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rxiprologic: are you a fan of the short circuit movies?03:23
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prologicrxi, yes it's my favorite movie why ?05:14
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rxiahh found number 2 at woolies on dvd :)05:15
rxiordering number 105:16
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prologicrxi, I have em both :)05:16
prologicfinally after many years05:16
rxihehe yeah i havent seen them since i was pretty small05:17
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Romsterany word on when i maybe accetped int contrib Juergen has second me int he e-mail, but nothing furthor from that has happend.12:18
Romsterand all my emails get bounced from the ML saying timeout too12:18
Hanask sip12:22
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Hanok, deal!14:07
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thrice`wow, is 2.3 in the works already?14:57
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thrice`exciting :)15:06
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* Han still favours regular snapshots.16:23
HanSaves people so much time for updating.16:23
Hanreleases for crux are not really relevant since no big changes occur.16:24
jjpkHan: so something similar to what jaeger does with his updated iso16:31
jjpkCould be an answer, but what would I know.16:36
HanThat's all that it takes indeed.16:43
HanMake it easy for people to step in and go with the flow.16:43
jjpkI see you point because it is very annoying upgrading many packages if you install 2.2 now for example.16:47
jjpkWhatever is chosen, there should definately be more frequent releases.16:49
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HanI prefer snapshots actually.16:50
HanI mean, what's there specific about our releases that differentiate them from snapshots?16:50
thrice`for a distro ?16:51
koefzOr regular binary upgrades.16:51
koefzWhen a new port is checked in to the tree, just build a package and throw up somewhere.16:52
thrice`is it difficult to upgrade gcc (and others( from a non-binary package?16:52
thrice`noooo, no binary packs! :)16:53
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HanNo it's not. You just got to do it in the right order.16:53
koefzBut I've been arguing for that for over two years now, and it probably won't happen.16:53
thrice`koefz: sure it will, it's archlinux16:53
Hanarchlinux is nice, appart from the evangalistic fans16:54
HanIf that's what you want that is.16:54
koefzIf that really was true, we could just as well cancel CRUX and everyone could run Arch with ABS instead.16:54
HanIt's true.16:55
koefzCRUX is is nicer somehow.16:55
HanBecause of it's simplicity :-)16:55
thrice`one thing I like about arch is the -current install, where it ftp packages during install from the -current set of packs16:56
Hanbinary packages throw in unwanted complications.16:56
HanAnyway, I already added minimal binarypackages support to crux for openbsd.16:56
HanThe pre and postinstall scripts are included in the binary16:57
HanIn the Pkgfile actually.16:57
thrice`I think jaeger's netinst CD is close, but I dont' see why that couldn't be included on the install disc16:57
HanI bet my solution is satisfactory for the average cruxer.16:57
thrice`Han: packages from where ?16:58
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HanYou lost me there.17:00
koefzHan, you're referring to c4o with "crux for openbsd"?17:00
thrice`you said you added binary package support to crux ?17:00
Hankoefz, yes17:01
Hanthrice`, that's a partial quote17:01
thrice`oh, "for17:01
thrice`" opennbsd17:01
HanWell porting those scripts to linux back again is a piece of pie of course.17:02
HanOnly one thing is missing. A tar client which supports -s17:02
HanThat means ed like search and replace on extraction dirnames.17:02
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thrice`Han: i misunderstood - apoligies17:03
HanNow pax (from openbsd) supports this, but it is _the_ _only_ program which doesn't support fakeroot :-(17:03
Hanthrice`, no problem, it was a reado.17:03
thrice`so is that the reason for most of your arrays in your Pkgfiles using "'s instead of ( ) ?17:04
HanYes, it works just as well, except that it _is_ portable.17:05
HanIt's because I hate software that takes away your freedom, and bash does that.17:07
thrice`that's a neat project17:08
RomsterHan, hmm i've oftern wondered why you used double quotes and not braces.17:09
Romstereasy enougth to sed the Pkgfile if one so needs to use "" instead of ()17:09
HanIt was a lot of work Romster :P17:11
HanActually I could write a parser in C. That's much simpler.17:12
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thrice`would upgrading binary packages in telinit 1 be safe for distro-release upgrades ?17:19
Romsterthrice`, try it then run revdep and see what need to be recompiled.17:23
thrice`just curious17:25
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prologiccan whowever has a port for gnucash sync it to contrib please :)17:42
prologicokay obviously noone has17:42
HanYou have to keep core in sync17:54
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thrice`is that at me ?17:55
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prologicchecking for g-wrap-config... no18:13
prologicconfigure: WARNING: g-wrap-config failed18:13
prologicany idea what I'm missing here ?18:14
prologicnvm :)18:17
thrice`what was it ?18:17
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nipuLi dont suppose anyone has a copy of danm's crux64 ports?22:53
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