)10:54
tilmanhow did you solve it?10:54
Romsterbash-3.1# ls -la /crux-2.2/bin/bash10:54
Romster-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 679348 Oct 26 21:33 /crux-2.2/bin/bash10:54
RyoSproblem was in /lib10:54
tilmanhow did it go there?10:54
RyoSi dont know :s10:55
RyoSwell, this caused a problem with let me look it up10:55
tilmani see10:56
tilmanso it tried to open a bdf file that was called "blah.pcf"?10:56
RyoSnow the last thing that doesnt work is my keyboard ^^'10:56
Romster/usr/lib/ ->
RyoSRomster: it was placed in /lib and not /usr/lib ^^10:56
Romsterall the libs goto /usr/lib/10:56
Romsterthats odd...10:56
RyoSyea, anyway ^^ now its done10:57
Romsterthen why is mine correct then?10:57
RyoSdo i have holes in my hands? :P10:57
Romsterwhat the x11r6 has a later version of that lib10:58
Romster/usr/X11R6/lib/ ->, line 66 and following.. what could cause that? :/10:58
* Romster scratches me head :confused:10:58
Romsterservebeer lol10:59
Romsteranyway i'm stuck all i can think of is rebooting..11:00
Romsterwhich isn't the best option.11:00
Romsterit used to work just fine..11:00
RyoStilman: you've seen the output?11:10
RyoSyou have time to take a look at it? :) i have no clue where to look about this11:11
tilmanprt-get install xprop11:12
tilmanthe RADEONHandleMessage() spam is a bug in xorg-server. use xrandr to change resolutions11:13
tilman(search #crux logs for details)11:13
tilmando you have:11:13
tilmanxorg-libxkbfile 1.0.3-111:13
tilmanxorg-libxkbui 1.0.2-111:13
tilmanxorg-setxkbmap 1.0.2-111:13
tilmanxorg-xkbcomp 1.0.2-111:13
tilmanxorg-xkbdata 1.0.1-111:13
RyoSlet me see11:15
RyoSnope, i install em now11:16
tilmanxorg-setxkbmap is optional btw ;)11:16
RyoSok just one was missing, and that was setxkbmap11:18
RyoSdoesnt change anything :/11:19
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tilmanof course it doesn't11:20
tilmanwhich keyboard driver do you use?11:21
RyoSthe one xorgconfig gave me, let me look it up11:22
tilmanwell, i don't know11:23
tilmanstart googling the errors at lines 71 cf11:23
pitilloRomster, can you pastebin the lastest script?11:34
j^2compiling compiling la la la11:34
pitilloRomster, thanks... I will try it to reboot too11:37
Romsterif it works for you good for me its stuck on the chroot bit not sure why i probbly need to refresh my system (reboot)11:37
pitilloroberth, here is quite difficult to reboot... I will try it :) (and finally will reboot too xD)11:39
pitilloarf sorry11:39
Romsteri take it wrong window lol11:39
pitillotab error :)11:40
pitilloumm why are you using contrib too?11:41
pitilloports need to be created only with core/opt deps11:41
Romsterwell sometimes there is a port that has other deps in contrib too.11:42
pitillotrue but is better to use core/opt. Thinking in make another option to do that.11:45
pitillobut more options make it more complex. What do you think about?11:46
pitillowell, giving a try first with the image option.11:48
RyoStilman: can you tell me where XKeysymDB is located? /usr/lib/X11?11:48
pitillobash: ./ /bin/sh^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory xD11:49
sepenCR+LF xDDD11:50
sepenpitillo, just remove ^M11:50
qidand don't edit your shell scripts with poorly-written windows editors11:51
sepenor use dos2unix script11:51
pitilloI think I will not use the raw at pastebin to wget nothig :)11:51
sepenwhat pastebin?
pitilloyes, take a look to the bottom, at .../raw/# and wget it11:52
pitillosorry, .ca11:53
*** the-ruediger has joined #crux11:53
sepenpitillo, use the paste url located at topic, an example
pitillosepen, thanks, better than .ca11:56
Romsterabout time i put it up its stil alpha11:56
pitilloRomster, thanks.11:57
Romsterdon't forget to chmod to 75511:59
Romsteri made it 644 so ppl can view it online.12:00
tilmanlast i checked http didn't know about file permissions12:00
jaegerif the web server can't serve it...12:01
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RyoStilman: can you tell me where XKeysymDB is located? /usr/lib/X11?12:01
RyoSi might miss that one12:02
Romsterah afaik if its executable the server will send it out as a binary file instead of just viewing it as text12:02
tilmanRyoS: what's that supposed to be?12:03
tilmana so?12:03
RyoSdont know actually, just that file, defines some keyboard related stuff which is missing for me12:04
RyoSthats at least what i found on google ._.12:05
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] > grep -i xkeysymdb /var/lib/pkg/db12:05
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] >12:05
tilmanand yes, it exists12:05
RyoSok.. i dont miss it..12:05
RyoSthen i really dont know whats the problem oO12:08
Romsterpitillo, let me know how it works. etc.12:08
pitilloRomster, loading without parms... don't show anything...12:10
pitillodidn't find the iso too12:13
deus_exIs java plugin supposed to hang FF?12:13
Romsteryeah i know about that12:13
pitillowell tried to add to *) the print_help12:14
jaegerwhy would you think it's *supposed* to hang FF?12:14
jaegerhangs are not features12:14
Romsterhmmz i haven't tested that iso image bit yet12:14
pitillookiz, I trying it now12:14
tilmanjaeger: yeah, that's what i thought :D12:14
Romsterset the path to the iso12:14
tilmanslightly weird wording :P12:14
Romsteri should make that a option12:14
j^2wow e17 is pretty12:16
pitilloyeah, -i mount_point to mount in the specified dir, and for lookup the iso, adding another option or making something to search it12:16
RyoStilman: can it be because the path is not set in /etc/profile?12:18
pitilloRomster, when you had problems with pts? exiting the chroot enviroment ?12:19
Romsterpitillo, thought of that never added to it12:19
Romsterah umounting it12:19
Romsteri've done something to my system i probbly need to reboot so i refresh my enviorment, ive tryed all sorts of commands with no luck12:20
pitillowell, umounted dev and proc without problems... now?12:20
Romsterthen in a new console you just rm -r the directory12:20
RyoStilman: but i have export paths pointing to /usr/X11R612:20
Romsterto remove it.12:20
RyoSfor example12:20
tilmanyou still have opt/x11 installed?12:21
pitilloRomster, without problems12:21
Romsterpitillo, thought so its my setup i've done something to it.12:21
tilmanthen why on earth should it matter whether you have /usr/X11R6 in your path?12:21
pitilloRomster, are you in /crux-2.2/ when deleting?12:21
RyoStilman: i was using xfree86 before, could that be a problem? Oo' but i removed anything related to it12:22
Romsteryou should be able to chroot-build, then do whatever in the enviroment12:22
Romsterpitillo, no :P12:22
pitilloI need to ask it, it could be...12:22
tilmanRyoS: please stop asking retarded questions12:23
tilmanOBVIOUSLY it doesn't matter12:23
pitilloRomster, with image option yes. Didn't try anything in, but it's time to try it :)12:23
tilmanthis isn't some whacko software12:23
tilmanit's mighty x12:23
RomsterRyoS, if oyur not using x11r6 rm -r /usr/X11R612:24
tilmanwhere's your goddamn log again?12:24
RyoSits gone already <.<12:24
Romsterpitillo, i've done something funky to my pc :/ a reboot should restore it to normal12:25
tilmani'm gonna look at the frigging source12:25
tilmanyou owe me a beer should we ever meet12:25
RyoSi will hand you at a full cube12:25
Romstertilman, with 222 xorg ports i'm suprised your not insane yet.12:25
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tilmannah, i just have recovered12:27
tilmani did the original porting in december... been a while12:27
j^2in .xinitrc how do i set a solid black backgroud?12:28
j^2i'm pulling a blank12:28
jaegerxsetroot -solid black12:28
tilmanRyoS: seems libxkbsomething doesn't like your xfree86 xkb rules file12:28
* j^2 tips hat to jaeger 12:28
RyoSj^2: xsetroot -solid black12:28
RyoSi guess12:28
tilmanRyoS: try XkbRules "xorg"12:28
j^2thank you sir like always12:28
j^2thanks RyoS12:28
tilmanRyoS: you're using XkbRules "xfree86" atm i guess?12:28
RyoSi use a clean xorgconfig made config12:29
RyoSbut let me have a look12:29
tilmanthat doesn't answer my question12:29
tilmanit just wastes our bandwidth :>12:29
RyoSit uses XkbRules "xorg"12:29
tilmanthe error is from xkbcomp12:31
tilmanbitches about /usr/share/X11/xkb/compat/xfree8612:32
tilmanupload xorg.conf12:33
RyoSsure, one sec12:33
tilmanOption "XkbVariant""nodead"12:37
tilmanshouldn't that be "nodeadkeys"?12:38
RyoSi check that12:38
pitilloRomster, changed the first case... removing the while, adding the mount point option to -i $212:38
RyoSdoesnt change it :/12:38
tilmandoes changing the layout help?12:40
RyoSone sec12:40
*** destruct_ has joined #Crux12:40
RyoSits the same12:42
tilmanchecked whether you have more libs in /lib?12:43
RyoSa lot of ._.12:43
tilmanx libs12:43
RyoSremove em?12:44
RyoSof course12:44
RyoSobviously ^^12:44
Romsterpitillo, ack theres a betetr way todo that, but i'll do that later i'm going to bed soon12:44
RyoSgood god!12:44
pitillookiz, I will put there the last changes12:45
RyoSit works..12:45
RyoSi owe you more than a cube diebels... fuechschen alt maybe? ._.12:45
tilmannever heard of fuechsen alt12:45
RyoSits a private brewery12:45
RyoSlike schuhmacher alt, duessel alt and so on12:46
*** treach has joined #crux12:47
RyoSschluessel is great too :)12:47
RyoSwhen you ever come to duesseldorf, kick me ;)12:47
deus_exjaeger: lame attempt at humor ;)12:49
deus_ex(java hanging ff)12:49
jaegerI didn't get it, obviously :) sorry12:50
deus_exnp :)12:50
deus_exHence 'lame'12:50
pitilloRomster, trying to take the system to a stable state after the chroot. I will add some tips at the script's end. Hope can help you.12:50
deus_exq: will killinh java_vm kill ff too?12:51
* deus_ex does that12:51
treachcan you think of any reason it should?12:51
deus_exNo, but it did.12:52
tilmanlike, firefox being pretty weird at times?12:52
treachdeus_ex: which only proves what I've said many times.. ff is crap.12:52
deus_ex*sigh* I know.12:52
deus_exThank God for session saver.12:53
tilmanrugek: poke Viper_12:53
treachScore one for God vs the Gremlins. Too bad he'll never catch up before the game is up.12:54
pitilloRomster, nice, image option works in my case. Umounting and removing all without problems. Next to do: fix the locate iso problem, add another option to copy "user ports" to chrooted enviroment to test them.12:55
deus_ex case anyone else wants to try).12:55
*** destruct has quit IRC12:56
*** Romster has quit IRC12:56
*** Romster has joined #crux13:00
Romsterhmmz have to seriously fix that firewall pc's fault one day13:00
Romsterinstead of rebooting it when it dies13:00
Romsterpitillo, updated version on my site.13:00
Romsternow shows help when no arguments are given13:01
Romsterbut i put it in the right location, imo13:01
pitilloRomster, take a look to *) I've posted...13:02
pitilloRomster, and the last tips to do take the system again to normal state13:03
rugekViper_: could you please replace my httpup with
rugektilman: thx, for hint13:04
Viper_do you mean the portdb or contrib?13:05
pitilloViper_, can you take a look to this little laptop guide? And if you find it interesting, can be added to documentation section?
Viper_ok no problem.. but i will do this tomorrow :)13:08
Romsterpitillo, read it, altered again
pitilloperfect. If it needs to be reformated with some css I can redo it.13:09
Romsterumont cd image when done, added opt ports off cd since there already compiled.13:10
Romsteralthough, the idea if not having any opt or core or anyother ports but core _was_/_is_ my intention, so that a port can be checked and see if any dependencys have been missed.13:10
Romstercss O_o13:12
Romsterits a program not a web page lol13:12
pitilloRomster, I refer to the little guide told to Viper_ , sorry13:13
Romsterah, :confusion:13:13
Romstersing i need to goto bed13:14
tilmanjesus motherfucker!13:14
Romsteri so can not type13:14
pitillorest your mind a bit man13:14
tilmano rly?13:14
* Romster cracks up laugthing at tilman 13:15
* treach sings that romster needs to go to bed so he can't type.13:15
Romsterhand-mind coordination just isn't there13:15
Romstertreach, 'sins' :P13:16
treachcoordination? Doesn't that imply that there are at least two different entities to deal with?13:16
pitilloRomster, ummm getting problems again with -i... I see your changes and I will apply some of them to mine.13:17
Romstertreach, yes, mind thinking one thing, hands typing on subconcinous13:19
Romsteri haven't tested the --image option yet, it appears it should work13:20
pitillomay be at this moment only hands type on subconcinous... only one entity... xD13:20
treach"Freudian Slip of the finger". Let's all welcome Freud to the IT-age.13:20
treachpitillo: rigth. :-)13:20
tilmanwelcome, freud \o/13:21
pitilloRomster, didn't work, but see your changes... I will apply some. But tomorrow. Going to sepen's home in a few minutes...13:21
* Romster goes to bed b4 i type more crazy shit :D13:21
Romsterpitillo, k13:22
Romsteri'm off later13:22
treachget better ventilation, maybe it'd make you less of a hatter.13:23
*** jaeger has quit IRC13:27
Viper_rugek: do you mean the portdb or contrib?13:32
sepenRomster, pitillo comes towards my $HOME13:39
j^2yay! my server room is at 91 degrees F13:45
j^2stupid A/C13:46
RyoSmaybe we can grill kangaroo meat in there?13:52
RyoSwhat do you say, Romster?13:52
j^2hehe, to quote my facilities guy, "it's hotter then hell in there"13:57
treachI'm positive he said "than".13:57
tilmantreach: had a bad day? ;)13:58
j^2dude i'm in texas, we talk how we talk ;)13:58
treachno, just getting pissy about people who can't keep their tounges/fingers straight..13:59
*** jaeger has joined #crux13:59
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger13:59
j^2it's dropping though which is nice ;14:02
* treach prefers not to ask what's dropping.14:04
*** rxi has quit IRC14:04
treachFedora maybe, it alledgedly hit the streets today, nobody said from how high though. :-/14:05
*** rxi has joined #crux14:05
tilmanjaeger: care to give liboil a version bump/14:11
*** the-ruediger has quit IRC14:12
jaegerI'll give it a look14:12
j^2what do i change so my montior doesnt turn off with no activity?14:17
j^2i thought it was DPMS14:17
j^2in xorg14:17
tilmani think it's DPMS14:18
tilmandisable it!14:18
tilmanxorg dpms fuck_off_damnit14:19
*** mike_k has quit IRC14:19
tilman    To control Energy Star (DPMS) features:14:19
tilman-dpms      Energy Star features off14:19
tilmans/xorg/xset/ of course14:19
tilman"xset -dpms" maybe14:19
j^2thanks tilman14:20
jaegertilman: it's updated14:58
*** bd2 has joined #crux14:59
seekwillHmm... If I need to run two pretty time consuming operations, should I run them at the same time, or run one after the other?15:04
jaegerdo you care which one finishes first?15:07
seekwillNot really.15:15
seekwillI figure that if I loaded all the programs at the same time, when one isn't using the processor, another one could. Or any other resource.15:18
*** kieselsteini has joined #crux15:41
kieselsteiniwell a very very newbie question :) ....15:45
thrice`those are the easiest kind15:45
treach*beep* crux is for experienced users, remember? ;-)15:45
*** koefz has quit IRC15:46
kieselsteinii'm new to CRUX...and I love it...small and beautiful ... but I used always some bigger desktop environment, so I never thought about setting a wallpaper15:46
treach"a small elite community", or how did anselm put it? :P15:46
kieselsteinii'm looking for a simple tool to set a wallpaper15:46
thrice`kieselsteini, which wm are you in?15:46
kieselsteiniopenbox ;)15:46
treachkieselsteini: feh15:46
kieselsteinitreach, feh? it in the ports?15:47
jaegeryou'll need an external app, then, such as display from imagemagick, or xv, or something like that15:47
jaegeror feh :)15:47
thrice`I know fluxbox uses fbsetbg, using feh / imagemagick as a backing15:47
treachkieselsteini: "search the ports, luke!"15:47
jaegerfluxbox and blackbox contain a setbg program, openbox doesn't15:48
jaegerat least, not one I remember15:48
jaegerkieselsteini: - search there. it appears to be in contrib15:48
copworkxsetroot -bg black15:48
kieselsteinino....I know fbsetbg but it's only a wrapper script15:48
copworkfor sad moments15:49
copworkxsetroot -bg white15:49
copworkif you want to check your lcs for bad pixels15:49
kieselsteinicopwork, *g15:49
jaegercopwork: not much of a wallpaper :)15:49
copworkits the nicest wallpaper there is15:50
kieselsteinihrhr copwork I don't want to see my bad pixels....I've too many of them15:50
treach-> :-)15:50
copworkyou can let your mind run wild what happens in the dark15:50
thrice`ew, fvwm15:52
treachcool.. feh can use urls directly. :P15:52
treachthrice`: works for me, unlike openbox. :D15:53
thrice`I've never actually tried openbox15:53
kieselsteiniopenbox is cool :)15:54
jaegertreach: :)15:54
kieselsteinijaeger, hrhr another NWN junkie :)15:55
jaegertreach: it's only 1.5M :)15:56
jaegerkieselsteini: aye, I play it... not often, but I enjoy it15:56
treachjaeger: ah, YAGS.. :-) I whish I had your screen though.15:56
thrice`for some reason my gnome 2.16 failed to build15:56
treachsure, but someone obviously had to freight the bits over the puddle in a rowingboat.15:57
jaegerrowboat internet =/15:57
thrice`I should probably figure out why and complain to jaeger now that he's back on irc =]15:57
jaegeryou could have emailed15:57
jaegerbesides, I was on irc :)15:57
treachthrice`: just give it up, and switch to something less complicated. :-)15:58
thrice`like fvwm? ;)15:58
jaegerit shouldn't be complicated. that's what the ports are for15:58
treachYeah. :)15:58
treachjaeger: well, it depends on how you define "complicated"15:59
*** the-ruediger has joined #crux15:59
treacha whole bunch of ports, all depending on each other in mysterious ways is, at least afaic, the very definition of "complicated".16:00
* treach hopes he hasn't hurt anyones feelings.16:01
jaegerperhaps I should be more clear16:03
jaegerit's complicated as hell for me, yes16:03
jaegerbut to the end user, installing gnome via the ports should not be16:03
treachI got what you meant. We are not on the same page apparently. You did a massive peice of work. However, it still doesn't make the stuff any less complex. Just easier to install.16:05
jaegersemantics :)16:06
treachsemantics are everything.16:06
treachwithout semantics there is no meaning. :-)16:06
Auge^how to compare kernel .config files? or: which options do i need for diff?16:08
treachand btw, I'm not using "just" to take anything away from the effort that went into making those ports.16:08
jaegerAuge^: diff config1 config2 ?16:09
treachdiff -u file1 file2 maybe?16:09
jaegerIt seems we were just referring to different things. I was referring to the complication involved in installing them, which to the end user should be nearly nil, whether you use fvwm or gnome. Sure, gnome is a hell of a lot more complicated than fvwm, content-wise16:11
*** lasso has quit IRC16:12
treachyes, indeed. For good or ill.16:12
treachAs I said, I wasn't trying to diminsh your work, I was merely hinting at the opinion that all that complexity isn't necessarily worth it.16:14
jaegerI'm sure it's not. I personally don't use even a quarter of the stuff gnome bundles. I just like its look and feel better than anything else.16:15 there another cool audio player than xmms ?16:19
treachaudacious works pretty well here.16:20
jaegerbmp, audacious, bmpx16:21
treachisn't bmp dead?16:22
kieselsteinibmp is dead afaik16:22
jaegerI think so, but it still works16:22
* treach shoots j^2 and dumps the body in the canal.16:24
kieselsteiniok...another dumb question...I've installed the I configured my sound device but I can't play anything (even as root)16:26
rehabdolldont see a question in there..16:27
kieselsteinibash-3.00# ogg123 *16:27
kieselsteiniALSA lib pcm_direct.c:1590:(snd_pcm_direct_parse_open_conf) The field ipc_gid must be a valid group (create group audio)16:27
kieselsteini=== Could not load default driver and no driver specified in config file. Exiting.16:27
kieselsteinimy /etc/libao.conf contains default_driver=alsa16:27
treachwell, that was quite clear, wasn't it?16:28
rehabdoll(create group audio)16:28
kieselsteinisometimes things can be so easy :p16:29
Auge^hmpf. why does the kernel people change the config-options in kernel so often? there should be patch for "make oldconfig" which news old and new vars :)16:30
Auge^ein kieselstein... geht hoffentlich nicht ins auge =)16:31
treachaber es fliegt villeicht. :P16:31
kieselsteininein :p16:31
*** jaeger has quit IRC16:33
kieselsteiniuh...why is there no taglib in the ports...?16:34
kieselsteiniaudacious is in the ports but no taglib16:34
treachbecause whoever owned it removed it.16:34
Auge^libid3tag maybe what you're searching?16:35
treachI have a port for it. Moment..16:35
qidhmm, looks like the j2sdk package got renamed to jdk? what's the cleanest way to upgrade it?16:36
treachkieselsteini: unless you feel like making your own ->
kieselsteinitreach, thanks...but i'm compiling it from the scratch16:37
treachwell, that's nonsense..16:37
treachsince you'd be doing that if you used the port as well..16:37
kieselsteinitreach, you're right....and with a port I've a sort of an "package"....16:38
treachexactly. :-)16:38
kieselsteinisorry....I'm new to CRUX *g16:39
kieselsteinitreach, erm I created a group audio and added my user to this group16:45
kieselsteinithen I did a chgrp on /dev/snd/* but I can't play something as an user16:46
treachwhy did you mess with chgrp?16:46
*** jaeger has joined #crux16:46
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger16:46
treachalso, did you log out and then back in again? You need to do that.16:47
kieselsteinitreach, next boot all dev's will have their default permissions thanks to udev16:49
treach(obviously you could just try with another login in a different vt.)16:49
kieselsteinibrb reloggin16:49
*** kieselsteini has quit IRC16:49
*** j^2 has quit IRC16:49
*** steini has joined #crux16:50
*** steini has quit IRC16:52
treachZu venig kisel.16:52
treachwenig.. dammit. :]16:53
*** steini has joined #crux16:54
steinitreach, thanks its working16:55
*** steini has quit IRC17:04
Auge^ - yeah17:09
Auge^my root pw is ... ;)17:09
Auge^ - what crux people do all the day =)17:11
*** Romster has quit IRC17:15
*** steini has joined #crux17:16
Auge^der steini kieselt wieder.17:17
steinihmm I've some strange problems with slim....17:19
steiniI wrote a works fine with xdm17:19
steinibut if I want to use slim I can't reach my desktop17:19
treachtry with .xinitrc instead..17:19
steiniI'm able to login but nothing happens17:19
steini.xinitrc is a symlink to .xsession17:19
treachDefine "nothing".17:20
* treach takes a break during this philosophical enterprise. :p17:21
steiniok...I can login...but then X will shutdown and I'll see the login promt again17:21
steinifor me it seems that slim doesn't run any of my scripts17:22
treachok. user has shell set?17:22
steiniuh...bad english17:22
treachshell is present in /etc/shells?17:22
treachare you *sure* you've set the shell for the user?17:22 root i did an chsh steini :)17:22
steinii'm sure ;)17:23
treachok. most people thinks it's set just because they get into bash anyway.17:23
steinino...i know that ...17:25
steiniI'll retry17:25
*** steini has quit IRC17:25
*** kieselsteini has joined #crux17:26
kieselsteinitreach, huh...cool17:27
kieselsteinigiving everyone read permission to .xsession slim works?!17:27
kieselsteinislim is a could read my .xsession anyway17:27
treachno idea, I've bothered with changing the default permissions.17:28
treachI've _never_...17:28
kieselsteinihehe17:29 my CRUX runs well....some things are still missing but I've big bad studies in the university17:29
*** rxi has quit IRC17:30
treachhehe, welcome to an eternity of tweaking ;-)17:30
kieselsteinithat's the reason why I use linux :)17:32
kieselsteiniit's fun to play with the system until it's totally screwed up :p17:33
*** pitillo has quit IRC17:33
*** jaeger has quit IRC17:36
*** the-ruediger has quit IRC17:44
*** kieselsteini has quit IRC17:45
*** jaeger has joined #crux18:00
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger18:00
*** treach has quit IRC18:10
*** seekwill has quit IRC18:16
*** seekwill has joined #crux19:06
seekwillIs there a timelimit for cronjobs? Or could a really long job hog up everything in daily/ ?19:10
*** imam_bre_sve has joined #crux19:16
*** mrks_ has joined #crux20:26
*** mrks has quit IRC20:41
*** Cheikh has joined #crux20:59
*** Falcon| has quit IRC21:04
*** RyoS has quit IRC21:22
*** RyoS has joined #crux21:22
Cheikhanyone using laptop on crux could tell me what their touchpad looks like in xorg.conf21:46
*** Han_ has joined #crux21:53
jaegerCheikh: my touchpad appears as a standard ps/2 mouse, doesn't require any special configuration21:53
Cheikhthe Device section how can i know what to put there21:55
*** Han has quit IRC21:56
jaegerhave a look in /dev for psaux or misc/psaux21:56
Cheikhmy problem is after i run startx the touchpad does not work and so  the mouse does not move21:56
jaegerunless you know your touchpad works differently21:56
jaegeryou can also try /dev/input/mice, which is a device that multiplexes what it can find21:57
Cheikhall right thanks21:59
*** Cheikh has quit IRC22:11
* jdolan chucks a 8=====) in jaeger's direction22:38
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05
*** jaeger has quit IRC23:44
*** Romster has joined #crux23:56

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