IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2006-10-29

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mike_kmaro: got such message? "refs/heads/2.2: does not fast forward to branch '2.2' of crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/contrib; not updating."04:34
maromike_k: yep04:37
mike_kFAQ not helped?04:37
maromike_k: try pull -f04:37
maroit worked for me, but admittedly I have no clue what it does04:38
mike_kbefore or instead of adding "+" like : Pull: +refs/heads/2.2:refs/heads/2.2 ?04:39
marotilman: any idea why it takes ages to pull from contrib (compared to the other repos)=04:40
maroages = 5~10 seconds or so04:41
mike_kmaro: I've lost not pushed changes too04:43
maroperhaps it's the same except changing the file is permanent04:44
mike_kI'll try push at first, add "+" sign according to FAQ, then pull.04:44
maroI couldn't push because I hadn't pulled, IIRC04:45
maro(mumbling something about being out of date)04:45
marolol, I'm getting insane04:45
marojust opened a new pack of cigarettes (another flavour than I use to smoke) and inside is a small piece of paper that says "Pull"04:46
aonL&M's were in some sort of push packs for a while04:48
maroI guess self-rolled could have a sticker that said "clone"04:49
maroor merge when they break04:50
mike_kmaro: afterall is that a bug or a feature?04:50
maromike_k: re?04:51
mike_kgit's push-pull insanity04:52
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maromike_k: personally I'm starting to like it05:21
maroexcept for now I always keep a backup of whatever I put in git05:21
marohttp:// <- "I guess it's a driver issue"05:22
tilmanmaro: you're using ssh to pull from contrib?05:28
marotilman: don't think so, the only modification to remotes/origin is the one in the faq05:29
maroyou're right :(05:29
tilmanuse port 2222 instead of port 2205:30
marois it possible to only use ssh to push?05:30
tilmanas described in the contrib howto05:30
maroI do05:30
tilmanno idea then05:30
tilmansure you do?05:30
maroI followed to howto05:30
tilmansshd (port 22) is known to suck performance wise05:30
maroport 2222 is still ssh though, no?05:32
tilmanyeah, but another daemon05:32
tilmandropbear i think05:33
maroI guess the authentication still has some overhead05:33
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marodoes anyone know why a lot of the core ports replace hard links with symlinks?06:23
kieselsteinitilman, is dropbear faster than sshd ?06:34
tilmanon, yes06:35
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marois a package was created on a box where some files were owned by user 'ftp' with uid 42 and then installed on a box where user 'ftp' has uid 54, which will own the files when extracted?07:20
maroi.e. does the name or uid take precedence?07:21
mike_imho, uid07:23
mike_name is only resolvable via /etc/{passwd,group}07:24
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kieselsteiniis it possible to install CRUX on a LVM volume?07:57
mike_I guess lvm utils are not part of the install iso, but it is possible once you are familar wth lvm itself and crux package system. Install process is very flexible - do almost anything you want.08:07
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the-ruedigeris there a way to install emacs without x11?08:49
RyoSlook trough the configure script if you can disable the dependency of x1108:51
strwdelete the '--with-x' in the Pkgfile08:53
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the-ruedigersteev: thx09:16
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RyoS+ install -D -m 755 /home/ryo/ports/sixxs-aiccu/work/src/aiccu /home/ryo/ports/sixxs-aiccu/work/pkg/etc/rc.d/aiccu09:44
RyoSinstall: omitting directory `/home/ryo/ports/sixxs-aiccu/work/src/aiccu'09:44
RyoSwth is going wrong there? ._.09:44
jaegerif you're creating a directory with install, use -d, if you're installing a file and creating its parents, use -D09:45
jaegerit seems to think the source file is a directory09:46
RyoSok works :)09:48
RyoSunbelievable crux didnt have an sixxs-aiccu port09:48
RyoSjaeger: how long does it take to get one httpup repo approved?09:51
jaegeras long as it takes the portdb maintainer to see it and act upon it10:04
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kieselsteiniI want to compile some OpenGL stuff but there -lGLU missing10:45
kieselsteiniwhich package/port should I compile?10:45
kieselsteinifreeglut? but glut != glu10:45
kieselsteinilibGLU is in /usr/X11/lib sorry guys :)10:48
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kieselsteiniHan, yes...I misspelled it :)11:08
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marohow do one install a quake-based game system-wide and still allow to change options?11:46
bd2maro, ~/.quake*?11:48
marobd2: yeah, but I'm not sure where it looks for configs11:48
maroif it's only the current work directory11:49
bd2usually I use strace to find out what application needs :-)11:49
bd2greping for open(11:49
Hanstrace rocks11:50
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RyoSEnable unused/obsolete exported symbols (UNUSED_SYMBOLS) [Y/n/?] <- who uses this and can confirm it works flawlessly? i am pretty unsure at this point (Kernel configuration this is)12:18
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RyoSyou are very offending senor tilman :'(12:21
HanRyoS, ignore him12:22
RyoSHan: what would you recommend?12:22
rehabdollhaha, tilman is my hero!12:22
deus_exzgrep UNUSED_SYMBOLS /proc/config.gz ;# CONFIG_UNUSED_SYMBOLS is not set12:25
tilman<3 han <312:25
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] > zgrep UNUSED /proc/config.gz12:26
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] >12:26
tilmanconsidering the default is yes12:26
RyoStilman: yes it is12:26
tilmanand there's no follow-up release to make the default 'no'12:26
tilmani'd say it's pretty safe to say 'yes'12:26
RyoSmh alright12:26
tilmanbut of course it's better to ask the wise men in #crux rather than just TRYING it12:26
deus_exFamous last words :)12:26
RyoSright ;p12:27
tilmanwhat could happen?12:27
tilmanthnk the ext3 driver suddenly might eat your file systems?12:27
tilmanbecause of some missing unused symbols? ;)12:27
RyoSi dont use ext312:27
RyoSi use killing reiser12:27
deus_ex'killing reiser'?12:32
deus_exYou think it will wipe out gentoo crowd? :)12:33
deus_ex(since they like that 'experimental' fs so much)12:33
deus_exrehabdoll: Thanks, I've heard about it before.Never actually bothered to find out the details...12:35
* deus_ex wonders what will be the title of the movie12:37
deus_ex'lkml made me kill my wife'?12:38
deus_ex(it worked for Matrix-inspired murders).Sort of.Not.12:39
tilmanmatrix-inspired murders?12:39
deus_extilman: Yes.Some kid slashed his parents, and claimed that they were part of the Matrix, and taht he wanted to brake free.12:40
rehabdollhaha, what a nutjob12:40
tilmanmankind is doomed ;)12:41
rehabdollby the way tilman, which repo is most maintanied? x11r7 or xorg ?12:43
tilmanrehabdoll: continue to use x11r7 until i make the switch announcement12:43
steevthe-ruediger: for?12:49
HanRyoS, unused and obsolete have a meaning in english language, do you know them?13:09
tilmanRyoS: ignore him.13:10
RyoSlol :p13:25
RyoSsure i know them ;) i am just unsure if maybe external kernel modules may make problems13:25
RyoSi dont know, i am noobish :( dont judge me13:26
RyoStilman: wer wie was.. wer wie was.. wieso weshalb warum, wer nicht fragt bleibt dumm *sing* *g*13:26
HanWell... if it would give a problem I would complain to the documentationwriters.13:28
HanRyoS, don't live in doubt. Decide either way and see what happens.13:29
HanOnly in traffic and war doubt kills.13:30
HanBut on IRC it's pretty annoying.13:30
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steevtilman: xorg-libxmu fails Md5sum13:45
tilmanignore it13:46
tilmanwill hopefully be fixed by upstream next week13:46
Han.oO( this doubt is killing me! )13:46
treachah, new motto. "If in doubt, kill Han."13:46
HanNo need to, it goes automatically.13:47
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deus_exHm, storm outside.14:56
deus_exNothing on tv (storm fscked up cable operators gear), radio program sucks at this hour...15:06
treachviritually unlimited number of channels on irc though. Apparently nothing on #crux right now though. ;-)15:08
Handeus_ex, try lastfm15:08
Hanwhich is in ports15:08
Hanlemme sync it15:09
deus_extreach: :)15:11
deus_exHan: I know of your lastfm port, haven't tried it yet.15:12
deus_exWhat is minimal bandwith for using lastfm, anyway?15:12
deus_exFew online radio stations I tried suck at 64k :(15:13
Hanbeats me. 10kb/s or somethign15:13
deus_exOr is it lag problem?15:13
Handoubt doubt doubt15:14
Hanwill he do it or will he doubt15:14
tilmanjesus can't you just shut up15:14
tilmanor go back to openbsd15:14
tilmanor something15:14
deus_exHan: 'when in doubt, do'?15:14
RyoSdont listen to him han15:14
deus_extilman: Too much coffee, my friend? ;)15:15
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treachtilman: I think already the romans tried to shut him up.15:15
deus_exnp:Robots ate my ABBA records.mp315:16
HanRyoS, to whom?15:18
HanNP: Modest Mussorgsky - Songs and Dances of Death - 03 - Trepak.ogg15:18
RyoStilman :þ15:18
HanI don't actually.15:18
deus_exHan: Modest Mussorgsky = Grim Reaper?15:19
* deus_ex watched 'The Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy' marathon on CN all day15:21
deus_exGrim rulez!15:21
HanWell no. It's great music though15:22
deus_exDark...something, or?15:23
HanWanna hear it?15:24
deus_exGoogle knows about it, I bet :)15:24
HanI got a more ellegant solution15:24
deus_exReally?Do tell. :)15:25
deus_exThat reminds me.I just might check it out.15:25
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deus_exg/n all.15:44
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treach"misfirefox" :P17:39
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sepenwebsvn-2.0rc4 released on my repo18:30
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