IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2006-10-28

jaegerstill on as Cheikh, I believe00:01
copworkhehe, yeah you might be right00:29
copworki will take a nap soon00:30
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jjpkW00t. Tis snowing outside.03:02
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uipwill anything weird happen if i update my firefox to 2.0?03:52
tilmanworked for me03:52
treachyep, it will make nighttime raids in your refridgerator.03:53
uipmy bookmarks will be ok?03:53
treachusually what might not work is extensions/themes03:55
RyoSuip: try to save them before you update03:55
uipwhat about web developer extension?03:55
tilmanuip: worked for me03:55
tilmanit updated itself to 1.0 yesterday too03:55
RyoSis the tab behavior the same like it was in betastage? :/03:55
jjpkJust try it.03:55
treachRyoS: yeah. stupid close button,,,03:57
treachbut it can be fixed for the most part.03:57
RyoSfor that reason i will stay with 1.5 till they "fix" that03:57
treachI've found out how to remove it.03:57
uipi updated nvidia but now opengl doesn't work03:57
treachRyoS: user.js03:57
RyoSwhich option?03:58
treachuser_pref("browser.tabs.closeButtons", 2);03:58
treachuser_pref("browser.urlbar.hideGoButton", true); is nice as well.03:58
RyoSthats good :)03:58
tilmanhideGoButton ftw!03:59
treachyeah, I just wish i could put the close button back where it belongs as well.03:59
RyoSyea :)03:59
treachtilman: indeed.03:59
treachuseless peice of clutter. >:-|03:59
RyoSi wonder how they could ever change that03:59
treachsome "UI-person" told them to.04:00
tilmanmaybe the evil bitches at google04:00
tilmandidn't they publish some "ui recommendations" essay or something?04:00
tilman(some months ago)04:00
treachand then they couldn't put an option to set it because it might "confuse" people04:00
treachseems like the fucking idiots from the gnome project have infiltrated firefox as well. >:-|04:01
treach"idiots are a large and powerfull tribe.."04:01
uipyou can always stick with mozilla04:02
treachI'd prefer the firefox people not turning into total morons.04:02
RyoSor lynx04:02
jjpkToo bad so many site use flash or images excessively. :p04:03
jjpkI find them very annoying.04:04
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deus_exGood morning, all.04:14
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jjpkhi deus_ex04:17
deus_exjjpk: Hello.Wassup?Is it still snowing?04:18
deus_exIts 20C here, nice sunny day.04:19
tilmansomeone remind me that i send a new keyboard to yugoslawia at christmas04:19
* jjpk adds to his todo list.04:20
deus_extilman: What did I do now ? :)04:20
tilmanyour space key is b0rked04:20
treach REM 12 Dec 2006 +3 MSG Tilman wants to send a keyboard to Yogoslavia.04:21
tilmani'll probably laugh my ass off if anyone of you actually reminds me of this in december :)04:22
treachyeah. "remind" isn't half bad. :-)04:22
deus_extilman: Again? I really need to clean cruft from it(pieces of chocolate etc. )04:22
deus_exWould you add a new mouse, as well ?04:23
tilmani first need to check shipping costs04:23
tilmanjesus, my english sucks today04:23
RyoSyou can expect around 20€ i guess04:24
RyoSbetter send euros via paypal :P04:25
tilmani heard paypal is evil04:25
tilmangiving hardware is much nicer than giving money anyway ;D04:25
RyoSi find it quiet confortable to be able to pay with it, since its using lastschriftverfahren *G*04:26
tilmani'd have to google for info on paypayl-is-evil04:27
* deus_ex cleans keyboard 04:27
deus_exTest, test, test.04:27
RyoSseems ok to me04:28
tilmandeus_ex: well, you can see for yourself, no?04:28
tilmanor do you use some weird-ass font? :P04:28 can I build xchat2 with python support???04:28
tilman./configure --help|grep -i python04:28
kieselsteinihmm perhaps I've to fix my Pkgfile :)04:29
deus_extilman: Bitstream Vera Sans.04:29
kieselsteinihrhr...there's a bad --disable-python ...04:30
mike_kmind leakage... what's the easy way to strip a path like "/path/to/port/.sync -> /path/to/port" in one bash line?04:31
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tilmanmike_k: basename04:32
tilmanoh, no04:32
tilmanthat's the opposite :D04:32
tilmanjust for the record: /^(.*)\/[^\/]+$/04:34
mike_kaon: bingo, tilman thanks04:34
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deus_exSomeone please remind me how to set locale. export LANG=sr_CS or...?04:41
tilmandepends on what exactly you want04:41
tilmanon crux, setting LANG or LC_ALL isn't all that cool04:42
tilmancause crux doesn't have translated programs anyway :D04:42
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tilmanexport LC_CTYPE=sr_CS should do it!04:42
tilman(-> so you can see funky accented chars and stuff ;P)04:42
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deus_extilman: That's what I was thinking about, thanks.04:43
kieselsteinihmm may I ask another newb question....I've installed CRUX yesterday...ALSA is working fine now04:55
kieselsteinibut I need OSS too...for Doom3 for example04:56
kieselsteiniI've installes the alsa-oss package but still missing a /dev/dsp ?04:56
jjpkSimplest way is to install alsa-oss. Then start a program with it. 'aoss app'04:56
kieselsteiniis there any other device I've to symlink04:57
kieselsteinijjpk, ok I've startet aoss but nothing happens...04:57
kieselsteinithere's still no /dev/dsp04:57
jjpkIf you use the kernel's alsa, oss emulation normally should be selected by default.04:59
kieselsteiniperhaps I've no kernel oss emulation05:00
kieselsteinilet's have a look05:00
kieselsteiniI forgot to switch ALSA OSS on05:01
kieselsteiniok let's reboot05:02
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treachhmm... anyone who remembers the shortcut to change screen resolution in X? (wine screwed up..)05:09
jjpkctrl + alt + (+ or -).05:09
jjpkAt least used to work in the past.05:10
treachapparently it doesn't anymore, I already tried that. :-(05:10
jjpkTrue, it does not work. A few weeks back enemy-territory crashed and left the screen resolution at 800x600.05:11
treachbrb.. I think I'm currently at 640x480.. And I don't really enjoy it. :-/05:11
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jjpkNot much fun when your usual resolution is 1280x1024 or so.05:13
treachI wish I had enough money to get a bigger screen.05:14
aonyou could make a program (with sdl or something) that sets some mode but doesn't return back to the old one :)05:14
treach1024x768 will have to do for now.05:14
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kieselsteinihi treach05:19
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treach"silicon ball" rather than "kiselstein" apparently.05:22
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uipif an application sets the screen resolution and then crashes, then ctrl,alt,+/- will not work. you must rerun the application and exit normally, then ctrl,alt,+/- will work again05:28
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uiphow can i install two versions of firefox at the same time?05:49
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treachdoesn't the binary version go into /usr/local ?05:53
kieselsteiniafaik every binary installs to /usr/local05:57
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uipi mean two crux ports though05:58
kieselsteiniuip, is there a Firefox 2 CRUX port?05:58
uipkieselsteini: i think so, i just built the pkgfile05:59
kieselsteinihrhr ok then06:00
kieselsteinijust install the firefoxes into two different directories06:00
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wantez-Any know problems with the latest kernel?07:46
RyoS2.6.18 worked for me fine07:47
RyoSonly my webcam didnt work :(07:47
wantez-only for server, so no need :)07:47
RyoSaaah the guy released an update for the driver07:48
rehabdolli still use 2.6.16* on my server07:48
RyoShope it works with 2.6.18 so i can update :)07:48
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RyoSShould support 2.6.18 kernels now. <- yipie :)07:52
treachah, the msn generation.07:52
RyoShu? :P07:52
RyoSme? nooo :P07:52
RyoSi use bitlbee anyway for icq/msn/jabber so... ._.07:52
treachheh, mostly kidding anyway. :p07:53
RyoSi know :p i'd say you are famous for that :þ07:53
treachwhee. I'm famous. \o/07:54
RyoSResults 1 - 10 of about 27,500 for treach famous07:55
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wantez-the new DMA engine working well?07:56
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mike_kseems ContribHowTo contains a few typos: s/"<usename>"/"<username>"/  and s/"git rm -f someport"/"rm -f someport"/  Can anyone fix that?10:22
tilmanactually, 'git rm' is correct10:25
mike_kerr, I should learn git before...10:27
treach..being one? :P10:31
mike_kis it acceptable that /usr/bin/gitk (part of git) depends on wish (part of tk)?10:33
mike_kgoddamn, it is listed as nice to have.10:34
mike_kI suck again, sorry10:34
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ono_help: php mail() and sendmail10:53
ono_CRUX 2.210:54
tilman"in a full sentence?"10:54
* RyoS hands out an internets to ono_ 10:54
RyoSyou are the winner! =)10:55
ono_looks like a sed expression10:55
ono_replace string the with the10:55
tilmanyou're the winner again!10:56
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ono_<?php mail($tilman,'mail() not working','It aint workin','From: The Winna <ono>'); ?>10:58
ono_apache mysqld php all config'ed right10:58
tilmanomg, make a meaningful and sane statement or shut up10:58
ono_like that statement wouldnt parse?10:59
ono_where's jaeger11:00
ono_who left tilman in charge here11:01
tilmanit sure does parse11:02
tilmanbut WTF11:02
RyoSgo pickachu! its your turn!11:02
ono_i guess no crux user here ever tried using mail() in php??11:02
* RyoS smashes a pokeball 11:02
*** bender02 has joined #crux11:02 ? does local relaying need to be enabled?11:02
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger11:10
ono_i can google all this info .. i guess nobody would check the #crux channel for somethin like this11:12
ono_sup jaeger11:12
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kieselsteinihi jaeger11:21
jaegergood morning11:24
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prologicwhat's that website that shows uptimes of machines around the world ?12:42
prologicor ather webhosts12:42 or or something irc12:42
RyoSis there a app similiar to isobuster?12:54
Hanmike_k, rather unlikely that those bsd/os servers run iis12:55
Hanshure is a brand of microphones12:57
mike_kHan: I wanted to say "of coarse" instead of "of course" again =)12:57
HanThat would be rather coarse indeed.12:57
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mike_ktheir FAQ means you can't really rely on the numbers/OS names, and some are never to get there12:59
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HanAnyway, who cares about uptimes?13:00
mike_kI used to13:01
RyoSi do ._.13:03
RyoSbut i am childish13:03
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rehabdollmy users do :)13:10
mike_kusually "uptime" is in conflict with "up to date"13:17
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uipwho has the best imlib2 port?13:28
*** rxi has joined #crux13:29
Handepends on your needs13:41
RyoShow do i extract an el torrito boot image?13:42
RyoSanyone knows?13:42
tilmanburrito image?13:42
RyoSeltorito boot image13:42
tilmanhaha, the burrito hedge hog13:42
RyoSi know its not what i want to see but i take a look13:43
RyoShow cuuuute13:44
RyoSmh.. about the boot image? anyone knows?13:44
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RyoSor how can i add something to an existing iso?13:45
tilmaniso9660 is write-once i think13:45
RyoSi go nuts here...13:46
RyoSmy dad's bugging me to make his computer speak german.. but he bought his pc in holland and got an english xp sp2 cdrom13:47
RyoSto bad the sata driver is not in *any* of my german windows cds13:47
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RyoSand i dont find those friggin driver files13:47
tilmanno fdd?13:47
RyoSi tried to extract them on a floppy, i got *something* but not what i wanted13:48
tilmanthey probably added the driver in sp2?13:48
tilmanyou might need to create your own installation cd13:48
tilmanstreamline-something they call it13:48
RyoSfor that reason i can say: i never used sp2, ever! its the worst13:48
RyoSslipstream or something, i know13:48
RyoSi want a beer... *cry*13:49
RyoSsomeone make those daemons go away13:49
RyoSi am off trying a bit more13:49
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wantez-is it possible to map two shares (for example /dev/hda1 & /dev/hda2) to the same directory /home without using raid?14:01
jaegerperhaps unionfs14:02
wantez-not possible to link two reiserfs ?14:02
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jaegerno idea14:07
wantez-do u know what the difference is between funionfs and unionfs? any performance difference?14:08
jaegernever heard of the former14:08
wantez-says it uses the FUSE driver which I'm not furmilliar with14:09
RyoSfuck windows -.- why cant you just change the language of this fucking system?!14:10
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maro* refs/heads/2.2: does not fast forward to branch '2.2' of crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/contrib; not updating.15:01
marohow to fix?15:01
marodoes the git faq entry about the pu branch apply?15:02
marosomehow the things I committed are now gone15:06
maroyay for decentralized scm's15:07
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tilmanmaro: sounds unlikely15:47
tilman(commits vanishing)15:47
marotilman: it did :(15:52
mike_kmaro: I hope it wasn't me, who broke the git ;P15:52
maroI had committed it, but it wouldn't push because of the problem I mentioned an hour ago15:52
marothen I tried prefixing the line with + like the git faq says15:53
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maropulled, and gone was my port15:53
maro(well, it wouldn't push because it wasn't up-to-date, and it wouldn't pull because of the message above)15:54
mike_kbtw, a faq on how to manage local repo with git and to share _some_ ports with contrib branch would be nice15:55
uipwhy and where is git used?15:56
marouip: all the ports have been switched to git15:56
maroditto for all the utils15:56
uipnasty!!! horrible! why not use darcs?15:56
maroit was announced on the ml after the move was done (and before it was working peoperly...)15:56
tilmanshut the FUCK up you idiot15:56
maroyeah, fucking asshole15:57
marogit, vim, gtk15:57
tilmanmaro: actually, iirc the ann was made when it worked nicely15:58
marotilman: I had to re-clone some days after :)15:58
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maro(watching the xorg list it does seem git is a bit premature for centralized environments)15:58
tilmani don't feel like discussing this now15:58
tilmani mean15:59
tilmanpeople just made some stupid mistakes15:59
tilmanthe xorg development model is abit weird anyway15:59
treachif git can handle the linux tree, I'm pretty confident it could deal with crux..15:59
maroI'm not discussing it, I actually like the move... finally I'm forced to learn git :)15:59
tilmanwhen ajax did rc2, he bumped the release of every module15:59
tilmanso now mga will ship weird ass almost untested code15:59
marotilman: I was talking about the branch problems16:00
tilmani know16:00
tilmani just wanted to mention another 'issue'16:00
*** mike_k has quit IRC16:00
maroah, I see :)16:00
marohm, I wonder how much sense it makes to obfuscate our mail addresses in the Pkgfiles when they're shown in gitweb16:01
marooh well :)16:03
marotilman: what are your thoughts on git(daemon) as the primary distribution source?16:04
maroi.e. replacing rsync16:04
maro(or just an alternative to rsync)16:04
tilmani think rsync should stay the default16:04
maroI have no idea how resource intensive it is on the servers, nor if it's a problem16:05
tilmanpeople who might have use for git will figure it out themselves16:05
tilmansip said something about bad performance16:05
tilmanbut we didn't discuss it in detail16:05
marono problem16:05
tilmani don't think it's _that_ bad16:05
tilmani think i've heard about it if that was true ;D16:06
tilmani had*16:06
maroI now get tons of mail with suggestions on how to improve performance, all thanks to gitweb16:06
*** olli has joined #crux16:06
maro"improve performance" - get it?16:08
maroone example:16:09
maroSubject: male enhancement and performance system16:10
maroSubject: Last chance to supercharge your performance!16:10
marobut now you've killed the joke :P16:10
tilmani think i get more spam lately too16:10
tilmanmaybe it's time to install spamassassin16:11
marome too, but I'm having my thoughts that I should probably update my SA bayesian db some time16:11
maromy mail server is running openbsd 3.4 and I haven't touched it since I set it up16:12
maro(imported some 100k spams back then)16:12
maroit still catches some 80% but it used to catch ~98%16:13
marobut I won't blame gitweb only, I'm subscribed to a ton of mailing lists16:15
maroout httpup files have plain addresses too16:16
*** rxi has quit IRC16:16
marojust googled for my mail address16:17
*** Brzi has quit IRC16:18
jaegerI use a setup like this: and have been very happy with it16:26
jaegertheir site seems to be troubled right now, though =/16:27
treach"The SpamEmpire Strikes Back"16:29
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*** acrux has quit IRC16:51
RyoSanyone ever tried to compile latest sylpheed claws?16:58
treachNo. It's totally untested code.16:59
treachnobody ever fed it into a compiler, it's fresh from the editor.17:00
RyoSResults 1 - 10 of about 27,800 for treach famous <- look :o there are 300 results more17:00
RyoSsylpheed-claws-2.5.6 <- which is not in the ports IIRC gives me weird errors..17:01
treachoh my. my reputation apparently feeds itself.17:01
RyoSevil spawns i say17:01
treachI'd better watch out, or you'll see me hanging around with Paris Hilton any day. :-/17:02
RyoSyou would really do that? :(17:02
tilmansay hi to her for me17:02
RyoSenjoy your aids i say17:02
treachnot if I could help it..17:02
RyoSsad world :(17:02
RyoSmy beer is empty17:03
RyoSwth am i supposed to do now?!17:03
treacheven sadder17:03
RyoSmy world's fading away..17:03
tilmando you have some kind of alcohol related problem?17:03
tilmanlike, being addicted? :>17:03
treachget something that takes you out before you empty the glass?17:03
RyoSi dont have problems with alcohol17:03
tilmandon't say it17:03
RyoSi didnt wanted to say it :þ17:04
treachfunny thing is, I was just busy installing "emotion".. :P17:04
RyoSyou almost pushed me too..17:04
tilmani think that's wasted time treach17:04
tilmanRyoS: yeah, i kinda called for it ;)17:04
treachI guess that's what I'm about to find out.17:04
treachhowever, didn't your killer media player need ruby..?17:05
treach(It looked quite cool otho btw. :P )17:05
* RyoS rubs his head in confusion17:06
treachRyoS: I'm talking to tilman, don't worry17:06
RyoSok, cool17:06
tilmani recorded this cool teaser video recently17:06
* RyoS bumps up17:08
treachheh, I was thinking of "shräg", that doesn't look like the picture I saw..17:08
tilmanright, that one is euphoria. the one i don't really seriously work on ;)17:09
treachnice.. I presume euphoria also needs ruby?17:09
treachand xmms2?17:10
RyoStilman: i submitted an httpup file yesterday, when will it be visible on the ports page?17:10
treachwhich needs python apparently. :p17:10
tilmanjust to build it17:11
treachoh. that's a relif I guess. :-)17:11
tilmandon't install it just to try euphoria though17:11
tilmandoesn't work that well ;)17:11
treachheh, roger that. :-)17:12
treachah, I must have xmms2, it's got a brittney filter apparently. could one ask for a paris one as well? :P17:15
tilmanparis is in the music business?17:16
tilmanit's just the audioscrobbler/ client that has that filter atm though17:16
tilmannot the core itself ;p17:16
treachdang. and yes, there seems to be no escape. :-/17:17
*** acrux has joined #crux17:18
jaegertilman: looks cool17:19
*** Brian_ has quit IRC17:29
treachheh, "Starting XMMS2 phone home agent..." The RIAA strikes again? :->17:52
tilmanit's used to learn about test coverage for releases:
*** bd2 has quit IRC18:04
tilmando we have opengl experts in here?18:06
*** olli has quit IRC18:10
jaegerI can run glxgears like nobody's business18:10
tilmani meant programming wise, sorry18:11
jaegerI figured, just being a dork :)18:11
jaegerI've done a tiny amount of ogl programming. Enjoy it but no expert, certainly18:11
tilmani agree, it's pretty neat18:12
treachmmh, I like the sound of this.. now if I only could find a decent client. ;-)18:14
treachmeh, that was unusually poorly formulated, even for me..18:15
tilmantry gxmms218:16
treachmh. I didn't quite get it to work as expected.. but I'm currently using the gkrellm plugin :P18:16
tilmantry again, or bug #xmms218:17
tilmani think it's the most popular client18:17
tilmanfor a reason, too ;p18:18
treachyeah. I screwed up, I got confsed.18:18
treachI've been looking at a half a dozen clients the last 15 min, so I mixed them up.18:18
RyoStreach: you told me about the close button firefox 2 has right?18:19
RyoSthe tweak to user.js i mean18:19
RyoSthis site got the perfect answer :)18:19
RyoSin about:config -> browser.tabs.closeButtons18:19
treachhmm.. I'll have a look. I did try something there, but it didn't to the right thing for me. I'll see if it's the same thing or not.18:20
RyoSi dont have ff2 instaled yet18:21
treachIt should be set to 3. Not 2, as I had..18:22
* treach gives RyoS a medal :-)18:22
treach"Hero of the day"18:22
treachman, did that close button piss me off.. :-/18:23
RyoSbrowser.cache.disk.capacity <- is nice too ._.18:23
RyoSyay 24 hours of being an hero =) i am so amazed18:23
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*** predatorfreak has joined #crux18:54
treachthank you everyone, good night.19:11
*** treach has left #crux19:11
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rehabdollhey tilman, which repo should one actually use for xorg 7.1: "x11r7" or "xorg"?20:22
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prologichave any of you guys played with mpd/icecast much ?22:00
jaegernot I22:05
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