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Hanopenssh-4.5 in my repo :-)00:15
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blizzdoes anyone know gobolinux?07:13
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copworkersounds interesting07:27
blizzthey also use funny colors on their website ;-) fyi,
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Cheikhwhy is it almost impossible to install anything from the contrib ports because of signature mismatch do i have to do something to fix this?07:52
jdolanare they sourceforge projects?07:53
jdolanoften times will send you HTML error pages instead of the source archive for a given package.07:53
jdolanit's a sourceforge bug.07:53
Cheikhnot sure07:53
Cheikhalso where does crux put the downloaded file for install if they fail i wanna get rid of them07:55
jdolanright in each port's directory, by default.07:55
deus_exCheikh: footprint or md5sum mismatch?07:55
jdolana lot of people will edit /etc/pkgmk.conf and adjust PKGMK_SRC_DIR and PKGMK_PKG_DIR to something like /usr/ports/src and /usr/ports/pkg so that the port directories themselves each stay clean.07:56
jdolanoh, footprint is different.07:56
jdolanmd5 is often a consequence of dl.sf.net07:56
jdolanfootprint means you're probably missing some dependencies.07:56
deus_exCheikh: They are harmless, almost always.07:56
jdolan(or have extra things installed)07:56
jdolanMISSING you may want to pay attention to.  NEW, don't worry about.07:57
Cheikhbut it still says failed07:57
jdolanright.  well technically you didn't get the expected build result.07:57
Cheikhthat is hell confusing fail is fail succeed is succeed i see many missing bla bla ...07:59
deus_exCheikh: You have any example of footprint mismatch?08:00
Cheikhunfortunately not on this computer08:01
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deus_exCheikh: Ok. jdolan explained it very well, its not that confusing ;08:02
Cheikhafter he did explain but i never knew what it meant in the first place again fail is fail in any language the message may have been more explicit08:04
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pitilloummm it´s explained at handbook and jdolan explain better one type of "fail"... then, the message is explicit if you read the handbook. May be is a good idea to put a link to the handbook at topic?08:37
deus_ex'read the handbook'. what's the fun in that?  ;)08:44
pitillofun for you or fun for me? :)08:49
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j^2hey guys09:15
teKhey you09:18
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AstonV12hello everybody...10:03
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AstonV12i'm a new CRUX fan having problems with x11r7...10:04
AstonV12when I startx i get: Fatal server error: could not open default font 'fixed'. Any suggestion?10:05
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potato_graveyardAstonV12, look at what it says at the (EE) line10:06 says AIGLX: Screen 0 is not DRI capable10:06
potato_graveyardyou might want to comment out DRI from your xorg.conf10:07
AstonV12than proceed saying: xkb_keycodes include "xfree86+aliases(qwerty)10:07
potato_graveyardnormally in /etc/X11/xorg.conf10:07
AstonV12let me try..10:08
jaegerAstonV12: did you upgrade from xorg 6.9.x? if so, did you save your xorg.conf from it?10:08
AstonV12I commented my DRI section but nothing different happened..10:09
potato_graveyardjaeger prolly knows more, he's one of the crux gods :)10:10
AstonV12no...I didn't upgrade..i just installed crux and than tryed to directly install X11r710:10
jaegerAstonV12: ok. do you have xorg-font-misc-misc installed?10:10
AstonV12let me check10:11
potato_graveyardjaeger ist ne Schande dass Umlaute sehr schwierig sind auf ner englischen Tastatur10:12 is installed..10:12
AstonV12I installed all x11r7 dependencies just to be sure everything was fine..10:12
jaegertyping umlauts isn't too tough... but IRC nicks don't like them :)10:13
jaegeräöü etc.10:13
potato_graveyardcould be an entry for what fonts it uses10:13
potato_graveyardjaeger bin halt nur ein halbdeutscher im Ausland... vermisse den Schinken10:14
jaegerAstonV12: grep for fixed in /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc perhaps? maybe you're missing a proper fonts.dir entry10:14
pitilloAstonV12, did you read tilman´s little guide to install x11r7?10:15
jaegeralso should be a fixed entry in fonts.alias10:16
AstonV12I've read sometimes the problem is a root only rw permission in fonts.alias10:18
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Romsterblizz, hmm gobolinux looks interesting, though i have my own ideas, and can see alot of code duplication unless ya use hardlinks on that distro.11:06
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_mavrick61I use one Linux server as pure backup.. 1.6 TB is there any type of filsystem which comress files in realtime. Using TAR take to long time.11:53
tilmanntfs, reiser411:53
tilmanneither is safe to recommend atm, i guess :D11:54
_mavrick61OK.. I use TAR now.. But make new TAR file is just one file have change since last time. Are there any other method to recommend..11:56
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tilmanmaybe someone should email vico and tell him that gtk 2.10 has been out for months12:04
tilman(footprint mismatches for his gtk theme engines...)12:05
RyoSi want viper to enable my freaking repo >_<12:05
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tilmanjaeger: can you enqueue a version bump for opt/gtk? it's getting a bit outdated ;p12:27
Romster_mavrick61, take a look at lzma12:32
Romsteri've already done that on my pc bumped up gtk :)12:34
Romsterdunno if its my isp or not but my emails for the ML hadn't got sent12:35
Romster<>: connect to[]: Connection12:35
Romster    timed out12:35
mike_kRomster: 220 ESMTP Postfix, works here12:39
tilmanmaro: tried libarchive 2.something.alpha yet?12:50
Romsterodd i resent and see what hapens if they bounce or not12:53
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marotilman: yep13:24
marotilman: failed to build, I guess because I'm missing libacl13:25
tilmann/m, already found out it's too fuckign broken13:25
marodidn't envestigate it further because of the 'a' in the version :)13:25
marotilman: tried bd2's pkgutils yet?13:26
maroI've been using them for a week now (including full system rebuilds)13:27
marothe bugs found have been fixed, nothing to notice for the past days :)13:28
sepenjaeger, please can you check hal(opt) port? prt-get depinst thunar crash when I try to install it due to hal is not installed13:28
sepen$ findredundantdeps hal13:28
sepenRedundant deps for hal are: dbus13:28
jaegerif hal is not installed, how is that a problem with the hal port?13:28
jaegeror od you mean to say thunar *thinks* hal is not installed when it really is?13:29
marotilman: :)13:30
sepenthunar deps are: # Depends on:   intltool,shared-mime-info,desktop-file-utils,libexo,hal,libexif,libpcre , prt-get depinst must install it fine13:30
maro(or git://
tilmani know where to get it...13:30
tilmancptn: ping ping ping13:30
mike_kmaro: got md5sum signed by the author? =)13:30
maromike_k: nope, 1.2 isn't released yet13:31
marofirst autotooled release13:31
mike_kyou wanted to hack us by that exploit!13:31
sepenjaeger, thunar depends on hal, but seems that prt-get don't install it13:31
maromike_k: nope, I'm running X and my terminal has white letters13:32
marohackers use fullscreen terminals with green letters13:32
maro(I know from the movies)13:33
RyoS*hack hack*13:33
mike_kthat is a good proof, I am ok now13:33
jaegersepen: I need you to be more specific.13:33
jaegerif it's listed in the deps and prt-get depinst is used, it should be installed13:34
sepenjaeger, I think opt ports shouldn't have redundantdeps13:34
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sepenjaeger, another note: $ /etc/rc.d/dbus start13:48
sepenUnknown group "plugdev" in message bus configuration file13:48
sepenpre-install don't fix that!13:48
jaegerthe group isn't required13:49
jaegerit's used for things like the gnome volume manager auto-mounting, etc., but not a requirement13:49
sepenmaybe you could add this to dbus/README file13:51
sepennow dbus running good .. thanks!13:51
jaegeradded to the list13:52
sepenthx 1more time13:53
pitillojaeger, at dbus readme can you check the useradd -n option... like in hal. (pre-install script has not the incompatible option but readme has it)14:03
jaegerok, will add that to the list14:05
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tilmantreach: libxmu issue fixed! \o/14:45
treachhehe, presumeably the stream of notifications will slow down now. :-)14:46
mike_kerr, anyone know why windowmaker is in attic?14:53
tilmantreach: yeah14:54
tilmanmike_k: because noone loves poor windowmaker :'(14:54
treachmike_k: No maintainer?14:54
treachtilman: iirc prologic does :-)14:54
mike_ktreach: Per14:54
treachper retired..14:54
mike_kI know14:54
treachquite a while ago, I may add.14:54
treachthus, no maintainer.14:55
mike_kgcc has the same Maintainer field though =)14:55
treachso has a few others. but I guess they are all a bit more critical than windowmaker.14:56
mike_kmay I put attic/windowmaker on the new contrib than?14:56
treachwhee, Now, I know TWO persons who use WM. :D14:56
mike_kI got used to openbox, but wanted something oldschool and sane14:57
treachFv.. oh, SANE... never mind.15:00
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mike_kI think there will be no objections if some software from attic will get support/maintenance in contrib...15:03
treachwell. Them being in the attic would be an indicator as good as any that the previous maintainer has stopped caring.15:05
Viper_mike_k: of course you can adopt all ports from attic :)15:06
mike_kok, I've promised to look at ci's (former contrib member) ports to adopt some too15:08
RyoSViper_: hey ^^15:35
RyoSViper_: would you enable my httpup repo please?15:36
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will_Hmm... Maybe this is sorta an old question. Wasn't contrib merged into opt?15:47
mike_kno, it was not. Just changed from httpup repos to git loosing the most part of it on the way.
treachfree peice of advice. don't dig in the crux history. it's getting complicated, and isn't *really* interesting anyway.15:56
treachno matter how hard you dig, there will be no evidence of wmd's anyway. :-)15:57
mike_kwhy not? a little bit messed up, but imagine crux on rulins of other 'pest practices' over some years15:58
will_Well, I was looking at the repo list and I saw contrib. Thought that was done away with.15:58
treachwell. The *old* contrib is dead.15:59
treachyeah. the new one aspires on a bit more cooperation between different maintainers, among other things.16:00
treachmore rules, more red tape.16:00
will_That's a good thing though. Keep everyone on the same page.16:01
will_Where does one find attic?16:01
will_(which is what spawned my whole search)16:01
treachas long as it doesn't turn into debian..16:01
treachwhere everyone assuredly is on the same page (in that respect), but otoh they never get off it either.16:01
will_Thanks. Did I miss that on the repo page?16:03
will_Or is it one of those we shouldn't be digging in?16:04
will_Interesting. I thought it was a lot larger...16:04
treachhehe, it's matt's attic. :)16:05
will_Wasn't there a much larger attic?16:05
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will_(I remembered finding stuff in there before)16:05
treachI think this is one of those points were stuff get complicated.16:07
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treachAs far as I can find out you access it via svn, which seems outdated.16:14
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treachmeh, we need to change name, google sometimes really get confused. :-/16:36
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treachI wonder how many distros where adding  -god to the search takes away about 6M hits.. :p16:38
Viper_RyoS: of course.. if you give me your httpup file :)16:46
Viper_or better: send a mail to viper@hometux.de16:48
Viper_with the url of your repo16:48
Viper_i will go now :)16:48
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prologicyou know I'll take up windowmaker if it's in attic now :)18:09
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nipuLif wmaker's gone to the attic, what's taking it's place in 2.3?18:36
treachtwm. ;-)18:36
nipuLoh right, opt has grown a bit hasn't it18:37
treachyeah. If you think about it it didn't really make any sense to put wmaker in *core*..18:37
treachnevermind me.. I should go to sleep. I apparently already have my nightcap on.. :-/18:43
prologictwm can kiss my shiny metal ass :)18:48
treachofc, but if you don't like it there is a whole bunch of wm's in the ports..18:49
prologicstill I'm gonna have to take up wmaker if it's been dropped :)18:49
treachbesides, I thought you were blind, not fully prostetizised(sp?). :P18:50
prologictwm sucks for my vision impairment :)18:52
prologicI'm sure it can be tweaked, but I've spent years tweaking wmaker18:52
treachI'm not trying to rob you of it. :)18:55
treachheh, It's been so long since I did an installation that I've forgotten what's on the cd..18:57
prologicheh me too18:57
prologicI think I have a 2.1 cd around somewhere ;)18:57
prologickeep loosing my 2.2's18:57
treach"Crux, so good the gremlins wants it too" :D18:58
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telitiHello everyone. Does anyone knows wheres the "fixed" font?21:43
teliti(in which packet ..)21:43
rehabdollmisc-misc in 7.121:44
telitihmmm, I already installed this one ... but ... it still says there isnt ...21:44
telitivery strange ... I have installed EVERY font but theres no fixed ... anyway thank you rehabdoll21:50
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telitiHello again. I got it! it seems like as if mkfontdir hasn't been executed in /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc/ ... just if theres another one who's asking one day ...22:21
telitiGood bye!22:22
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nipuLthe git port repos are empty except for a solitary README file, which doesnt give much information23:32
nipuL> less core/README23:33
nipuLAdd info about the core repository23:33
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nipuLah the master branch is empty23:34
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