IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2006-11-15

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pitillohi good morning, what do you think about adding to prtverify the feature of search and warning user about stuff files like FAQ, HOWTO, README´s ? it can be done with a simply script combined with prtverify. Only an idea.02:31
HanWhy would that be nice?02:35
pitillowell, to make nice ports, can be a nice feature to warn about stuff files.02:36
pitillosome of them are useful but another not. That is the reason to advise with a warning, not with a error.02:37
pitillolike I said, it´s an idea. Do you think it isn´t useful?02:37
HanNo I don't think it's useful.02:39
pitillowell, I think can be done above a repo, cat /usr/ports/$1/*/.footprint | grep -E "README|HOWTO|FAQ" may be you can find lot of not useful stuff...02:40
spn|work+1 pitillo02:41
spn|workcat /usr/ports/core/*/.footprint | grep -E "README|HOWTO|FAQ" returns me a lot of stuff files02:42
Hanprtverify already warns for that type of files02:42
pitillocan be added, locales and more not useful stuff... can be nice to warn only and decide if it´s used that or not. (For example, FAQ in info pages, that can be useful for a program)02:42
pitilloHan, can you tell me the parms used to do that?02:43
spn|workparticulary (from core) ->>>>>> -rw-r--r--      root/root       etc/mail/cf/README02:43
pitillospn|work, some of them are used by info pages.02:43
Hanno flags at all02:43
spn|workIm using this allways: prtverify -m missing-deps -c /usr/ports/core -c /usr/ports/opt -c /usr/ports/contrib /usr/ports/$1/$i02:44
spn|workprtverify -m file-conflict -c /usr/ports/core -c /usr/ports/opt -c /usr/ports/contrib /usr/ports/$1/$i02:44
pitilloHan, then, how can be done? I reviewed amsn port with prtverify and didn´t get me any advise about that files.02:44
Hanworks fine here02:44
spn|work$ prtverify -m missing-deps -c /usr/ports/core -c /usr/ports/opt -c /usr/ports/contrib /usr/ports/sepen/amsn02:45
spn|workERROR  sepen/amsn ............... missing dependency: tls02:45
spn|workpitillo look at that02:45
Hanspn|work, it's dangerous to assume that a tool like prtverify is flawless02:45
pitillospn|work, do you have tls synced from my repo?..02:45
Hanamsn may build fine if you don't have tls installed.02:46
spn|workprtverify -c /usr/ports/{ports not synced}02:46
pitilloHan, well, I used amsn like a example, (not contrib one, mine) because, there were stuff installed. And with contrib one, it was builded nice, but didn´t work.02:47
spn|workmany ERRORS trying to prtverifying a port with 'missing-deps' option02:47
Hanspn|work, are you actually listening?02:48
pitilloprtverify didn´t tell me about that stuff in amsn port, I thought in that little script to warn about that files. Like I said, only an idea.02:48
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pitilloummm prtverify advises about some of junk files, but not all. (Nice to be combined with the little instruction talked before)05:55
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jdolanhm, no one responded to Han's idea for pkgmk.conf.07:05
jdolanseems really smart to me, but i've only considered it for about 8 seconds.07:05
jdolanperhaps the autoconf variables should be manipulated by pkgmk itself.  it'd be trivial to add this and bump the version.07:06
mike_kthe libdir is in question. I can not remember the case where it was required on x86. x86-64 might require a (adjustable) change07:07
treachseems like a really good idea to me. the less you have to put in the port the better.07:09
mike_kunless it wil be completely hidden from an umpacient user (and he'll break his head searching the falue)07:10
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treachit kind of reminds me of USE flags though. ;-)07:14
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HanNow don't forget to reply on crux@ as well ;-)07:32
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deus_exTypo in opt/iproute2? 'x# Description: ' [...]08:01
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Han contact the maintainer08:04
jaegerjdolan: congrats on the new job08:09
deus_exHan: Nah, any core dev can fix that, I'm sure someone will notice ;)08:11
deus_exHan: Any plans of merging changes from pkgutils-5.21 to your version? And no, I don't have a clue what changed in 5.21 ;)08:24
treachmmh, there *is* a changelog.. ;-)08:25
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deus_extreach: I know, I know :D.pkgutils work so great for so long that I don't bother reading the Changelog, just update them and move on.08:33
deus_exReliable tools they are.08:34
treach true, but unless you read it, or make a diff on the manpage you don't know what you might be missing. :P08:35
deus_extreach: True.I am wondering if non-root build will become a default for pkgutils.08:40
deus_ex(saved my ass a few times with b0rken/my ports).08:41
Handeus_ex, sure08:42
namenlosfyi the pkgutils homepage ( doesn't seem to be updated...08:43
deus_exHan: looking forward to it :)08:43
treachnamenlos: that's probably because per has retired.08:43
namenlostreach: ah, ok...08:44
namenlostreach: was only searching for pkgutils on google, to see the changelog.08:45
treachmmh, seems like the process of distributing pli's packages among the current set of devs isn't quite completed yet.08:46
treachhe's assuredly not the maintainer of that package anymore.08:46
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* j^2 tips hat to all09:24
* prologic bows09:25
aonhi j^209:26
j^2how is everyone?09:26
j^2aw lame copworker what happend?09:33
Romsterwoke up not ong ago09:39
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Romsterpitillo, yeah em aware of that, prt-verify not telling all junk files09:40
Romsterprologic, where did cancer go i can't connect...09:49
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copworkerhardware broke our neck09:52
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copworkerand we also arent software developers :-)09:53
copworkerand someone forgot to tell the boss09:53
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* jaeger blinks10:56
jaegerwow, rrm3 was here and I didn't see him10:56
jjpkDoubt he has shown up for at least a year and a half.10:57
jaegerI see he joined at 00:11 local time today10:57
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j^2wow rrm3?!?!11:07
j^2old school11:08
marohas anybody had uclibc installed just to statically link selected packages against it?11:10
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marodamn I'm happy that we don't have those NLS headaches :)11:41
maro"Recent version of bash now link into the glibc locale funstions. These in turn have links back into /usr/lib/locale. This means that even when pulling the system down to single user, as root you cannot umount /usr"11:41
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Handarn, I keep forgetting to add the portname I'm updating.12:08
Handeus_ex, done12:09
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tilmanmaro: do you plan to remove your libarchive port from contrib in the near future? ;)12:25
marowhy? :/12:25
tilmani asked first!12:25
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marotilman: I'll do it if it moves into core12:28
maro(or opt)12:28
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tilmanof course12:28
tilmanbut that's what i meant at all ;p12:29
tilmanmaybe you misread my question? ;>12:29
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maroprobably, but I can't get it to make any sense:(12:30
tilmanit's just a question12:30
tilmanand an easy one ;)12:30
maroyou're such a lazy bum btw, several hours of lack between git release and port update12:32
* tilman no laugh12:33
marotoo lazy to laugh even12:33
tilmanit's just not funny12:33
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tilmanhan put "bump" in his commit message12:46
tilmanprologic: please fix that tab problem that's clearly present in Pkgfile12:47
tilmanprologic: and please get rid of RCS tags!12:48
tilmanprologic: totally useless with git12:48
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HanI got abiword building again =)13:17
Hanthere! commited!13:18
Hanlibdrm has a footprint mismatch, wrong library-versions.13:22
* Han pokes tilman's eyes out13:23
tilmantoo bad i igore you13:23
tilmanlalalala, i can't hear you13:23
aonHan: doesn't seem so13:24
aonhm, nvm :)13:24
tilmanaon: he's right13:24
aonhence 'nvm' :)13:24
tilmanyeah, i lag13:24
aonyou on 56k or something? :)13:25
tilmanon a phone line from 192013:25
tilmanand my cat bites off the cables every now and then13:26
* Han pokes aon's eyes out as well.13:26
aonhaha! 8)13:27
Hanhuu what a horid smiley. =)13:27
Hantilman, usr/lib/perl5/5.8.8/ in the gitport is empty13:28
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tilmanjdolan: congrats on your new job. sounds very nice :)14:25
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jdolan_thanks tilman :)15:13
jdolan_i'm so excited to start..15:13
jdolan_this place i'm at now.. heh, sucks.15:13
jaegerstill at windmill or whatever it was called? or a different place?15:19
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RyoSplease.. someone.. explain me WHY yhafari makes some of his ports dependent on adesklets15:37
RyoSi dont get this madness15:38
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treachbecause he can. adesklet is a critical peice of sw in his world, apparently.15:40
RyoSi just built it without libiconv..15:40
treachnobody should go without their dosis of adesklets, just like debian thinks all fvwm users needs a dosis of gtk1. :P15:41
RyoSi just think the weather plugin is nice15:41
RyoSand its lighter than gdesklets15:41
RyoSbut libiconv... jeez!15:41
RyoSit destroys my life15:41
ningocoming up next: glib depending on adesklets15:41
tilmanlibiconv is in glibc15:42
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RyoStilman: i know.. and i installed the package from yhafari by accident once.. which really ****** my life15:43
RyoSbuildings failed coz of missing liconv sh... and so on15:43
treachget a new life. :>15:44
RyoSno :þ15:44
treachif it's screwed up by a broken computer, it needs fixing. :)15:44
RyoSits not a broken computer, its a broken port ;)15:44
tilmanbroken ports break my broken heart15:45
treachI was refering to your adventures with libiconv that caused things not to build. -> system broken.15:45
treachand according to you -> life in shambles.15:45
ningotherefore -> suicide15:46
ningoand random conclusions by treach15:46
RyoSok treach :þ i fixed this by updating glibc and banning libiconv from my pc forever15:46
treachgood luck. ;D15:46
RyoSwith what? ._.15:46
RyoSi mean yhafaris libiconv port >_<15:46
tilmana knife?15:46
treachRyoS: good deal.15:47
ningoI'd vouch for a razor blade15:47
treachpersonal expecience? can't have been particlary successful, unless your a ghost.15:48
RyoSi saw a advertisment tv show today, the miracle blade 3, it was a kitchen knife, you could cut a pineapple in the air with it ;>15:48
ningotreach: How did you figure?15:48
tilmandoesn't seem to fit the context :P15:48
RyoS <- like this :P15:48
ningoIt does, for me :P15:49
tilmanyou could also try installing linuxbios RyoS15:49
tilman"[...] this step can hurt or kill you"15:49
*** archerbismark is now known as bismark15:50
ningo"or if you have a history of getting hurt by hardware"15:50
ningoI scratched myself on my case once.15:51
ningoDoes this qualify me?15:51
tilmani scratched myself one my case really bad once15:51
ningowith blood 'n stuff?15:52
tilmanlots of blood15:52
ningoyeah, same here15:52
tilmanwas a pretty mean cut15:52
treachscratch..? I usually manage to get cut on them. cheap, thin tin these days. :-/15:52
tilmani think i mean 'cut'15:53
ningowe're better not to install linuxbios15:53
RyoSgood night everyone15:53
ningowith our history of hardwareaccidents15:53
tilmanyeah well15:53
tilmanit's also pretty complicated if you're not used to messing with your hardware15:53
tilmanapparently you need to replace the bios chip while the box is running15:54
jjpkNo kidding. :o15:56
jjpkProbably a good chance of really screwing your HW up.15:56
ningoor yourself15:57
tilman"you're risking life and limb [...]"15:57
tilmani liked that15:57
tilmanoperating a computer with only one arm probably sucks a lot15:57
ningosmall keyboard and problem is solved15:58
ningowatching porn is less fun, though15:58
tilmani said arm, not eye15:59
ningoYeah, and that's what I meant.15:59
ningoNo penguin? You have not said the right prayers16:00
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nipuLcrazy, it's snowing here16:26
nipuLin australia!16:30
nipuLin november!16:30
koefzSnowing at your place?16:32
koefzDon't you live in the desert?16:32
nipuLnah i live up in the mountains16:32
copworkerperhaps a passenger plane just cleared the wasteage ?16:32
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yiphello, gtk#2.10.6-2 gives .footprint error for me because of NEW files:17:09
treachread the faq?17:10
yipwhich faq?17:10
treachI take that as a "No".17:10
treachthe one on www.crux.nu17:11
yipright, well i understand the general issue, i'm just wondering if anyone knows the specifics of why i am getting this additional library17:11
treach"-cups" would be kind of a clue, wouldn't it?17:12
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yipcrux needs USE flags :o17:14
* treach gathers the fireingsquad17:16
* koefz locks and loads.17:16
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koefzWoops, missed.17:17
koefzGot ningo instead.17:17
treachDå får du väl kratta skjutbanorna en vecka eller så. ;-)17:17
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marosatans svenskere :)18:10
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sepenbalsa-2.3.13 on my repo20:10
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nipuLwhat would be the preferred way to update autotool files in a port. I need to update config.sub and config.guess23:03
nipuLwould (rm config.guess config.sub; autoreconf -i) be acceptable?23:04
nipuLor is there a "Better Way"(TM)23:04
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* bismark is away: zzzzzzzzzzzzZZZzzzzZZzzzZZZzzzZZz23:37
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