IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2006-10-27

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pitilloRomster, using for images working with mount point. Need to remake the auto-locate .iso. Take a look to the end, added some comments and can help you to umount your system.01:20
pitillocopwork, goodmorning01:20
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copworki was shrinking my system and now missed some files01:23
copworkmissing the default font and the locale de01:23
copworkany guess where I have to look ?01:23
copworkhaha, /usr/share/kbd01:26
copworkso stupid01:26
copworkus keyboard layout renders me useless01:27
maroremoving random files is a pretty stupid way to "shrink" your system :(01:58
Romsteryeah when you can use the "prt-get remove" tool01:59
pitilloRomster, made more changes... updated at web.02:03
Romsterpitillo, can't the site view it instead of insisting me to download it.02:03
Romsteri still got a funky problem here...02:03
Romsterbash-3.1# chroot /var/tmp/crux-2.2 /bin/sh02:04
Romsterchroot: cannot run command `/bin/sh': No such file or directory02:04
Romsterany ideas and yes the file exists and my system runs normally otherwise.02:05
pitilloRomster, the fast way to do that is changing the extension instead of reconfigure the server, I think.02:07
copworkmaro, i didnt try to randomly shrink them02:08
copworkwant to make a small usb bootable version02:08
copworkperhaps wrong permissions on /var/tmp/crux-2.2/bin/sh02:09
pitilloRomster, for me is working well. Didn´t try the system option, but added the copy of own repo to chrooted enviroment. Added the own repo like a new argument.02:09
Romstercopwork, doubt it02:11
Romster-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 679348 Oct 26 21:33 /var/tmp/crux-2.2/bin/bash02:11
copworkits a symlink then ?02:12
Romsteryes sh is a symlink to bash02:12
copworkperhaps the symlink is b0rken after the chroot02:12
Romsterlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4 Oct 27 16:43 /var/tmp/crux-2.2/bin/sh -> bash02:12
copworkmhm, k02:12
Romsteri've tryed it with bash too.02:12
Romsterreinstalled coreutils, rebooted still nothing02:13
copworkthats vveird02:13
Romsterand it used towork so buggered what i have done wrong...02:13
copworkate your cereals this today :P02:13
Romsterah i hate the inset key being so close to the backspace key :grumbles:02:14
Romsteri rarely have breafast now02:15
copworki need to get some02:15
Romsterbreakfast even02:15
copworkbooze ran out02:15
Romsteri'm so frustrated at this computer02:15
willGet a new one!02:16
Romsterbuy me one :P02:16
willI have a Celeron 366. Do you have a better one?02:16
copworkmodel name      : Celeron (Mendocino)02:21
copworkcpu MHz         : 400.91702:21
willHow do you get that info?02:22
copworkcat /proc/cpuinfo02:22
copworki should stop working via tvou02:22
copworktvout: copied to /usr/share/kdb instead of kbd02:22
willI should stop working and sleep! :)02:23
pitilloRomster, updated again... -i working well :) and modified -s too but not tested02:29
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pitillomaking a break. Going to eat something...02:52
Romsteranyone know where comes from?03:03
Romsterbah nevermind03:08
Romsterso my bash isn't missing any librarys, and yet it still refuses to work with chroot03:08
Romstermeh, i'm taking a break03:13
pitilloRomster, did you try to chroot in without parm /bin/bash? (chroot dir only)03:24
Romsteryes and it did the same thing03:39
pitilloand what about chrooting under other dir instead of /tmp?03:42
Romstertryed that too and i got the same error03:42
pitillodon´t know about, I can´t help sorry03:43
Romstertell me about it... i'm pissed off at this computer, i just had a shower and gonna cook dinner.03:43
pitillodinner... you are in the other corner... xD03:44
Romsteryeah in australia03:44
pitillodo you have a secure way to install packages? I refer if are you using pkgmk user (or other) to build them.03:45
Romsternar i don't bother with that i do it as root03:56
pitillowell, if you had a secured way to do that... thing need to be changed too... in my case, need to be copied passwd and sudoers too.03:59
pitillotesting some changes I did....04:06
Romsteryeah i'em going to get to that if i ever get chroot to work again04:11
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pitillointeresting.. this is getting bigger day by day...04:18
pitilloI thougth to make a little script and I was in wrong.04:20
copworkah, okay04:21
copworkand thats how pitillOS was born04:22
pitillo:? getting a script bigger? or getting pr0n ?04:26
copworkif you can do both at the same time you are my hero04:27
pitillowell I can do first, at least to test my own ports... sure you can do the last :)04:28
copworktrying to ...04:28
pitilloI supose xD04:28
copworkwasnt someone going to make a porn port ?04:28
pitillotake a look to db... may be you can find somethig related xD04:29
copworkit was just an announcement04:30
pitilloor just a joke...04:31
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pitillowell, found one error... this is usefull for something :D04:34
rugekViper_: both, would be nice04:38
rugekViper_: server will go down in 3 days04:39
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pitilloRomster, need to add another option to make a difference between non-secured/secured way for building ports.05:00
pitilloor make a copy of /etc/passwd and /etc/sudoers by default too. (this can be a option to decrease the script´s arguments)05:02
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pitilloRomster, can you paste your fstab?05:21
pitillowhy aren´t you using shm? yo dont need it?05:26
Romsternar don't need shm05:45
pitillouploaded changes...05:52
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pitillointeresting... lost all /dev... need to reload udev06:06
pitillowell, running again udev, /dev is regenerated again. Reloading the script with the new feature for secured way to build ports...06:08
pitillonice... and umount works fine. Only one problem with one soft link... invalid option --06:09
pitillosorry -- 106:09
pitillodebugging it to see where is the soft link problem06:12
pitilloummm there is one partial download sucking a bit06:17
pitillothe name´s file is -1.tar.gz.partial... trying to link, remove, move or do something always try to make it like an option...06:24
pitillowell, trying again.06:26
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pitilloRomster, working fine the lastest one with -i. Umount all cleanly. I uploaded again at server.06:31
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Romsteri'll edit mine later right now i better get to bed06:35
pitilloseeing -s option if it crash my system :D06:35
Romsterheh it did work for me, but my version has some improvments to that old one tou changed06:36
pitilloRomster, I will put the lastest changes before I go out. I hope it can help you to umount cleanly06:36
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pitillohey I forgot too, got the same /bin/bash error and it was because wasn´t mounted cleanly the chroot enviroment... reloading udev solves it06:38
pitilloand remounting $CHROOT/{dev,proc} before of course06:38
Romsterthats the error i had06:38
Romsterah no udev in the chroot.06:39
pitillofrom your system... I got /dev dissapearing from my system, nor chroot enviroment06:39
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Romsterpitillo, my recent one
pitillotake a look to the REPO option, can be applied to your script too and make it more global06:43
Romsteryeah i see that REPO option i'll add that06:44
Romsterbut why the fuck does it still complain about /bin/sh06:44
Romsterah screw it i've messed up again.... i'm off to bed.06:48
RyoSgood night Romster :)06:48
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pitillogoodnight Romster06:50
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deus_exIs there an audio editor which won't choke on 156MB file?06:58
deus_exAudacity dies, so does sweep.07:00
deus_exAny other?07:00
* deus_ex would like SoundForge for Linux07:03
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pitillodeus_ex, did you try to find some audio editor with google... I found some apps related.07:31
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pitillogood weekend for all@~#½{09:11
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tilmannight pitillo09:11
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j^2hey all09:28
jjpkhi j^209:32
mike_kjaeger: seems  gnome-terminal depends on gnome-doc-utils, gnome-themes depends on icon-naming-utils09:35
j^2morning jjpk09:40
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jaegermike_k: ok, thanks for the info, I'll have a look09:49
mike_knp, at least on 10th of October it was true09:50
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sdahi, is someone familiar with evdev?10:55
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sdawho do I get it to work?11:00
sdado i have to recompile x11 with evdev support???11:01
bd21. enable it in kernel (plus input devices which you want to make work) 2. afaik, Xorg 7 have ability to auto detect evdev devices (without udev/hal/e.t.c.)11:02
sdawell i have to use x11r6.9 because of the ati driver11:03
bd2sda, nope. But really I haven't tried it, except that I've plugged USB mouse and keyboards and it "just start working" without even X11 restart11:03
bd2sda, I'm using x11r6.9 too11:03
bd2just make sure that you have /dev/input/* files appeard after you plug device.11:06
sdawhich mousedriver do you use in /etc/X11/xorg.conf  ?11:06
bd2you can also cat them to make sure11:06
sdafiles in /dev/input/ are present - my mouse works - but not with evdev11:07
bd2sda, none. :-) my x11 just autodetects it :-)11:07
bd2sda, /dev/input/mouseN device exist?11:08
bd2hm.. should work then. I recommend you to stay tuned, and ask tilman, X11 guru.11:09
treach"Grumpy X11 guru" lately ;-)11:09
sdai just get a black screen when i set the mouse driver to "evdev"  in xorg.conf11:10
tilmani recommend to ask #xorg11:10
tilmanor send me $$$ or chocolate or coffee11:10
bd2sda, have you Load "extmod" in xorg.conf?11:12
bd2it's only one that I don't know about, thus maybe it'll help :-)11:12
RyoStilman: or beer11:14
sdai think so11:14
tilmani don't know anything about evdev btw11:15
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j^2i'm done with linux! lets go back to BeOS! whos with me? :P11:35
sdathanks + bye11:35
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jjpkj^2: lol11:36
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treachBeOS, the OS that was not to BE. :>12:00
sepenwhat was happened with j2sdk port ?12:27
treachAccording to the dusty chronicles from last month or so, it got renamed to the revolutionary new name "jdk"12:30
sepenmany changes hehe12:31
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blizztreach, a revolution indeed12:47
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rehabdollanything i should think of before upgrading to xorg 7.1?13:23
tilmanbrewing coffee13:24
rehabdollahh, updating xorg and doing laundry on a friday night.. my life rules13:24
tilmanmaking sure noone gonna disturb you ;)13:24
rehabdollthats not really a problem :/13:25
treachnot screwing up on the misc fonts, or tilman will take your scalp and make a rain-dance on your grave. :p13:25
treachmaybe tell prt-get to autorun post/pre scripts?13:26
tilmanrehabdoll: right, reading the documentation in the crux wiki is a good preparation13:26
rehabdollnah, tilman wouldnt do that.. but he might play around with my skull though :D13:26
tilmanbrb, putting on my war paint13:27
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rehabdollMISSING   7f422d7e71553a4a0f3a010cd1ee0186  libXmu-1.0.2.tar.bz213:44
rehabdollNEW       abdb1330a7b01b8ec55882cec7e6314b  libXmu-1.0.2.tar.bz213:44
tilmanignore it for now13:44
tilmanupstream was stupid13:44
tilmani'm on it13:44
Hanrehabdoll, read the faq. for both questions14:05
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Cheikhafter installing a new kernel i get " kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)14:28
treachcompile the support for your root fs *into* the kernel, not as a module.14:31
HanCompile all the stuff you need into the kernel. modules are good for distro-kernels14:35
treachyeah. but you only *need* the drivers needed for booting compiled in.14:36
treachotherwise you get caught in a chicken-egg situation.14:36
HanUnless you use an imagerd14:37
Cheikhno i dont14:38
treachwell. You still need the drivers to read the imagerd..14:38
HanNo you don't. How else could lilo read the kernel?14:39
copworkgood evening14:39
HanAnyway. make a static kernel. They're much nicer.14:39
treachuh? I was of the notion that lilo read about where the kernel was by reading the mbr, but ofc I might be wrong about that. I haven't had to worry about that for years.14:41
Cheikhok another question why is it after booting my grub directory disappears14:55
rehabdollright, prepare to bite my head off: "could not open default font 'fixed'" :D15:20
Hanrehabdoll, ever heard of google?15:24
rehabdollonce, forgot the url though :(15:24
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ono_php mail() function not working... any suggestions?15:34
ono_related to relaying in sendmail?15:34
ono_any help appreciated15:34
ono_Linux version (root@manji) (gcc version 4.0.3 (CRUX)) #2 Thu Oct 19 15:02:27 EDT 200615:35
seekwillHow is it not working?15:39
jaegerdo you have sendmail or an equivalent installed?15:41
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uipwhere can i find an example rc.d script for alsa that stores and restores the volume settings?16:20
rehabdollalsactl store in a shutdown-script and alsactl restore in rc.local?16:20
uipyeah, where can i find an example script that does this?16:21
jjpkman alsactl...16:22
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rehabdollhum, are there no xdm with xorg 7.1?16:41
treachrehabdoll: search the ports..16:41
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prologicI must be on /ignore mode with Han :)18:41
prologicno seriously :)18:42
prologicH mentioned a missing dep with the inkscape port days ago18:42
prologic*sigh* :)18:42
jaegerguesses on how many are on his ignore list?18:43
prologicyou know what would be really good18:43
prologicif changes could be made to ports in contrib, and the changes filtered back to the maintainers automatically18:43
prologicsome system to do this be nice18:43
prologicthen they can either (A)ccept (R)eject the changes18:44
treachjaeger: I think the question might be better if you reversed it. :P18:44
jaegeremail a patch, might be easier18:44
prologiche ignores my emails too18:44
prologicbeen there tried that18:44
* prologic updates myth ports18:44
prologicI really should rebuild before committing huh :)18:46
jaegerprobably not a bad idea :)18:46
prologicI mean I can prolly trust that this guy did compile/test before sending me a patch!18:46
prologicbut ya never know18:46
treachand check for "residues".. ;-)18:46
prologichmm, thoughts ? I'm gonna leave the 0.19 diff files in there18:47
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prologicin case anyone still is wanting to use 0.1918:47
Cheikhkernel panic unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)18:47
prologicfs support missing ?18:47
prologic99% the case :)18:48
treachHopefully not, I've alredy told him about that.18:48
* treach just don't get what's so hot about grub.18:48
Cheikhi have done that treach or maybe i enable something else18:48
prologichmm hey jaeger .... this guy removed the qt3 with mysql support bit out of my README18:48
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prologicwhy would he do that :P ?18:48
prologicseems odd to me (I'm putting it back in)18:49
jaegerthat is a bit odd18:49
prologickinda important18:49
prologicbiggest thing that screwed my over trying to get mythtv working18:49
prologicI kinda wished they used the libmysqlclient library18:50
treachhmm.. If you're not certain if you enabled support for your root fs or if you did something else.. maybe ubuntu would be a better fit..18:50
jaegerCheikh: can you paste your kernel config somewhere?18:50
jaegerone of the pastebin sites, for example18:51
Cheikhit is gonna take a while but i can18:51
treachCheikh: did you read the readme file in the grub port?18:51
jaegerthe filesystems section would be enough18:51
jaegercan't think grub would be the problem, myself, since the kernel is loaded at this point18:52
treachtrue dat, my bad. :>18:52
Cheikhyes i did18:54
Cheikhbut i cant get lilo to work on my laptop18:54
treachok. Sometimes I get the feeling *nobody* reads those readme files..18:55
treachnot even the maintainers. :P18:55
prologicsome of us do :)18:56
treachwell, sometimes it happens that the port gets updated, and thus antiquidates the readme..18:57
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treachbut maintaining readme's isn't as fun as maintaining ports, I guess. :)18:58
prologicwhat bts are we using on ?19:05
nipuLi always read the readmes, they were oviously put there for a reason19:09
jaegerprologic: Flyspray19:09
prologichmm yeah19:09
knoppixjaeger this is my config file baically unchange from original
jaegerwell, looks like everything's builtin. what's your partition layout?19:11
Cheikhmy root is /dev/hda319:11
jaegerok, I see part of the problem :)19:11
jaegerwhat's your / line in /etc/fstab look like?19:11
knoppixok one sec19:12
knoppixthis is my /etc/fstab
jaegerok, are you running grub or lilo on that machine?19:15
jaegerpaste that config, too, if you can19:15
jaegerok, try this for me19:17
jaegerreplace your kernel line with:19:17
jaegerkernel /vmlinuz root=/dev/hda319:17
knoppixi had that before but it does not help19:18
jaegerhrmm, ok19:18
jaegerwhat do you get if you run rootdev on the kernel image?19:18
jaegeror maybe it's rdev19:18
knoppixit says Root device 0x030319:19
jaegerhrmm... that should be correct19:19
knoppixbut the way it kernel2.6.18.119:20
jaegershouldn't matter, really19:20
jaegernot sure what the problem is :(19:21
jaegerwhen you boot that kernel, does it see your drive and the partition table correctly?19:22
knoppixi believe so it starts booting then says kernel panic19:22
knoppixbut i have declare in fstab /dev/hda1 as boot partition but my vmlinux is under /19:23
jaegerdoesn't really matter where you put it as long as you remember where19:24
jaegerI use a little different format but it shouldn't matter19:27
jaegerinstead of specifying the root separately I bundle it into the kernel declaration19:27
knoppixi can try that too i wanted to use this kernel because it supports my wireless card the bcm43xx19:29
jaegerwell, if you want to try it, here's an example:19:30
jaegertitle CRUX GNU/Linux 2.2 kernel (hd0,1)/vmlinuz-2.6.18 root=/dev/sda3 vga=0x30519:30
jaegerI don't expect it to help, though, hehe19:30
knoppixwill try it anyway19:31
jaegersorry for the lame paste. 2 lines, title and kernel19:32
knoppixyea i get it19:32
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copworkand knoppix has never been seen again23:57

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