IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2006-11-09

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RyoSViper_: i did sent it in via website01:39
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Romster<prologic> twm can kiss my shiny metal ass :) < didn't think it was made of metal lol.03:41
pitillohi good morning. Can some contrib member take a look to my repo (if someone has a bit of time)? (I think only one port is duplicated and this is a error, but is a update) I´ll wait errors and suggestions to learn a bit more.03:41
Romsterhi pitillo new version of safe-build, got more ideas todo.03:42
Romstereating pizza atm though :P03:42
Romsterpitillo, ran prtverify over the repo?03:43
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pitilloRomster, yes, run it and fixed problems. Add some ports to sepen´s repo. But prefer, if it´s posible, to be overviewed by a contrib/dev member to fix more posible problems and talk about interesting ports, if there are any.03:49
pitilloumm not verified the last ports added... doing it now.03:51
copworkeri started the pornport, but i phail at writing Pkg and Makefiles03:51
Romsterhow the hell does missing-deps work?03:51
pitilloseems to be fine both. (don´t remember if I did it)03:51
Romsterprtverify -m missing-deps -c /home/romster/var/cwd/remote/projects/romster -c /usr/ports/core/ -c /usr/ports/opt/ -c /usr/ports/contrib/03:52
Romsterdosn't work for me, em i missing something here?03:52
Romsteri haven't dug deeply into Makefiles yet but Pkgfiles arnt a problem copworker, look at other Pkgfiles for help.03:53
copworkerhehe, its not the problem with normal sourcefiles :P03:54
copworkerbut the porn thingy doesnt need to be compiled03:54
pitilloRomster, where can I find the todo list? (if there is :)03:54
Romsterthen just use install -D in the Pkgfile :)03:55
Romsterpitillo, i hadn't made one yet03:55
pitilloRomster, ok, may be is a good idea to make and share it. In this way, someone with more knowledge can interact with that port too.03:56
Romsterbut i'll be messing with ports very soon after i finish eating, only core, opt, contrib and the testing repo will be included.03:56
Romsteryeah thats on the todo list in my mind lol03:57
Romsterhow o you run prtverify?03:58
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pitilloonly under the new port. I mean, prtverify /usr/ports/pitillo/amsn for example03:59
Romsterhmm that works but why not -m missing-deps04:01
copworkerwill try romster ;-)04:02
Romstercopworker, install -D files $PKG/usr/... etc or install -d -m755 -oroot -groot file $PKG/usr/bin/file04:04
Romsterya get the idea hopefully04:04
copworkertake a look at my crapruns04:05
Romsterthis anoyes me, ERROR  romster/bmpx ............. directory not allowed: usr/libexec/04:06
Romsteryet for that port it won't work without that.04:06
Romsterso what do i do?04:06
Romstermove it and make it less standard? and where to?04:07
Romstercopworker, good lord what have you done boi..04:13
copworkerhehe, i was just messing around04:14
Romsterfor starters remove  requires Quicktime < from the description and add # Depends on:    quicktime4linux04:14
Romsteryou got a url in the top thats not ment to be there04:14
copworkeri will play with it later if I find time again04:15
copworkeri tried several nasty solutions04:15
copworkernone of them installed successfully04:16
Romsterinstall -D -m644 -oroot -groot $PKG/root/Documents04:16
Romsterfor starters04:16
Romsterwhats in the porn-1.0.tar.gz file?04:17
pitilloit wasn´t a joke the pronport.... xD04:18
copworkerit was serious fun04:19
Romstercopworker, take a look at and for some Pkgfile ideas, there are others you can use for help04:19
pitilloI thought you were joking...04:19
Romsterso was i lol04:20
copworkeri ll mail me the remarks04:20
copworkerhave to learn more ;-)04:20
Romsterthis one was dependency hell :)04:21
copworkerthis looks tricky, yes ;)04:24
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HanRomster, findredundantdeps05:25
Romsterhmm k05:34
Romsterfigured prtverify out i had to add a Pkgfie to the end to check :/05:34
Romsteranyhow editing all myports now to confirm05:35
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Lolkusina_mavrick61: ÎÎÎÎ ïóíè08:40
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regard_goonwell chyo idiots on talk?08:41
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jjpkViral advertising they call it.08:49
jaegerthat's why we can't have nice things08:51
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j^2hey all09:53
j^2i learned something very important last night09:54
j^2opps today09:54
biscohey j^209:54
j^2hey bisco09:54
j^2a little politics goes a long way09:55
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AstonV12hello everybody!10:11
AstonV12always have the same problem with x11r7...startx and than "coull not open default font 'fixed'"10:12
AstonV12tryed to install all fonts mentioned in the tilman guide but couldn't do it for some of them (bitstream-type1,bh-ttf...)10:14
AstonV12any idea?10:14
j^2go back to x11r6.910:14
j^2i have never messed with x11r7 :(10:14
AstonV12how can I do that?I mean, should I remove all x11r7 dependencies too?10:15
HanAstonV12, if you can't find something doesn't mean it's not there.10:16
AstonV12what yopu mean?10:16
tilmanread #crux log archives10:17
tilmanthis issue has popped up about a thousand times10:17
AstonV12ok..let me check10:17
jdolan_if i'm to fork a daemon as an unprivileged user from the shell, is `su nobody -c some.daemon` the best way to do that?10:20
jjpkAnother way is to use sudo.10:21
jdolan_yea.  root can probably sudo as anyone by default huh?10:21
Romsteroo think my firewal/gateway pc is dieing slowly on me "ext3_mark_inode_dirty+0x3f/0x50" < dosn't look good looks like i'll need a new hdd for it, before it really dies.10:23
Hanjdolan_, better make a sepperate user. su - foouser -c bardaemon10:24
Romsterhad my suspicisions on the hdd.10:24
Hanmind that extra -10:24
jdolan_Han, a user specifically for this daemon?10:25
jdolan_(does 'nobody' not have a shell by default?)10:25
tilmanof course it doesn't10:25
RomsterAstonV12, did you run the post-install script?10:25
jdolan_yea.. that'd be a problem then :)10:26
AstonV12I guess I didn't...10:26
tilmanbut that doesn't mean you cannot ran your daemon as nobody!10:26
AstonV12can you tell me how to do it?10:26
tilmanie, using nobody should be fine10:26
Hanjdolan_, nobody has way too much permissions in the default install.10:26
jdolan_i see.10:26
biscoAstonV12, there are some post-install script in port's dir10:26
Romstercheck my yacy and tor ports in romster repo, they both run as there own user:daemon10:26
Han~% grep nobody /etc/passwd10:26
AstonV12what command should i type in order to run that post-install scripts? sorry but I'm quite new to CRUX...10:29
j^2check out /etc/prt-get.conf10:30
tilmanyou should follow that guide STEP BY STEP10:30
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AstonV12I did it but it doesn't works...10:31
AstonV12maybe I should try to reinstall everything...10:31
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tilmanwc -l /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc/fonts.dir10:31 says 2 /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc/fonts.dir10:33
tilmancd /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc && mkfontdir10:33
tilmanwc -l /usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc/fonts.dir10:33
Romstermine ssays 336 :)10:34
RyoS345 here ^^10:34
tilmanthat's cute, but not interesting atm10:35
AstonV12ok! now 344!10:35
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Romstertilman, maybe add that to the FAQ lol..10:36
Romsteror even to the post-install script..10:37
tilmanoh really?10:37
tilmanthat's a pretty wild idea!10:37
tilmanyou might want to have a look at the current post-install script10:38
Romsteri hadn't checked so it maybe already there :/10:38
biscobye bye guys10:38
AstonV12thank's a it works fine!10:39
Romsterok if its there then AstonV12 never ran --install-scripts10:40
Romsterwhen installing xorg!10:40
AstonV12oh ok....10:40
Romsterprt-get cat xorg-font-misc-misc post-install10:41
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AstonV12what was the problem..I mean you can explain me so that the next time I'll not have to disturb you ?10:41
AstonV12should i run that prt-get command?10:41
RomsterAstonV12, when you install fonts always run the post0install script10:41
rehabdollvroom vroom10:42
Romsterif our starting fresh prt-get depinst xorg --install-scripts10:42
Romsterhehe rehabdoll10:43
tilmanAstonV12: read the guide i linked above10:43
tilmanAstonV12: look for "post-install"10:44
tilmanit's explained there10:44
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AstonV12your guide? the howto x11r7?10:45
jjpkI doubt there is another guide on xorg7 at the website...10:46
jjpktilman: haha, thread hijackings :D10:47
jjpknot to mention a persistent violation of Cc'ing.10:47
jdolan_tilman that was a bit harsh, hehe.10:48
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jjpkjdolan_: there's been worse ;)10:49
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tilmannot really harsh imo10:51
tilmani even said "please"10:51
jjpkDiplomacy at its finest :D :D10:52
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HanI would wish --install-scripts was enabled by default10:54
HanWhere is cptn btw? I haven't seen him in ages10:55
tilmanhe left because you're an idiot :(10:55
aon heh10:59
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j^2busy channel today eh?11:06
* Han runs in circles through #crux 11:10
Hanbless you11:15
* Han gives copworker a handkerchief11:16
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* copworker uses it wisely11:16
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j^2mac osx coca is sooo pretty11:27
j^2i just want go on record saying that ;)11:27
pitilloI don't want to bore, but can somebody take a look to my repo? I posted some ports at sepen's repo and want to make them better. I hope can tell me errors at them. (one interesting, amsn0.96rc1)11:28
rehabdolldoes anybody know if its possible to somehow force a gtk2-app to use a specific font/size somehow?11:43
rehabdolljust one specific app that is11:44
tilmanyou can set it for all apps in ~/.gtkrc-2.0 -- not sure about per-app settings11:44
tilmanmaybe google shows up something if you feed it with gtkrc-2.011:44
rehabdollnot yet :(11:45
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rehabdollah, got it working11:54
rehabdollstyle "<app>" { ... blabla11:54
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jonas1083Need some help guys.. upgraded my kernel and forgot to run 'lilo'.. happy times. Goggled some and found out that I need to mount /proc and /sys havent worked.. when I try to chroot btw. Any suggestions?12:05
rehabdolldo you really need to chroot for lilo?12:06
rehabdollis there no -C switch or something to specify lilo.conf location?12:07
rehabdollgrub ftw :)12:07
jonas1083I tried it same error12:08
jonas1083I think I need to mount 'something' :)12:09
jonas1083I get the "fatal raid_setup:" from lilo, I figure that is a chroot problem12:10
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Romsterjonas1083, mount your hda root partition first12:19
Romsterthen mount proc dev and pts then chroot run lilo then reboot12:20
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Romsteri've done it before ;) most times you can press shit or caps lock or something jsut before lilo boots and it'll give you a menu to boot from another image, as long as you got more than one image listed in lilo.conf that used to work :P12:21
treach"shit"? :D12:22
jonas1083Romster, gonna reboot now.. :)12:23
jonas1083Working! thank you12:24
jonas1083hmm I could have read the Crux handbook..12:26
Romsterhehe yeah12:30
Romstertreach, what?12:30
Romstererr crap12:31
Romstershft not shit lol12:31
treachI wouldn't like using your keyboard .. with keys like "shit" and "craps lock" :P12:31
Romstertreach, do you have to point out all my blantent errors?12:31
treachwell, it was funny. :-)12:31
jjpkshit and craps lock rofl12:32
Romsterjjpk, lol12:32
Romsteri'm laugthing now lol12:32
aon"press shit"12:33
treach"press shit to continue" "No thanks".12:33
Romsteroh my god lol12:33
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treachbtw Romster, the solution usually is spelled "--libexecdir=/usr/lib"12:59
Romsterah thanks13:01
Romsterso put executables in to lib aswell13:02
maroI actually do that typo pretty often when I write perl13:02
marolooks sort of stupid when assigning variables in functions13:02
maromy $people = shit;13:03
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Romsterouch netsplit13:06
Romsterthat was quick must of switched a leaf to another hub maybe.13:06
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RyoSViper_: there?14:01
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mike_kany idea why x11 update fails with the first error: "work/src/xc/fonts/scaled/Type1: failed to write cache"? I found the same error, but that solution didn't help14:12
mike_krebuilding as root atm14:12
pitillomike_k, rebuild fontconfig14:12
pitillomike_k, or try to rejmerge14:13
mike_kremoved, deleted package, rebuilded, than x11 - no luck. (rejmerjed manually too)14:13
mike_kpitillo: did you build it as root?14:13
pitillomike_k, like pkgmk user14:14
tilmanjesus MOTHERFUCKER14:14
mike_kme? =(14:15
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tilmanwrong channel14:16
jaegernerd rage!14:16
mike_ktilman: that is the only channel according to whois ))14:17
tilmanwelcome to freenode14:17
tilmanthey have this anti-stalk feature14:17
mike_kbut still no ssl support, strange people14:17
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treachmeh, I'm sure there is a C3 script for irssi, that should cover all needs. :p14:20
treachCaesar 3.14:21
tilmanas in caesar chiffre?14:23
treachchoor xlopdq ;-914:24
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maroare anybody using initrd/initramfs with crux?14:45
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mike_kpitillo: I dunno what to say - x11 builded only as root.14:50
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mike_kthat is the fact  (I know - it's probably me who forgot something though)14:53
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pitilloumm not sure, but in my case, rebuilding fontconfig and rejmerging its config later, makes X11 compiles. Only can help with my little experience. Sorry.14:56
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jjpkRyoS: hahah15:45
jjpkAmbiguous language ftw15:45
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j^2yeah i'm trying to get a wikipedia plugin to work16:05
j^2not happening though :(16:05
j^2just discovered "colloquy"16:06
j^2it's bad ass16:06
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j^2again, such a busy channel ;)16:18
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treach(we're all too busy cracking our way into the big city network to be chatty.)16:32
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*** kitche has joined #crux20:11 is a fast mirror :)20:13
jaegerit's decent for those of us in the US, mostly20:14
kitcheyeah I m in the US gettign 100 and greater speeds20:15
jaegergood deal20:17
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Cheikhhow are the ports or packages in crux updated to their latest are we just gonna wait till the next upgrade also what do i need to download or do to get colorised output in my terminal20:41
jaegerCheikh: use 'ports -u' to update your ports tree and 'ports -d' or 'prt-get diff' to see what's out of date20:42
jaegercheck the prt-get manpage for some handy shortcuts20:43
kitcheyeah what got me into looking into crux was that I was using cruxports4slack :)20:43
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jaegerI wonder if it's still used in delilinux20:45
rehabdolljaeger: i get md5sum mismatches on gdk-pixbuf.loaders & gtk.immodules20:45
rehabdolland also pango.modules it seems20:46
kitchewell see I used tukaani which Larhzu took ideas from Crux for his tukbuild script that's when I started to look at crux to be honest20:46
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Cheikhwhat do i need to have colorised files and directories everything is black here20:52
nipuLalias ls ls --color=auto20:53
jaegeryeah, that20:53
Cheikhin my bashrc ok cool20:53
jaegeralias ls='ls --color=auto' <-- more bashlike20:53
nipuLoh right, i'm a tcsh user :)20:54
Cheikhthat is what i will get done tomorow20:54
Hanalias ls='ls -pb --color=auto --time-style=local'20:55
* jaeger gives git the finger20:55
kitchegit is sorta ok20:56
jaegerI rather dislike it so far. adds unnecessary complexity to our project20:57
jaegerbut I'm in the minority with this opinion20:57
kitcheSourceMage uses it is how I started to use it myself20:57
kitchetook me a while just to learn the basic 3 commands lol20:57
jaegerwhat bothers me about it is that I get inconsistent results with index updates and commits20:58
kitchehmm think I just did a bad burn on my crux.iso21:00
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kitchehmm the install isn't bad for crux but then again I used linux for a while and know it's workings :)21:17
jaegerit does its job21:17
kitcheonly part I forgot is to format my drive first :)21:18
kitchehmm on make modules I get /bin/sh: command substition line 0 syntax error unexpected token '(' then it goes on and says [: -gt unary operator expected21:38
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kitchethink I fixed my problem21:51
Cheikhok good and night21:52
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kitcheforgot to mount /proc and such :)22:15
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kitchethere got crux installed now had some trouble with lilo but grub fixed that :)22:46
rehabdollgrub ftw22:48
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