IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2006-11-01

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RyoSViper_: hi, are you there?03:48
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RedShiftis it possible to convert DES passwords to MD5?03:49
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tilmanthrice`: known, ignore it04:40
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bd2 ;-)06:17
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Romster < for all you geeks that love space :)08:05
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wantezAnyone know why I don't have the /dev/mapper/control ? I've included the Device Mapper Support in the kernel08:13
Romsterwantez, udev rules?08:28
wantezhow to check?08:29
wanteznvm got it back but my cryptsetup doesn't work08:32
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Romstersorry busy here :)08:39
Romsterudevtrigger useally.08:39
Romsteri've never used that so i'm no help there sorry08:40
Romsterwhat the08:54
Romster/usr/include/stl_algobase.h:52:17: error: new.h: No such file or directory08:54
Romstersame filename as what firefox reported hmmz08:54
Romsterstl hmm08:55
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j^2hey all09:01
Romsterhi j^209:04
* j^2 tips hat to Romster 09:05
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brointhemixrehi :)09:06
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mike_kjaeger: I assume there is a mailan at installed... any port available?09:48
RyoSViper_: alive?09:48
jaegermike_k: I couldn't make a useful port of it09:49
mike_kI see09:49
mike_kmaybe it's an overkill09:49
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SiFuhgotta go sago10:11
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thrice`jaeger: around ?10:39
thrice`jaeger: I'm getting a strange error on notification-daemon, and can't find any information on it:
jaegermight be dbus-binding-tool not passing prefix, steev mentioned something about that10:47
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thrice`yeah, sort of looks like it10:49
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thrice`suppose I was focused on the wrong portion of the error =\10:56
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Romsterdamn hang, i had todo a hard reboot, i found this message in my log11:40
Romsterkernel: [271172.878636] BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 8209333711:40
Romsterarn't sure why it did that though11:40
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Romsterfull post is here if anyone is interested in figuring why my pc crashed.11:44
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pitilloRomster, may be a problem with nvidia driver?11:57
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Romsterits the latist one out and yeah its only started when i switched from the xorg nv driver too12:02
Romsterthe nv driver has no 3d acceleration so thats no good to me, and the nvidia driver crasheds my xorg so i can't win...12:02
Romsterwonder what video card i'll get in the future that has full 3d support thats open source/12:03
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Romstergamedefs.h:34:18: error: cstdio: No such file or directory12:15
Romsterbut it exists in /usr/include/c++/4.0.3/cstdio12:15
Romsteradding LDFLAGS='-L/usr/include/c++/4.0.3/' didn't help either...12:15
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marohello kids12:56
marocan somebody tell me what day it is?12:56
marothat's right, it's openbsd day! :)12:57
tilmanthe asterix reference in the current logo-something makes my smile13:01
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rx5goond evening14:17
rx5does anybody read it?.14:18
jjpkDepending on what it is, yes,no,maybe.14:18
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j^2__read i've forgotten how to read14:20
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aondepends also on what you mean by "read" :)14:21
jjpkYou can slice and dice this topic all you want.14:22
jjpkIt is a bottomless well ;)14:22
jjpkCould be anything, could be nothing. :]14:22
rx5its great! i cannot compile xorg server 7.1.1 with xgl14:22
maroof course not14:23
maroxgl is a dead end14:23
maroaiglx for now and xegl when it's ready14:23
rx5thanks, i know it :)14:24
marowhich reminds me that my radeon 9250 should arrive tomorrow14:24
marotogether with a 500G wd drive :)14:24
jaegeralso, if you're using an nvidia card, you can install the beta drivers and check out beryl instead14:24
maroRE2, should be extremely silent14:24
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marowhich you don't because you care about open source and respect the gpl :)14:26
rx5i have ati 9600 video and i dont  know how ati drivers works with xegl14:27
maroaiglx is running smoothly on my radeon 7000 in 1280x960 res, I only upgrade so I can play more open source games with better settings14:27
marorx5: xegl isn't ready at all14:28
maroif usable at all14:28
rx5i like open open source games too14:29
rx5so, what i need to use wm like compiz?14:31
j^2openttd! freeciv!14:31
marorx5: aiglx14:31
rx5sorry, cose i type thats messages from mobile keyboard. it hurt my hands :/14:33
marouse the force, luke14:34
rx5aiglx? this server are stable?14:35
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jaegerWhat does it take to get aiglx going, anyway? Should try it on my radeon 900014:36
marojaeger: not much by now14:36
rx5maro, can you send for ne info from whois?14:36
marojaeger: some patches to xorg-server and compiz, not much more than that14:37
maro(used to be mesa cvs etc.)14:37
maroand then some extra args when launching compiz14:38
rx5how works drivers from ati with aiglx?14:38
jaegerI'd use beryl, but might give it a shot14:39
maro(--indirect-rendering --strict-binding --use-cow)14:39
maroberyl is weird :(14:39
jaegermore stable than compiz for me14:39
maroI'm totally clueless about her motivation for forking14:39
jaegersome odd features but you can turn off nearly everything14:39
rx5maro, how much it cost cpu time14:39
marocompiz has been rock solid here14:39
marorx5: nothing really14:40
marosince it's hardware accelerated14:40
maroif I weren't lazy I'd publish my aiglx ports :P14:41
jaegermaro: I'll be happy to test them, heh14:41
rx5it'll great!14:41
marorx5: but I am lazy FYI14:42
rx5some other will create it ;)14:43
maroall you need is compiz and xorg-server14:43
maroassuming you already have mesa 6.5.114:43
rx5xorg version?14:44
maroyou're too lazy to look in the Pkgfile14:44
rx5i have latest cvs snapshot14:44
marothey moved to git a year ago...14:45
rx5mesa too14:45
maroah, >= 6.5.1 should do14:46
rx5no, really cvs works, but for developers14:47
rx5am i know14:48
thrice`from what I know, berryl will work on ATI too14:50
rx5so, do you know how builded xgl by guys from fedora?14:50
thrice`using only the OSS driver14:50
thrice`jaeger: I think this notification daemon requires hacking the makefile :(14:50
jaegerthrice`: yeah, it should be an easy mod but there's no documentation on the required prefix, it seems14:51
thrice`would "" work ?14:51
rx5no, more less new chips supported very bad14:52
thrice`yeah, the documentation doesnt' exist, as I think this is the first version to make an obligitory make file (0.72)14:52
rx5by mesa14:53
jaegerthrice`: it's a new requirement to specify the prefix, that's all... you're welcome to try ""14:53
thrice`or I suppose downgrading would be a workaround14:53
thrice`maro: doesn't aiglx work out of the box with xorg ?14:54
maroit does14:55
marobut it needs some patches to work with compiz14:55
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maroat least 1.1.1 does14:55
thrice`ah.  I was thinking berryl would work out of the box14:55
thrice`with open source ATI drivers14:55
thrice`then again, I can't get gnome to finish building :(14:56
maroberyl is a buzz word here :P14:56
maroI like vanilla and working14:56
marocompiz has plenty of sweets for my eyes14:56
thrice`so you're using compiz with patched xorg for...which vid card ?14:57
maroradeon 700014:57
jaegerI've got beryl running with the nvidia binary drivers, quite well. no patches at all14:57
marothe patches are needed because of changes in mesa14:57
thrice`I have a radeon 9700 pro that I am using14:57
jaegerpretty vanilla in everything but features14:57
thrice`with the ati driver from mod. xorg14:57
marojaeger: what x server?14:58
jaegerxorg from ports14:58
maroberyl is just an odd project14:58
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maroseriously, they included the full mesa sources into their svn...14:58
rx5i have a6 couple patches for different ports to build them with glibc 2.5 and gcc 4.1.1 and dont  know how i can share them :/14:59
marorx5: don't14:59
marojust fork the distro for yourself like everybody else is doing15:00
marosince 2.3 is only talk15:00
maromost projects branch after a release, but not crux15:01
maroin crux it's branched a month or two before the release15:02
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rx5with new version of glibc my machine works more faster15:02
maroI can't remember how it was running with 2.315:03
maroswitched to 2.4 on the day of the release15:03
thrice`jaeger: yeah...I can't find any documentation for prefix stuff15:04
maro2.5 should really just be 2.4.1 imho, but it seems marketing is starting to make itself more visible in the free software world :)15:04
rx5crux is fast and powerfull dirtso for me15:04
marorx5: me too, but it's unfortunate that you need to fork half of the distro if you want recent versions, vanilla versions (i.e. less or no patches), info documentation, dynamic libraries, ...15:06
maro :(15:06
jaegertime for borklinux or something15:08
marojaeger: haha :)15:08
maroBorked GNU/Linux15:08
thrice`you don't need to fork it, just make /usr/ports/maro the top of your list15:09
marothrice`: I have, I call it 'base'15:09
RedShiftlol pkgcruft15:09
thrice`and I don't see the need to do it, personally15:09
marothrice`: I guess not :)15:10
maroI just have this sick desire for correctness15:10
maroand I've given up on reporting issues15:10
thrice`if gcc compiles something, I couldn't care less which version it uses to do it15:10
maroit's a waste of time, things will just rod there till the infrastructure team decides to move to a new bug tracker, then they'll disappear15:11
jaegerbut you're not bitter15:11
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marojaeger: not all the time :)15:11
maroafter all I still use crux :)15:12
jaegercurious why, myself15:12
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marobecause I've spent time reporting the issues15:13
maroand they're being completely ignored15:13
RedShiftfrom yum options:15:13
RedShift-t, --tolerant        be tolerant of errors15:13
RedShiftwhat the hell does tolerant mean to errors?15:13
maroRedShift: I guess that's enabled by default? ;)15:13
maro(otherwise it probably wouldn't run at all)15:14
rx5but crux based linux dirtso is more faster15:14
RedShiftyeah but how can you be tolerant to errors15:14
RedShifterrors are by definition untolerable15:14
rx5than red hat like15:15
maroRedShift: then the option naming is an error15:15
marounfortunately it is tolerated15:15
thrice`maro: which issues are you referring ?15:15
RedShiftblah yum15:15
RedShiftI've always hated rpm15:15
thrice`other then the [unnecessary] need for really up-to-date stuff? :)15:15
marothrice`: for example, the fact that pkgadd rejects directories and rejmerge then deletes them15:16
marowhich means bad luck if the permissions on /var/ftp changes15:17
rx5i hate rpm too15:17
marorx5: rpm isn't too keen of you either15:17
rx5maro, where you live15:19
maroare there any neat tools to create a initramfs?15:24
rx5i decided to use windowsxp;) after  my death15:24
RedShiftinitramfs is depricated though, in favor of mkinitcpio15:25
maromade by phrakture15:26
marothere's no way I'll trust anything he wrote to boot my system15:26
maronah, he's good enough15:27
marohe joined the arch dev team just before I left :)15:27
* deus_ex_ thinks that audacious should replace bmp in opt15:28
RedShiftyou worked on arch?15:28
maroRedShift: that's almost a year ago15:28
RedShiftwhat did you do?15:28
maroI worked in the Department of Footware15:29
maroaka GNOME maintainer15:29
RedShiftI hate gnome15:29
RedShiftno wait15:29
RedShiftI don't hate gnome15:29
RedShiftI hate GTK15:29
RedShifthave you tried working with the file dialog?15:30
maropeople are being really emotional on software in here15:30
treachdeus_ex_: audacious sounds like shit currently. :-/15:30
RedShiftI can't believe people actually use that... it's totally unusable15:30
maroI'll kick emacs in the nuts15:30
maroit kissed my dog15:31
maronaughty editor15:31
RedShiftthat is still being used?15:31
deus_ex_treach: It is way better than bmp, imho.Or its just me having problems with bmp lately ;)15:31
maroRedShift: sure, it's the editor of the gnu project15:31
treachdeus_ex_: did you try the latest version as well?15:31
RedShiftI hear everyone complaining about it15:31
RedShifthow it sucks15:31
marojust like hurd is the kernel that you'll run some day15:31
rx5does anybody drinking vodka? in start it:) fucking xgl15:32
RedShiftbut it's still being used... so that's a little bit... awkward15:32
deus_ex_treach: Latest version of bmp or audacious?15:32
treachaudacious. I got a lot of fuzz with it.15:32
maroRedShift: no worries, only l33t h4x0rZ are using it15:32
RedShiftrofl, gnu hurd15:33
treachmaro: or wannabes.. :P15:33
deus_ex_treach: I installed 1.2.1 few days ago, it works great.15:33
RedShiftthe first and last commit to the tree was something like... main.c: int main(void) {}15:33
treachdeus_ex_: Ok, more power to you.15:33
treachthe sound quality was *really* bad here. :-/15:34
marotreach: that's implied by using digits as letters15:34
deus_ex_treach: I don't know, haven't noticed anything like that here.15:35
treachmaro: well.. I'm certain some very good people use it as well. I thougth it was a just a sarcastic retort to our friend here.15:35
rx5i like mpg123 fronteds15:35
treachxmms2 sounds best of those I've tried so far. I don't like the clients very much so far though. :-/15:36
rx5sound quality is good and system not loaded by unused features15:37
deus_ex_treach: I haven't tried it yet.15:37
RedShiftx m m s15:37
treachold, unmaintained, depending on old unmaintained libs, yummy.15:38
marotreach: true, there are :)15:38
* deus_ex_ checks portdb for xmms215:38
RedShifttreach: yet, there is nothing better at present15:38
treachcmus is pretty nice imo, but I never manage to get along with the interface for it.15:39
rehabdollaudacious is nuce15:39
rehabdollbmp fork15:39
treachso they say. I say it sounds horrid.15:40
treachanyway, afk.15:40
rx5bmp is too slow15:40
RedShiftyeah but gtk2 blows ass, so it's no option for me15:41
RedShifthave you tried using the file dialogs?15:41
RedShiftand it doesn't remember the last folder I opened15:41
RedShiftlet alone asking for keyboardability15:41
rx5yes, too slow15:41
deus_ex_Anyone used Amarok?15:42
RedShiftgtk2 is the worst widget toolkit in the universe15:42
HanYour opinion sucks15:42
rx5im use mostly mpg12315:42
HanI used amarok indeed, but now I use cplay. :-)15:43
RedShiftHan: please, do challenge me, why do you think gtk2 is good?15:43
HanNo way. I'll tell you why your opinion sucks.15:43
HanBecause it's just a cheap rant.15:44
RedShiftcheap rant?15:44
RedShifttest it out yourself15:44
deus_ex_Han: Do you have any problems with lastfm client?15:44
RedShifttry working in a GTK app without your mouse15:44
rx5but i dont care what some application play my music at all :)15:44
RedShifteven that is nearly impossible15:45
RedShiftand consistency... something the world of GTK doesn't understand15:45
RyoSRedShift: why would you work under X without your mouse at all?15:45
rehabdollmaybe he got a hook where his hand is supposed to be?15:45
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RedShiftRyoS: I come for windows, and I hardly ever used my mouse there15:46
deus_ex_rehabdoll: lol15:46
RedShiftworking with the keyboard is alot faster15:46
rehabdollthen use a console app15:46
RedShiftno, those are limited in their abilities15:47
HanJust quit whining ok, nobody cares about your stupid rant.15:47
rx5many console applications not maintained15:47
rx5and dont compiled with new versions ne gcc15:49
rx5of gcc15:49
RedShifthan you are right. it is a rant. but it is also an opinion15:50
RedShiftI'm defending my point of view15:50
*** pitillo has quit IRC15:51
Han`I am defending my right to insult the craps out of someone'15:51
jjpkI suggest both of you cool it.15:51
RedShifthey I didn't insult anybody15:51
RedShiftif I did, please quote me15:51
HanYou insulted the work of all people who hack on gtk215:52
RedShiftso everybody should praise gtk2, and those who don't like it should just stfu?15:52
RedShiftwhere does that leave room for improvement?15:52
HanYou should do something constructive.,15:52
RedShiftyou're right15:53
RedShiftmaybe I should write an article about it, and submit it to the gtk author15:53
Hanmake sure it's constructive critisism15:54
deus_ex_Or write a code that does what you want, and submit that.15:54
RedShifteuh well I have my views on C and C++...15:54
RedShiftbut I won't start another flamewar15:54
RedShiftso I'll just keep that to myself :-)15:55
deus_ex_You use vi or emacs?15:55
* deus_ex_ hides15:55
rx5or gvim15:56
thrice`er...I quit; gnome isn't meant to build15:56
rx5gnome sucks15:57
marothrice`: my gnome builds fine :)15:57
thrice`then you didnt' build notificatin-daemon against the newest dbus stuff15:57
marosurely did15:58
rx5use kde :)15:58
RedShiftI haven't used emacs so I don't have an opinion on it15:58
thrice`did you hack the makefile ?15:58
thrice`prefix isn't getting passed properly15:59
Roomsterarg resolveip comes from mysql, is there a smaller port or program i can port that'll do the same thing without installing mysql?15:59
Roomsterother than pinching the resolveip out of the mysql port :)15:59
marohm, no, it doesn't15:59
marothrice`: try to get a binary package from someone16:00
thrice`told you :)16:00
marothrice`: other than that, nothing should depend on notification-daemon16:00
thrice`yeah, I don't think so16:00
thrice`I was going to downgrade dbus-glibc, but I suppose i'll dig for one of jaeger's binary16:00
maro(everything that uses it just link to libnotify)16:00
Roomsteror hack the Makefile or configure.in16:00
*** Roomster is now known as Romster16:01
maroyeah, my packages use /etc as sysconfdir, so I guess you can't use that for anything16:01
thrice`I think pkgadd is easier :)16:01
maroespecially since notification-daemon is actively maintained16:01
maroa fixed version will likely appear soon16:02
maroin fact I'll just ask the author on jabber :)16:02
maro(used to maintain the ebuilds in the galago svn repo)16:02
thrice`alright, found jaeger's binary packs16:04
thrice`shoulda thought of that earlier16:04
rx5good night, i want sleep16:06
rx54 all16:07
Romsteryes its a live show :)16:09
Romsterboz all over the songs :P16:09
Romsterand in them too :grins:16:09
Romstererm fuck wrong channel16:09
* Han is glad he used gccc-3.4.616:10
Romsterlistening to a live show lol16:10
thrice`Han: for ?16:10
Romsterwoot ccc?16:10
*** MzOzD_ has joined #crux16:11
Hantwo typos in one line...16:11
* Han is glad he uses gcc-3.4.616:11
thrice`I thought you were on 4.1.116:11
thrice`why, did you find an app that doesnt' like 4 ?16:11
HanAnd I'll tell you why. Because everything just works.16:11
Romsternot even 4.0.316:12
* Romster blinks16:12
*** rx5 has left #crux16:12
HanNever use gcc-*.0.* or gcc-*.1.*16:12
Romstergcc-4+ is alot stricter on sloppy code.16:12
HanAnd that's great, but not until all code is desloppyfied ;-)16:13
Romsterso you'll wait for gcc-4.2.016:13
thrice`i haven't had many issues with the stock crux gcc for 2.2.  granted I don't code anything myself, and only use ports stuff :)16:13
Hanand never use gcc-*.*.0 or gcc-*.*.1 ;-)16:14
Romsterthe only thing i can't compile is festival, but thats stuck in a mess..16:14
HanWith gcc-4.1.1 I found about 10 ports.16:15
Romsterhan see if you can compile festival on that gcc-3.4.6 :P16:15
Romsterits true odd numbers are testing versions :P16:15
HanI don't have a port for festival in my portstree16:15
Romsterso 3.*.* hmmz :P16:15
maroHan: 4.1.x hasn't been bad16:15
marobut generally, yeah, agreed16:15
RomsterHan, i know, but afaik it'll only compile on gcc-2.95 without patching, i hadn't tryed yet16:16
Romsteri dunno what else is out there that speak good too16:17
HanAh, it's a speech generator16:17
marouseful if you don't have any friends16:18
Romstermaro, lol16:21
Romsterso Han if you wanna challenge try getting that to work, i got it to compile on windows, but i was insane to try it lol.16:22
Romsterfor a friend but then i managed to get he's freevoice working again.16:23
Romsterlinux is lacing a good speach engine16:23
HanHmmm I got the code for a speechengine on my HD16:23
Hansince they were dropping the project. Are you interested?16:24
*** MzOzD has quit IRC16:24
treachlacing. wow.16:24
treach"Meaning altering typos" strikes again.16:25
HanI don't quite understand you, treach.16:26
Romsterthats some sort of chatting app16:26
Romstertreach, eh?16:26
Romstershit i'm slow this morning16:27
HanRomster, oh ok. Then I'll delete the code16:27
Romsterso is han16:27
treach  <- lacing. Not quite lacking, eh? ;-)16:27
Romsteralthough it might not be moring time for Han16:27
Hanslow as shit ;-)16:27
Romstersadly its not a speach engine...16:27
HanWed Nov  1 23:27:24 CET 200616:27
HanOh wait, now I see the difference between a speech- and a speach-engine. :-D16:28
HanLinux is really lacking a good speech-engine. I bet there are hundreds of people who could use such an app.16:29
treachiirc ibm released somthing a while back.16:30
HanLike dubya for instance16:30
treachApparently he just got the "Platitude Engine" installed.16:31
RomsterHan, very true16:32
Romsterany equivelts to resolveip out of mysql?16:35
Romsteri cant seem to find one.16:35
Romsteri like that binary but for a project that dosn't need mysql its overkill.16:36
*** lasso has quit IRC16:57
*** minux has joined #crux17:28
minuxHas CRUX development stopped? It was ages ago since 2.2 was released.17:29
treachAfaik, no. Lots of work on project related infrastructure lately.17:30
minuxHmm, okay.17:31
minuxBtw, what initsystem is used in Crux?17:31
minuxBsd or SysV?17:31
treachBSD style17:31
minuxI don't remember, haven't used it for more than a year.17:31
treachwe were here back then, I guess we'll still be here if you go away for another year.17:32
minuxhehe :)17:32
Hanit's not bsd style nor sysv style, it's just nice and simple17:36
minuxTrue :)17:36
treachok, it's more homebrew than anything else, but it definitely has more in common with net bsd than red hat...17:38
minuxYeah, indeed. Red Hat was the first Linux dist I used in 1998 =)17:39
HanBut it does use an rc.d dir, in it's most basic form. Which is kinda neat17:39
treachbut it also doesn't use rcX.d, which is even neater IMO. :P17:40
* teK nods17:43
HanIndeed, that rcX.d shit is plain bullshit17:45
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC17:46
Romsteri laways heated the rcX.d format17:58
treachwith a blowtorch?17:58
Romstererm hated17:59
treachRomster: looks like you're cooked. ;-)17:59
Romsteroh suddup treach17:59
teKor his directories..17:59
Romsterheh or my brain i've been up all nite again18:00
teKits 1am over here :>18:00
treachrock'n roll :p18:01
teKexactly the right time to screw arround with libxml and _my_ brain18:01
treachbah, wait another couple of houers..18:01
teKi won't bug you :>18:01
treachthat when the weird "my computer no workie" calls begin to drop in.18:02
treachteK: what? You're scared of me? :P18:02
Romster11:07am i've been awake since 3pm yesterday18:03
teKtreach: never-ever18:04
teKand Romster, you prolly should go to bed, hu?18:04
treachteK: cool, I'd hate to hear people using me to scare children with. :-)18:05
teK'be quiet or .. I'll get THE treach right here!!'18:05
treachDo you homeworks kids, or Han will get you.18:05
* Han acts like he's Freddy.18:06
teK1-2-3 Freddy kommt vorbei18:06
RomsterteK, very son i jsut spotted a program i've been looking for18:06
HanNP: Hellhammer - Apocalyptic Raids - 03 - Triumph of Death.mp318:07
Romsterhellhamer hmm18:07
teKwell.. this can wait till tomorrow as you won't finish today anyway..18:07
teKif you won't go to bed i'll send you... hm. Chuck Norris? Bruce Schneier? HAN?! ..18:16
nipuLdoes pkgutils handle symlinks yet?18:16
*** RedShift has quit IRC18:17
nipuLgit says no18:19
nipuLbtw good work on the c port18:21
bd2and  (better use git, many fixes since 1.1)18:22
RomsterteK, lol i'll go soon i wanna port some stuff first.18:22
Romsterso its ready for when i want to use it18:22
nipuLso your version handles symlinks?18:22
bd2nipuL, yup18:22
nipuLshame it uses a lot of gnuc stuff though18:22
nipuLor i'd use it on my bsd machines :)18:23
bd2ah.. _GNU_SOURCE...18:23
nipuLi guess i could just implement my own getline for it18:23
bd2yea and that, gnu have much candies ;-)18:23
nipuLcandy rots your teeth18:23
bd2okay. I'm finally going sleep. if you'll make somthing for it, let me know18:24
bd2oh, btw. nipuL, I could replace getline by fgets18:26
bd2the more I concern is getopt_long.. is it available in bsd?18:27
nipuLyeah, but the parameters may be different18:28
nipuL     getopt_long(int argc, char * const *argv, const char *optstring,18:28
nipuL         const struct option *longopts, int *longindex);18:28
bd2they're the same. cool18:28
nipuLbut will only work for 5.0 to current18:28
nipuLwell freebsd that is18:29
nipuLi'll definately have a play around though, been working on a c alternative aswell, but been really busy lately18:30
*** entreprenerd has joined #crux18:31
*** the-ruediger has quit IRC18:36
teKi'm out, cu18:36
*** nipuL has quit IRC19:05
*** fathom has quit IRC19:15
*** nipuL has joined #crux19:26
*** mrks_ has joined #crux19:40
*** mrks has quit IRC19:45
prologicgot anything to take a screenshot of something ?20:06
prologic(not using gnome/kde) - would need a specific app20:06
prologicscrot it is20:07
prologicI used to use it, obviously it ain't in contirb anymore20:07
Hanwho cares?20:12
steev_i'd venture a guess, and say him...20:16
treachI just blew my nose, anyone interested?20:17
minuxHow much gew came out?20:17
treachtoo much.20:17
minuxPut it in a frying pan and fry it, quite nice to have on toast.20:18
treachI'd much prefer if I got rid of my cold.20:19
prologicwhat's the git/svn url to crux nowadays ?20:29
Hantreach, don't blow your nose. Don't suck it up either. Suck it down.20:30
HanYes that sounds awful. But it's the fastest cure.20:30
*** minux has quit IRC20:41
nipuLi do the same, get that phlegm out it's where all the germs live20:48
*** treach has quit IRC21:03
Romsterinsane 85 functions in 1 kniff22:11
Romstererm knife22:11
thrice`hrm, anyone using dbus >?22:27
steev_i do22:27
steev_(im also the dbus maintainer for Gentoo)22:27
thrice`I am trying /etc/rc.d/dbus start for the first time, and getting:22:27
thrice`Unknown group "plugdev" in message bus configuration file22:28
thrice`Unknown group "netdev" in message bus configuration file22:28
Romsteri got that too, i removed the log file and started it22:28
thrice`should I reboot for udev to find them ?22:29
Romsteri guess that group could be added too but not sure why its needed.22:29
Romsternar you could run /sbin/udevtrigger22:29
Romsterrepopulates /dev22:30
thrice`which log file did you remove for it to work ?22:30
thrice`I keep getting it, even after an /etc/rc.d/dbus stop22:30
Romsterthe one it said after manually starting bbus22:31
Romster/etc/rc.d/dbus start22:31
Romsterit'll tell ya which one it can't write too22:31
Romsteryet the permissions where right on mine and identical after removing the log *shrugs*22:32
steev_tht shouldn't be an error22:38
steev_should just be a warning22:38
thrice`hrm...alright.  gnome starts and doesn't crash, so I suppose it's a start :)22:44
Romsteryeah i know22:44
Romsteri fixed mine earlier today heh22:44
thrice`now to try out beryl...THIS will be the tough one22:45
Romsterwhats that one?22:45
thrice`the desktop effects, like wobbly windows, etc.22:45
RomsterPackage 'beryl' not found, hmmz22:46
Romsterah k22:46
steev_jaeger is running it22:46
steev_im jealous cause i can't22:46
Romsteri have hes repo too..22:47
* Romster updates my ports22:47
thrice`yeah, in jaeger's repo22:48
thrice`so the gentoo maintainer, eh steev_ ?  =\22:49
steev_but since jaeger is like the leader of our lug (unofficially) and an all around stand up guy, i figured i'd give crux a try on my spare laptop22:51
thrice`very cool - how's it treatin ya so far ?22:52
steev_so so22:52
steev_sometimes it smacks me around22:52
steev_but never as bad as Gentoo has ;)22:52
steev_of course - nowadays im a wiz with gentoo, so it hasn't either22:53
thrice`I haven't used gentoo that much...just enough to make me dislike it :)22:53
steev_some people can't handle the power of useflags :-P22:53
steev_and then some of us are control freaks ;)22:53
thrice`I didnt' like the ebuild system.  too many gentoo specific stuff for my liking22:53
steev_like what do you mean?22:54
Romsteryeah generic is god22:54
Romsterstil i donno why grub has to be a core port and iptables etc when its not needed, so i trimed them out.22:55
steev_i prefer grub to lilo22:55
steev_i always forget to run lilo after changing things22:56
Romsteri've never had a problem with lilo personally other then sometimes forgetting to run lilo after editing lilo.conf :P22:56
steev_and having iptables around is never a bad thing ;)22:56
Romsterlol i got used to do that preaty fast22:56
steev_all i can say is im always lusting after jaeger's machines, he really knows his stuff22:57
Romsteri guess not but i got it on my frewall/gateway pc.22:57
Romsterso i don't need it on my desktop22:57
steev_speaking of which, i need to get both my servers back up one of these days, maybe go with crux on it simply because of how fast it boots22:58
steev_s/it/one of them/g22:59
steev_being as they all have more power than this little laptop (its a thinkpad 570)23:03
thrice`er, that crashed :(23:04
thrice`any idea how to get something out of gnome's startup list, if I can't load gnome ?23:04
* Romster is messing with my QoS script23:04
Romsterthats what happens when one gets bored :P23:04
steev_gotta go into .gnome2 or some such23:05
steev_theres a startup directory somewhere23:05
thrice`it looks like it wants emerald23:05
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:06
thrice`perhaps i'll wait for jaeger to come along23:07
Romstermising dep?23:08
thrice`no...i'm not using nvidia - I think that's my problem23:08
thrice`that AIGLX isn't working as well as I think it is23:08
Romsterah i had a nasty crash with nvidia earler today but its been ok since.23:09
steev_one day, ill convert my windows box over23:20
steev_likely when i get the amd64 in here finally23:21
steev_and then ill try out all that newfangled stuff23:21
thrice`maro: around ?23:25
marothrice`: sort of23:51
maromy eyes are almost open23:51
thrice`did you put up your aiglx ports by chance ?23:51
thrice`i'm not convinced with x11r7 it works as "out of the box" as it claims.  everytime I try running beryl, my X hardlocks23:52
maroreport that to "the community" :P23:53
thrice`is this what you were goign to try with the OSS ATI driver ?23:53
maroall I know is that aiglx + compiz have been running rock solid here since krh published the patches23:54
thrice`with ati ?23:54
thrice`or nivida23:54
thrice`which compiz / aiglx ports are you using ?23:55
thrice`i would love to try them out23:55
marothe ones I showed last night23:55
maroall you need is xorg-server and compiz23:56
marolibcm is if you want to use the metacity compositor23:56
thrice`how do you call these in gnome ?23:57
steev_shouldn't metacity also require --enable-composite ?23:57
marosteev_: duh, yes, but it still needs libcm23:58
maroand don't do it - it sucks23:58
steev_i've not looked at the metacity pkgfile because at the moment, debian fscked up their mirorr for iso-codes again23:58
steev_so i can't get gnome installed here just yet23:58
marothe people working on it have pretty much abandoned it by now23:58
thrice`steev_: eh, just up the version to 0.57 and it'll work23:58
steev_they just put out a new release23:58
steev_.58 is the newest23:58
thrice`ah; didn't try that; I used 57 last night, it hink23:59
thrice`i think*23:59
steev_i told jaeger, and i know he was working on it, just need to update ports again after one of these finishes installing23:59
steev_doing gimp, imagemagick and gaim all at the same time23:59
* steev_ pats his poor 366mhz23:59

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