IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2006-11-05

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Romsterhmm how do i return the version number only for gcc? this dosn't work "gcc -v | sed 's/\gcc version \(.*\) (CRUX)/\1/'"01:27
rxiuse cut or awk?01:30
Hanset /usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/*; echo ${1##*/}01:31
jaegergcc -v 2>&1| grep version | sed 's/gcc version \(.*\) (CRUX)/\1/'01:31
jaegerplenty of ways01:31
* Han pokes Romster 01:31
Hanky :-)01:32
Romsterchoices :)01:32
Romsterah ya have to use redirect, i'll use jaeger's as i prefer to use the gcc -v command incase there is more than one gcc version installed :)01:34
Romsterthis is interesting...01:42
Romster=======> ERROR: Downloading '' failed.01:42
Romsterand yet -- Packages installed lists mesa3d.01:42
Romsteri'd say its because it still installed some of the files as it lists more than 1 source file to download, but that could become a problem to hunt down later on01:43
Romsterand its 6.5.1 not 6.5, wtf..01:46
Romsternvm, thats just stupid01:47
* Romster ingores that01:48
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Romsterah now i get it xorg-server uses MesaLib-6.5.tar.bz2 and not MesaLib-6.5.1.tar.bz2, strange02:29
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RomsterHan, openal is missing a dependency: subversion03:37
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maroRomster: eh?03:41
Romsterport openal is missing a dependency03:41
Romstersorry should of stated it was a port03:42
Romsteri'm testing out my ports in a chroot jail with my safe-build script03:42
Romstermaro, what part of that do you not understand?03:42
Romsterit was directed to han too btw.03:43
marothat openal depends on subversion03:43
Romsterso i can sue a clean system to test and find missing deps etc03:43
Romsterits in my repo if you wanna use it maro  :)03:43
maroI suggested such a build script on the crux or crux-devel list some time ago03:43
marocan I see it?03:43
Romsterah yeah becase han is using svn co in openal03:44
marothat explains it :)03:44
Romstersure search safe-build in the crux database03:44
maronetwork access in build() is pretty dumb in general though03:44
Romstershould be in there now03:44
maroI wouldn't use it in any port I plan to publish03:45
Romstersystem build dosn't seem to work on my pc, fails at the chroot, fiel not found bin/sh but i have bin/sh *shrugs* cd image works though03:46
Romsternetwork access in build() ah i get ya03:46
Romsteryeah that is a point it should be in the unpack_source(0 function03:47
Romsteror override download_source() function.03:48
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Romstermaro, if you do use my safe-build script let me know on improvments :)03:48
Romsteri still got alot to do on that.03:48
Romsterbut its working, liek i haven't droped root after chrooting yet etc.03:49
Romsterso its not hard to break out atm03:49
marofor starters it's 11 kB and seems extremely redundant :)03:49
Romsterheh been thinking that myself, but i'll keep working on it, 1) learning bash more 2) i want to automate port building apon port updates and give a sumery of ok or failed etc on each port03:50
marobut if it's working... :)03:50
Romster3) easy to find missing deps on ports03:51
Romsterits working now ;)03:51
Romstersu; safe-build -i03:51
HanRomster, no it's not.03:52
Romsteroh then its the stupid contrib not being synced yet...03:52
HanIt's just a build-dependency03:52
Romstersorry forgot contrib isn't synced atm03:52
Hanjust like gcc is not a dependency03:52
maroHan: that isn't the dependency logic crux uses03:53
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Romsteri should contact about adding some ports that i had in contrib before i moved to a seperate repo03:53
Romsterif its needed to build it should be listed03:54
marothe reason the toolchain isn't listed as dependencies is that it would create circular dependencies like hell03:54
Romsteri'd say downloading would be included.03:54
Romsterand make deptree huge too :)03:54
marodependencies should include anything not in core needed to build and use the package (with redundant deps stripped out of course)03:55
Romstermaro, been thinking on that one and i think core ports should be listed and pkgutils modifyed to not show core port dependencys, unless told to va a command line switch, as not everyone wants all of the core ports. (well i don't anyways)03:56
Romstertheres a few core ports i find redudent.03:56
maroRomster: pkgutils doesn't know anything about dependencies?03:56
Romstergrub, iptables on desktop pc for example and a few others.03:56
Romstererr prt-get i should fo said03:57
tilmanif any boot loader needs to die, it certainly is lilo03:57
maroRomster: "keep it simple"03:57
Romsterthose 2 should be merged iom03:57
Romsterlol tilman03:57
maro(the fourth word implied by the address)03:57
Romstereven with subversion openal fails to build03:58
RomsterPkgfile: line 20: lndir: command not found03:58
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maroRomster: what port is that?03:58
Romsterhehe, 'stupid'03:58
marotilman: I was thinking... why not take advantage of the super cool git branching features and give the new input hotplug stuff a spin? :)03:59
Romsterhmm maybe thats tilman's problem not listing xorg-lndir but then again its on x11 too03:59
maroRomster: what port was that?04:00
tilmani certainly have better things to do04:00
Romsterneeds lndir04:00
maroopenal maintained by...?04:00
maro(I can only find it in my local repo)04:00
Romsterhan should add a README at the least for that.04:00
Romsterhan :)04:01
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maroah, true, x11 is "right" till modular X hits crux04:01
Romsterits in contrib thats not being synced anymore till git has all the (most of) maintainers04:02
maroI don't think maintainers should have to worry about that before it's the official crux X11 version04:02
Romstera simple if [ pkginfo -i | grep xorg ]; then maybe, not everyone is using x11 anymore.04:03
maroyou want conditional dependencies?04:04
tilmanwhat maro said04:04
tilmanno need to do anything04:04
Romstermaro, simple check to see if xorg is installed or not then add the port? or else add the x11 one. *shrugs*04:05
Romsterkiss would eb figuring it out for ya-self...04:05
maroRomster: you want to call prt-get inside build()?!04:05
Romsterisin't it ment to be automated not have todo baby sitting for a depinst..04:05
Romsternot right todo was a thought.04:06
maroif you use modular X currently, you are expected to do a bit of work04:06
Romsteri guess all this xorg/x11r6 mess will be gone in crux 2.304:06
maroyes, with 2.3 Han should list xorg-lndir as a dependency - but not before04:06
Romsterok i'll be wait for 2.3 before i start to bitch about dependencys then :)04:07
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Romstererr s/wait/waiting04:08
Romsteri've had heaps of sleep and yet i'm typing crap.04:08
maroalternately you could do a meta port that depends on xorg-*04:08
maro(and call it x11)04:09
Romsteri'm just testing my ports out and finding bugs etc, so han should list subversion on openal for now atleast.04:10
maroand thanks for doing that, btw04:10
Romsterhmm there by making xorg not modular, no thanks04:10
maroit's still modular, just with all the modules :)04:10
Romsteror copy openal and modify it to my likings sounds better.04:11
Romsteryeah :)04:12
Romsterso maro see any usefulness in my little project?04:12
marovery much04:13
marojust don't expect maintainers to consider modular X before it's official :)04:13
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marotilman: any news on the automatic branch tracking in git?04:16
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maroI don't follow the list anymore04:16
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tilmannews on what?04:19
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marothe automatic branch tracking in git04:44
maro(so you don't have to re-clone to get a list of available remote branches)04:45
tilmanaha, no04:45
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tilmani thought you were talking about something crux specific04:45
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Romsterok i've mademy own openal and it dosn't need lndir now :)05:29
Romsterplus a better, imo svn co code.05:29
tilmancvs/svn/whutever ports suck05:30
tilmani'd rather tell the openal guys to make releases more often (have the made a single release yet?)05:30
Romsteralthough its in the build() function as it won't work in download_source() yet.05:30
tilmanor roll my own snapshots05:30
aonthe only real reason to run from a scm is to mess around with the code05:31
aonand i've never felt any need to install while doing that :|05:32
aonseems like sourceforge is broken again, \o/05:32
* Romster makes a coffee05:33
Romsterwell roll my own snapshots, that i can do, and have been thinking of that.05:33
Romsteras useal05:34
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Romstersnapshot of openal now and scm-openal is the svn version, for anyone interested.07:45
Romsterscm-openal has an alias to openal07:45
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_mavrick61Which FTP server is best to use.. We have use proftpd in our older system, but it is not in ports any more.09:06
tilmantry vsftpd09:07
majorowlI like pureftpd myself, vs is also good09:08
* treach seconds tilman 09:08
treachvsftpd is quite easy to configure as well.09:08
majorowlanybody know what the vs stands for?  victoria's secret ftpd ?09:09
tilman"very secure" iirc09:10
mike_kToday I realized vsftpd is running here around 20 months, serving 10-50GB, 30users/day.  Nothing bad to say yet.09:10
mike_keven with ssl/tls enabled =)09:10
_mavrick61Will vsftpd  that work with NCFTP client and real time compression09:20
* deus_ex likes ncftp09:23
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j^2did BSG number 6 not play on friday?10:16
jaegerit played, watched it10:19
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j^2really ? i cant find the torrent :(10:21
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jaegerI see it on mininova10:24
jaeger7 different ones, in fact :)10:25
j^2i can see it :(10:25
j^2oh god i'm retarded10:25
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j^2ahh my browser was caching ;)10:29
jaeger@seen prologic10:29
clbjaeger: prologic was last seen in #crux 3 days, 14 hours, and 9 seconds ago: <prologic> what's the git/svn url to crux nowadays ?10:29
j^2btw, hows your weekend going jaeger ?10:30
jaegernot bad, yours? working on mythtv 0.2010:31
j^2pretty good, been spending it with the girl ;)10:32
majorowlso... compiling alsa into the kernel non-module is bad juju?10:32
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jaegermajorowl: should work ok10:34
majorowlreally?  hrrm...  I installed alsa-utils, alsa-libs, and alsa-oss... when I run alsaconf, it says it can't find any supported sound card.  lspci sees it.  (it's a sb live)10:35
jaegeranything in dmesg about it?10:37
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majorowldmesg reports alsa loaded... and card #2 is  #2: SBLive! Value [CT4670] (rev.5, serial:0x201102) at 0xe800, irq 2010:37
j^2there goes my bandwidth, be back later ;)10:40
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jaegermajorowl: perhaps the kernel version and ports versions aren't compatible, not sure. I don't use alsaconf, myself10:40
majorowlhmm...  i'm running the kernel sources that came with 2.210:41
majorowl2.6.15.6, i guess10:41
jaegerdoes the alsa output in dmesg include a version for the driver itself?10:41
majorowlyeah:  Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Driver Version 1.0.10rc3 (Mon Nov 07 13:30:21 2005 UTC).10:42
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jaegerdefinitely older than the ports, but I don't know for sure if that's the problem, sorry =/10:43
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majorowli'll go grab a newer kernel, what the hell.  :)10:48
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aonanyone have a working wxpython? :)11:10
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Romsteraon, hmm11:34
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Romsteri had fun messing with wxpython...11:39
Romsterwonder if i can get it to work now11:39
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aoni don't particularly need it anymore now that i got how maketorrent-console works :)11:59
majorowlegads, the noise from my firewall's case is driving me insane!12:00
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jaegerI enjoy having a firewall that makes no noise at all :)12:02
tilmanmy firewall's fan broke12:03
tilmanand so far it didn't burn up either12:03
maroI enjoy having one that blinks each time it blocks a packet :)12:03
majorowlyes...  I'm going to have to rectify this.  i'm looking at new cases now.12:03
jaegerno fans in mine... or any other kind of moving parts12:03
marosoekris ftw12:03
jaegerWRAP, in this case, but very similar12:04
majorowlit's the two tiny 40mm fans in mine.  mine's an epia... i'd run the case with the fans unplugged, but I have a 7200 rpm drive in it.  :-/12:04
marothe only moving parts in mine is the cables when my dog eats them12:04
maroI have a 128 MB flash :)12:06
majorowli'd go flash, but it's where I store my mp3 collection.  :)12:06
jaegermaro: which one do you use? net4801?12:06
maroI'm not a ricer :P12:06
jaegerI don't remember the difference, been a long time12:07
maro133 MHz AMD Geode12:07
marothe 4801 has a 266 MHz NS-something and an IDE connector12:07
majorowli guess as long as you do your compiling elsewhere, it's fine, right?12:08
marobut with a fast processor and a hard drive, it's sort of pointless to get a soekris12:08
jaegernot much of a compiling box... mine's a 266MHz with 128M12:08
jaegerworks great for firewalling/routing12:08
maromajorowl: I just use the openbsd binary sets as-is12:08
marothe files I want from them anyway12:09
marototal install is 16 megs12:09
majorowlmaro, yeah, I do the same even on my 1ghz EPIA.  ... well, except I don't bother to trim the filesets12:10
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Romsterjaeger, i got a 266MHz firewall too with 96MB of ram14:04
jaegerplenty for a firewall :)14:04
Romsteraon, all but wxpython 2.3.3 works for me14:05
Romsterjaeger, care to update wxgtk ?14:05
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Romster2.7.1 compiles fine14:06
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aon2.7 is the development branch of wxwidgets, i think14:06
aoncan't be sure as the page doesn't open14:06
jaegerjust trying to find that info, myself14:06
Romsterjaeger, yeah not sure how much L7-filter will suck out of th cpu14:07
Romsterphew thought it was just me that couldn't open that page14:07
Romsterthought it might be something todo with my yacy port14:07
Romsterp2p search engine if ya wondering14:07
aonfwiw, gentoo seems to have of wxgtk14:10
Romstermy firewall has, dnsmasq, openntpd, squid, iptables, pppoe, my bws script (BandWidth Script) imq, later on layer7 aswell, dunno what else it needs to run :P14:10
Romsteri couldn't get anything past to compile i'll thow a pastebin of my attempt14:11
Romstertryed on wxgtk standared and now the new one, and on python 2.5 and 2.514:13
Romstermy chroot14:13
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Romsteroh i didn't see that line14:17
RomsterERROR: WX_CONFIG not specified and wx-config not found on the $PATH14:17
aon"However please be aware that 2.7.1 is not production quality."14:17
Romsterdev version14:17
Romsteri live dangeriously :)14:17
Romstererr ignore the spelling.14:17
jaegerfound it on the SF project page, too14:18
jaegerbut 2.6.3 is there14:18
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Romsterwtf no one has wxwidgets hmmz14:39
Romsterthis is confusing, wx this and that python gtx widgets arg14:43
Romsterwhy dows wxGTK have description wxWidgets for GTK+ when there is a wxWigets source file?14:44
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aonwxpython fails because it's trying to build stuff that depends on stuff that's in wxgtk's contrib16:51
aonso that needs to be disabled in it or enabled in wxgtk16:51
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Romsteraon, yeah so i found out later on17:45
Romsteroff now todo some work.17:45
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DhunEideannAny1 about?18:13
jaegerwhat's up?18:13
DhunEideann    when i run   run prt-get depinst --install-scripts xorg   it says The package 'xorg' could not be found.18:14
DhunEideannthrice` or jaeger any idea?18:16
jaegercoupld things need to change as tilman has just moved the x11r7 repository18:18
jaegercouple, even18:18
jaegerremove /etc/ports/x11r7.rsync and /usr/ports/x11r718:18
jaegerdownload as /etc/ports/xorg.rsync and run ports -u xorg18:19
jaegerchange /usr/ports/x11r7 in /etc/prt-get.conf to /usr/ports/xorg18:19
Paisligthat looks a bit better [output of ports -u xorg]18:22
Paisligstill same error tho..18:23
jaegerhave a look in /usr/ports/xorg and see if xorg is there18:23
Paisligsure is18:23
jaegerdid you edit /etc/prt-get.conf and change the x11r7 reference to xorg there?18:24
thrice`do you have alot of ports in /usr/ports/xorg ?18:24
jaeger200ish should be there18:24
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Paisligi have xorg in /usr/ports/xorg/xorg   is that right yeah? xorg resides inside xorg?18:25
Paisligbasically  /usr/ports/xorg/xorg/xorg-*18:26
Paisligis all ther18:26
jaegerone dir too deep18:26
jaegershould be /usr/ports/xorg/xorg-*18:26
thrice`hm...maybe tilman didn't get it moved correctly18:26
thrice`or isn't finished?18:26
jaegerwhat did your /etc/ports/xorg.rsync end up looking like? just the collection and destination lines18:27
Paisligi think editing the xorg.rsync should fix it?18:27
thrice`i was hesitating using xorg quite yet, and still using his personal host18:27
thrice`but if jaeger 's works...that's odd18:27
jaegerI'm running from the new location without trouble18:27
jaegerlooks fine...18:29
Paisligif i just do cp -a /usr/ports/xorg/xorg/* /usr/ports/xorg/18:29
Paisligwould that be a quick fix?18:29
jaegeror mv them18:30
thrice`actually, I had the same problem you did last week, but then reverted back to tilman's site18:30
jaegeror delete the whole tree and start over18:30
Paisligjaeger: how do i do the latter?18:31
jaegerrm -rf /usr/ports/xorg && ports -u xorg18:31
Paisligthought so heh18:31
jaegernot sure that'd help, though, if it wrote them in the wrong place the first time18:31
jaegerbut since I can't duplicate that, dunno what to tell you18:31
Paisligworth a try, wont take long18:32
jaegeranother way to test is to check out the repo directly from the server's rsyncd18:32
Paisligsame again18:32
Paisligok everything is now inside /usr/ports/xorg/  and stil the command fails18:35
Paisligthe install script one18:36
DhunEideannprt-get depinst --install-scripts xorg18:37
Paisligthat is also me, depends on what is closest ;)18:38
*** majorowl has quit IRC18:38
PaisligAnd I get back..18:38
PaisligThe package "xorg" could ot be found18:38
jaegerpastebin your prt-get.conf somewhere, perhaps?18:39
PaisligI dont have X to get to it...18:39
Paisligi will scp it to DhunEideann18:40
*** Romster has quit IRC18:40
jaegerhrmm... don't know what to tell you18:41
DhunEideannhehe its ok18:44
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Han~% grep run  /etc/prt-get.conf20:29
Hanrunscripts         yes20:29
Hanrunscriptcommand   sudo /usr/local/bin/ask_prepost20:29
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prologichey guys20:46
prologicwith strange alien devices like the creative zen micro ... anyone know how to give normal user's permissions to read/write to the device ?20:47
nipuLyou'd need an entry in udev for the device20:52
* jdolan waves at nipuL 20:53
* nipuL rides jdolan's wave20:54
HanCan anybody explain how I can get udev to get the right perms for /dev/nvidia*?20:55
HanKERNEL="nvidia*",       NAME="%k", GROUP="video", MODE="660"20:55
Hancrw-rw-rw- 1 root root 195,   0 Nov  4 08:14 /dev/nvidia020:55
nipuLhave you tried restarting udev, reloading nvidia module?20:56
HanIt's also like that after I install a new kernel so without the restarting of udev but with loading nvidia after booting20:57
HanIt's not like I just added those rules. They've been there for ages.20:59
HanAnd the same rule does work for my dvd-drive.21:00
Hanmaybe udevd isn't running at the time the module is loaded...21:00
prologichow do I get a 'n' into a script ? :)21:02
prologicis there an opposite to yes ?21:02
prologic$ no21:02
prologic-bash: no: command not found21:02
nipuLyes n21:04
prologicand do I just pipe it in ?21:04
prologicie: ./ < yes n21:04
nipuLyes n | ./ would be more likely work21:05
nipuLthe < operator takes a file descriptor i think21:06
prologicthis script is ignoring my export UDEVPATH="$PKG/etc/udev/rules.d21:08
prologicpos :/21:08
prologic   export UDEVPATH="$PKG/etc/udev/rules.d"21:09
prologic   yes n | ./hotplug.sh21:09
prologicwhy does that not work ?21:09
Hanudevd does take care of the loading of modules.21:09
prologicoh I know why21:10
prologicnew env21:10
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nipuLwhats with the binary based ports creeping in, eg qemu-bin22:08
jaegerqemu isn't reliable when built with gcc4 at the moment22:08
jaegernot sure about other binary ports22:08
nipuLwell that's a good reason i guess22:09
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