IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2006-11-12

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Romster-O3 is slower compile but suposidly faster code but bigger binarys, and that person isn't on either..00:35
Romsterwill_, you'd have to edit /etc/rc.d/net00:35
Romsterif you haven't got it working yet.. since you asked so long ago.00:36
Romster$ man xset01:23
RomsterNo manual entry for xset < suckors where the hell is the man page..01:23
HanRomster, I got it.01:25
* Han runs from Romster 01:25
Romsteri've got all of core as far as i know and sysups...01:25
Hanpkginfo -o xset01:27
Hanxorg-xset  usr/man/man1/xset.1x.gz01:27
HanI bet you can't read any X manpage ;-)01:27
Romsteranyone relooking at my ports? i've cleanded them up more too, and sent a email to the ML but o word yet so i guess everyone is busy01:28
Romsteroh that be why i just did a prt-get fsearch xset.?.gz01:28
Han~% grep '^MANPATH' /etc/man.conf01:29
Romsterintersting i've been using pkgmk -i | grep foo :/01:29
Romsteri should of looked at the other options to okginfo01:29
Romsterarg alot of unneeded paths in there :/01:31
Hanhappens a lot. I just have /usr/man and /usr/local/man01:31
Romsterwtf i'm missing xorg-libxfontcache too..01:33
Romstergot like 10 enterys in that file i'll edit that.01:33
Romsteri only ever done depinst xorg and added a few extra fonts and the screen saver :/01:34
Romsteri should really look at the other xorg ports01:34
Romsteri notice alot of programs have -i/usr/share/x11r6/include or something simaler, and if i should add the -I/usr/include/xorg/... or maybe -L to my CFLAGS ?01:36
Romsteror make a symlink but dunno about that or just ignore that old path in the programs i see when compiling.01:37
HanRomster, all headers for Xorg look like this  #include <Xorg/foo.h>01:37
Romsterthey seem to function ok as it is, but i jsut somehow think it might cause some problems?01:37
HanSo -I/usr/include will do. And since that's added by default it's not necessary at all.01:38
Romsterah ok i see -I/usr/include/x11r6/ on some ports. so that'll be ignored as its a invalid path anyways01:39
Romsteri was just curious on that point.01:41
Romstertxt2man in opt has a md5 sum missmatch.01:46
Romsterhmm i see man can read bz2 files, be a nice change todo to pkgutils, i've oftern wondered about that,02:00
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Romsterhmmz whats happing with verifying my ports for inclusion into contrib, i see already that mark has taken over my lincity-ng port that i'd of put into contrib, and hes removed the packager field, how nice of him...05:44
aondid you read the mail on crux-contrib?05:48
Romsteri've read all the mail, i've cleaned up my ports and em wating for them to be inspected again.05:49
Romsteri know i got some duplicate ports i need to remove but i ported lincity-ng myself, no one else i'm aware of had that, now mark has taken it over and i'm wating to get in contrib, now that port is gone and i got the duplicate port...05:50
Romsternot even a mentain i packed that port either..05:50
aonand you notified your randomly assigned checkers about fixing your ports?05:51
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Romsteri've mailed the mailling list, as i assumed that was the correct thing todo, as you don't mail users that are on the ML05:52
Romstershould i hace CC'ed it to them 2 members?05:52
aonnah, probably not05:53
Romsterin the mean time i've been and still em thoughly testing my ports in a chroot jail for missing dependencys etc.05:53
aoni don't see your mail in crux-contrib05:55
aondon't find it in spam either05:56
Romsteri sent it and i never got i bounce...05:57
aonnothing there05:58
Romsterok i just resent it, why didn't i get i bouned email then...05:59
Romsteri sent the origional one on the 11/10/2006 7:32am to crux-contrib@lists.crux.nu06:00
Romsteri spent all nite fixing them :/06:02
deus_exjaeger: scorched3d will not build with contrib/openal and opt/freealut.
Romsterhmm i got openal in my repo..06:10
Romsterdeus_ex, your using the old contrib-old repo..06:13
Romsternot maintained now, oviously :)06:13
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Romster han would probbly like to sync that to contrib or maybe some dev to put it in opt. as openal isn't in yet.06:16
deus_exRomster: afaict, openal is from new contrib...06:18
deus_exNope, its from old contrib :)06:20
Romsterits not in mine and i did a ports -u not long ago...06:20
Romsterhah i was correct06:21
HanRomster, I already mailed sip for access to contrib, but he didn't reply.06:21
Romsterdeus_ex, i got a preaty new snapshot in my repo06:21
Romsterand others have it too as a subversion co06:21
deus_exRomster: openal?06:21
Romsterwhat happend to my e-amil i don't know i resent and personally mailed a fowared to you and Juergen jsut to make sure..06:22
deus_exHan: What about google?06:22
deus_exI googled, gentoo has a patch I'll try.06:23
Romsteror use hans or anyoneelse thats got openal, mine saves messing with the subversion dependency as not everyone uses svn06:23
deus_exRomster: Thanks :)06:23
Romstera patch, whats the build error anyways? the revision i got out atm builds fine06:25
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HanRomster, it's not a dependency06:27
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Romsterah ok then it shouldn't be listed on the depdends line then, if its not in the repo :/06:32
Romsterdeus_ex, is that from using openal r1514?06:35
deus_exRomster: r141506:37
Romsterhmm i'll see if i can sort someothng out i see a error in my port i'll fix and check for a newer revision06:38
Romsterah no thats not a problem.. and there is no newer revisions yet.06:45
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tilmanare our linux headers known to be b0rked?07:04
tilmanwrt i2c maybe? ._o07:04
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sipHan, (reading the irc logs), I replied to you soon after I got your mail09:03
sipanyway, your account is active09:03
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mike_k!seen prologic12:01
jizzbotmike_k: prologic was last seen in #crux 1 week, 3 days, 15 hours, 32 minutes, and 20 seconds ago: <prologic> what's the git/svn url to crux nowadays ?12:01
-MelOne- mike_k, I don't know prologic, ask destruct_, maybe he knows something.12:01
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LithiumHello all13:06
LithiumAnyone use crip?13:06
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rehabdollwhat is it?13:14
LithiumA CD ripper13:16
LithiumIt's bitching about being unable to find oggenc in path13:17
LithiumThe port is fine (it's mine), it works on other systems I've tested it on13:17
LithiumI've tried rebuilding it and its deps, but it's still saying oggenc doesn't exist13:17
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j^2hey all13:19
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aonhi j^213:22
LithiumAny suggestions?13:25
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LithiumI blame Martini for my mistake13:30
tilmanthat guy can be a real bitch13:37
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HanTell sip I'm gone to bed. Too tired.16:42
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RyoS23:42:03 < Han> Tell sip I'm gone to bed. Too tired.16:45
sipoh, well :)16:45
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RyoSsip: can you maybe enable a repo?16:47
RyoSgreat :) i actually sent in my apply twice already in 2 weeks.. ._.16:50
siptake your time ;)16:51
sipadded, re-caching the portdb16:58
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RyoSthanks :)16:58
sipis the email correct? (guessed from your hp)16:59
RyoSthough i used tim_biermann at in the Pkgfiles17:00
sipif you prefer I can change it to that one17:00
RyoSboth is ok17:01
RyoSthanks for adding :)17:01
sipyou're welcome :)17:02
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nipuL=0 crux has dropped out of the top 100 at distrowatch19:57
nipuLmaybe we'll get less new users now :)19:58
jaegerI blame the australians19:58
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nipuLdon't make me steal your wallet20:31
* jaeger runs20:31
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