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RyoSnipuL: not me, sorry00:23
RyoSwhat is with danm anyway? i missed his story..00:23
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nipuLno idea, i sent him an email re crux64 a week ago. no reply02:30
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pitillohi good morning. Playing a bit more with nagios, I found that plugins tries to use the /usr/libexec dir, bit with prtverify gives a error about dir not allowed. Need to be changed to /usr/libexec/$name or use another? Can anyone give me a clue06:43
sipmine use /usr/nagios/libexec06:45
pitillosip, yours? Looking for it.06:46
sipnote: I'm not maintaing that anymore06:46
pitilloI was looking at web repos. Taking a look to that. Thanks sip :)06:47
pitillosip, well, no problem. I think it can gives me ideas. Re-reading yhafris one.... I don´t like it. I´m trying to redo again in a better way.06:47
sipmine is also more recent06:48
pitilloumm interesting... you made a union with plugins too. Nice idea. I made 2 different ports.06:49
sip(and also sports some cruft)06:49
Romsterpitillo, /usr/lib06:49
pitilloRomster, yeah, prefer /usr/lib/$name But I need more reading06:50
pitilloI´ll try to paste the Pkgfile this afternoon. It´s different compared with sip´s one (the configure I mean.)06:51
Romsterit should then use /usr/$name/lib/06:51
Romsteror jsut /usr/lib06:51
* Romster is messign with the mingw32 port of mine :)06:51
Romsterthats a doozie of a port.06:51
Romstergot some junk i'm removing and cleanign it up more.06:52
pitilloRomster, some ports use /usr/lib/$name instead of /usr/lib/...06:52
Romsterfor example.06:53
Romsterthats someting to look at i got /usr/mingw32/... stuff.06:55
Romstershould be /usr/lib/mingw32 and yeah some stuff already goes to /usr/share/mingw32/06:56
Romsterbut atm i'll remove junk etc then figure out on path changes.06:59
Romsterits one hell of a port to mess with.06:59
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Romsteri seemt o pick the ahrd ones heh.06:59
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aonmike_k: is building as a dedicated user recommended somewhere in the handbook?09:23
mike_knot yet, but I assume - it is a matter of time09:24
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j^2good day all09:51
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RedShiftwhy is apr in opt so old?11:04
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guaquaare there any plans to switch to unicode one day?15:32
* tilman switched to unicode some months ago15:32
tilmanyou mean, "generate wtf8 locales by default"?15:33
tilmanwe should probably do that for 2.315:33
guaquai mean utf8 being the default for all but the kitchen sink?15:34
guaquaso that i can k.i.s.s. :)15:35
aonknights in satan's service?15:35
* tilman slowly backs off15:36
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Cheikhis there a way to sesize a partition without deleting it16:34
Cheikhmy problem is that my root partition is small i wanna sezise my home partition and the free space i had it to the root partition16:35
Cheikhadd not had16:35
HanCheikh, step 1: make a backup16:36
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danmnipuL: I'm not sure whether it's the latest ('ve just made a restore). The original files got lost during my server switch.17:28
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nipuLyet no ulpt devices19:34
nipuLBus 4 Device 2: ID 04a9:2635 Canon, Inc.19:35
nipuLand there's the printer19:35
nipuLalso, no references to ulpt in the udev rules19:36
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nipuLoh, lp19:38
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