IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2006-11-07

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pitillohi good morning. I have a doubt about glib. Trying to make a sysup I got an error with glib, making reference to libiconv (I have it installed). Trying to remove from my system to try to install again glib, crash my system. (can´t load any app because doesn´t find I´m a bit lost. Can anyone give me a hand?.01:11
teK*any* app?01:12
pitilloteK, if I try to edit some file, got that error. (from a tty with vi for example)01:13
teKi suggest looking for your CRUX installation media, booting from it and hopefully you are then able to overwrite/simply untar the (precompiled) libiconv Package from it01:14
teKthis procedure nearly worked a thousand times for me ;)01:15
pitilloummm interesting. Didn´t think that. Taking note. Thanks teK. :)01:15
teKI always thought gcc -g makes binaries debuggable *AND* includes there Sourcecode in the bins themselves.. wrong?01:17
pitilloummm in this moment, libiconv isn´t in any official repo. Can find only 2 repos with it. Taking a look into official iso.01:17
teKwell as I guess, even tar won't work, you'll have to boot from CD anyways..01:19
pitilloumm I have iso mounted and looking for that port, but can´t find it.01:20
teKuhm.. strange.. so you remvoed libiconv, right?01:22
pitilloI think I made the error of install it and then remade my system, linking with that lib. Need to read how to "unlink" it from all apps linked.01:22
teKto be able to update glibc?01:22
pitilloteK, no, I can´t remove it because I can´t get working most apps.01:22
pitilloyes, that is.01:22
teKso libiconv is still installed?01:22
pitilloumm I got this error
pitilloremoving libiconv and trying to update glib... tar: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory ... I mean this with many apps....01:31
teKgive me some moments, i'm at work right now..01:32
pitilloteK, no problem. Thanks for your time. :)01:33
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Hanpitillo, you're fucked without iconv01:47
pitilloHan, true.01:47
Hanfirst install a working version of glibc01:47
HanAnd then do an update of glibc01:48
pitilloI have it installed, problems begin with the upgrade.01:48
Hanlibiconv is a part of glibc01:49
pitilloHan, umm... Don´t know that. Thanks. Understand it. Looking for a working one.01:51
pitilloGot the same problem... downgraded to iso´s glibc, removed libiconv and same problems. Read that iconv is part of glib....02:00
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teK btw02:06
pitilloteK, thanks interesting, I understand that iconv.h is provided by glib and by libiconv port too. Downgrade owverwriting iconv.h, but dissapears and removing libiconv port from my systema02:09
pitillos/systema/system didn´t find the lib. If I wat only glibc iconv support, how can I say to my system to go over ? (Sorry to bored you with this)02:11
teKIf your system has an iconv() implementation but you want to use libiconv instead, you can pass the --with-libiconv option to configure. This forces libiconv to be used.02:14
pitilloteK, true, that was explained at link. But dont know if I explain what I´m thinking. I want to use iconv provided from glib, but removing the libiconv port (it gives the my system tries to find it when is removed.02:19
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pitillowell, update libiconv and then glib works. But I´m thinking in the lib. (linked always and can´t remove it well to use the one provided by glib). Time to eat something and later will think a bit more. Thanks for your help :)02:58
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pitilloanother Q about libetpan... qith the update, email clients don´t work, problems with lib. I´m thinking I made something bad with shared libraries. Anyone experienced something related with libetpan update to 0.46?03:43
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pitilloupdated email client and works again. Sorry for the last question.04:51
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pitilloumm another Q. Wich often do you sysup your system? I think i waited too much to sysup mine, I only make critical/security updates.04:59
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HanAnyone still using devfs?06:59
rximy fileserver is still running crux 2.0 and devfs iirc07:00
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mike_kjaeger: (I don't want to treat you again, but...) bridge-utils 1.2 is out, would be nice to see them in new contrib.
pitilloanyone tested the links provided  by Simon at crux-contrib ML?08:55
pitilloseems to be empty both. Can anyone confirm that?08:57
pitillosorry :)09:01
jaegerpitillo: the first one works for me, haven't tried the second09:01
pitillojaeger, taking a look to both.09:01
* treach ponders suggesting "Sorry Hedgehog" as codename for 2.3. :p09:02
jaegermike_k: I'll add it to the new contrib09:02
mike_kjaeger: thanks09:03
mike_kpitillo: the second works too09:03
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pitillowas my error (trying to access by web in the old way). Working fine, sorry.09:10
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* deus_ex rediscovers the joys of making ports for Crux :)09:29
deus_exPortsdb almost always has what I need :D09:31
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j^2hey guys09:35
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brointhemixwow, contrib lost its weight10:05
brointhemixquite a lot of it10:05
deus_exquite radical diet ;)10:08
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brointhemixtrue, true :)10:09
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deus_exGreat, k9copy stable won't play nice with libdvdread (compile fails).10:14
brointhemixadd libdvdread t othe deptree :)10:16
deus_exbrointhemix: What do you mean 'add it to the deptree' ? It is listed as dep, k9copy just won't compile with it.10:18
brointhemixdamn, i can't unterstand written English anymore :)10:19
brointhemixmaybe there's something wrong with ./configure options of either libdvdread or k9copy?10:20
deus_exDamn. beta2 build fails too.10:20
brointhemixe.g. a thing like --enable-static in the lib config?10:20
brointhemixthat's just an idea, of course10:21
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deus_exbrointhemix: It should compile with libdvdread-0.9.6, according to Changelog.10:22
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deus_exMaybe --enable-final is reason it fails...10:23
brointhemixmight be10:24
* deus_ex removes it from Pkgfile10:24
brointhemixThe Contrib Team: will the contrib-old still be updated?10:24
deus_exLet's see if it builds now.10:24
brointhemixdeus_ex: y, try it now10:25
deus_excompiling atm, we'll see.10:25
brointhemixand if not, double-check the Pkgfile of k9copy10:25
deus_exbtw, why would old contrib be updated?10:26
brointhemixhmm... why not? :)10:26
brointhemixthere are sooo many interesting things there10:26
brointhemix...and stuff10:27
deus_exIsn't the whole point of contrib-ng to replace contrib-old?10:27
brointhemixquota-tools are missing too10:27
brointhemixin the new contrib10:27
deus_exWe'll just have to wait and see, won't we?(what ends up in contrib).10:29
brointhemixhmm, you might be right deux_ex10:29
tilmanAstonV12: no need to annoy me with private messages, i'm in #crux too10:29
deus_exIt launched, what, today ;) ?10:29
brointhemixdeus_ex: yes :)10:29
brointhemixpatience is definitely not one of my features10:30
deus_exbrointhemix: Just keep a copy of old contrib around for the time being.10:30
brointhemixsame with reading for meaning ;)10:30
brointhemixdeus_ex: i got it already :)10:31
deus_exYou're young , you'll learn (patience) ;)10:31
brointhemixdeus_ex: yea, in what? 20 years? :D10:32
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aondeus_ex: some developers have had access for some time now10:33
deus_exbrointhemix: Eventually.10:33
* brointhemix has to apply for a Patience Course10:33
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deus_exaon: But it officially started today, right ? That's what I meant.10:34
deus_exIt will be interesting to see how it evolves :)10:35
mike_kbrointhemix: quota-tools are on my to-do list since ci is retired and his contrib repo too. I'll try to update/maintain some of them in contrib. Hrere is a complete list of his lost ports
brointhemixmike_k: thanks :)10:36
brointhemixwhat qualities shouls a person have to join The (New) Contrib Team?10:37
j^2brointhemix, check out the contribrules on the wiki10:37
aondeus_ex: to the users, maybe, yes, it was announced on crux-contrib@ on 5.11. and old contrib maintainers were notified on 24.10.10:37
j^2aon, crazy europeans and there backwards datse!10:38
j^2opps, s/datse/dates10:38
tilmancrazy us americans who do everything backwards10:38
tilmanthe one thing you do correct is driving on the right lane :P10:39
* j^2 beats chest10:39
aonwho? we?10:39
mike_kpeople, you got nothin` on us, pelicans! (c) Animal Planet10:39
tilmanbrointhemix: qualities? sanity and common sense :D10:39
tilmanbrointhemix: knowing how SCMs work in general is good, too10:40
j^2hey, we have an election today, we _might_ unseat the Republicans....which i dont know if that is good or not10:40
aonyou have like 2 parties10:40
aonhow can you people care enough to vote?10:40
j^2which is a problem, i totally agree10:40
j^2.....i still dont know10:40
aonyou should have just one10:41
tilmanaon: i hope the recent years have motivated them enough ;)10:41
brointhemixtilman: reading contrib rules now. btw. is sanity REALLY a must? ;)10:41
tilmanbut it helps10:41
aonand name it "The People's Glorious Freedom And Democracy Party"10:41
aonor something10:41
aonso you really wouldn't need elections, that'd save money10:42
brointhemix"- No duplicates: resolve conflicts with other maintainers." - fists and words or words only? ;)10:43
tilman+ stones10:44
j^2you know we have spent over 2 BILLION dollars in midterm election on just campaigning? that's more then some GDP's of small countrys!10:44
aonno knives? :(10:44
brointhemixno AK-47s? :(10:45
brointhemixaon: :P10:45
tilmanmora knives are allowed for finns10:46
tilmanotherwise, no10:46
brointhemixhey, why should Finns be favoured? :)10:46
tilmanthey have this things with knives10:47
brointhemixin that case, I want forks and spoons reserverd for Poles :)10:47
brointhemixAmericans can take the plates :)10:47
brointhemix(without "the")10:48
deus_exYay, k9copy compiles fine without --enable-final.10:53
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brointhemixdeus_ex: told yoo there's a problem with ./configure options :)10:56
deus_exbrointhemix: Thanks for the tip :)10:57
brointhemixdeus_ex: np :). it's a real-life experience :)10:57
brointhemixthings like it's real-life experience*10:58
brointhemixdamn, i can't write proper English too10:58
brointhemixi'm soo useless :)10:58
brointhemixit's real-life experience**10:59
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* deus_ex has aspell plugin for xchat on TODO list11:00
deus_ex*HIgh* up on TODO list.11:01
aonisn't there already one?11:01
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deus_exaon: Really?11:03
* deus_ex googles11:03
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deus_exxchat released
* deus_ex updates11:10
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deus_exjaeger: I've sent you diff for opt/xchat.11:25
jaegerI've already updated it, but thanks :)11:27
jaegerjust isn't pushed yet11:27
deus_exOk. :)11:29
jaegerguess now's a good time, it seems to work fine11:29
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kieselsteinihi....I just updatet to kernel everything wet fine but udev does no "empty" the /dev directory11:58
kieselsteiniis there something I've to enable/fix in kernel-config?11:58
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jdolan_kieselsteini, perhaps you're missing CONFIG_TMPFS?13:53
jdolan_it can cause udev to bark out strange errors.13:53
maro... have some people learned ;)13:55
marojaeger: start_udev should probably mount || echo "baah" >&213:56
kieselsteinijdolan, I just switched back...because I went into other problems too13:56
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j^2you know we have spent over 2 BILLION dollars in midterm election on just campaigning? that's more then some GDP's of small countrys!115:53
j^2i wanted to say, memtest86 is crazy15:53
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nipuLjdolan_: wth is 'neo techno'?16:29
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nipuLnvm, it's just marketing buzz for electro16:45
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jdolan_nipuL, i'd not heard that one.17:36
nipuLthere were just a few dj acts playing at a festival i'm going to calling their style music that17:47
nipuLfigured if anyone knew it would be you17:47
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sepenhe! di-4.9 ported: displaying more that your 'df' command does18:37
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