IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2006-11-14

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mike_kHan: can you bump the version to 2.11, and add p5-digest-sha1 to contrib, please?01:27
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HanGood idea06:52
* Han compliments mike_k 06:52
* mike_k searches online dic for the russian equivalent06:55
aonprologic: yes it is06:56
Hanstupid syncing doesn06:57
Hant work06:57
mike_kHan: You told, you've checked conficts with core/opt but at least 'pkgutils' & 'ports' are still there. Is that expected?07:03
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aonmore specifically pkgutils, ports, rpm2targz, screen07:09
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Hanscreen is gone07:12
Hanand the rest were in contrib for ages and yes, since lots of people use my versions. And they contain significant changes/improvements.07:13
aonsure you pushed the commit that removes screen?07:15
Han'oi, it's back again.07:16
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Hannow it's gone07:18
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Hanmike_k, the sed way also works fine. No need to appologize.08:40
mike_kA matter of taste08:41
mike_kbut if Makefile provides the way, why to use sed indeed?08:41
HanIt's easier indeed.08:43
aonand faster08:43
aonand more compact08:43
HanActually I condider exporting those default path variables in /etc/pkgmk.conf08:43
HanAlso saves adding a lot of --manpath=/usr/man08:44
Hanexport prefix=/usr manpath=/usr/man infodir=/usr/info etc08:45
HanIt would mean that everyone would have to add that line.08:45
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jaegerglad I don't wear a tie to work :)09:29
jjpkouch :D09:31
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j^2hey all09:33
aonhi j^209:35
j^2how you doing a?09:36
j^2opps aon09:36
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acruxjaeger: rss-glx depends on imagemagick too10:37
acruxjaeger: last nvidia driver 9628 are bugged, they don't work on nv2x chips10:38
jaegerare nv2x considered legacy by nvidia now?10:38
acruxjdolan: xscreensaver 5.01 is out10:38
acruxjaeger: no10:39
acruxthey are not legacy10:39
acrux(ilegacy list)10:39
acrux(in legacy list)10:39
acruxjaeger: maybe you can add a note in README file10:40
jaegergot a link to some info about it?10:40
acrux'cause is only a nv2x issue10:40
jaegerthanks, I'll check it out10:43
acruxok, see you10:44
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tilmansomeone tell han to bump sox11:20
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rehabdollfyi: Md5sum mismatch found: acpid.rc13:38
mike_krehabdoll: "ports -u contrib"  please13:41
mike_ktilman: what is the average delay in contrib between actual 'git push' and rsync updates?13:43
tilmani never pushed to contrib, but it's instant in core/opt13:44
tilmani'd think it's the same for contrib13:44
mike_kthanks, but seems strange...13:45
mike_krehabdoll: is a nice page to read13:47
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Hanmike_k, errr I commited it...14:03
Hansilly git...14:03
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Hanmike_k, it's all fixed now. thanks for poking me.14:30
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treachgood evening.14:36
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geekitusyour port system seems to be not very simple (a lot of personal ports) , no ?14:41
tilmanin english?14:42
jaegerit seems pretty simple to me, but maybe you mean something different?14:42
geekitusa lot of personal port14:43
geekitussory for my bad english ...14:43
jaegeraye, there are a lot14:43
mike_kHan: thanks, I supposed that. I check every commit with gitk/gitweb =)14:43
tilmanare lots of personal ports a problem?14:43
HanI should do so as well. I just need to get the hang of git.14:44
geekitusyes to solve dependancy and security , no ?14:44
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rehabdollyou can get a complete system with just core/opt14:45
geekitusyes ..14:46
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treachgeekitus: it's easier to make a port that fits your needs than messing around with USE-flags.14:47
tilmangeekitus: i don't understood your concerns14:49
geekitustilman, like you said , if  i want i can use only the opt port so there are no security problems14:50
copworkerO RLY?14:51
geekitusyou have a new forum ?14:52
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geekitus(first member on september14:53
mike_kthere was a discussion14:55
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HanIs there someone who wants to maintain my abiword port?14:56
RyoSlet me take a look14:57
RyoSits a bit too high for me i guess, sorry14:58
HanIt's a pain for me to build it.14:59
jaegernever used it, myself14:59
RyoSme neither14:59
RyoSi actually heard of it yesterday the first time, someone said its better then openoffice..15:00
RyoSsure :) i am tired sorry15:00
geekitusabiword is very light and don't have a lot og dependancy, i like a lot15:00
HanErrr better is a matter of personal preference and requirements.15:00
RyoSHan: true.. :)15:01
HanThat's why I prefer it if people say why it is better for them.15:02
HanInstead of just saying `better'15:02
* Han bumped sox at request15:02
Handeus_ex, your sox diff never arrived. But if all that changes is a  versionnumber then it's even better to mention just the new versionnumber.15:04
geekitusok, since for your answer, i go to install crux in a chroot !15:04
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mike_ksepen: I hope you'll sync many nice ports. Good luck.15:10
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deus_exHan: I don't know why it never arrived.Yes, just the version bump(and new md5sum).I've resend it, btw, but don't hold your breath that it will arrive this time ;)15:14
Hanperhaps my spamfilters are too strong ;-)15:15
deus_exPerhaps :)15:15
Handeus_ex, do you have your own mailserver? or do you let your isp deliver mail?15:18
rehabdollwhats up with the "port" port?15:19
deus_exHan: isp.I wouldn't know where to start configuring my own mailserver :)15:20
rehabdolloh, its in contrib15:20
rehabdollpkgutils & ports dupes in contrib15:27
Hanthey're really different15:29
tilmani just bumped core/pkgutils. please bitch at me if anything's wrong15:52
treach"please bitch at me" I like that. :P15:53
rehabdolli'll probably take you up on that.. for no reason whatsoever16:08
jueder hat auch einen gewaltigen Vogel. Ich hatte heute mit ihm Kontakt, bzgl. screen und prtverify, und dabei hat er sich auch fürchterlich darüber aufgeret, dass Tilman seinen tar-patch nicht unverändert beim wechsel auf 1.16 übernommen hat16:21
juesorry, wrong window16:22
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HanI do understand german.19:49
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