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aonhi acrux05:18
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j^2morning all08:45
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marotilman: there?12:15
marotilman: do you know if it's possible to revert a commit in git if I haven't pushed yet?12:18
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marogit reset HEAD^ :)12:21
tilmanmight want to schedule a 'git fsck-objects' and 'git prune' run then12:22
tilmanso the orphanized commit will get killed off12:22
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wantezWhen I try to change owner/group/rights on a mounted NTFS partion it says : "Operation not supported" anyone know what my error is?14:23
j^2ntfs isnt fully supported14:24
j^2no write access14:24
j^2only read14:24
jaegerntfs support doesn't include changing permissions/owners14:24
wantezoh :/14:24
jaegerntfs-fuse allows write support but still not much14:24
wantezI thought the 2.6 kernel had write support for ntfs14:25
j^2nope :(14:25
teKit had, with this ntfs.sys thingy, iirc14:25
teKhi there, btw14:25
jaegerI think it does, but it's very experimental. I haven't used it in a long time14:25
wantezhow do u actually share a ntfs partion through samba then?14:26
jaegerntfsprogs/ntfsmount with fuse works better14:26
wanteznothing is readable14:26
jaegerhave a look at ntfsprogs14:26
wantezdo u need FUSE support in kernel?14:27
jaegeryou can build it into your kernel or use the module, your choice14:27
jaegerthe fuse port will build the module14:28
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wantezthink I'll just convert the filesystem instead14:28
j^2kinda drastic eh?14:36
teK'upgrade' it ;>14:36
jaegerwe have the technology14:38
j^2we have the money14:38
j^2but can we build it?14:38
jaegerwow, my mrtg graphs are WAY out of date14:38
jaegertime to get that going again14:38
j^2hehe did you use snmp?14:39
teKa friend of mine:'let's buy uhm well we can sell it later again.. but.. we don't have a million dollars. D'OH!'14:39
j^2i could never seem to get it to work14:39
jaegerbut I never installed it when I moved to a new server in may14:39
j^2snmp is confusing14:39
jaegeryeah, it can be. TONS of stuff you can do with it14:40
teKsnmp: sysadmin nightly  mental pain14:40
j^2i need to play with it in a sandbox first i guess14:40
jaegerok, got it set up :)14:46
jaegerjust gotta wait for useful statistics14:46
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treachmeh. I feel like I'm russia.. I'm cold, and my network is held together with electrical tape and "sugarcubes" .. :-(15:04
DaViruzsugarcubes :D15:05
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DaViruzi think that might be a swedish-only name15:06
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treachyeah. thus the quote marks.  stuff like this ->
treach(that's what you get to use when you have a cat that cuts the low voltage powercords. :-( )15:11
aoni think the word is "choc-bloc" or something :)15:11
aonwe call them sugarcubes too15:12
treachyeah, I was trying to find a more international name for it, and got redirected to the finnish equivalent of "elsäkerhetsverket" or something. :P15:13
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treachmight be that. (I've closed the link already. :-( )15:14
treachaon: yeah. tukes.fi15:15
* deus_ex sings ' after midnight, my net tends to go down / after midnight, my net tends to slow to a crawl '15:36
deus_exAnd its not even midnight yet :)15:36
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_mavrick61Crux core: Ports -u is it dowloaded from crux server? It is very slow here. So if it is local it might be something wrong?16:44
jaegerdepends on which repo16:46 is *always* slow for me, so I have no perspective there16:46
jaegerthe server is currently not under any large load16:46
j^2have we ever thought about mirroring the core/contrib/opt repos?16:46
treachbut it's slowed down recently.16:47
j^2automatic mirroring and al that jazz?16:47
treachthe official repos used to be like lightening here, but now it's like they're stuck in tar.16:47
treach(no pun intended.)16:47
_mavrick61Hmmm I noticed that first time last week. Normally ports -u will be runningthrough in just some few seconds. No it take 1-2 minute.16:48
_mavrick61I have not change anything in ports conf.. So I use standrad address.16:49
_mavrick61Are you logged in to the server..16:49
_mavrick61Run mii-tools and see so the IF if it is Half or Full duplex16:50
_mavrick61Ok.. Then is should be OK.. I'll check the switch too.16:52
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_mavrick61OK.. I can't se any thing unusual.. Strange16:54
jaegernor do I16:57
_mavrick61This take loong time before it going to next step. "Updating file list from" it seem take long time between the "Updating collection"16:58
_mavrick61But ther might be a lot of changes in the ports, can that slow it down?16:58
jaegerit's just an rsync repository16:59
jaegershould be pretty quick any time16:59
_mavrick61I just tested on an other server.. and it take about 15-30 seconds between "Updating collection xxxxxxxx"17:00
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_mavrick61I'm use to it take round 15-30 for a complete ports update including core, opt, contrib17:01
jaegerdon't know what the deal is :(17:04
* treach looks at his traceroute.. those reply times are bizarre.17:04
_mavrick61I checked the mdstat and all disk seem work ok on the Crux server. But it is now 2.2 Crux.. As I remember I made an 2.1 installation. So it is possible to upgrade without total reinstall17:13
_mavrick61I think I found the problem... nameserver  that DNS don't answer, and there is no revers to that ip either...17:34
_mavrick61So that couse the delay when rsync and other try to verify the host/IP calling for service... I got a dealy when access throught SSH.. And that indicated the DNS problem...17:36
jaeger_mavrick61: ah17:39
_mavrick61Do you have an IP address to an recursive DNS. I can change to our DNS only or shall I install a local DNS, which then use root.db.17:42
jaegerseems to work reasonably without that entry17:43
_mavrick61A lot of providers now close there open (recurcive) DNS17:43
_mavrick61Yes but in case of an error on that onlyone it will be stop.. But I use our 3 DNS addresses then.17:44
jaegerthere are 2 other addresses configured, still17:45
_mavrick61I just changed now-17:45
_mavrick61And btw.. I hade forgot to add the etc backup.. Is there now to.. It backup /etc to our special etc-backup server. So in case of eny file needed tell me....17:46
_mavrick61It run once a day.. So there is a new backup for each day saved for 3 month...17:48
_mavrick61Les then 10 secunds to run ports -u now...17:48
_mavrick61That should improve access to the server in general.17:49
jaegergood to know17:52
_mavrick61Hmmm The firewall is diabled any reason for that... "#$IPT -A INPUT  -d $IPEX2 -j DROP"17:58
jaegerno idea, wasn't my doing18:00
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_mavrick61No.. Can you ask the other who have access....18:01
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steevwhile im waiting on elinks to finish installing - has anyone run into the xorg complaining about fixed font being missing?  what am i forgetting?  i have xorg-font-misc-misc installed19:44
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treachYes. Lots of people seem to have that problem. Usually they are missing that package, or they didn't run the pre/post install scripts or something like that.19:48
steevhow do i get it to run the post install script if its already installed? (im extremely familiar with gentoo, not so with crux :) )19:52
treachsh <script> for instance?19:54
treachor even, open up the scrip and run the commands? It's just a simple shellscript, no voodoo involved.19:54
jaegerwrite a quick script to check if port x is installed and run the script if so. check it against /usr/ports/x11r7/*19:55
treachjaeger: now you're taking the bite out of his penance for not rtfm :P19:55
steevjaeger knows me :(19:56
treachI know.19:56
treachNever underestimate the power of google.19:57
steevGoogle Stalk(tm)19:57
treachKnow thy enemy.19:57
jaegerI prefer to offer suggestions in the hope that they'll be useful again later19:57
treachI constantly amazed by how useful those "for" loops are. :-)19:58
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rx5hi everyone20:01
treachgood morning.20:02
rx5does anybody build and run xorg 7.1.1 from xorg repo?20:07
rx5i have problems with running any app20:10
rx5but server starts normally20:11
treachcptn has my crystal ball, so I can't help.20:12
rx5it looks like server refuse connection20:12
treachbtw, does "xorg repo" refer to the X11r7 repo?20:13
treachdude, it's 3.13 AM here, I don't quite feel like being funny. :-/20:14
rx5no, meaning from xorg20:14
treachok, good to know.20:14
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rx5ok, i'll try to explain20:15
rx5all sources builded by prt-get following depinst20:17
rx5all packages compiled successfuly20:18
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rx5but if i type command like this X :0 & DISPLAY=:0 xterm server doesn't show terminal window and no errors jogged in log20:24
rx5i foot know what problem20:26
rx5sorry, dont know20:26
steevwhy not try just startx20:26
rx5xinit and startx shows same result20:28
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rx5may be i need to compile some additional packages?20:30
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rx5thanks for help20:34
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cheikhwhat package or ports  do i need to get my wireless working i have a Dlink Airplus G i know the driver is bcm43xx21:25
cheikhbut after booting the light does not even blinks i meant no lights nothing and lspci does not show it21:26
steevyou will need the firmware cutter (or the firmware if you've already cut it/found someone who cut it)21:30
steevand need to put the firmware into /lib/firmware/21:31
cheikhok there is something i dont get yet when doing ports -d -i is that going to install the latest port21:45
cheikhi meant to say pkgmk -d -i21:47
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jaegerthat will install whatever the current version in that directory is21:48
cheikhok what is the way to upgrade then to a newer version21:49
jaegerports -u21:49
copworkeru stands for ultra ?21:49
Hanwhat does -h do?21:50
cheikhmy favorite window manager isn't available on ports22:07
jaegermake a port :)22:09
cheikhi will once i learn the howto22:10
steevits actually pretty easy - im not familiar with crux, but i know i can write a few for the apps i'm going to need :)22:11
jaegerplenty of examples22:12
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