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steevhey all, im trying to write a Pkgfile, and im trying to apply a patch that I have in the directory with the Pkgfile - but i can't figure out what the variable is for that directory02:35
steevoh i see02:35
steevi was forgetting to add the patch to the source line, sorry02:37
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teKhi there04:02
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RedShifthey guys05:02
RedShiftsay you have customers and suppliers, but want to combine them in one database table (afterall, you are storing the same information)05:02
RedShifthow would you call that table?05:02
mike_ksupplimers =)05:03
RedShiftROFL :-D05:03
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jaegertreach: how long ago did you send me that memo about ffmpeg?08:23
treachNo idea.. last week maybe.08:25
jaegermemoserv just notified me of it this morning :P08:25
treachyay. :-)08:25
mike_kjaeger: want another memo?
jaegerheh, alright08:31
jaegerat the moment I can't even get X to run08:36
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mike_kbad day? proprietary driver?08:41
jaegerI've somehow broken xorg's bitmap and pcidata modules08:42
jaegernot much useful info, just "failed to load X module"08:42
treachyou're a smart guy, so I guess you've got your path straight..08:43
treachotherwise that's exactly what I got when I changed to "".08:44
jaegerseems to be, but I've done my share of dumb things before08:44
treach" ModulePath   "/usr/lib/xorg/modules""08:44
jaegeryeah, that's correct08:46
jaegerthere we go; rebuilt xorg-server, it's happy now08:49
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j^2morning all08:55
jjpkhi j^208:55
j^2life going well for you jjpk ?08:56
jjpkCould be better. :p08:59
jjpkFreezing in my apartment because the damn windows are almost rotting away.08:59
j^2well at least your not in texas.....oh wait...09:00
aonstill in hml jjpk?09:00
aoneh no, mikkeli, was it? :)09:00
jjpkMy landlord is cheap or something, those window frames look like they will pop out if I push them.09:00
jjpkaon: yep mkl.09:00
jjpkProbably more effective to run by the hardware store, and seal the frames.09:02
j^2or take off the heat sink to your cpu :P09:02
rehabdollask tilman for advice09:02
jjpkIt's getting cold, -10C right now. :|09:02
j^2jjpk, AHHH!09:02
j^2its like 65+F here09:03
j^2and we are starting to wear jackets09:03
deus_exAnyone know good dvd (re)authoring program?09:04
jjpkI don't mind the cold, it sucks when it snows a lot and the wind howls.09:04
jjpkIf it were calm, then the weather would be nice.09:04
jjpkWhich it isn't :(09:04
jjpkrehabdoll: good idea :>09:05
rehabdoll"it will look like ass" :D09:06
aonjjpk: that sucks less than this 0C we've been having :/09:08
jjpkI am surprised that the winter really hit this early09:09
jjpkUsually it takes a while before proper snow falls and stays.09:09
rehabdollthe weather has been out of whack for atleast 10 years here09:11
rehabdollno seasons.. just summer and winter09:11
aonwe had an autumn, at least :)09:11
j^2we have summer and christmas here :P09:11
jjpkWe have christmas weather for ~ 7 months :p09:12
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jaegermike_k: from which version of bittorrent is that error?09:50
mike_kopt, 4.20.6-1 i think09:51
jaegeryour pkgmk user has /var/empty as $HOME?09:51
mike_kyep, pkgmk:x:103:67::/var/empty:09:53
mike_kcan a build() function really rely on that fact?09:55
jaegernot sure what you mean09:56
mike_kI mean, are you going to use that dir for some purposes in build() function?09:58
mike_ksorry, I have to go.  here is a complete log:
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jaegerno idea why *I* would use that dir... it's python's setup, not me10:00
aonwhooooo, 3.8K/s from sourceforge10:14
aonperhaps they don't want the dialup users to feel bad :)10:14
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deus_exBooting distro from usb stick seems to be 'in' atm. How difficult would be to modify Crux for that?10:37
deus_exJust a thought...10:37
* deus_ex doesn't even have a usb stick/key. Yet ::)10:38
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treachdon't worry, they're practically throwing them at you. :-)10:44
treachI got a 128MB stick for free since the handling of my hd RMA was delayed a bit. :P10:45
deus_extreach: I'm thinking of buying one, as an early xmas gift :)10:46
deus_ex~25 euros for 1Gb, not bad ;)10:46
treachunless you need a big one they are redicolously cheap.10:46
treachno. not bad at all.10:47
deus_exI'm banned from all shops in my town (don't ask), so I'll shop online.10:47
treachyou know what they say about saying "A"? ;-)10:49
deus_exWho, me?10:49
treachyou've got to say "B" as well.10:50
* deus_ex doesn't get it10:50
deus_exBig surprise, there :D10:51
treachIf you begin to tell a story, you can't stop halfways.10:51
deus_exOh, why I'm banned?10:51
treachmmh.. how did you manage that? :D10:52
deus_exStory goes like this: my old monitor died few months ago, so I went to buy a new one.10:53
deus_exI browsed thru several shops here, but 19' monitor that I wanted was not in stock atm.10:54
deus_ex(shops here are basically cheap bastards that only have minimum of stuff, all else has to be delivered from capital city).10:55
treach...if you're in the hw business, you really don't want any "shelfwarmers"..10:56
deus_exOk, so I went in one of the shops , and ordered one, to be delivered in a few days.No money in advance.10:56
deus_exAfter I got home, friend of mine called (he works in a big shop in a city nearby).They have that monitor, cheaper and with home delivery.10:58
deus_exTalk about bad timing ;)10:58
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treachso you cancelled the order, your local shop owner got pissed off and ganged up with the other local shop owners?11:00
j^2anyone play with libmysqld?11:01
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deus_extreach: Exactly.11:01
deus_exI apologized to the man, but he just wouldn't listen...11:02
jaegerthat's pretty stupid... if he'd let it go he might not have lost a future customer11:03
treachhe didn't want apologies. :-)11:03
jaegerj^2: not I11:03
j^2yeah i'm trying to get wowroster running, but lighttpd was complaining for and that comes from that pkg11:04
j^2odd eh?11:04
j^2(yes i'm that bored at work)11:04
treachmeh. I think every single package related to transcode has at least *one* fatal problem with gcc 4.1.1 ...11:04
aondeus_ex: didn't try to negotiate the price with the shopowner? :)11:05
deus_exaon: I might have, if he hadn't reacted that violently.11:05
jjpkdeus_ex: the locals don't seem to know anything about commerce :D11:06
copworkeritts all about the pentiums11:06
treachheh, that's a new variant. :P11:07
deus_exjjpk: They don't react too well to customer that knows what he wants, how much it costs...11:07
jjpkLucky them most users don't know, therefore can be mislead easily :p11:08
jaegerj^2: what's the error?11:08
jjpkExactly why I rarely buy anything from retailers.11:08
deus_exThey have 'you dont want *that*, this is better, trust me' attitude.Fkm11:08
treachusually, I go with the locals unless it's a big difference. It's much easier to deal with faulty hw that way.11:09
j^2oh wait11:09
jjpktreach: in that sense, yes it is easier.11:09
treachmailing stuff around quickly adds up.11:10
jaegerj^2: do you still have does it show up in ldconfig -v's output?11:11
deus_extreach: Luckily, several my friends are in the business, so I usually deal with them,This time I didn't want to obligate them with my stuff.11:12
j^2nope, but i uninstalled mysql because of this error :(11:12
deus_exThey have busy lifes as it is.11:12
j^2thought i'd put that beta on there i guess11:12
j^2jaeger, gonna try a different avenue11:13
jaegerj^2: that php exe is built against it, you might simply need to rebuild it11:14
j^2i'm learning a lot about mysql and php now-a-days11:15
j^2it's crazy11:15
tilmanphp is crazy indeed11:17
treachwtf? Republican flash memory? Does Ollie know about this?11:23
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deus_exHm, why didn't I think of that...12:40
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mike_kjaeger: zopeinterface itself depends on python, so twisted-core/Pkgfile might omit python. opt/bittorrent depends on contrib/pycrypto12:54
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mike_kit also wants wx module which isn't available (I guess it's in wxpython)12:57
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jaegerbittorrent will be moved to contrib once contrib is sorted out13:34
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tilmanthe list should probably block weird ass mails forged by outlook14:02
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deus_exMr. senior konsult?14:12
tilmanlook at joerg's signature14:14
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deus_exkonsult = consultant ?14:15
tilmani guess so14:16
deus_exHeh. Imagine him writing *shudder* ebuilds ;)14:19
deus_ex(or whatever that gentoo thingie is called)14:20
jdolani was just laughing at treach's sarcastic reply, too.14:20
deus_ex'consulting other ports' :D14:21
teKyou *need* to add more buzzwords14:22
teKlike rock solid, robust, extensible, AJAX, and so on14:22
deus_exAlways helpful, that treach :)14:22
jdolani just had a job interview today.14:23
jdolanspeaking of throwing around buzzwords :P14:23
tilman"web 2.0"!14:23
jdolandesign patterns, best practices, dependency injection..14:23
tilmanagile TDD development!14:24
jdolaninversion of control..whee!14:24
tilmancontinously integrated!14:24
jdolan"inversion of control.. like when the girl is on top?"14:24
jdolan"GET OUT"14:24
jdolanthe company actually seems pretty cool.14:25
jdolani think i pissed off one of their sr devs, tho.14:25
teKjust have a look at freshmeat14:25
tilmanhow did you do that?14:26
jdolani down-talked php, i guess that's his specialty.14:26
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teKPHP-Schrott means crappy PHP, btw14:28
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deus_exAny truth in this ?
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deus_exMy favorite : ?This time we got it right.?14:33
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jdolan_hm.  has anyone else updated xqf in the past couple days?15:44
jdolan_new version seems unable to actually refresh servers.15:44
jdolan_ah hah.  it has a buggy qstat.cfg15:46
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steev64 - would someone care to glance over my sqsh Pkgfile and tell me if i did it properly or if i royally screwed it up? (mainly the export)19:46
treachlooks similar ->
kitche... netkit download seems to be gone19:51
treach*server* seems to be MIA.19:56
kitcheah now it seems liek it's up19:58
kitchewell their site is at least20:00
treachit's been down since friday, apparently.20:01
kitcheyeah it seems like they redid the site but the ftp isn't up yet20:02
kitchewell i just found a mirror for it20:05
kitcheuse a slackware mirro20:10
steev64treach: ahh, didn't know that one existed, and since i use it for work, figured it would be good practice20:18
jaegerpractice is always good20:20
treachpracticing at using the portdb is even more valuable. :p20:24
* jaeger shrugs20:24
jaegerpractice is practice20:24
jaegerAFK to play more FFXII20:24
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treachonly XII? I thought they would have reached XXX or something by now.20:25
steev64actually, that port does things i don't want, so i woulda ended up doing this anyways :)20:25
steev64--with-x option requires motif anyways, and no thanks20:26
treachheh, really? =)20:26
steev64thats what configure claims20:26
treachreally -> "no thanks to motif"20:29
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