IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2006-11-02

marothrice`: got it?00:01
thrice`maro: i'm going to make a dir and update00:01
thrice`so just compiz and xorg-server eh ?00:01
maroit used to be much more hassle because cvs versions of mesa were needed, and then it constantly broke00:03
maromesa cvs that is00:03
marobut now you just need 6.5.1 or newer00:04
thrice`and, out of curiosity, are you using fglrx ?00:04
marono, dammit00:04
maronever have, never will do00:05
marofreedom > 3D00:05
thrice`so..your "mesa" in dependencies for compiz can be used by mesa3d from x11r7 ?00:05
maroif that's 6.5.1, sure00:05
marono idea why it's named mesa3d in crux :(00:06
thrice`so nothing should be required in xorg.conf then, right ?00:06
marooh yes, a bit00:06
marouno momento00:06
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marothrice`: you need the composite extension and the AIGLX clause at the bottom00:08
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thrice`do I need to compile your aiglx too ?00:08
thrice`or will that of stock work ?00:08
maroXAANoOffscreenPixmaps is also important00:09
maroeh, didn't you look at mine?00:09
maroyou need to patch it00:09
thrice`oooh, that's in xorg-server00:09
thrice`and compiz is just the window manager00:09
maroplus it needs to be built against mesa 6.5.100:09
thrice`and then you run gnome-compiz from .xinitrc ?00:10
marootherwise you'll only get blue windows00:10
maronah, I just run my gnome-session and then from within gnome I do gnome-compiz &00:10
thrice`yes; I have mesa3d installed from x11r7, and then am just using compiz and xorg-server from you00:10
thrice`i'll give her a try once xorg-server finishes00:10
maroI put a tarball in there00:11
thrice`of that dir ?00:11
maroit's a bit dirty (bzr repo included :P), but if you want md5sums/footprints, it's there :)00:11
maroalso note that this stuff was never meant to be published00:12
marobut people pushed :(00:12
thrice`eh...i'm just curious as to why beryl dies00:13
marono clue, I don't do beryl00:13
thrice`maro: no go00:54
thrice`SmcOpenConnection failed: Authenicitation Rejected,, reason:  None of the autehtnication protocols specific are supported and host-based authentication failed00:55
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marothrice`: err?01:11
maronever seen that before01:11
maroSmc = ?01:12
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maroyay, bittorrent 5.001:55
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marois there a ssh daemon that uses gnutls? :)02:30
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marotilman: there?03:28
marotilman: have you ever tried autoreconf'ing xorg-server?03:29
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j^2ssoooo hung over09:25
treachwhat? Did the cow manage to drink you under the table?09:35
j^2by cow you mean me and myself...yes09:37
copworkmean me also drinks alot09:37
treachpathetic.. you manage to drink enough to get hung over, all alone?09:37
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AstonV121st time user here....both of IRC and CRUX!10:01
AstonV12thank you!10:02
copworkthats pretty awesome :P10:02
treachwell, getting on irc wasn't all that easy today. :-/10:06
copworksolar storms ... and now even SNOW10:07
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treachfreenode need help mopping up then. I could neither get connected via {chat,irc} nor nor a few other servers I tried with.10:12
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treachdidn't know they served kangaroo soup in italy.10:14
jaegerpossibly more freenode problems10:15
treachnot impossible :)10:15
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jaegeryay, notification-daemon fixed10:16
treacha winner is you. :)10:19
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spn|workHan, are you here?10:20
Hanspnwork, ?10:20
spn|workyes, I find a job10:20
spn|workHan, Im also named as sepen10:21
spn|workHan, =======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/han/gmime/gmime#2.2.3-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.10:21
spn|workthere are a footprint error: see *.dll extensions10:22
spn|worki.e: NEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/mono/gac/gmime-sharp/
j^2what's an equivalent program to "mail"?10:23
j^2thanks treach10:23
j^2no seriously10:23
j^2i need one10:23
treachit's not in ports anymore apparently though.10:23
treachj^2: I wasn't kidding, actually.10:24
j^2sorry ;)10:24
jaegertry mailx10:24
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j^2k, thanks jaeger10:25
j^2treach, mailx i think is nail10:26
treachah.. that explains why there is no nail anymore..10:26
treachI just noticed.10:26
j^2same here ;)10:26
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j^2awww christel is so sweet ;)10:27
treachoh yeah. at least it wasn't a global notice about another gentoo release..10:29
j^2any exim users?10:36
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tilmanmaro: i ran its quite often11:43
tilmanmaro: which calls "autoreconf -v --install"11:43
marotilman: ok :)11:43
marofixed my issue though11:43
marosomehow it failed to locate my xkb data when it had been autoreconf'ed, just pass it explicitly to configure now11:44
marobtw, havo you considered xkbdata -> xkeyboard-config?11:44
tilmanmaybe for 7.211:44
tilmanor maybe for crux 2.311:44
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marowhen you do, be sure to use --with-xkb-path=/usr/share/X11/xkb --with-xkb-output=/var/lib/xkb11:45
maroand --with-xkb-base=/usr/share/X11/xkb --with-xkb-rules-symlink=xorg for xkeyboard-config11:46
maroworks nicely here11:46
maroplus it made the gnome-screenshot bindings work again (broken since move to modular)11:47
tilmanif that's because of the stupid bug in xorg-server.................11:47
maroprtscrn and alt+prtscrn11:47
marotilman: it isn't, it's xkbdata which is outdated :)11:48
maroarch moved to xkeyboard-config just after 7.011:48
maroalso things like binding my multimedia keys in gnome now show XF86AudioPlay etc. instead of the keycodes11:49
marousing a logitech ultrax keyboard11:50
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tilmanmaro: thanks13:28
maronp :)13:28
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Hanspn|work, faq14:43
RyoSViper_: are you there?14:43
Hanrehabdoll, be more specific14:43
majorowlany gotchas installing crux onto an md software raid set?14:49
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rehabdolllibtorrent/rtorrent in contrib are still version 0.10.3-1/0.6.3-115:38
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HanThey're at .4 in my repo15:40
Hanpoke cptn15:41
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rx5good evening16:28
rx5today i finished my work on qt4 frontend for ports managment ;)16:30
RedShiftrx5: screenshots16:31
RedShiftthis thread is useless without pics16:31
rx5i know you dont pay attention guys on thats new16:33
RedShifthow's qt4 btw16:33
RedShiftdoes it look good?16:33
rx5ill take screenshots after testing on usabilitie16:34
RedShiftoh man16:34
RedShiftthat'll take time16:34
RedShiftI'll be in bed by then16:34
*** morlenxus has joined #crux16:34
rx5yep, i know it16:35
rx5some features i cannot test, my firewall block some ports16:37
rx5like git and svn16:38
RedShifteuh well open them up then?16:40
* RedShift zzz16:43
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rx5i cant do it without admin permissions on gateway, my admins blocks them :/16:44
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bd2nipuL, I've got rid of getline. I'd appreciate if you'll test it on some bsd.16:56
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steevooers, input hotplugging19:30
thrice`hm ?19:30
steevplanet freedesktop19:31
steevxorg hotplugging should be in 1.319:31
steevno more need to setup input devices in xorg.conf :)19:32
thrice`wow...that's pretty neat19:32
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nipuL:\ how do you update using git19:46
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steevgit pull19:54
nipuLi was just using it wrong20:00
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nipuLman autotools gives me the shsts20:34
bd2on autoreconf stage, or ./configure ?20:36
nipuLone thing, in freebsd it makes you use stdlib.h not malloc.h20:36
bd2nipuL, ugh.. it's in linux too. just used to malloc.h. Will change20:37
nipuLoops forgot to install libarchive20:39
nipuLre: autoreconf20:40
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bd2nipuL, I can upload autoreconfed package, should I?20:41
nipuLnah i got it sorted20:41
nipuLgetting gnu autotools to work properly always takes a bit of fidling20:42
nipuLatleast it generates pmake compatable makefiles20:42
*** thrice` has joined #crux20:43
bd2"make dist" (which is used to make .tar.bz2 archives) will include all autotools generated stuff, thus that problem is only if you're using git20:43
nipuLi know20:43 undefined reference to `archive_read_open_FILE'20:44
nipuLwhat version of libarchive do you use?20:44
nipuLah, 1.2.53 here20:45
bd2yup, "Sep 4, 2006: New memory and FILE read/write wrappers.", Sep 5 is libarchive 1.3 release date20:46
nipuLi'll try futzing the port20:46
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nipuL:\ need some more hackery20:55
nipuLfreebsd inlcude libarchive as part of the complete system20:55
nipuLobviously not 1.3.x20:55
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nipuLwell it compiles when i provide the preferred CFLAGS to configure21:34
bd2nipuL, if you'll want to try it on some test root, I should notice: pass pkg{rm,add,info} -r /path/to/root/  (note the slash, will do some chack later)21:37
nipuLbah, damn bashism21:39
bd2nipuL, I'm going sleep. Hope you'll resolve it...21:40
nipuLyeah i installed bash :)21:41
maronipuL: I don't think 1.3 is needed21:43
maroit only uses pretty basic functions, all of which were also there when I started using/packaging libarchive (early 1.2)21:44
nipuLwell the libarchive included in 6-STABLE isnt new enough, nor is the one in ports-CURRENT so might aswell use 1.321:44
marohow does it fail?21:45 undefined reference to `archive_read_open_FILE'21:46
bd2maro, look into libarchive's NEWS. open_FILE available only since 1.321:47
marowill do21:47
maroshould probably do a configure check for that then :(21:48
marodone and pushed :)21:55
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Romsterfigured out my firefox 2.0 compile problem, i broken my G++ compiler lol, fixed now, i guess i get that from messing with it and other addons :/22:56
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