IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2006-10-31

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Kuphi! what happend to the kde ports in opt?05:25
Kupthere are no Pkgfiles anymore05:26
bd2Kup, kde maintainer abandoned CRUX development. thus it's now in attic05:29
richi_aut its still in 3 collections.05:29
Kupyes, i changes to yhafri05:29
Kupbut why did that happen?05:30
richi_auti think, its too big.05:30
Kupi see05:31
bd2richi_aut, it's much less than gnome05:31
bd2I doubt that *anyone* would like to maintain gnome ports if jaeger abandon it. :-)05:32
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Kupyes, it is very complicated with a lot of smaller packages05:33
treachnick dropped it because he doesn't have time for it anymore, last mile at the uni iirc.05:35
treachand none of the current official maintainers picked it up. it's as simple as that.05:36
treachthere was a guy supposed to continue the work in his private repo though, not sure what happened to that, apparently he's not very social.05:37
jjpkWelcome to the world of crux. :p05:39
treachapparently he's still stuck at
jjpkWhen that happens, you take their ports, update them and maintain them yourself. ;)05:40
treachwell, that's what happens when you have a limited pool of people to cover your bases.05:40
bd2-"you take their ports"+"all others take their ports and continue to maintain *separately*"05:41
treach*OR* someone picks it all up, and announces his repo to the world, and has enough trust in the community to become the "official" repo.05:42
bd2treach, indeed. that happens when project do not provides collaborate place to not so sophiscated crux members, which doing *maybe* not so much sophiscated ports as in core/opt/contrib05:42
treach(i.e the repo everyone points to when people ask for directions)05:42
bd2why *one* person would like to maintain all kde stuff? if there are few people, then they need some space for the collaboration05:43
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bd2treach, don't they? I think they need.05:44
treachI don't, not necessarily.05:44
treachit might help, but it's not *needed*05:44
treachand besides.. crux really isn't a place for "less sophisticated" users. The sooner they find out that the better, imo.05:45
rxiwell there no reason a group of people couldnt come up with a repo that they can contribute to05:46
treachexactly. and mail or $INSERT_IM_METHOD still worked last time I checked.05:47
bd2oh, I'm sorry. *You* think that someone "less sophisticated", but maybe *they* just don't have any intentions to prove that?05:47
bd2prove otherwise05:47
treachbd2: Now you're not reading correctly.05:47
bd2rxi, it's question of common place.05:47
kieselsteinitreach, I installed CRUX on a friends old computer...because it uses less memory and less resources than other distries05:48
treachbd2: who says this common place has to be provided by the crux community?05:48
rxikieselsteini, well most distros can be slimed down05:48
pitillomemory use and resources used are less related to dist used (IMO)05:48
treachkieselsteini: so?05:49
kieselsteinitreach, my friend is an absolute computer noob but he can use a more, no less....since I've installed him CRUX he's happy with the boot time and he cane use firefox :)05:49
bd2treach, I say it. In my opinion this is just sane to do. You say otherwise -- your right.05:49
treachpitillo: well, that's certainly open for debate.. :P05:49
kieselsteinitreach, what I would say....CRUX can be used by "less sophisticated" users05:49
treachkieselsteini: yeah. it can be *used*. but can it be *maintained*?05:50
rxikieselsteini, well effectivly he's using firefox not crux05:50
treachkieselsteini: and what if he wants to do something different without consulting with you first?05:50 won :)05:50
rxikieselsteini, we've had lots of practice on that one :P05:51
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pitillotreach, sure, but with more or less effort you can customize used resources in differents distros... CRUX by default, got less resources used, but you can increase them, I think.05:51
treachamazing really. Wanna know why you shouldn't use crux? Go to #crux. :p05:51
kieselsteinitreach, some day I'll write a nice ncurses program to maintain CRUX :)05:51
rxiits called linuxconfig and i died years ago :)05:52
kieselsteinirxi, hmm won a second time :)05:52
kieselsteiniand I know there's webmin too but this sucks05:52
treachpitillo: I was just thinking of for instance SUSE which probably would be pretty hard to get 100% working in a slimmed down state.05:52
rxiwebmin does the job05:52
rxiand redhat can only be slimmed down so far05:53
treachtrue, but at least it has yum which isn't too bad.05:53
rxii used to be able to get the install down to 40mb :P05:53
treachsuse is very depending on yast.05:54
rximind you that was rh6.205:54
pitillotreach, you caught me with suse... worked with debian and forks, rh but not suse. Sorry. But I think with more effort you can slim down it. (resources related, nothing to do with FS and stuff installed)05:54
treachpitillo: of course you can slim it down, but would it still be suse?05:55
rxinah would be called su :P05:55
treachor just your own personal system with a bunch of ugly hacks?05:55
pitillotreach, sure I refer to that when talk about FS and stuff installed... it is still suse. :)05:56
kieselsteinirxi, hrhr05:57
treachI guess it's a matter of opinion, but in any way, turning suse into something like crux would be an immense job.05:58
rxitreach, no less than turning crux into suse i guess05:58
kieselsteinior you can walk the way less pain and use CRUX directly :)05:58
treachrxi: actually I think so.05:59
treachrxi: since you'd have to fight dependencies etc every step of the way.05:59
treachnot to mention untangle a whole bunch of scripts etc.06:00
rxitreach, once you get rid of yast and its crap and installed pkgutils and its crap your 3/4 there06:00
treachI don't think so, it's a major hurdle, but there is still major stuff to do..06:01
rxiyeah .. either way its giving me a headache thinking of how much effort it would require06:01
treachthus, let's stay away from any experiments. :P06:01
rxiroger that06:02
treach"Dragons be there"06:02
rxii was more worried about the carmeloens(sp?) :P06:03
treachChameleons iirc.06:03
rxiahh thanks .. good to have english language experts around :P06:03
treachnah, jeager isn't here :P06:04
kieselsteinitreach, is afaik German :)06:05
treachnej, för fan.06:05
rxikieselsteini, i think the expression is "hehe" :P06:06
rxikieselsteini, they all look the same to me06:06
treach"No, dammit"06:07
kieselsteinidf -h reveals big problems....06:07
kieselsteini3.1G avail on /home06:07
rxitreach, just admit it .. your a german trying to get out :P06:08
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treachI don't mind germans, but I'm not one. I speak even worse german than a swiss. :P06:09
rxihehe that was my point .. i was trying to refernce Full Metal Jacket .. badly06:10
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treachah. I was thinking more along the line of "inside every living person there is a dead person trying to get out" or something.06:11
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rxitreach, ahh .. "inside every one of these gooks is an American trying to get out..."06:12
treachhm. I was thinking of that zombie in discworld.. :P06:13
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kieselsteinihe...there's no port for FrozenBubble 2 :)06:14
mike_kthe second part? wow, my girlfriend would be glad06:14
kieselsteiniI just making a Pkgfile for it....06:15
kieselsteinihmm...should I name the package frozen-bubble or frozen-bubble2 ?06:15
pitillofrozen-bubble IMO, version is 2, iseems a upgrade of version 1...06:17
mike_kyep, it's unlikely anyone will have both installed at the same time06:17
pitilloMay be making a port update for version 1... I think there is no needed to make a separate port to it. (Don´t know if I´m in wrong about versioning ports)06:19
rxiwell just bump the version number up06:19
kieselsteinifrozen-bubble has other deps06:20
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Kuphey! try out my first app. it's made for people who control audio volume on many ways (remote, trayicon, keyboard etc.). it displays volume changes with xosd like a tv:06:26
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copworkeris there a Pkgfile somewhere ?06:27
Kupit's in the archive06:27
rxifind /usr -iname Pkgfile06:27
copworkerlazy :P06:27
bd2hm.. was the last irc meeting on 9Oct? seems like logs are erased06:34
pitillobd2, under crux-devel? I can see that day without problems...06:37
bd2that what I got: "No logfile found for #crux-devel on 9Oct2006!"06:37
bd2ouch. must write 09. pitillo, thank you!06:37
pitillobd2, 10Oct2006 has a little meeting too...06:39
bd2treach, "STFU".. heh. thanks06:39
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bd2pitillo, will read, thanks again06:40
treachbd2: ?06:44
treachYou're welcome. Nonsense ticks me off.06:51
bd2Many people thinks that you're insane just because you're spend your time helping to the project, and don't get anything (pay check) back. Recall your visions when they will ask you to shut the FUCK up, just because their visions not the same as yours.06:57
treach1. Nobod did ask you to stfu, actually. It was just my own, personal reaction. 2. If someone had done so, it wouldn't have been for not sharing the "vision". It would have been for wasting time on total non-starters.06:59
treachN.B, wasting other peoples time, not your own.07:01
bd2you could save your time by not typing STFU, but ignoring + writting rule to the .mailfilter. just a note07:02
treachsigh. if you don't like what you might find in the irc log, don't read it. mkay? You're behaving like I sent you a mail telling you to stfu.07:04
bd2treach, that is the point. it would be your opinion if you'll mail it to me, and probably I'd accept it as is, but not say it at my back.07:06
treachNow you're being unreasonable. That way nobody would ever be allowed to comment anything/anyone without cc-ing them their comment...07:07
bd2and I'm sorry that I chance upon that phrase and didn't closed my eyes07:07
treachbd2: you're taking it too personal, and giving it far too much weight. It's just a comment some place on irc fired off in a flash of irritation in the middle of the night.07:09
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treachmorning jaeger, looking for worms? ;-)07:26
jaegerI just get up early after DST since I'm used to the time07:27
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mike_kjaeger: was you able to test --enable-milter on clamav? is there a chance to see that option in contrib/clamav?08:12
jaegerI have not tested it since I don't use milter or even sendmail08:18
jaegerif you want to send me a patch that you can verify works but won't break building without sendmail/milter installed, that's fine08:18
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mike_kI should test it without sendmail/milter =), I'll try. It worked for me for ages.08:25
jaegerit seems like sendmail must be installed so it can use the milter library, but I use postfix08:26
RyoSjaeger: <- do this ports need a new maintainer?08:26
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jaegerwell, need is subjective, but they are now unmaintained (assuming the list is up to date)08:30
RyoSmh ok08:33
RyoSwho is maintaing the portdb anyway? :)08:33
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jaegerviper, I believe08:35
RyoSi see ._.08:35
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thrice`jaeger, are those beryl packs a replacement for xgl stuff ?09:24
j^2morning al09:24
teKhi there09:25
jaegerthrice`: sort of09:28
jaegerthrice`: you can do one of two things: install the beta nvidia drivers, 1.0-9625 or higher, OR install Xgl with the official drivers09:28
jaegerif you don't use an nvidia card, probably have to set up Xgl or AIGLX09:28
thrice`ah...yeah, I think it will work with opensource ATI drivers09:29
thrice`but I may need AIGLX then, I suppose09:29
thrice`well, won't xorg 7.1 ship with aiglx inbedded ?09:30
thrice`jaeger, and they are controlled in xorg.conf?  I recall having to load scripts into gnome's session manager to get xgl working before09:32
j^2hey thrice`09:34
j^2hey tek09:34
j^2hey jaeger09:34
jaegerhave to add 2 options to xorg.conf, which I'm about to add to the readme, but they relate to the nvidia drivers09:38
jaegeradd beryl-start and beryl-manager to the gnome session if you're using gnome09:39
jaegerheyo j^209:39
thrice`jaeger, ok...I suppose if aiglx works out of the box with xorg 7.1, I should be set with OSS drivers09:39
jaegerworth a try09:41
* jaeger grumbles at supybot09:46
teKis there a way to show (periodically updated) the output of a certain command in fluxbox' 'task bar'?09:54
j^2teK, cron?09:57
teKnot in a xterm or so but in the Taskbar09:57
teKsimiliar to screens backtick command.. wmii provieds this functionality, iirc09:58
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thrice`jaeger, I also noticed on the documentation for "Gnome ports" that it still referse to howl...should this be updated?10:03
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jaegerwhich docs? the wiki or READMEs?10:06
jaegerI see it in the wiki10:08
j^2its been so long that i dont even know if i know my passwd :(10:10
j^2one sec10:10
jaegerfixed it, minor stuff10:10
j^2i'm sorry10:10
j^2i'm a slacker10:10
jaegerno biggie10:10
j^2oh wow10:11
j^2i do know my passwd!10:11
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jjpkundecided ;)10:15
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Cheikhi get invalid module format when i do modprobe ndiswrapper11:04
j^2are you using the correct kernel version?11:04
j^22.4 or 2.6?11:04
j^2any other info you have?11:06
j^2and did you use the port? or build it yourself11:06
Cheikhit says "ndiswrapper: version magic SMP preempt mod_unload 686 REGPARM gcc-4.0 should be SMP preempt mod_unload 386 gcc-4.011:08
Cheikhbuild myself11:08
j^2wow...yeah over my head11:08
j^2looks like compiling issues though11:08
j^2but i have no idea11:09
copworkeryou optimized the ndiswrapper for 68611:10
copworkerthe kernel was left i386 unoptimized11:10
Cheikhno i did not modify anything just extract and install11:11
copworkerthe kernel was built with different headers11:11
copworkerso you could have modified the kernel sources in between11:11
Cheikhso i need to rebuild my kernel11:12
copworkerthat should do it11:12
copworkeror restore the old headers and redo the module11:12
Cheikhdo u know in the kernel .config file where i should enable i68611:13
jaegerit's not that you need to build it a specific way, it's that you need to build the ndiswrapper package with the same kernel and headers11:15
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jdolan_i get a lot of missing fonts when i update wine.11:23
jdolan_is that okay?11:23
jdolan_(footprint mismatch)11:23
tilmanno tienes fontforge i guess?11:24
tilmanshould be okay11:24
tilmaniirc i built it that way too11:24
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Cheikhi have this wireless card dwl-g630 that works with knoppix live cd using bcm43xx but i am having trouble to use it with crux12:37
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aonhey SiFuh14:28
SiFuhHi Han14:28
SiFuhHi aon14:28
j^2hey SiFuh14:28
SiFuhwhats u ?14:29
SiFuhhey j^214:29
SiFuhwhats up?14:29
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SiFuhanyone seen vkd^ ?14:34
j^2!seen vkd14:34
-MelOne- j^2, hmmm... vkd, this name is not unknown to me, but I don't know, sorry.14:34
jizzbotj^2: I have not seen vkd.14:34
SiFuh!seen vkd^14:35
jizzbotSiFuh: I have not seen vkd^.14:35
-MelOne- SiFuh, I think I don't know vkd^ yet.14:35
SiFuh!seen jaeger14:35
jizzbotSiFuh: jaeger was last seen in #crux 3 hours, 20 minutes, and 19 seconds ago: <jaeger> it's not that you need to build it a specific way, it's that you need to build the ndiswrapper package with the same kernel and headers14:35
-MelOne- SiFuh, jaeger is in #crux right now!14:35
SiFuhhi jaeger14:36
jaegerheyo. long time14:36
SiFuhwhat happened to vkd^?14:39
*** Brzi has joined #crux14:42
jaegerhaven't seen him recently, don't know14:42
jaeger@seen vkd14:43
clbjaeger: vkd was last seen in #crux 23 weeks, 0 days, 17 hours, 38 minutes, and 8 seconds ago: <vkd> back in a bit...14:43
jizzbotjaeger: I have not seen vkd.14:43
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jiribhi all15:24
jiribi just installed crux yesterday, looks nice from handbook...15:24
jiribbut... what would be a gain vs slackware?15:25
jaegerread the features of slack and the features of crux and decide which you like better :) it's just another alternative15:26
jiribi know15:26
jiribbut tell me you point of view15:26
jaegerI don't know slack15:26
jiribi'd like to know that15:26
jiribi'm openbsd fan, but i still haven't found a linux distro for me, maybe crux? :)15:27
j^2jirib, Han uses crux ;)15:27
j^2mister openbsd ;)15:27
jiribhenning brauer?15:28
j^2the channel op for #openbsd15:28
j^2right Han?15:28
jiribah :)15:28
jiribonce i wanna setup a linux for xen with hardware vt15:28
*** the-ruediger has joined #crux15:30
Hancrux takes a lot of time to set up right.15:30
jiribwhat? like timezone? :)15:30
jiribHan: do you use via epia motherboards?15:31
jiribi'd liketo buy one for my openbsd fw/ipsec gw15:31
jiribdoes anybody use crux and xen?15:34
j^2not i...i've tried it in parallels though15:38
jiribanyway, as i'm not a linux guru, what can a man use for automounting devices in these days?15:39
jiribi read zenwalk uses some scripts with udev...15:40
jiribfor cds, usb discs etc...15:40
jiribin crux of course15:41
jiribi don't like any shitty hald etc major linux distros use15:41
*** jaeger has quit IRC16:31
jiribdo exist binary packages from 'contrib' repository?16:48
jiribor i don't understand well packages/ports in crux16:49
j^2nope crux is source based16:49
j^2but it creates a pkg16:49
j^2the port16:49
HanThe port creates a package, just like with BSD16:49
jiribi understood this16:49
HanAmazing. :-)16:50
jiribbut maintainers don't do binary packages of their ports16:50
jiribfor contrib16:50
jiribwhich looks semi-official16:50
jiribso once one had finished installation no more binary packages are needed16:51
jiribeverything from ports, right?16:51
* Han reconfirms16:51
jiribwhat about updates of 'core' and 'opt' packages?16:51
jiribno way to update them in binary way?16:52
jiribHan: like pkg_add -ui in recent openbsd :)16:52
Hanwhy do you keep asking the same question again and again?16:52
jiribno... the 1st one was about contrib ports16:53
jiribmy second one was about core and opt16:53
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jiribsorry but it wasn't clear how it works from handbook16:58
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger17:27
thrice`is tilman's x11r7 and's the same ?17:54
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC17:58
treachthrice`: what do you mean by "'s x11r7"?18:00
thrice`well, in the readme for x11r7, it points to tilman's site; the one in portdb points to crux.nu18:02
treachit does?
thrice`however, the driver on downloads syncs to /usr/ports/xorg/xorg/ instead of /usr/ports/xorg/18:02
treachnot the same repo then.18:03
jiribhow can i define where to put built package instead of current port dir?18:03
thrice`treach: odd; it seems like tilman's is more up-to-date18:03
jiribor... how/what do you use to make one build box18:04
treachI'd suggest you stay away from that xorg repo until further notice. I haven't seen anything from tilman about it.18:04
treachthrice`: I think it's work in progress.18:04
thrice`treach: ok, thanks for the tip :)18:04
treachjirib: read the /etc/pkgmk.conf file18:05
jiribah man i'm blind18:05
jiribpkgmk -c doesn't clean work directory (i used pkgmk -d -kw); is it feature or bug?18:12
treachno idea. I rarely use "raw" pkgutils.18:14
jiribwhat do yo use?18:15
treachit's the only sane method in the long run imo.18:15
thrice`tilman: I got a bad Md5sum on libXmu18:16
treachthrice`: I think you only the 5th or so who tells him that. :P18:17
thrice`heh...well, serves him right for not fixing it :)18:17
treachIgnore and proceed, it's not his fault.18:17
jiribit's nice crux has so many apps in contrib18:18
thrice`I know18:18
jiribslackware is too poor :)18:18
treachyeah, we're set to overtake debian any day RSN..18:18
treachWorld domination, here we come!18:19
jiribdo crux change vanilla kernel?18:19
jiribdoes... :)18:19
thrice`no, it gives you source and you compile your own18:19
treachjirib: Generally speaking, NO software is modified from upstream without *very* good reasons.18:20
jiribbut it looks like crux put its minimal config into linux src dir18:21
jirib less /media/cdrom0/crux/kernel/linux-
jiribthis was why i was surprised why so few options are set in menuconfig :)18:22
treachthat's a good thing. less for you to unset.18:22
jiribeven vanilla kernel comes with bloat defaults18:22
treachIt does? I've been reusing my own .config for ages..18:23
thrice`yeah, I haven't started fresh in a couple years18:24
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jiribcrux's release cycle is about one an year?18:37
jirib2.1 in 04-2005, 2.2 in 04-2006?18:38
treachI *think* the aim is twice. But then reality sets in.18:39
treachotoh, it doesn't really matter all that much.18:39
thrice`not at all18:39
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treachyou keep the system up to date via the ports, and if you need to do a fresh install, jaeger is kind enough to provide updated isos.18:40
jiribi write an article about crux... so...18:41
jiribof course the kernel you must check manually18:43
jiribit's not part of ports system18:44
treachobviously. if you feel the need to upgrade it.18:46
jiribare there security patches for older linux kernels?18:47
treachdistro specific?18:47
jiribi don't how linux kernel developement works18:48
jiribif is buggy, do they publish a patch?18:48
jiribor you must upgrade to newer kernel version?18:49
treachthere is a new version relased.18:49
treachwether you need to upgrade or not is up to you to decide.18:49
jiribhow would find if some linux kernel version has security vulnerability?18:51
treachheh, usually it gets posted all over the internet.. :P18:51
jiribok what about crux 2.2 default linux source? :)18:52
treachI don't think anyone who doesn't have a specific need for it will use it.18:52
jiribi always used distros with utils showing you what to update :)18:52
treachalso, a security hole doesn't necessarily means you *have* to upgrade.18:53
jiribwell bsd world is more clear18:53
jiribif it isn't mean exploiting it remotely :)18:54
treachsure. crux is like going to the supermarket. You need a bit of this and a bit of that and from that you create your system.18:54
treachBSD is more like windows. You get a delivery truck loaded, wether you need/want it or not.18:55
treach(Ok, bsd is more like a pickup ;-) )18:55
jiribmaybe bsds come more complex in default, but there are tons of ways to change it by rebuilding it18:56
treachwell, we kind of skip the "re-" stage.18:56
jiribcrux is not system18:57
jiribits a distro with some utils with linux kernel18:57
treachdepends on how you define "system". It's not something predefined, static thing. But not a system? Really..18:59
thrice`it's a linux distro19:00
thrice`a distro based upon the linux kernel - just another implimentation19:00
treachbut still very much a system.19:00
thrice`but what distro isn't ?19:02
treachI don't know. Our friend here apparenly doesn't think it's a system unless all instances have the same modules installed, and the same versions of them at that.19:03
treachYou need to get out more, and have a look at how stuff works in the real world.19:09
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jiribhuh it's 1st november19:11
jiribopenbsd 4.0 is out :P19:11
treachOh, yeah. Hurray. Just let me reformat my system.19:11
jiribok give me root :P19:12
treachin your deams bub.19:12
treachbut otoh.. I doubt you could do very much with it..19:12
treach(the root password, I mean.)19:13
jiribjust kidding19:14
jiribman don't be so serious19:14
treachdid you see that guys, someone called me serious..! :D19:14
treachI guess there is a first time for everything. :P19:15
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thrice`hey, I had to bump iso_codes to 0.57 to get a package - seems like most of the debian mirrors had taken 56 down20:46
steevim gonna have to gank gentoo's patch for sqsh20:58
sepen PING ( 56 octets data21:10
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rx5good morning!23:16
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