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RyoSwtf, i have an adolf hitler quote in my fortunes :s04:53
tilmanwhat does it say?04:54
tilman"mit einem ei kann man nicht ficken! ich muss staendig pissen, und deshalb gibt es jetzt krieg!"?04:55
RyoSlol, nein :P04:55
RyoSWe stand for the maintenance of private property.... We shall protect04:55
RyoSfree enterprise as the most expedient, or rather the sole possible04:55
RyoSeconomic order. -- Adolf Hitler (1889-1945), "Der Fruehrer"04:55
tilmanwhat idiot put it there04:56
RyoSi have no clue really04:57
RyoSi installed the fortunes via ports04:57
* Romster hears someone yell 'it was me' jim carry style ;P05:06
RyoSyay :)05:18
RyoSgot the audacious-mplayer plugin working :)05:19
HanWell that is exactly what he stood for. Anarchy, power to the rich.05:28
HanAt least hitler spoke the truth05:28
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tilmani wonder whether i can kick his ass for that statement06:01
jjpkI suggest you simply ignore the statement, no need to fuel the fire.06:02
jjpkBesides, #crux is not #history iirc. :p06:03
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GSFI'd like to install xorg 7.108:04
RyoScool :)08:04
GSFI've added xorg repo to /etc/ports, but prt-get install xorg-xproto (for example) fails to find the package08:04
GSF(I've already run ports -u xorg)08:05
RyoSedit /etc/prt-get.conf08:05
GSFalso, man prt-get tells me it is able to track dependencies?08:05
GSFI thought crux couldn't manage dependency tracking08:06
RyoSread the manpage to hear what it says you ;)08:06
treachit doesn't.08:06
treachbut prt-get does, to some extent08:06
GSFit does so using the "# Depends on:" comments?08:06
treach"#Nice to have" isn't used though.08:07
jjpkJust read the guide at It explains everything you need to know about installing modular xorg.08:07
treach(I'd actually like to se an #Optional, which prt-get used, but I guess that holds all kinds of complications..)08:08
GSFjjpk: thanks.08:08
treachDo NOT forget about the pre/post install scripts08:09
tilmanxorg? ;p08:09
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GSFtilman: :)08:12
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mike_kViper_: "...have to check the project 'CRUX-Contrib' regularly"? Will I recieve an e-mail if task gets assigned to me?09:24
tilmanyou will receive mail09:25
mike_kso constant polling is useless =)09:26
Viper_sometimes people who are submitting a bug don't assign it to anybody09:27
Viper_so you won't get a mail09:27
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tilmanit's probably appreciated if anyone helps assigning bugs, too09:34
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trii kown its offtopic but what is the best mail client with pgp integration ?09:49
rehabdollmutt ftw09:50
RyoSsylpheed-claws if you prefer a gui client09:52
trithx sylpheed looks great10:04
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tilmanour gzip cannot handle large files!12:44
rehabdollhow big?12:45
tilman2.2 gb12:46
tilmanlooks like LFS support isn't enabled12:46
tilmanit's fixed by recompiling with -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=6412:52
GSFwhat port do I need to install to have 'sans' font?12:56
GSFnevermind, I resorted to elinks13:02
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bl4ckth0rnSeens to be a good distro, I will fetch it :)23:12
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