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cdhi all04:08
cdi have a systemwide libpangocairo problem and i cannot solve it, so i need help ;)04:10
cdbrb lunch04:36
copworkerlunch will fix it04:43
cdnow back, but lunch didn't fix my problems ;)04:56
tilman"doesn't work" is a pretty bad problem description04:57
cduntill noone says hello, i won't cry out my problem ;)04:58
cdok but now i can start :)04:58
copworkergotta go ;-P04:58
copworkerfresh winter tires from ebay and 60 km highway04:58
cdok i got the problems not only since today, i thought with the next pango and cairo update i am fine but today the new updates are installed and still the same nice errors ;)04:59
copworkermy hands are still hurting04:59
cdwhen i try to start wifi-radar i get the following04:59
cdImportError: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: cairo_scaled_font_get_font_options04:59
cdwhen i start xchat and press connect i get05:00
cd xchat: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: cairo_scaled_font_get_font_options05:00
tilmanthat symbol is in libcairo05:01
tilmannm -D /usr/lib/ |grep  cairo_scaled_font_get_font_options05:01
tilmanso find out why it doesn't for you05:01
cd00015d20 T cairo_scaled_font_get_font_options05:02
cdand now ;) ?05:02
tilmanis libpangocairo linked to libcairo?05:02
cdand when i try to compile newest gimp i get other undefined refernces to this lib05:03
tilmando you have some of this crap installed to /usr/local?05:03
cdhow can i check if libcairo is linked to libcairo ?05:03
cdlibcairo is in /usr/local/lib05:04
tilmanwhat the bleep were you thinking? ;)05:04
tilmanremove that05:04
cdremove the two libcairo files in /usr/local/lib05:05
tilmanalso remove the include files05:05
tilmanand the pkgconfig file05:05
tilman... remove all traces of cairo in /usr/local05:05
cdok wait i will try it, will be back in 10 minutes my girlfriend is crying ... thanks for your help05:06
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cdtilman: you are the best ;)05:54
cdthanks alot05:54
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jjpkHahaha, Novell is blind to their law firm :D06:30
jjpkI hope they had a sense of humor whenthey registered :D :D06:30
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mike_kare there any README that came along with "Makefile for CRUX"?08:16
* deus_ex is having lightweight hangover 08:22
jjpkmike_k: no idea, never used crux's Makefile to build.08:22
jjpkdeus_ex: :D08:22
jjpkToo much rakija?08:22
deus_exjjpk: No, vodka and beer.08:23
jjpkVodka hangovers are the shortest for me. The last time I really wasted myself on beer, I was hungover for two days08:29
deus_exWow. ports -u is extremely fast today :)08:29
jjpkports -u has worked fine for at least a week now.08:29
jjpkI think someone mentioned it was a dns problem that made ports -u very slow08:30
deus_exjjpk: My isp's dns servers are b0rken sometimes, so I figured it was problem with them.08:31
jjpkSame problems here, that is why I use third party dns servers.08:32
deus_exjjpk: I've added few extra dns servers to resolv.conf, that should help.08:35
* deus_ex thinks 'I've got you under my skin' should be official Crux anthem. 08:37
mike_kdeus_ex: how many of them?08:38
HanBest thing is to set up a local cache which consults the root-servers you can get from
deus_exmike_k: How many what?08:38
mike_kdns servers listed08:38
deus_exmike_k: I've got 4 in resolv.conf, 2 my isps, 2 third party.08:39
mike_kman resolv.conf: Up to MAXNS (currently 3, see <resolv.h>) name servers may be listed08:40
deus_exHan: using maradns as local dns server?08:40
jjpkdeus_ex: any dns server would work, even dnsmasq.08:41
deus_exmike_k: I didn't know that.08:41
jjpkmaradns is a good option though.08:42
deus_exjjpk: Finding good proxy is my priority atm, but I'll check this too.Thanks for the tip :)08:46
jjpkHehe, no problem.08:48
deus_exHan: I had no idea that there are open root servers in Europe, thanks for the link.08:48
deus_exbrb, lunch.08:52
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will_Hmm.. if I have PCMCIA devices, do I have to make them modules in the kernel, because I need to run rc.d/pcmcia first?12:12
jjpkYou would have to preload them, although udev would take care of that before rc.d/pcmcia is run.12:18
jjpkIn either case, I don't see why it matters.12:19
mike_kwill_: where from does that rc.d/pcmcia came from?12:21
will_Well, I thought I compiled in the drivers into the kernel. But then I found out that there is rc.d/pcmcia. Ran that, but my network card still doesn't show in lspci. So not sure what to do...12:23
will_I think rc.d/pcmcia came from the pcmcia port in opt12:23
* will_ doesn't have a port tree yet without networking working.12:24
mike_kwill_: the nice thig is that it's absent in opt12:25
mike_kwill_: after you'll ports tree - see about the contrib switch. Then contrib/pcmciautils, and
mike_ks/ports tree/get ports tree/12:34
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mike_kaon: what about ?12:58
aonmike_k: well, it's called "wodim" in cdrkit12:59
mike_kok, but they are overlapping12:59
aonshall i add a "OMG PLZ DON'T INSTALL THIS IF YOU HAVE CDRTOOLS!1" to a readme?12:59
aoni thought that saying that it's a fork of cdrtools would give some hint12:59
mike_kyes, but doesn't it formally wrong?13:00
aoni don't know13:01
mike_kI thought contrib ports should not conflict with core/opt13:01
aonguess i'll take it off contrib, then13:01
mike_kI'd vote to remove opt/cdrtools =)13:01
aoni wouldn't, i don't think cdrkit is still tested enough13:02
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mike_kok. btw, how is a contrib member expected to close bugs in flyspray?13:03
aoni have the impression that the bug-reporting stuff regarding contrib isn't quite done yet13:03
mike_kit's allowed, and AFAIK cptn encouraged to to report those13:04
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aonbtw, couldn't you at least assign bugs to the correct maintainer?13:07
aon(when possible, of course)13:08
mike_kanother interesting question: some attic ports have an empty Maintainer field. Who should be listed as Packager if one of those ports get new life (in contrib, for example)13:08
aonpackager field also empty?13:08
mike_kaon: I can't get the state when it's possible to assign bug13:08
mike_kalso emty13:09
mike_kI guess, cptn assigns the bugs himself (at late night)13:11
jjpkMaybe that is why he is not around.13:12
aoni need to think about cdrkit a bit13:13
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will_Ok! Somehow I got the network card to show up in lspci. But when I run dhcpcd, it doesn't find it. Not sure if I somehow need to link eth0 to the pcmcia device...14:52
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jjpkdmesg probably will tell you what device it became, use it.14:54
will_Nope :( Just says it found one card in slot015:02
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deus_exjaeger: Freealut from opt depends on openal which is in contrib.Is that an error or...?16:56
nipuLwhat is is with does it pausepartly through a transfer for anyone else aswell?17:43
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Cheikhafter running prt-get sysup is there a command to get rid of the downloaded packages18:18
kitche... seems to be down18:20
jaegerdeus_ex: freealut shouldn't be needed anymore, I believe openal includes it... but I'll take a closer look later on19:04
jaegerCheikh: rm :)19:04
jaegerCheikh: setting PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR and PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR in /etc/pkgmk.conf to something non-default can make cleanup easier19:04
deus_exjaeger: OK.btw, scorched3d latest is 40.1c. Do you want a diff when I build it?19:10
Cheikhok thanks jaeger19:16
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jaegerdeus_ex: sure19:30
jaegerCheikh: np19:30
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Cheikhwhen installing package between 02 and 03 which one yield faster application20:55
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