IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2006-11-04

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Romstermessing with my script and i tested out xorg and found mesa3d can't find some header files as there been moved.01:27
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Romsteryou on tilman?05:35
Romstergot a fix for a port05:35
tilmana real fix or a fuckup-and-break-this-port-for-romster-weirdness patch?05:36
Romstererr another error grr, lets see what this one is now05:36
tilmancare to elaborate?05:37
Romsteryou got it still as X11R6 or 7 forgot now on mesa3d05:37
Romsterrunning it all in my safe-root script05:37
Romsterprt-get depinst xorg --install-scripts05:37
Romsteri had to add05:38
Romstersed -i -e 's|-I/usr/X11R6/include|-I/usr/include/xorg/|g' configs/linux-dri-x8605:38
Romsterto mesa3d but there is yet another error i just got now05:38
tilmanto fix what error?05:38
Romstermesa3d from compiling05:38
Romsterstill missing a shitload of header files hmmz05:39
tilmanjesus motherfucker!05:39
tilmancan you give me a detailed error report JUST ONCE?05:39
Romsterdo i have to pastebin the friggen lot?05:40
Romsterbah i'll have to redo then.05:41
tilmanyou _are_ using xorg/mesa3d (or x11r7/mesa3d) and _not_ opt/mesa3d, right?05:41
Romsterof course05:42
Romstermy xorg is fine but in my chroot it fails.05:42
Romsterfrom a fresh install05:42
Romstergot messy hacks for paths.05:43
tilmani won't say a thing until i saw the complete error message w/ details05:43
tilmanfyi, all the stuff in /usr/include/xorg is from xorg-server05:45
tilmanxorg-server depends on mesa05:45
tilmanso it seems pretty bleeping stupid to tell mesa to include xorg-server include paths05:46
Romsterit didn't work b4 i touched it so something is off but i'm not sure what yet, i'll get back to you or i'll pastebin the thing if i can find it05:46
Romsteri'm still learning sorry but there is a problem for freash installs05:48
tilmani'll take this seriously, if you can proove the bug05:49
Romsterworking on that :)05:50
treachthe word for the day would probably be "coherence".05:52
* Romster swats treach 05:53
jjpktreach: zomg, you don't say! ;)05:53
Romsterwould help if mesa3d had a decent Makefile05:54
treachRomster: It's not my fault you at times seem utterly incapable of being coherent.05:55
tilmano rly?05:55
tilmanyou know who did quite some work on that recently?05:55
tilmanyou know how much worse it was before?05:55
tilman+ it's not really bad atm05:55
Romstertilman, yeah i know it could be worse..05:55
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treachHan: easytag, --mandir=/usr/man06:24
Romstertilman, got sick of messing with this is a origional build in a chroot with most recent core
Romsterno missing dependencys as far as whats listed from deptree06:38
Romsteri'm going to bed been up over 24 hours i can't function well now, need sleep06:39
tilman"sucks to be you"06:39
tilmancause i fixed that bug last night06:39
tilmanand you are NOT using the "xorg" repo but the "X11r7" one06:40
tilmanwhich has the bug06:40
Romsterah wtf06:40
RyoSnn Romster06:40
tilmanit also has NOTHING to do with /usr/include/xorg06:40
RyoShey, anyone saw Viper_ around?06:40
Romsterisn't anyone using x11r7?06:40
RyoSi really want my repo to be enabled...06:40
Romsterffs i've spent a few hours looking at that grrr06:41
jjpkI emphasize that you take a look at the crux ML. Might surprise you.06:42
RyoSjjpk: who?06:42
Romsteri look at it earler06:42
Romstermeh i jsut too tired i guess io'll look when i wake up, nite all06:43
tilmanstop working on shit when you're sleep deprived06:44
RyoStilman: you've seen Viper_ around? <.<06:45
RyoSor could you maybe enable my repo.. please06:45
tilmani can't06:47
tilmanmaybe i should take the x11r7 repo offline06:48
tilmanso people WILL realize something's up06:48
RyoSbetter that when people mess up ^^06:48
treachindeed.. and await the avalanche of questions about where x11r7 went. :p06:48
RyoSdont take it offline, update x11r7/xorg port to print 100x UPDATE TO MY NEW XORG REPO! and remove all other ports :P06:49
jjpktilman: just remove it.06:50
jjpkMost people don't seem to get anything unless you snatch it from under their eyes.06:50
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tilmani put a README there06:52
treachmost peopel don't get *anything*, util after it has bitten them in the ass and someone explained to them what happened.06:52
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treachmeh, the Romster virus strikes again.06:53
jjpktilman: now brace yourself for the mandatory few who will part/join asking about the repo :D06:54
tilmanif anyone fails to read README06:54
tilmanor fails to visit the URL i put there06:54
tilmanthey can kiss my shiny metal ass06:54
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jdolandoes most recent udev still allow (or provide) /dev/hd*?08:31
treachwhy shouldn't it?08:32
jdolani've had several machines refuse to boot after updating udev from 083 or so, but i think my problem was not rejmerging inittab.08:32
jdolani just want to make sure.08:32
treachwell, they are here.08:33
jdolani win08:33
treachHaven't heard anything about them going anywhere either.08:33
treachbut it's set to root:root rather than root:disk.. hm..08:34
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treachAm I the only one where that's true?08:37
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tilmanroot:disk here08:42
kieselsteiniis aon here?08:44
kieselsteiniCRUX has still a Wine 0.93 but there's already 0.9408:44
rehabdolllibata "removes" /dev/hd*08:45
rehabdollits all sd* in the future :)08:45
treachhm.. strange, it's root:disk on /dev/sdX but /dev/hda is root:root08:46
deus_exIs this version b0rken somehow, so 096 is still current in core?08:50
majorowli'm having the damnedest time getting ffmpeg to build08:52
jdolanknow what else is strange?  i can't login as root to the box anymore.08:52
jdolani can login as my user and sudo or even su.08:52
majorowlit's claiming --enable-theora isn't a valid configure option.08:52
jdolanbut root can not login.  says login incorrect every time.08:52
majorowlhrmm...  configure --help doesn't list enable theora ... weird, would they pull support for that?08:53
jdolanhave i been pwned? :008:53
majorowljdolan, what does /var/log/auth say?08:55
jdolanILLEGAL LOGIN for root08:58
treachusing gdm?08:59
jdolanwow, a lot of dicklickers try to ssh into my box.09:00
jdolanit's not often that i login as root, anyway.. but the fact that i can't now makes me curious/concerned that someone else /did/.09:01
jjpkDisable root logins and change the port number.09:01
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treachbetter yet.. disable ssh from all unknown places, if you can.09:02
treachiptables ftw. :-)09:03
jdolangood ideas.09:05
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majorowlor allow only key-based auth09:11
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jdolanmajorowl, i like that idea.09:20
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aoneh, what?10:00
aonanybody else think they have 0.9.23 of wine?10:00
rehabdollwine 0.9.24-110:01
aon$ cat /usr/ports/opt/wine/Pkgfile |grep version=10:02
rehabdolljdolan: just dont do what a friend of mine did: use passwordless keys and store it on your usb-stick10:03
rehabdolland then go lose it..10:03
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majorowlrehabdoll, backups backups backups!  ;-)10:04
rehabdollhe could get in alright, but so could the person that found his usb-stick10:05
tilmanpasswordless keys10:06
majorowlwell, providing they had his passphrase...10:06
majorowlah right, or if the key was passphraseless10:06
tilmanokay, because it's saturday, i'll give you guys a general hint10:07
tilmando NOT seal up a black window (frame) with white silicone10:08
tilmanit will look like ass10:08
aoni think you've done something wrong if your ass looks like that10:08
tilmannow that's a response i would have expected from treach :D10:08
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jjpkLogistics ftw.10:23
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jjpkOnly in America.11:19
jjpkPut this in front of a jury, linksys goes bankrupt.11:21
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Hantreach, I didn't change anything, but all of the sudden all manpages go to /usr/share/man...12:44
HanSomething else changed... But what?12:45
tilmaneverytime han's an idiot i sooo want to rub it in his face12:47
tilmani should hack his box and reconfigure his irc client12:47
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Hantreach, configure:mandir='${prefix}/man'13:22
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Hanand after running autoconf configure:mandir='${datarootdir}/man'13:42
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treachHan: I just got hit with a cluebat, which shook this loose.14:09
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* tilman grins14:11
HanSigh... Now what do they want? /usr/share/man or /usr/man?14:13
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treachapparently FHS says /usr/share/man, crux guide lines says /usr/man afaik.14:14
HanOpenBSD uses /usr/share/man and /usr/local/man14:15
HanAnyway, I used --mandir=/usr/man for now.14:17
HanI bet I'll get more complaints14:18
jjpkCan't please everyone.14:18
treachjjpk: for the record, I didn't complain. I just sent a notification - even including the fix. I doubt anyone could call that a sign of being displeased.14:21
jjpkHehe. That was just a general comment. Unices realy are schizophrenic with these things :p14:22
treachHan: I doubt "nohup.out" does belong there. ;-)14:27
tilmanjjpk: in this case it's easy anyway15:04
tilmanjust slap them big the hardcopy of the crux manual/port guidelines15:05
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jdolansshd: error: openpty: No such file or directory18:32
jdolandub tee eff?  freshly built openssh, rejmerge'd the config files.18:33
jaegerCONFIG_UNIX98_PTYS missing?18:34
jdolanprobably :)18:34
maroor /dev/pts not mounted18:34
maro(could make sense because of the error)18:35
jdolanah, yea it's set.  i bet it's not mounted.18:35
* jdolan scurries over to other keyboard on floor again.18:35
jdolan"hey lemme just ssh in and see.. oh, right."18:35
jdolanmount point /dev/pts does not exist18:36
marojdolan: I believe it's commented in the default fstab18:36
jdolan(i actually get all sorts of fun errors when udev starts, files already exist etc)18:36
marowhat version of udev is that?18:37
jdolan096, just built and installed it on this box today.18:37
jdolanit's a sysup from crux-2.1 with a hold-over 2.6.11 kernel.18:37
maropretty much all versions should mount /dev as a tmpfs18:37
jdolanso, now it's 2.6.18 with udev.18:37
marocheck /sbin/start_udev with your editor :)18:38
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jdolani have a hunch that i needed to "clean" /dev somehow.18:38
marojdolan: easy18:38
marojdolan: mount --bind / /mnt && rm -rf /mnt/dev/* && pkgadd -r /mnt/ -u /path/to/filesystem#2.2.pkg.tar.gz18:39
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maroidiot xchat thinks ^W should close windows18:40
marojdolan: in you want it safer, you could also chroot into /mnt and use pkgcruft18:41
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jdolani should probably wait until this massive rsync backup is complete, huh? :)18:42
root__Hi .. anyone around?18:42
jdolanbad root__ !!!18:42
jdolani've updated several boxes from devfs to udev, i don't recall the steps tho.18:43
maronaughty superuser18:43
marojdolan: me neither :)18:43
maroIIRC the only magic was to edit the rc scripts, no longer necessary18:44
maroyou did reboot, right?18:44
root__Anyone know how I can set my rc.conf to see my hardware clock ad UTC?  In other words, if I set my TIMEZONE to US/Pacific will my install treat the CMOS clock as Local or UTC?  Thanks18:44
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jaegerchange the hwclock invocation in /etc/rc to include --utc or -u, perhaps18:46
root__ahh ... thanks.  Is there any real advantage to swetting the CMOS to local vs UTC?18:46
jaegernothing really tangible, I'd say18:47
root__ok ... thanks18:47
jdolanmaro, i did reboot, yes.18:51
jdolanmy package db looks correct, too.18:52
jdolan /dev is owned by udev, and /dev/console and one other entry owned by filesystem.18:52
jdolanso i'm not sure what else is munged up.18:52
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jdolanhorray!  xqf finally fixed the gtk2 bug i reported months ago.  i no longer need to bundle 2MB of .png's to make the port work.19:05
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jdolan(have to wait for server to be functional before i publish the updates)19:13
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jdolanwtf, i did that fix, maro.19:35
jdolanon booting, the machine complains about unable to create dev entries and mount my other partitions, readonly filesystem etc..19:36
jdolanlost the msgs, have to reboot.19:36
jdolanbut then after init comes up i can mount -a as root and be pretty much functional.19:37
jdolanbad superblock on udev or something o_O19:38
treachall good things are three...?19:39
jdolaninit starts...19:40
jdolanThe system is coming up.  Please wait.19:40
jdolanmount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on udev,19:40
jdolanmissing codepage or other error19:40
jdolanIn some cases useful info is found in syslog - try dmesg | tail19:40
jdolanthen /bin/cp: cannot create special file 'dev/console': file exists19:41
jdolan /bin/cp: cannot create symbolic link '/dev/core': read-only file system19:42
jdolanetc etc..19:42
* deus_ex is having fun looking for reliable open proxies19:43
* treach has even more fun trying to fix up all neglected mp3-tags in his collection. :-/19:43
* jdolan slaps forehead19:45
jdolani don't have tempfs support.19:45
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deus_extreach: easytag.19:45
treachI know. :-)19:45
treachstill ain't all that fun.19:46
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jdolani don't believe in id3 tags.19:46
jdolani have a very meticulous naming scheme.19:46
treachI'd like to get rid of the filesystem all together for this..19:47
treachsearching directly among the files when you have thousands, or tens of thousands isn't really feasible.19:47
treachanal. :p19:48
jdolanno thanks.19:48
Hantreach, and yet you use easytag.19:49
Hantreach, select the mp3's from one cd in the right order and then search cddb-entry (misc) and poof.19:51
treach...that's provided that the stuff is in CDDB..19:51
treachanyhow. "Work Complete." Good night.19:54
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deus_exGood night, treach.19:55
deus_exAre there open proxies on Mars? That would certainly help :)19:56
deus_ex( lower lag, too )19:57
Hanpretty odd if it ain't19:58
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