IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2006-11-17

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pitilloprologic, sdl_ttf needs to be added to wop Dependencies.01:20
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pitilloI´m trying to port an app that need to run cgi´s. Wich is the best way to do that? I mean where can I put cgi to run safetly. For example, by default puts them in /usr/sbin, but there are more files there thant can be executed (when configuring web server I mean). Is it a better idea to make a dir to the new app under /usr/sbin/$app and put the cgi scripts under it to make after a "secured" configuration of webserver?02:48
pitilloHan, not sure if it´s apache related or crux related. I mean when porting if it´s better to use /usr/sbin/ or /usr/sbin/app to put cgi´s. In this way you can setup your webserver to use what you need, not all /usr/sbin/*cgi´s02:59
pitillo(sorry if this is a dumb question, may be I´m missing or not understanding something) Time to take a bite.03:03
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Romsterpitillo, maybe your wanting to use /usr/share/$name ?03:24
spn|work->> /usr/sbin/System binaries (e.g. daemons)03:26
spn|workI think it's a good pratice to put daemons in that place, but not in /sbin03:27
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pitillospn|work, cgi´s aren´t daemons and some ports put them at that location. Configuring a webserver to use cgi´s can be done better making a difference in /usr/sbin/app/cgi´s to use which you want instead of all in /usr/sbin03:40
pitilloRomster, I think I mean /usr/sbin like some ports to put cgi´s. I think isn´t used /usr/share/app. Thinking in a "general way"/"general rules" to setup this ports type.03:43
Romstercgi scripts useally go into www/cgi-bin/03:44
Romsterdo you see any directories in /usr/sbin ? i think not03:45
marotilman: ah, now I see what you meant yesterday :)03:47
maropkgutils git :)03:47
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ono_whats up03:51
ono_any tips on getting a radeon 9200se working with directRendering with Xorg03:52
ono_currently using the radeon driver03:52
maroI have a 9200 PRO running03:52
marono problems03:52
ono_which driver?03:52
ono_ati , radeon, or fglrx03:52
ono_can you show me your xorg config?03:54
marobut I'm using aiglx03:54
ono_is that an add-on for fglrx or separate?03:54
maro(just remove the AIGLX option and it should work anyway)03:54
ono_when i use fglrx xorg errors with AIGLX no DRI03:55
ono_and fglrxinfo shows Mesa03:55
ono_instead of ati03:55
maroyou have fglrx installed?03:55
pitilloRomster, I don´t see any directory under /usr/sbin...  but can you take a look to yhafri´s nagios port? cgi´s are in /usr/sbin (like in squid port) I´m in troble with this. (Not sure if I´m explaining well.03:55
maropity on you, you're now unsupported03:56
ono_i'm running ubuntu at the moment03:56
ono_but i'm a long term crux user03:56
pitilloono_, rv250 working well with radeon drivers.03:56
ono_i just need the correct settings in xorg.conf and ubuntu seems to be $h1tting things up for me03:56
maropitillo: not if you're a fucking idiot and install the fglrx drivers which will overwrite your libgl03:57
Romsterpitillo, hmm k i'll take a look i run squid here too btw03:57
ono_Section "Device"03:57
ono_        Identifier      "Generic Video Card"03:57
ono_        Driver          "radeon"03:57
ono_        Option  "AGPMode"       "8"03:57
ono_        Option  "AGPFastWrite" "true"03:57
ono_        Option  "BusType"       "AGP"03:57
ono_        Option  "DDCMode" "on"03:57
ono_        Option  "EnablePageFlip"        "true"03:57
ono_        Option  "AccelMethod"   "EXA"03:57
ono_        Option  "DMAForXv"      "true"03:57
ono_        Option  "RenderAccel" "true"03:57
ono_        #BusID          "PCI:3:0:0"03:57
maroono_: why all the options?03:58
ono_lspci shows it as a PCI bus... its an AGP card..03:58
Romsterono_, pastebin ffs03:58
ono_those options are for optimal settings according to the radeon driver docs03:58
ono_sorry for the paste flood03:58
maroX will figure out what's best - for every option you add, things are more likely to fuck up03:58
ono_glxinfo | grep direct rendering produces "no"03:59
pitillomaro, with my chipset need to touch more thing to make it working with a old fglrx release. (not supported new releases like you said)03:59
maroand you should consider reinstalling your OS now that you've been stupid enough to run a proprietary program with root privileges03:59
ono_>> lspci =03:59
ono_03:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV280 [Radeon 9200] (rev 01)03:59
maroespecially when said program is known to overwrite libGL with its own version04:00
maro(or was that nvidia?)04:00
pitilloono_, wich are the errors?04:00
pitillomaro, was nvidia, I think fglrx provide another instead of overwriting.04:01
pitilloRomster, may be is a good idea to use /usr/lib/$name/ instead of /usr/share/$name04:07
pitillosquid´s cgi must be special I think. Other ports use that path. Sorry if I disturb with this Q but I wasn´t sure.04:08
Romsterpitillo, then i guess throw all the cgis into /usr/sbin/04:13
Romstertheres no conflicts?04:13
pitillowell, I will not put them there... That isn´t a good location IMO. I will use /usr/lib/$name and will see if it works.04:14
Romsterhmm *.cgi's are binary so /usr/sbin looks like the place to put them04:17
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pitilloI think it isn´t the location, to setup a webserver to use them... you need to setup an alias, and I think isn´t a good location to do that alias.... IMO is better to make difference, and use only what you want.04:18
prologicpitillo, nps mate will do - thanks!04:20
pitillothanks to you too for your work and time :)04:21
prologichey nps!04:22
rxi_hey prologic04:24
prologichey rxi04:24
rxi_prologic: do you have much to do with storage?04:24
prologicin what context ?04:24
rxi_sme/smb or enterprise level network based04:25
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prologicI've had samba/smb experience in the past with a couple of organizations and local networks04:32
prologicbut these days (personally) I just use sshfs04:32
rxi_ahh i was wondering more along the lines of hardware and getting your opinion on whether you prefer san or nas or something else?04:32
prologicsans are nice04:33
prologicif you're gonna build your own though you'll want nice hardware04:33
prologicfast ram, fast disks (preferably raid)04:33
Romsterata over lan?04:33
prologicand a good processor, they get very processor intensive04:33
rxi_prologic: yeah i was thinking alone the same lines .. bit more pricy tho04:34
prologicexpect it to cost at least $3-4k04:34
prologicdepending on how much storage you want too04:34
prologicpitillo, pushed04:34
pitilloprologic, thanks :)04:35
rxi_yeah trying to avoid scsi for the price/size ratio .. its only for home so $3-$4k is out of my price range atm04:35
prologicyou won't really get any benefits out of scsi04:35
Romstercheckout my safe-build sometime prologic its good for finding missing dependencys, i'm using it to check my ports.04:36
prologicjust stick with sata disks with some kind of raid04:36
Romsteri can't see why ya can't use sata2 ?04:36
prologicget a 3ware raid controller too if you want to reduce cpu usage on raid04:36
Romsterand raid that.04:36
rxi_yeah dont have a chassiss to take the drives tho04:37
prologicrxi_, is this for some company you're working for ?04:37
rxi_prologic: nah its for me :)04:38
prologicoh right04:38
prologicjust for personal use ?04:38
prologicdo you need windows machines to access it ?04:38
prologicbecause if you don't there's no benefit in using samba04:38
prologicok fine :)04:38
prologicthen just pick yourself up an AMD Sempron 3200+ with 1G ddr2 400mhz ram, and 2x200G 8Mb cache sata2 drives04:39
prologicI can prive all this up for you from my supplier :)04:39
prologiccrux + samba and you're sweet :)04:39
rxi_prologic: hehe yeah thats what ive got atm04:39
rxi_thinking more like san chassis that can hold 8-14 sata drives04:40
prologicstoring heaps of porn huh :)04:41
rxi_something like that :P04:41
prologick well lemme know if you need anything else04:41
prologicI've gotta write up this report and go see my gf :)04:41
Romsterheh, going out soon myself but no g/f :(04:42
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rxi_heh dont know you'll find a good gf playing darts :P04:43
Romsternot many females in my age group that are aviable there :/04:44
Romsteri would of thoguht i'd find one at either darts or table tennis04:44
rxi_only "females" that play darts around here are either pensioner or druggy04:45
Romsterah you play too, i got 9 in tripple ones 2 weeks ago that anoyed me, so want a 180 hehe04:46
Romsteryeah there either too old (adults) or too young, and one i had my eye on is taken :/04:46
Romsterso thats a nogo there.04:46
rxi_hehe i dont play04:47
Romsterah ok but you watch O_o?04:47
rxi_we;; ive played the odd round-the-world game with mates  or dicking around04:47
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Romsterelse you wouldn't of known04:47
rxi_ive seen them on occasion playing at the rsl04:48
pitilloRomster, can you take a look to this and tell me your opinion about...
RedShiftsomeone should mention in the manual that e2fsprogs is vital to a system04:49
rxi_only if you use an ext fs04:50
RedShiftno, e2fsprogs include libblkid.so04:53
RedShiftwhich is kinda vital to... everything04:54
prologicit is ?04:56
prologichow so ?04:56
Romsterpitillo, hmm looks ok.04:57
Romsterrxi_, ah k04:57
RomsterRSL that explains why rxi_ lol04:57
RomsterRedShift, oh that i didn't know of, i thought ya can remove that if you don't use ext04:57
Romsterhrmm /usr/libexec/ is a bad path isn't it?04:57
RedShiftprologic: try "mount" without it ;-)04:57
prologicmount is binded to this library ?04:57
Romsterjust fond one of my ports thats using that, should be /usr/lib i think04:58
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prologichmm it is too04:58
prologicI wonder if you can build util-linux without binding it to that library04:58
Romsterbut rebuild mount without e2fsprogs ?04:59
rxi_Romster: lol .. nothing wrong with the rsl :P04:59
Romsterdon't tell me you removed it to find out...04:59
prologicmount is provided by util-linux04:59
prologicthat's how you learn ;)04:59
prologictinker till it breaks!05:00
Romsterrxi_, jsut alot of oldies go there05:00
Romsterthee entertainment is a 2 peace band :P05:00
Romsterprologic, i'd say mount only takes advantage of e2fsprogs if its present during building?05:00
Romsterya well i do that in a chroot now :P05:01
Romsterand yes i tinker alot hehe05:01
rxi_Romster: hehe yeah rsl down here used to be the best place to go on friday05:01
Romsteri'm sure prtverify has a bug on the dependency check it says i'm missing a dependency but i have it in the repo05:03
Romsterok i'm off now, later05:04
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RedShiftRomster: impossible, google for libblkid and what it does ;-)05:08
* RedShift monthly shower05:09
spn|workmbmon: my first port for contrib xD05:24
spn|workgit r00lz!!05:24
mike_kspn|work: where did your nut port go?05:25
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pitillomike_k, it´s in my repo, some of my ports were synced to sepen´s repo. Removed them from his repo.05:35
mike_kpitillo: oh, thanks05:35
pitillomike_k, :)05:36
mike_kpitillo: what is the url, btw?05:36
spn|workpitillo, you need to reg your repo05:50
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pitillospn|work, you know that I need more knowledge to do that. When I be able to do "good" ports I´ll do that. By now, I keep it far to test them by who has a bit of time to do that.07:02
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pitilloI hope if anyone find some error or has any comment about any port can tell me about. :)08:01
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pitillogood weekend for all!09:12
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Cheikhanyone knows what may cause localhost not to work09:44
tilmanmissing loopback device09:45
HanYour problem description is unclear09:49
Cheikhlike i get error when doing on my browser09:52
HanThat's because you are not running a webserver on that interface09:52
Cheikhi see09:54
teKnetstat -ape | grep LISTEN tells you more :-)09:55
Cheikhapache is not running that is what i was trying to fix but though that localhost would work without a web server09:57
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jjpkIf nothing is listening, nothing will happen. :]10:06
HanCheikh, all your previous machines were hacked ;-)10:07
Cheikhit is fixed my php.ini file was pointing to an old extension_dir file10:07
tilmani liked my theory of missing lo better10:07
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nipuLtransparent proxies + timebased acls ftw! that'll learn the stupid internet users to hang around after closing time17:20
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