IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2006-11-03

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pitillohi good morning. Romster did you made any change to the script?01:25
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Romsterpitillo, yes, i should upload it01:33
pitillosure, I will take a look.01:37
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Romsterpitillo, are you syncing my repo? "ports -u romster; prt-get cache; prt-get install safe-build" or get it from here
pitilloRomster, I think I´m not syncing it. Taking a look. Thanks.02:02
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Romsterlet me know what you need out of it and i'll alter it :)02:03
Romstermaking it more generic, so anyone can use it.02:03
pitillonice idea to port it02:05
pitillodid you test the iso enviroment? the sentence to look for the iso I belive it doesn´t work.02:06
Romsterlook in the safe-build.conf :)02:08
Romsteri haven't thought of a proper default path yet02:09
Romster$HOME won't work as its ran as root, unless the iso is stored at the same place for ever computer, which i don't think it would be.02:09
Romsterwell actually only root needs the iso so i'll set it in /var02:10
pitillowell, thats the reason to add the path like an argunment... with /home/*/crux2.2 will not work....02:10
Romsteryeah i'll add a argument too but it can be set in the /etc/safe-build.conf file now02:11
Romsterif you take a look at that02:11
pitilloyes, i see it, replacing the argunment with the var seems to be sufficient02:11
Romstermakign it all command line, i'm not sure on but user settings go in that conf from now on02:12
pitillo2times ... s/argunment/argument...02:12
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pitillowell, adding a redme to explain the little configuration is better than the big command line02:15
pitilloI think is more confortable for the user02:16
pitillos/redme/readme ... sorry my typing this morning :)02:16
Romsterthat'll be in the config file02:16
Romsteron what does what.02:16
Romsterto start with and later a man page02:17
Romsterwhat file is that spelling mistake in?02:17
pitillodon´t understand that... (I´m talking about my typing if you refer to that)02:18
pitilloummmm and about configuration file and Pkgfile, why do you not use /usr/etc/safe-build.conf instead of /etc ...?02:24
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Romsteroh nevermind lol02:29
* Romster got totally confused02:29
Romsterthat "2times ... s/argunment/argument..." made me think i had a spelling error in the program... :/02:32
Romsterhmmz i gotta rebot the pos firewall pc stupid bad page faults yet when i ran memtest it passed fine02:33
pitillothe error is in my fingers... :)02:34
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Romsterdamn firewall page fault02:38
Romsterthat means its got bad memory yet i've tested the ram with memtest and it passed fine02:38
pitilloand what about HD?02:40
pitillo(or it hasn´t...)02:40
Romsteri dunno about the hdd02:40
Romsterit hasn't corupted anything02:40
Romsterdunno what testes i could run on it02:41
Romsterslight update.02:42
Romsteryou may wish to use the svn repo to co it.02:43
Romsterthen when i edit it you can peridocty svn up02:43
pitillowell, I´m not familiar to svn.. yesterday started a bit with sepen... I can try it and learn.02:45
pitillotime to eat something02:54
Romsteri'm still getting the "chroot: cannot run command `/bin/sh': No such file or directory"03:15
Romsterdunno why03:15
Romsterits pissing me off03:15
Romsterpitillo, update03:15
teKRomster: what are you typing in?03:16
Romsterits off the script
Romsterin function start_chroot()03:17
Romsterthe thing is it used towork03:21
Romsternot sure what i've done wrong03:21
Romsterit works for pitillo so it must be something todo with my system03:21
pitilloRomster, do you have any special path to work with svn?03:47
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rx5Hi all!03:48
rx5Heh, now I'm typing with keyboard =)03:49
aoncool, me too03:49
Romsterrx5, what are you on O_o everyone types on a keyboard lol03:54
rx5Hmm ...03:55
rx5Really? =)03:55
rx5Often I'm use for IRC my mobile phone, now my PC03:56
pitilloRomster, I got all tree... I think only build-safe is needed. Sorry for eat your BW. xD03:56
Romsterlolz its off the server not my pc thats ok03:59
Romsterits there to use :)03:59
Romsterfeel free to try other ports out :)04:02
pitillowell, took a view before eating something. I will take a look again and read Pkgfiles if find something interesting.04:03
rx5Do you know, guys, how I can create look and feel with Xorg 6.8 or 6.9 like Xorg 7.1 plus compiz?04:09
rx5I cannot find information about it in the Inet04:10
rx5I had tryed for window transparency and fading xcompmgr, but I found it slow and sometimes ugly, maybe sucks04:11
rx5with my radeon 960004:12
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pitilloumm is a good idea to use CRUX-live to use like restore distro? Where can I find it? Looking at jaeger´s site and but didn´t find it. Any other interesting distro?05:04
treachI'd say it's better to use a distro created for this special purpose.05:06
pitillotreach, any suggestion? (I´m interesting in take a look to CRUX-livecd too)05:07
treachsomeone, (teK?) recommended some interesting stuff a while back.. I don't remember the name though. :-(05:07
pitillotreach, ummm thanks. Taking a look to irc-logs then. :)05:07
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treachpitillo: I think it was this one
pitillotreach, taking a look... reading at irc-logs last month but didn´t find nothing... Reading.05:15
treachI said it was a while back.. I've no idea how far back it was. :-)05:15
pitillotreach, I read that conversation too (thought about one month before, but not sure) Seems to be that. Thanks. :)05:17
treachno problem, hope it works out.05:17
pitillolaptop´s HD died in write mode (hp nx8220)... I hope I can get user´s data not backup.05:21
Romstertsk tsk its bad not to backup data05:27
pitilloit´s bad to save data outside  sync dir :D Making backups all days finished in y :D take note of that xD05:29
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pitillolastest 2.2 iso at jaeger´s site is the livecd?05:51
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ulughbeghhow do i compile kernel for 32bit under amd64 system,07:44
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ulughbeghhey aon, how are you?07:56
ulughbeghhave you seen vektori recently?07:56
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jaakkopulughbegh: you need to use 32bit compiling tools.07:58
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ulughbeghthanks, i ll take care this problem later07:59
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ulughbeghse ya08:08
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aonulughbegh: it's been quite some time08:10
treachhush, don't encourage him.08:11
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aonheh, ircatwork08:18
aongood luck on even getting to a page named like that from behind certain proxies :)08:18
jaegerwell, aiglx on my radeon m9000 is a bit odd08:20
jaegerit performs well enough but the window manager cuts off part of the screen08:21
treachstrange - I'm using it as well, on the same chip without any such effects.08:23
jaegeras in the screenshot, windows can be placed over the black area without trouble08:25
thrice`jaeger, I couldn't get it for the life of me08:25
jaegerbut nothing of the gnome panel or desktop shows08:25
thrice`i would try killall metacity && beryl --replace08:26
thrice`and it would try to load xgl, and then aiglx, and hardlock X08:26
jaegermine hardlocked the first time I ran beryl08:26
jaegerno idea why08:26
jaegertreach: for comparison: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon R250 [Mobility FireGL 9000] (rev 01)08:26
thrice`jaeger, that's using the OSS driver ?08:27
treachah. mobility.08:27
jaegerthrice`: yes08:27
thrice`damn...I wonder what I did wrong :(08:27
treach02:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon RV250 If [Radeon 9000] (rev 01)08:27
jaegerit's quite smooth, performance-wise... just not rendering something correctly08:27
jaegertreach: hrmm, pretty close08:27
thrice`jaeger, will you be chance adding that to your README or a wiki page?08:28
jaegernot likely. that's not a crux box08:28
thrice`I was thinking it was something to do with AIGLX on crux's xorg08:28
jaegerah ha! If I run in 16 bpp the problem goes away08:33
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thrice`jaeger, so nothing more than installing beryl, adding a few lines to xorg.conf ?  no patching of xorg server or anything eh ?08:35
jaegernothing extra I had to do08:38
Romsterjaeger, your aware of my safe-build chroot script? i tested the crux-2.2.iso cd works fine try it with a running system and no it fails to chroot08:41
jaegerI'm aware of the script, not really aware of its actual intent08:41
Romsterpitillo, you still about can you confirm this?08:41
Romsternot long ago using the current crux repo worked so something recent has broken chroot most likely.08:42
Romstersee if ya chroot command actually works08:42
Romsteroff a upto date crux system.08:43
Romstereither i got a problem or something is not right08:43
Romsternot over sure on my scripts pourpose as it can be done manually, i'm automating building ports and will rebuild al my ports apon updates, etc.08:44
Romsternot very scrure yet i gotta drop root and remove chroot, mount etc to make it more secure.08:45
Romsteri'm gonna mess with the chroot and see if i can reproduce that error i get wich was repeatable on the current running system.08:46
Romsterbest part about the chroot is that i can compile ports with only needed ports and not all the bloat. nor miss a port that it requires, hopefully08:50
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pitilloRomster, I'm here, but only a few minutes before I go.09:21
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j^2hey all09:22
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treachanother Zzzzzzzzzzzzz weekend coming up? :P09:24
copworkwinter has come so brrbrrbrr is more likely09:29
j^2it's a wow weekend for me ;)09:30
Romstercan anyone confirm chroot is broken on a upto date crux 2.2 system?09:30
j^2<-- nerd09:30
Romsterpitillo, hmm chat to you later then09:30
treachcopwork: hibernating over the weekend maybe. :P09:30
Romsterj^2, hehe09:30
Romsteri got this weekend off so no work, i'll visit my mum and probbly work on some speaker bins more on sunday or my pc or some electrical gear09:31
treachdude, you don't need more glue, get some fresh air instead ;-)09:32
copworkhehe, trying to09:33
copworkfirst need snow tires09:33
treachyuck, don't remind me..09:34
pitillostarting my weekend. Romster sunday I'll be here again... and chroot broken? Can not confirm it, but think may be is something of your system not chroot. (only a opinion).09:34
pitillogood weekend for all|@~#|~@09:34
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treachpitillo, half man, half hedgehog.09:35
j^2anyone _actually_ know how to use sendmail?09:36
j^2i'm getting an odd error09:37
j^2it says it's looping back to itself09:37
j^2trying to do a local delivery09:37
treachwhy on earth use sendmail for that?09:38
majorowlwhy on earth use sendmail period?  :)09:39
j^2i just need to send email with it09:40
treachwell, there are cases where it's handy.09:40
j^2from nagios09:40
treachbut that's not for local delivery.09:40
j^2but i try to send to my imagemicro.com09:40
j^2and it thinks it's itself09:40
j^2one sec09:40
deus_exIs ftp server under some heavy load, or is it my isp acting out again?09:41
j^2553 5.3.5 config error: mail loops back to me (MX problem?)09:41
j^2554 5.3.5 Local configuration error09:41
tilmanmajorowl: heh09:41
tilmandeus_ex: use a mirror! ;)09:41
deus_extilman: Firefox port from opt uses master server or mirror?09:42
tilmani think you can figure that out yourself :P09:42
deus_exI'll deal with that a bit later :)09:43
tilmanbbl, fucking up my car09:43
deus_extilman: Have fun.09:43
Romstertreach, haha09:44
Romsterdeus_ex, prt-get cat firefox09:45
copworkprt-get install newtires09:47
* copwork waits09:47
Romsterwish it was that simple :P09:49
deus_exRomster: I know *that*.I'll google for mirrors later.09:49
treachmount -t wintertires /dev/car09:49
* Romster makes a port 'newtires' to echo 'go buy them' :P09:49
Romsterwhat the current mirror dosn't work for you?09:49
deus_exNope, keeps reseting.09:50
deus_exIt might be my isp, though.09:50
majorowlI started a build of firefox this morning and it pulled the source down just fine from whatever the default source is09:50
deus_exmajorowl: Good for you ;)09:52
majorowlheh, sorry, wasn't trying to give you a :-P thpppt09:52
majorowlwho's your isp?09:52
majorowlyou're in yugoslavia?09:53
majorowlwell, right  :)09:53
majorowlI used to live in Belgrade many moons ago09:53
treachputty. there, I think I fixed their name..09:54
deus_exmajorowl: Did you like it?09:54
deus_exI'm about 40km away from Belgrade, down the Danube.09:55
majorowlyeah, for the most part.09:55
majorowlwas there from 89 to 9109:55
deus_exIf it's not clasified :) ?09:56
majorowlheh heh09:56
deus_exWhat did you do ?09:56
majorowli was just a teenager.  my parents were with the us embassy09:56
deus_exYou missed mile long queues few years after that(in front of us embassy).09:58
deus_exWhen shit hit the fan.09:58
deus_ex'Interesting' times :)09:59
majorowlyeah... I remember lots of student protests, tanks in the streets and stuff09:59
* deus_ex remembers being chased by police trying to beat him into pulp10:01
majorowlbut we left the summer just as Croatia and Slovenia declared independence10:01
deus_exJust in time.10:01
deus_exI just might d/l firefox source ( it works, for now).10:02
* deus_ex goes back to reading Girls10:05
deus_exAwesome comic book :)10:05
copworkfor boys10:14
*** jdolan_ has joined #crux10:15
deus_excopwork: Nah, girls read it too, afaik :)10:17
copworknever heard of it, but it sounds nasty10:17
deus_excopwork: Does this look nasty?
* tilman feels slightly awesome10:29
tilmanthough i just ripped out the battery ;)10:30
tilmanwas afraid i had to  remove more parts to get to it, but thanks to high-tech tools, i managed to go without that10:30
deus_exhigh-tech tools = hammers (various sizes/masses) ?10:31
copworkdeus, no that looks like your everyday vampirezombie10:32
tilmani don't know the name of the tool10:32
tilmansimilar to a wrench10:33
treachsledgehammer, fixes anything made in russia ;-)10:33
tilmanbut you place it on top of the screw10:33
copworka nut10:33
deus_excopwork: There is more than that in comic :) Check it out, you might like it.10:34
copworki never got used to manga/comic browser10:34
tilmani wouldn't call a nut a tool i don't think10:34
copworkits called a nut you put on this one-way wrench10:34
tilmani dunno10:35
copworknuts are everywhere: trees, trousers, repair boxes, cereals10:36
treachsounds like a box spanner or something.10:37
tilman"spanner" sounds right10:37
deus_extreach: Tricks of the trade : oil and sledgehammer :).10:37
tilmani'm thinking of the one that makes somewhat funny noises10:37
* deus_ex makes spare parts for trains for living10:37
tilmanthough the german translation for 'box spanner' doesn't mean anything to me o_O10:37
treachtilman: amusingly the interchangeable interfaces you use with a box spanner is called "bits" :-)10:37
treachat least around here.10:38
tilmantreach: yeah, these thingies for screwdrivers are called 'bits' too. makes my smile a bit everytime ;)10:38
treacha bad bit can throw a spanner in the work in any case. ;-)10:40
tilmani'm gonna find out what the proper name is tonight or tomorrow10:40
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Romsterarg symlinks don11:18
Romsterdon't work inside a chroot from a outside the chroot source if set before chrooting11:19
Romsterdunno about hardlinking11:19
Romsterguess its back to copy again11:19
jaegercan't reset the symlinks?11:20
jaegeror did you intentionally make them outside the chroot?11:23
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treach  .oO11:38
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Romsteri made the symlinks outside the chroot to point into the chroot dir.12:05
*** spn|work has quit IRC12:06
Romsterbut after the chroot they seem to reference themself12:06
treachdid you try with hard links instead?12:07
Romsternope not yet12:08
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Romsterhmm hardlinks may work.12:13
*** steini has left #crux12:19 wonder net sucks these days, isp put me behind a proxy without telling. Cheap bastards...12:28
RyoSomg ^^12:28
deus_exRyoS: ?12:29
RyoSthey put you behind a proxy? this sucks12:32
*** j^2 has joined #crux12:32
deus_exI know why, though.12:32
deus_exToo many win0ws infested machines got public ip adresses, mix that with 24/7 online...disaster.12:33
Romsterdeus_ex, damn12:34
Romsterwhy should a proxy make the net suck unless there limiting bandwidth?12:34
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deus_exRomster: If all users go thru one public ip adress, would that explain my higher than average lag / occasional disconection?12:46
deus_exIf server can't handle the load ? my bandwith is the same (64k), but ping times are all over the place.12:49
deus_exfrom 100ms to 100% packet loss in 5 minutes12:50
rehabdoll64k? poor bastard12:51
Romsterdeus_ex, eck that sort12:53
deus_exrehabdoll: I was using modem few months back , so this is actually an improvement :)12:53
* Romster has 512/128 and i could use faster12:53
deus_exregular modem, 56k (yeah, right)12:53
deus_exRomster: How much is it per month?12:54
tilmandeus_ex: is that ISDN?12:55
deus_exNo, cable.12:55
rehabdoll10/10mbit for ~32euro/month12:55
Romster$50 unlimited, it would be $70 a month but i got a bundle with std with them too12:55
Romsterwhat sucks is if i goto 1500/256 i get a 40GB cap and then its 64k speed limited12:56
Romsteri'd suck 40GB easy at 150012:56
Romsteri do that on my current connection now12:56
Romsterrehabdoll, i so would love that12:57
Romsternet here sucks12:57
tilmandeus_ex: heh, limiting cable to 64k seems funny12:57
rehabdollno static ip though :(12:57
deus_exrehabdoll: I hate you :)12:57
deus_extilman: To be honest, I must not complain. This is test period, so its free, but it is annoying nevertheless :)12:59
deus_exWhen test period is over, and I actually pay for it, then I would have a right to bust their heads ;)13:00
deus_exI got a flyer from local monopo^Wtelecom today. How does 25 e/month for 512/128 flat sound ( adsl )?13:03
deus_exrehabdoll: btw, with 10/10mbit, I wouldn't care less for static ip ;)13:05
rehabdolltrue, but its a pain hosting domains with a static ip :)13:05
deus_exrehabdoll: Ok, I had no idea that you do that. I see your point.13:07
jjpkdeus_ex: same thing here with the monopoly. They raised the prices 512/512 costs ~27 eur now.13:07
jjpkRubbish :p13:07
*** wantez- has joined #crux13:09
deus_exjjpk: That would be 768/192 here.13:09
deus_exNo dsl here, yet.'why would you want same upload/download speed? '13:13
deus_exDamn, with almost 50 percent of population with 'I-dont-want-the-internet-it-makes-Jesus-cry-kills-kittens-worships-satan' attitude, its13:15
deus_exno wonder...13:15
jjpkdeus_ex: lol :D13:19
deus_exSorry for the noise/rant, I'm a bit drunk :)13:21
teK.yu Oo13:21
teKgott look it up13:22
deus_exI had to drown rabbit stew in some red vine.13:22
aons/v/w/, right? :)13:22
deus_exteK: Look what up?13:22
aonmy 8/1M is 46.90e iirc13:22
teKah, Jugoslavia13:22
deus_exaon: Right :)13:22
deus_exaon: 8/1M? Let me guess, you're Scandinavian?13:24
deus_exNokialand, I presume :)13:25
*** wantez has quit IRC13:27
aonor i don't think we're actually scandinavia :)13:27
deus_exAre all Finns drunken hockey players, or is it just another...what its callled....stereotype  :) ?13:30
deus_exff is taking a while to copmile13:33
aoni don't know about the hockey player part :)13:33
deus_exaon: what's your poison?13:33
deus_exfavourite drink :)13:34
*** koefz has quit IRC13:34
aonplain vodka is quite nice :)13:35
aonand some whiskeys13:35
*** koefz has joined #crux13:35
deus_exI might send you some rakija as xmas present, you'll forget about vodka. :)13:37
deus_exrakija = serbian milk for adults13:37
deus_exHomemade, of course, not that industrial stuff.13:39
aonyou got a still?13:41
deus_exYup. My father, actually, but I do help with it.13:42
deus_exWe have an ongoing competition who makes better one.You can imagine how *that* looks like.13:43
j^2 -- any of yall have a gf/wife send it to her, she'll love you ;13:44
aoni wonder if mine's broken, it doesn't glow:
*** maro has quit IRC13:49
sepenhi! boys, Im writting a portdb command line util (svn co svn:// .)13:49
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adgood evening14:13
*** ad has quit IRC14:15
jjpkIs it just me, or are there a lot of these undecided "cyclers" around.14:16
aon(what a nice answer when there's 2 alternatives :))14:17
jjpkWhatever :)14:19
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jjpkCuriosity killed the cat.15:02
*** the-ruediger has joined #crux15:05
jjpkI find it interesting to what some people fall for at times. ;)15:06
seekwillThey have to learn sometime.15:07
jaegerexperiece is one of the best deterrents15:08
jjpkSome seem to only experience life by living on the edge. :p15:08
jjpkRoll the dice, see what you get.15:10
jjpkThey've been forging the concept of "the greater the risk, the greater the outcome", but it does not work without knowing what you are doing.15:11
jjpkHope they would have a bit of luck on their side if they believe in that doctrine ;)15:13
aonprobably a fake quote anyway :)15:14
aoni mean why would it stop your client15:15
aoni once accidentally removed the hard drive from a solaris machine and bitchx didn't stop running15:15
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j^2lame question...16:03
j^2how do open a port?16:03
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux16:03
teKwhat for? ;)16:03
treachsudo prt-get edit ...?16:03
teKwhat kind of port.16:04
jjpkWhat do you mean by 'port' ;)16:04
j^2no no sorry, port on inet16:04
j^2so nmap something16:04
j^2and open port 8016:04
j^2with forwarding16:04
teKmaybe yoou want to hav a look at socat.16:05
teKhava a look.16:05
treachsounds like a case of rtfm for iptables to me.16:06
j^2i'm trying to get iptables to foward port 80 to an interal machine, but if i nmap the machine it comes out as 8080 and 2216:06
j^2treach, tried that still nothing16:06
j^2the nat worked before but not now16:06
j^2i'm so confused16:07
treachthat's a change, at least16:08
treachfrom being sooo hung over. :>16:08
j^2trust me after today at work, i'm gonna be tomorrow ;)16:08
j^2teK, that is totally greek to me... :(16:10
j^2thanks though16:10
teKyour welcome16:10
treachj^2: any howto on the topic of port forwarding should help..16:11
teKnot today/night, i guess16:12
j^2yeah i tried that, hell i got jaeger to look at my scripts too...16:12
j^2everything is set up correctly16:12
j^2it's just not forwarding16:12
treachaaahh, gremlins.16:12
* treach hands j^2 a kitchen knife16:12
teKj^2: sleep a night over this16:13
j^2cant, need it done last week16:13
j^2i'm not leaving work/logging till i've got this running16:13
*** cowpork has joined #crux16:13
j^2yeah i'm so lost16:15
*** copworker has quit IRC16:15
j^2        # port 80 (http)16:16
j^2        /usr/sbin/iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -p tcp -i $EXT -d $EXTIP --dport 80 -j DNAT --to $WEBSERVER:8016:16
j^2        /usr/sbin/iptables -A FORWARD -p tcp -i $EXT -d $WEBSERVER --dport 80 -j ACCEPT16:16
j^2simple eh?16:16
j^2the chain has it oo16:16
j^2but doesnt fucking work16:16
teKtried logging?16:16
seekwillI use narc for firewall stuff. Pretty easy to use.16:16
teKi.e. is the rule triggered on an incoming Package?16:17
treachor do you have some rule higher up that drops the packets..?16:17
j^2i think it does, the prerouting takes care of that right?16:17
j^2one sec i'll pastebin it16:17
teKI won't be great help concerning this issue, though..16:18
*** copworker has joined #crux16:21
*** cowpork has quit IRC16:21
teK dunno if this helps..16:21
*** copworker has quit IRC16:23
*** copwork has joined #crux16:25
treachj^2: iis, eww. :P16:30
j^2how'd you know that?16:30
treachI tried to connect to the external ip listed in pastebin.16:30
j^2and it kicks you to a iis machine{!{!16:31
j^2i works!16:31
treachU R pwnd.. :P16:31
j^2tek can you confirm that for me?16:31
teKsure. mom.16:31
*** aon has joined #crux16:32
teKmom.(ent) [!]16:32
j^2thank you dear :P16:32
treachj^2: he's german.. mom, short for "Moment mal", one moment.16:32
teKnobody's perfect, ey?16:32
treachnever said it's anything wrong with it. :-)16:33
teKIIS 6.016:34
teKholy... :p16:34
teKaccording to nmap.16:34
teKcongrats :-)16:34
treachok. iis managed by j^2. any bets? :P16:34
treachj^2: btw, your firewall seems a bit too permissive, but I assum you're going to adress that once you've got the rest sorted out.16:36
teKaccording to his script?16:36
treachI didn't portscan him..16:36
teKi definitely should (finally) have *some* looks at those iptables-things16:37
teKwell it responds to 139/tcp :16:37
treachyeah. that's bad.16:37
teKbut he uses lighttpd16:37
teKyeah. that's good.16:37
teKthis reminds me of a scene from the Simpson's16:38
treachstill. if you don't need to have it open, you close it.16:38
j^2treach, yah i'm going to, but i've trying to get the fraking thing to wark16:38
treach"o". It's on the other side of the keyboard.16:39
j^2any advice on how to "close" somethings up16:39
j^2i type dvorak16:39
treachj^2: essentially the rule is to drop anything you don't specifically accept..16:39
treachnobody told you about this?16:39
teKtreach: /216:39
j^2so seriously ya'll could get to the iis construction page?16:40
j^2i wonder why i cant see it then16:40
treach"The url contained a malformed video id." ?16:41
treach"The video you have requested is not available." :D16:43
*** copwork has quit IRC16:44
teKhaving no mouse3 to paste simply sucks.16:45
treachindeed. :)16:46
treach"emulate third mousebutton" isn't really that great..16:47
teKit's simply a laptop16:48
teKto lazy to plugin the mouse..16:48
treachok.. I'm soo happy I'm a thinkpad owner. :)16:48
treach(3 buttons)16:48
teKi like my Compaq Evo N600c16:49
teKthinkpads are ok as far as i know16:49
treachit's very compatible, and three buttons "mice" built in isn't half bad.16:50
*** copwork has joined #crux16:51
* treach awaits the wailing indicating j^2 has locked himself out of his firewall. :p16:55
teKthis is so much fun16:56
teKlocking yourself out16:57
teKespecially if the portfiltering-box is located just ANYWEHRE not accessible by anybody16:57
j^2hahah thanks treach ;)16:58
j^2i'm not going to do any of the drop till later ;)16:59
j^2i have to reorganize my server room anyway16:59
treachyou're welcome. It's happened to everyone at least once, I'm sure.16:59
treachj^2: you're aware that you've just pretty much announced to the world that you're pretty wide open?17:01
*** jaeger has joined #crux17:01
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j^2i just dont know how to fix it17:01
*** copworker has joined #crux17:13
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_mavrick61Dose Crux server works ok now?20:51
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