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pitillointeresting reading about MS/Novell alliance...
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deus_extilman: curl update breaks vorbis-tools
aonI wonder if bumping it to 1.1.2 would help08:26
aonehm, nvm08:27
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* deus_ex runs ports -u 08:31
aonheh, i just had my eyes a bit misaligned when looking at the xiph site08:31
aonthere's no such version08:31
deus_exaon: You got me worried for a moment ;-)08:32
aoni wonder where's the change08:35
tilmandeus_ex: aw crap08:36
tilmandeus_ex: will bump the revision later08:36
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deus_extilman: Thanks.08:36
deus_exrevdep rulez :)08:37
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deus_exHan: your trickle port won't build
deus_exThanks for updated pkgutils, btw ;)08:54
Hanbuilds ok over here08:55
Hanglibc    usr/include/netinet/in.h08:57
Hanwhich glibc are you using?08:57
Hanand what does that line say?08:57
deus_excore/glibc-2.3.6-2 :)08:58
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Hannext time read the errormessage08:58
deus_exI did read it.08:59
HanYeah right08:59
* deus_ex reads again errormessage09:00
Hanfor god sake man, just paste me line 136 of /usr/include/netinet/in.h09:00
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deus_extypedef uint32_t in_addr_t;09:01
Hanmust be some gcc-4 weirdness, that's a normal typedef09:02
HanI run gcc-3.4.6 here.09:02
HanTry to find a patch for trickle and gcc4 somewhere and send me the url or something09:03
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jaegernew updated iso is up if anyone cares09:24
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totoI'm looking into live usb keys and the possibility of putting crux on one09:32
totohas anyone tried this before?09:32
jaegernot I, though I can't imagine it would be too difficult09:33
totosomething about adding an initrd i suppose09:33
totoinitial tests give a kernel panic root not found09:34
jaegerperhaps linux-live would be worth looking into:
totolol I'm right now on it09:37
totosmall web09:37
Romstersince when did iproute2 move its path from /usr/sbin/ to /sbin/ ? and if so shouldn't it be in core along with iptables?09:38
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RomsterI had to edit my QoS script09:38
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mike_kRomster: mailing list has the answer09:39
jaegerRomster: just recently; it was suggested as the tools may need to be run before an nfs /usr is mounted, etc.09:39
RomsterI keep reading that ever damn day09:39
Romsterwell it broke my QoS script :/09:39
Romsterand i only jsut noticed now09:39
RomsterI didn't read it on the ML09:40
Romsterand yes i looked09:40
Romsteri only read the curl thing09:41
jjpkSkimming is not reading, just so you know.09:42
pitilloRomster, was sent tuesday to ML.09:42
Romsteri read all the ML not just skim over it09:42
j^2hey all09:43
pitillojau j^209:44
j^2jau? ....09:44
Romsterah fuck me.... i read that and it jsut went over my head i didn't give it another thought...09:44
j^2i'm texan...09:44
Romstercan i bang my head on a wall now ...09:45
Romsteronly said about uneeded se'ing not about changing it...09:45
Romsterah well all is good again,09:46
pitilloj^2, like "spanish"-indians :)09:47
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j^2isnt it odd to have an upload speed faster then a download speed?10:08
aonat least it's easy to get good ratio with torrents :)10:11
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rehabdolljaeger: are you interested in bugreports on kernel / /dev issues with the current iso?10:59
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tilmandeus_ex: thanks for vorbis-tools report, btw. i failed to realize i had to check my ports for curl dependencies ;)11:20
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namenloshi, anyone got problems compiling spamprobe?11:45
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Hanyou, probably12:16
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rx5hi all14:36
rx5i have question about crux 2.214:38
mike_kjust ask14:39
Hanmike_k, he's a slow typist14:41
rx5can i mix 32 bit soft with 64? meaning glibc, xorg 32   bit but other i want to compile with x86_64  optimization14:42
rx5han, you right...14:43
rx5han, im use my cell phone14:44
* mike_k hides off his hat because he didn't played enough with that14:44
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rx5heh, it weird, i know, but i bought new cpu and mb14:47
mike_kat least you can play with CFLAGS in /etc/pkgmk.conf, but better leave it as x86 with 3dnow/sse2/3 enabled (and some other optimization if needed)14:48
rx5all my soft optimized for my old celd... now athlon x214:49
mike_kI doubt, you'll get any boost in desktop tasks. What are the main cpu-eaters?14:49
mike_k(there was a man here dedicated himself to crux on x86-64; something went wrong; now he's gone)14:50
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HanI use 32 bit on a 64 amd. And I haven't even tried to run a 64 bit OS on it. Just to damn lazy. :-)14:52
HanI know it's cause headaches ;-)14:52
rx5yeah, something like tester :)14:53
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rx5han, cflags?14:54
jdolan_-march=i686 -pipe is default, should work, no?14:54
mike_kHan: I have crux on several amd64/em64t machines as well... indeed, many bug reports keep me away from "full" x86 64-bit env14:55
rx5no, im ask for han's athlon, not for default flags14:57
Han-O2 -pipe14:57
rx5thats all?14:58
Hanof course14:58
rx5mmx, mmxext, sse?14:58
rx5why, han?14:59
mike_kHan: in fact I am going to replace slamd64 with crux-i686 on some more cars =) So damn painful are them to maintain14:59
rx5please explain14:59
Hanrx5, optimising is a myth.15:00
HanIt just increases the number of compilerbugs and bad binaries.15:00
rx5heh, so i have died dog : )15:01
rx5i know about stuiped crashes, but why i shouldnt use extentions of my cpu?15:04
Hanwhy ask the same question again?15:05
rx5ok, one or two weeks and i will run my crux in 64 bit mode15:06
jjpkGood luck with banging your head on your desk ;)15:10
copworkerthere are better things to bang, so I heard.15:12
mike_kbtw, anyone have an idea of 'how to use git in contrib and personal repo with no commits duplication'?15:13
rx5for xorg only15:14
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rx5im think git now should maintained in base repo15:17
rx5because it so useful15:18
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Hanmike_k, remove the contrib stuff from /etc/ports and mv the repo to /usr/contrib15:19
Handeus_ex, lets see15:19
rx5sory, fuckking mobile and beer - opt15:19
rx5han, i dont like your idea15:21
rx5guys, why you move base to core?15:23
mike_kHan: I'll rephraze. Say, I have port1, port2. port1 is constantly tracked and changes are commited to contrib. if I want to use git locally for port2... (Now I have all ".sync'ed" ports symlinked to personal repo from git-contrib dir.)15:23
deus_extilman: Curl and openssl updates are fun ;)15:23
deus_ex(why xdtv needs/uses curl is beyond me)15:24
Hanto stream I guess15:24
HanWas that really beyond you?15:24
Hanmike_k, I don't know, it works great here. The best archive possible, with backups, fast and reliable.15:26
rx5y'know, im from ussr, from sibiria ;)15:27
rx5and im use crux  only15:28
Handeus_ex, about the trickle port, first lets see if the new version works without patching.15:28
HanOdd the 1.07 release is not on the webpage15:28
aon\o/, more neighbours :)15:28
mike_kHan: I can't get the sense behind the letters. Language barrier...15:29
mike_kI'll post to ml maybe15:29
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rx5aon, something like that ;)15:29
deus_exHan: I took 1.07 tarball from Ubuntu page.15:29
HanI took it from the main mirror :P15:30
deus_exAnd it will not build without patching here.15:30
rx5mike, just reboot yourself15:30
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rx5han, what u mean with sigh?15:32
mike_krx5: russian "ap-4-hi" maybe15:33
rx5i dont know thats word!15:33
aoninhale through mouth, then exhale without a pause15:34
rx5mike, thanks for update :)15:34
aonthat's a sigh :)15:34
rx5aon, thx15:35
aonvzdoh? :)15:35
rx5ok, did  you planed to release 64 bit version ne crux?15:37
rx5deus, what is it?15:38
deus_exrx5: serbian for 'sigh'15:39
rx5now i gona out from my phone...15:39
Handeus_ex, try again15:39
rx5i need to drink again russian vodka! ;)15:40
rx5deus, sibiria15:42
* deus_ex needs to drink less vodka ;)15:42
Hanyes deus_ex, drink less vodka15:42
rx5deus, are u know what is it?15:43
aonwho doesn't?15:43
rx5vodka is our life ;)15:43
HanI never drink vodka15:43
deus_exHan: Trickle doesn't build.15:43
Hanlots of wiskey though ;-)15:43
aonrx5: how about this: :)15:43
Handeus_ex, what error?15:44
deus_exrx5: I know about Siberia, of course :) Damn cold.15:44
rx5im kidding  u :)15:44
deus_exHan: Same.15:44
deus_exrx5: I figured that much :)15:45
HanI applied all relevant changes from that patch afaik15:45
Hantry again with glibc2.515:45
deus_exI removed debian cruft from the patch, and it builds fine.15:45
Hanso make a diff and send me that patch.15:46
Hanno wait, I got it :-)15:47
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rx5guys, im developer and use only crux for it, i have so much patches for latest release and for new releases ne some pkgs15:48
rx5i dont like idea use it by yourself15:49
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Handeus_ex, ok try again.15:49
* Han gives deus_ex another vodka15:51
deus_exNo thank you, I had enough last night. :)15:52
treachman, it's just thurstay.. or did it get renamed to thirstday? ;)15:52
aonit's the start of the weekend for some of us... :)15:53
deus_exHan: trickle doesn't build.15:53
* Han beats up deus_ex 15:53
rx5sibirian guys too15:54
aoni guess i'll have to take some too to stay on topic :D15:54
Hanoh heh, silly me15:54
jjpktreach: that would explain the massive hangover with a significant amount of students today :D15:54
HanHard to fix a problem if you have to guess15:54
jjpkThirstdays ftw!15:54
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deus_extreach: I must prepare for tomorrow, drinking party a.k.a 'slava' :)15:55
treachI never actually understood that "get plastered in the middle of the week" thing.15:55
rx5i hate my phone because i lost some so shiny thinks15:55
treachseems just stupid to me, but I had plenty of fun annoying hungover friends. (and some non-friends as well ;P )15:56
jjpkToday was a long day of sitting in a lecture hall. It was fun watching these people pass out or run like hell to the restrooms15:56
treachdeus_ex: slava? hmm, "slava" means to work really hard, like a slave in swedish, but I guess that's not what you meant. :P15:57
Handeus_ex, can you pkgmk -kw and then run autoconf in the builddir and then run ./configure and make15:57
rx5i get high right now!15:58
deus_exHan: As far as I am concerned, that patch from Ubuntu works(minus debian/ stuff).If you want to fix your port, I'll help as much as I can :)15:58
aonperhaps we have to found #crux-substance_abuse15:58
jjpkaon: rofl15:58
Handeus_ex, ok, send your patch15:59
jjpkIf you get high from drinking you must be drinking proper absinthe.15:59
rx5also crux- so helpful for gettinghigh16:00
treachI guess we should have another channel for the easily annoyed as well. "crux-abuse", let's call it a value added service."I'd like an argument please." ;-)16:00
rx5i hate so big package!16:01
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Han#crux-booze ?16:02
aontreach: hehe :)16:02
aonHan: the community is small enough to have one channel for all subtance use, #crux-booze would be just for alcohol :)16:03
HanYeah but when you're drunk you can't type abuse anymore.16:05
aonyes i can16:05
treach"I'm alredy doing it" :P16:05
aonyou shouldn't irc at all if you can't type 'abuse'16:05
jjpkThere are plenty of those who dare to type at that stage :]16:07
rx5vodka-rules, rules-vodka!16:08
jjpk"I am drunk. Drunk is me"16:09
rx5thats told russian guys and my, but i not russian!16:10
rx5with crux?16:10
treachiptables -A INPUT -i eth0 -s SIBERIA --dport $EYE_SOCKET -j VODKA_FILTER16:10
rx5pointed to sender ip16:13
Hansounds painfull16:14
HanGimme more booze otherwise I might scream16:14
deus_exHan: Sent. Have fun :-)16:16
Han207kb for a gzipped patch...16:19
treachheh, that's some patch. :P16:20
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Han/usr/bin/install: cannot stat `./': No such file or directory16:20
copworkermhm, trickle16:21
jaegerrehabdoll: what's the problem?16:21
HanI compressed the patch a bit more, now it's 2.2k16:26
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Handeus_ex, please test again without patch but with this command after cd16:42
Hansed -i '/#include <netinet\/in.h>/d' *.c16:42
Hananyway, I commited it.16:46
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* Han pokes deus_ex 16:52
HanWAKE UP!16:52
deus_exHan: Just a moment, please.16:56
Hanhurry up! :P16:57
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deus_exHan: Congrats, it works :;)16:58
HanI rock16:59
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sepenhi! $ git checkout 2.220:19
sepenfatal: Not a git repository20:19
sepenI should use 2.2 contrib=?20:20
prologicit would appear your tree isn't a git wc20:21
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prologicdoes: "git branch" show any branches ?20:21
sepencd contrib; git checkout 2.2; now runsss20:22
jaegerarg, why does rrm3 not say something when he's here?20:22
prologicmaybe he's a bot :)20:23
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prologica human turned into one of those cyborg things!20:24
* jaeger pokes rrm320:24
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prologiche could have *!*@* on his ignore list :)20:28
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jaegerwelcome back21:13
*** rrm3_ is now known as rrm321:15
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rrm3jaeger: thanks21:16
jaegerhow have you been?21:16
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