IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2006-11-21

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copworknipuL, which printer and printing sub are you using ?00:28
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nipuLdoesnt matter, it's all sorted now01:19
nipuLhow do i get the 2.3 branch, git pull didnt work01:20
nipuLand that's about the extent of my git knowledge atm01:20
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pitillonipuL, may be this can be helpful for you. take a look to the "For more information about git..." There are 3 links with info about git.01:49
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pitillocan anyone take a llok to this 2 footprints ant tell me wich is near of crux way?
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nipuLthe "crux way" would also involve removing all the documentation from the package02:49
RedShiftnipuL: everything but the man pages02:50
nipuLthe first one seems more correct, in terms of permissions02:51
pitilloremaking it again. Forgot to setup permissions.02:55
pitillotime to take a bite02:57
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namenlosm4 1.4.8 is out.03:16
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pitilloported nagios and fruity. Testing both. If anyone can take a look to them and told me errors.04:46
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Romsterfruity hrmm would that be a looping audio program?05:02
pitilloRomster, nop, a tool to configure nagios (graphical interface). You mean fruityloops... xD05:03
copworkdoesnt nagios have its web interface ?05:04
Romsterediting ports to contrib, and arge didn't realise it'll add *~ files unlike svn...05:04
pitillocopwork, nagios it´s a web interface to monitor devices defined in diferent files. I´m trying fruity to setup this files with a web interface instead of write files from scratch. I´m finishing the ports and I will test its functionallity.05:06
Romsterok think thats fixed now and time for a coffee, still got more ports to sort out.05:17
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Romsterpitillo, thought fruity might of been a clone of fruityloops :/05:18
pitilloummm that clone exists... lmms05:18
Romsteryeah and i have lmms05:21
Romsterjsut thought you had another one lol05:21
pitillofootprint mistmach.... added files if mysql is installed. what is the better way to do that? Make the port under the system with full support?05:27
pitilloor in the other way... make it and make the footprint to show the new files?05:28
Romsteruh either disable-mysql or whatver the option is ./configure --help05:28
pitilloRomster, it´s interesting to have mysql support imo05:29
Romsterthen add mysql to the depends line05:29
pitilloRomster, ummm true. Thanks. :)05:29
Romsteryour welcome05:30
Romsteror do what i've been doing with safe-build and prt-get depinst each port and clean the chroot out before trying the next.05:31
Romsterhan imlib2 needs cvs added to its dependencys, it is required to get the source...06:23
Romsterah and imlib2 also is missing x11 in the dependencys too..06:26
pitillocvs isn´t a real port dep... It´s only needed to download the source, not used by the source. (someone gives me that explanation)06:28
Romsteryes but the port won't build without out the source will it now.06:29
Romsterits requitred to build therefore its a dependency06:29
Romsteri know han won't fix that so i have, hope han dosn't get mad at me :/06:36
pitilloRomster, that is the explanation I got someday... and it´s good I think. It´s different the Dependencies meaning, they are other software needed by the port, not software used to build it.06:39
aonRomster: please don't touch other people's ports at least without negotiating with them first06:39
Romsterah sorry, i had told han in the past but he had refused to edit it, or was too busy and forgot, don't know all i did was add x11 and cvs to the dependencys and edit hes e-mail to conform with the new email format.06:41
Romsteri'd post to the ML about port alterations but for some reason all my emails get bounced saying 'timed out', ah i better email my isp and get that sorted out.06:42
aonyeah, so now he has one valid port, yippee06:42
Romsterlol yeah heh.06:42
aonthis kind of behaviour might easily result in Repository Wars(tm)06:42
Romsterlol you trademarked it already O_o hmm i've been known to anoy without being anoying, maybe i've found a new form :P06:42
pitilloif isn´t yours... don´t touch it. Mail the maintainer or the ML.06:43
Romstererr without trying to be anoying.06:43
Romsteractually i can mail them matters directly to the maintainer can't i, dosn't have to goto the ML06:43
aonyes, you can06:44
aonor you can use flyspray06:44
pitillowhy you can´t mail directly the maintainer?06:44
Romsteri'll eamil him about the alteration then *so hides*06:44
Romsterpitillo, you can, but if its only a port problem etc, not global matters that belong in the ML06:44
Romsterah yeah i got a flyspray account too so i should get to using that as thats the best approch.06:45
pitilloyes, that´s the reason why you need to mail him directly. (it´s a port problem, try to discuss about your changes, but don´t change his ports)06:46
Romsteraon, is there anyway to make git ignore some files like *~ ?06:46
Romsterpitillo, yeah i should of thought of that....06:47
aoni don't know06:47
* Romster smacks myself06:47
Romsteri'd flyspray it but i fixed the bug now.06:47
Romsterso i'll just email him on that one.06:47
Romsterbut the rest i find i'll flyspray it.06:47
Romsterthat way there is a recorld of each bug.06:48
Romsterarge to used to typing svn than git lol06:49
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RyoS <- crazy =D07:10
RyoSsmashing a brand new ps3 on open street... gosh :( so sad07:10
guaquai wonder if the new ps3 processor is good for server use07:11
RyoSyou would really think about that..?07:13
guaquayeah :)07:13
guaquait's got a lot of cores :)07:13
RyoSits a play(!!!)station dude :P07:20
RyoSno serverstation360° ;)07:21
guaqualotsa cores <307:22
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rehabdollthey did it to the wii too07:43
RyoSsaw it ;)07:45
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HanRomster, do _not_ edit my ports! I told you it's not a dependency08:08
Romsterif it don't build i say it is....08:09
HanAnd if you disagree with me that's your problem08:09
Romsteredit it back if you care i'll just dup it in my private repo..08:10
HanNo, you edit it back!08:10
Romsteryou want me to return it to its previous state aswell as the invalid email format?08:10
HanMind your own bussiness!08:11
Romsterok i will, sorry for even fixing it..08:11
Romsteri'll use flyspray for bug reports for now on... i didn't think before i acted on that, but IMO if it dosn't build without a dependencys it should be in the Pkgfile but thats just me that be like comparing another port with a missing library in my books.08:17
Hanblah blah blah08:18
HanJust keep repeating Romster, you already said it 10 times.08:18
HanWhy don't you just say it a few times more.08:18
HanAnd every time it will ring more true.08:19
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j^2hey all09:18
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pitilloj^2, good"afternoon"09:31
* j^2 tips hat to pitillo 09:31
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schniggiehi all09:54
j^2greetinngs schniggie10:12
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tilmanRomster: since git supports atomic commits, you should exploit that feature best you can11:03
tilmanwhich also means that you shouldn't mix two different bug fixes in the same commit11:03
tilman(which is what you did here: dd5393fec3a68646f2b516812793889f6ca45fa0)11:03
tilmanRomster: hint2: use "git revert" to revert commits ;)11:04
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Romsterah ok still learning here.11:07
tilmanyou should always check you are committing the right stuff before hitting the OK button11:11
tilman'git status' tells you what crap is going to be added11:12
jaegerat least things like that are usually easy to fix11:12
tilmanit's annoying to have stuff like that in version history ;D11:13
jaegerI suppose, but that's better than nothing11:13
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Romstermy mistake, svn dosn't add *~ files....11:18
Romsterand i'm not used to git yet, i've only used bzr, svn mainly.11:18
jaegerdon't sweat it too much11:19
tilmani'm just noting some bits11:19
Romsterleast i fixed it :)11:19
tilmannot accusing you11:19
tilmanwe should probably add .gitignore11:19
Romsterhehe i know tilman11:19
Romsterah there is such a feature?11:19
Romsterthat be great for ignoring *~ and .Swp files at the least.11:20
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tilmanit works the same as .cvsignore11:20
tilmanbut you only need ONE file in the top level directory11:21
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Romsterah yeah i only usd the 1 file. and i'm used to svn more than cvs.11:21
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jjpkHan: you have a junk core file in your xorg-xdpyinfo port. han/xorg-xdpyinfo/core.1762111:36
jjpkNoticed because httpup timed out.11:37
jjpkThe 2.8mb filesize might also have something to do with the time out :p11:43
HanHmmm the tetex footprint is 745kb by itself.11:46
HanI already have a patch use compressed .footprints but per didn't want it.11:47
Romsterwould be a rare thing to have .footprints that big.11:47
HanThat's an assumption11:48
tilmanwhich is proven by experience11:48
Romsteryes then how about a stastics on all .footprint's then an average and max size.11:48
Hanwhine off11:48
HanI tested it and my repo was 50% smaller with compressed footprints11:49
Romsterhmm that is considerable.11:49
Romsterbut then you can't just look at footprints and all programs that look at footprints would need to be altered.11:50
Han8.5 mb uncompressed and 5.3 compressed. It takes 2 seconds to compress all footprints11:50
Hanzcat or zless works fine11:50
Romsterdosn't rsync compress on transfers dynamicly?11:50
Romsteri know scp can.11:51
Hanactually ssh does the rsync transfers11:51
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Romsterwhats the status on footprint missmatches on extra files that don't build when they don't have the port not installed, as its not on the depends line transcode and mjpegtools are 2 such ports.11:54
Romsterbuilt in a clean chroot transcode/ is missing.11:54
HanIf people who enable two extra braincells to read the errormessage that would not be a problem.11:55
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Romsteri know what it means, but should ports be built in a chroot that only have the depends on: line ports installed, or is it _OK_ to have extra ports installed and listed in the .footprint files when they don't exist on the depends line.11:57
Romsteror dosn't any one care about that and ignore footprints.11:57
Hannah, the current system is fine. I just disagree the default pkgmk throws an error.11:58
HanMy pkgmk doesn't, it asks you what to do.11:58
Romsteri think pkgmk should only throw an error on new files?11:58
Romsterand a warning on missing files, or something likethat11:58
Romstersetable with config or comamnd line of course.11:59
Romsteris that what you have done Han ?11:59
Hancheck it out.12:00
spn|workRomster, try zsync from my repo if you want12:05
spn|workrepo: sepen12:05
spn|workI'll return at home with sepen nick12:05
Romsterspn|work, hehe i got a copy of that :)12:05
spn|worknow it's time to part, jeje12:06
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seekwillHmm... Just installed 2.2, and did a sysup. On cpio, it says "configure: error: Working directory cannot be determined" after "+ ./configure --prefix=/usr --mandir=/usr/man --disable-nls". Any idea?12:28
tilmanhow does it try to determine the working directory?12:31
deus_exRomster: your yacy port has _yacy/daemon as user/group set.What is the reasoning behind that?Just curious :)12:33
Romsterah add some protection so it can't access normal files.12:33
Romstersame with tor12:33
Romsterand what gives witht he foot print using / instead of : in between user:group ?12:35
deus_exWouldn't that raise an error, since _yacy user does not exist?12:35
Romsterthere is a pre-install script there.12:36
Romsterhmm I should add a README to that port too.12:36
deus_exOh, I haven't looked at that, I just ran prtverify on contrib :-)12:37
Romsterafter i fetch a coffee i'll add one.12:37
Romsterit works ok, i've had it running for a month now approx.12:37
Romstergoes to show not many look though private repo's :)12:37
deus_exWith portdb, there is no need to, methinks12:38
Romsteryeah true.12:39
Romsterthe other thing i need todo is to remove ports i've put in contrib out of my private repo, no need to dup them.12:39
Romsterjust a few things on my TODO list :)12:40
schniggieho is responsible fpr repo list ?12:43
schniggiei added mine two times and wasn't added.12:43
schniggieViper_: there ;) ?12:43
deus_exI think that prtverify.log for contrib should be posted to crux-contrib list regularly.But, not all members of contrib are subscribed to crux-contrib ml, right?12:44
Romsterdeus_ex, prtverify dosn't have a recursive option?12:47
teKfrom time to time i get a footprint mismatch.. my error?12:48
tilmanteK: see the faq ;D12:48
RomsterteK, depends, who built the port and whats installed12:48
teKit was cmus from opt/12:49
Romsterand if you ran prt-get depinst cmus.12:50
teKit was an update12:50
teKso i did a prt-get update cmus12:51
Romsterah ok, no missing dependencys since?12:51
Romsterprt-get deptree cmus12:51
deus_exRomster: prtverify /usr/ports/contrib/* will check all ports.Is taht what you have in mind?12:51
teK[tek@irwin][/var/log/pkgbuild]% prt-get deptree cmus12:51
teK[tek@irwin][/var/log/pkgbuild]% echo $?12:51
teKwell.. Oo12:52
Romsterif not, then you got some aditional port its built to, and added support to.12:52
tilman(19:48) <@   tilman> teK: see the faq ;D12:52
tilmanit doesn't become untrue just because Romster goes raving about deps ;)12:52
teKi'll have a look, thanks. just curious if the error sits in front of the computer12:52
Romsterif its missing files int he .footprint then its got a port missign that the maintainer had on there system when built.12:52
Romstertilman, lol observations :)12:53
teKofo course i did not note version or the file it was missing  ;)12:53
teKthx for your help i'll check it later :)12:54
_mavrick61Hi.. In our main router Htop show CPU usage between 10-50%, but no processes show any usage. Is there a way to see system CPU use.12:57
deus_exPress F6, and sort by cpu use?12:58
deus_excpu hogs will be at the top12:59
Romster'cpu hogs' lol i like that term13:01
seekwilltilman: (sorry, afk) No idea how it determines working dir. Looking at Pkgfile, I don't see any reference for a working dir...13:03
tilmanlook at the configure script13:03
tilmanuntar the tarball yourself somewhere13:03
_mavrick61It is sorted by CPU... But no listed processes use any CPU..13:04
Romsteri find it east to do pkgmk -kw then ^c it after its un archived cd work/src/ :)13:05
Romster_mavrick61, htop running in root or as a user process?13:05
Romsterseems odd, maybe something is deadlocked.13:06
Romsterand won't give htop any cpu time.13:06
Romstermemory leaks, process using alot of ram13:07
Romsterother than that, no idea try ps13:07
_mavrick61Hmmm... That can be a good explanation.. I'll test with downgrade kernel to from then..13:09
_mavrick61There is not mutch runnig on Main router.. Pure routing and IPTABLES.. and SNMPD thats all extra from simple basic install..13:12
_mavrick61ps ax don't show any intresting either..13:12
_mavrick61This process "ksoftirqd" can eventually show CPU usage... And SNMPD use 1% every 5 minutes...13:14
_mavrick61Nothing in top exept CPU is used but not from any process...13:15
_mavrick61CPU[*****************                            33.3%]     Tasks: 22 total, 1 running13:15
guaquais there traffic?13:15
_mavrick6116  Mbs.... Out 10.1 Mbs In13:16
_mavrick61It is a TYAN mother board it have been stady as rock for a long time13:17
Romsterno listed procss thats using the cpu sounds rather odd to me, 2.6.18 has been running good for me.13:18
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guaquawell the traffic might explains something13:18
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_mavrick61We installed that 2002 and use 2.8 GHz Intel CPU...13:18
_mavrick61We have hade more traffic.. Up to 90 Mbs in and 70 Mbs out with no problem..13:19
Romsterhmm did you recompile iptables and dependents apon kernel version change? as they require the kernel source to compile agenst13:19
_mavrick61Yes mad forced recompile for all.. First recompiled GCC two times.. with an reboot between..13:20
Romsteroh you redid the toolchain?13:20
_mavrick61I have Script whick take care of that and recomiple everything in dependency order using the prt-get deplist.13:21
Romstervery odd case.13:21
Romsteris it up on a site i'd liek too see that :)13:22
_mavrick61I have report the problem But no answer yet..13:22
Romsterregarding the high cup useage and not showing the process, thats rather odd, not using any kernel patches, or devalopment code13:23
_mavrick61No Pure 2.2 Crux install for basic routing.. No X or any thing...13:23
Romsteryou had ran rejmerge too?13:24
_mavrick61Just pure Crux 2.2 i meen13:24
Romsterfaulty cd-rom drive? i had one once.13:24
_mavrick61Whats that ? "you had ran rejmerge too"13:24
Romsterthats if you installed from cd-rom/dvd13:24
Romsterthere is a program called rejmerge run that as root it merges changes of config files13:25
Romsterman rejmerge13:25
Romsterbe careful with it you can over write all fies if you choose upgrade on everything.13:25
Romsterand i so can not type :/13:26
_mavrick61Hmmm.. That might not be so good on the main router...13:26
_mavrick61Then and everything else can be out of connection..13:27
Romsterif you view each file then Update Merge the Edit, or Keep existing file13:27
_mavrick61Edit file?.. You meen xxxx~ files...13:28
Romstermerge then E to edit the I to install after you edit the conflicts if any.13:29
_mavrick61Created after vim edit...13:29
_mavrick61I never use vim...13:29
Romsterhave you looked at man rejmerge?13:29
_mavrick61Do all work through mc13:29
Romsteresc :exit will save changes, press s to insert then type ya text :quit! will force a quit without altering.13:30
guaquai always do :qa!13:31
jaegeraon: how odd13:31
Romsteryou can change the editor with the editor in /etc/profile export EDITOR=vim13:32
jaegerhaven't had any problems with my wii strap yet :)13:32
Romsterthats jsut odd aon13:33
tilmanmaybe it's more fun if you know what a wii strap is13:36
jaegerthe strap that keeps you from throwing your Wii remote when you play a game13:38
tilmanwhy would you throw it? o_O13:38
jaegerbecause the games are quite conducive to that :) bowling, for example13:39
jaegerit's not that you'd intentionally throw it, it's that you might accidentally let it go13:39
jaegerso they built in a wrist strap13:40
_mavrick61Romster: Thare is almost nothing in  /var/lib/pkg/rejected/  most rejected is template config...13:43
_mavrick61But I'll check it more13:44
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Romstererror: remote 'refs/heads/2.2' is not a strict subset of local ref 'refs/heads/2.2'. maybe you are not up-to-date and need to pull first?13:48
Romsterand i did the if you run into trouble bit off the wiki too..13:48
Romster_mavrick61, oh well, then thats not your problem either, i have no clue why your cpu is used so much other than start killing or shuting down processes untill you find one that makes a diference.13:49
Romsteroh hell i need help with git..13:51
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_mavrick61Romster... You can get that scritp from this address:
Romsteri'll view it later, watching tv now14:05
_mavrick61Romster... I have an other simple util you can test at
Romstermy stuff is in ports you can find on the prots database, well som, i have yet to add other stuff yet.14:11
jjpkrar bad.14:11
_mavrick61I just run it thrugh windows.. I make ZIP instead...14:12
_mavrick61Romster: What was it glibc 2.414:14
_mavrick61Any special problem...14:14
Romsternar just wondeering if you where usingthe new glibc2.5 or not.14:19
_mavrick61It still seem to use glibc-2.3.6.tar.bz214:24
* Han uses glibc 2.514:26
RomsterCurrent branch 2.2 is up to date.14:28
Romstersh-3.1$ git push origin14:28
Romstererror: remote 'refs/heads/2.2' is not a strict subset of local ref 'refs/heads/2.2'. maybe you are not up-to-date and need to pull first?14:28
Romsterwhat the hell?14:28
_mavrick61But port still have version 2.3.6 for glibc14:44
tilmanthat's okay14:44
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HanRomster, this is explained in the crux git docs14:46
Romsterarn't on the wiki...14:47
Romsteryes han i've already been other that14:52
Romsterand done the If you run in trouble with the last command, because someone other has modifiy the repositiory in the meantime, run the following commands:14:52
Romsternot sure why it won't update14:53
Romster* refs/heads/2.2: not updating to non-fast forward branch '2.2' of crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/contrib14:53
Romster 63d3544...cab400f14:53
Romsterthen it says its already upto date, like hell its not.14:53
*** destruct has quit IRC14:57
Romstermeh sort it out later.14:58
deus_exIt's good to see that Bond girls are awesome as usual :-).I'm not sure about the movie, though...15:00
* deus_ex watched trailer only15:01
*** ningo has quit IRC15:01
Hanimdb says it's an 815:01
deus_exWow.That's very good for first movie with new 007.15:02
deus_exHan: Have you watched it?15:03
deus_exOr Bond is not your idea of entertainment ? ;-)15:03
Hannot yet15:03
deus_exPremiere is tomorrow here.15:04
Hanonly seen cam versions so far, so I'll wait a bit. :-)15:05
deus_exI'm looking forward to Borat movie ;)15:05
Hannah, that's the ultimate in bad taste.15:06
jaegerI enjoyed Casino Royale but thought the women in this one weren't as good as past ones15:07
deus_exHan: exactly ;) 'So bad it's good' category of movies.15:08
deus_exjaeger: Favorite Bond girl(s)?15:09
HanI just happened to see 2 minutes of that guy in some video and already then I found him digusting.15:09
* deus_ex likes Halle Berry15:09
guaquasacha baron cohen <315:10
guaquada ali g show is hilarious15:10
jaegerdeus_ex: not sure, really, lot of good ones :)15:17
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger-15:48
mike_klast bond is even more kiddy, than the fisrt series. I saw fisrt 11 parts or so recenty. =)15:48
aonfrom which country are the threatening communists nowadays? :)15:49
aon'cuz that seems to be the point of older bonds15:49
mike_konly of one part, really15:49
mike_kFrom Russia With Love '6315:50
tilmanthat's the first to come to mind15:51
mike_kbut this hidden context is present in every spy film dated 50-8015:51
tilmanbut there must be more :P15:51
aoni'd say -89 :)15:51
mike_knot so clearly15:51
aoncan be aliens, too15:52
aonusually they don't have much of a political stance15:53
mike_kmars attacks is all you shold learn about aliens ;P15:53
aonhaha :)15:54
mike_kor even "Plan 9 from outa space"15:54
aonoh yeah, i was trying to remind what the name of that film was15:54
mike_kremeber OS by Bell Labs?15:55
deus_exSoylent green is people15:55
tilmandeus_ex: oh my gawd15:55
mike_ksad is they've closed that research department15:56
aonplan9 has a finnish actress btw :)15:56
deus_extilman: ?15:56
tilmani'm shocked to learn that soylent green is people15:56
tilmani must admit i never saw that movie15:57
tilmani only know the wumpscut song of the same title that features some clips ;)15:57
deus_exNeither have I, yet, but it does have an interesting story.15:58
mike_k - goddamn detailed article and cross links15:58
*** pitillo has quit IRC15:58
tilmanyeah, i should watch it next time it's on tv15:58
*** mike_k has quit IRC16:00
deus_exI've read sf book recently with rather chilling idea:human clones used as spare parts.16:00
deus_exRich people clone themelves, and when they need any part of body, they take it from their clones.16:01
tilmani've been watching the x files for two months now or so16:02
tilmani noticed i became a bit paranoid16:02
deus_ex'perfect paranoia is perfect awereness'.16:03
deus_ex 'Italian Job' just started on tv(new one).16:04
*** jaeger has quit IRC16:05
rehabdollmarky mark should not be allowed on the silver screen/tv16:06
tilmanearly 90s flashback16:07
deus_exI watch it because of Charlize :)16:07
* deus_ex is looking for spare lightbulb. 16:09
deus_exOne in my lamp just died.Grrr16:09
*** maro has joined #crux16:12
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux16:13
_mavrick61I'm back... From top: Cpu(s):  0.0%us,  0.0%sy,  0.0%ni, 84.0%id,  0.0%wa,  7.0%hi,  9.0%si,  0.0%st16:22
*** Auge^ has quit IRC16:23
*** vico has joined #crux16:25
*** destruct has joined #Crux16:47
*** lasso has quit IRC17:02
seekwillroot@recall:/usr/ports/opt/sharutils/sharutils-4.6.3# ls -la17:05
seekwillSegmentation fault17:05
seekwillHmm... ls works though. Just not -la17:05
seekwillFor a bunch of ports, it says my time is off. But hitting "date" seems to be ok. I even synced it with
nipuLsepen: have you upgraded coreutils, there is a known bug in 6.517:13
nipuLerm seekwill17:13
seekwillI'll do that. Thanks.17:14
nipuLif you're still using 6.4 dont upgrade17:14
seekwillOh, yeah I have 6.5-117:15
seekwillThat must be why it's having problems with other packages. Is there a resolution, or just wait?17:25
sepennipuL, ?17:43
* sepen completion r00lz!17:43
*** the-ruediger has quit IRC17:48
*** seekwill has quit IRC17:48
Hansepen, where can I download your completion?17:54
sepenHan, maybe google?17:54
Hanmaybe, but very unlikely.17:56
Hanjaeger-, usbutils installs usr/share/usb.ids, which should be usr/share/usbutils/usb.ids imho17:59
jaeger-I think it should be, too, though I haven't tested apps against it yet18:01
jaeger-pciutils puts pci.ids there as well18:01
*** thrice` has joined #crux18:12
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nipuLoops, upgraded to xorg, could not open default font 'fixed'20:43
nipuLxorg.conf fontpaths have been fixed, grepping fonts.alias shows the fixed font20:44
nipuLguess i'll just try rebuild everything20:50
nipuLstrange, uninstalled all the xorg stuff, done a depinst again, and it starts compiling some new packages21:08
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC21:13
nipuLs/some/a whole heap of/21:31
*** laod has quit IRC21:38
nipuLperhaps updating the "installing x11r7" page should be updated. installing xorg while having x11 installed == bad idea21:49
thrice`mine actually errored when i tried21:51
nipuLonly upgrading to xorg so my radeon 9600 would use direct rendering at work21:58
nipuLyay, now i can play games :]21:58
thrice`using which driver ?22:00
nipuLradeon drm22:00
thrice`oh, the opensource driver ?22:03
nipuLyeah, iirc the 9600 was the last card that worked with dri22:05
*** Romster has quit IRC22:19
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*** thrice` has joined #crux22:39
Romsterhelp i'm so stuck with git
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:06
*** jaeger- has quit IRC23:12
nipuLheh don't look at me i still havent figured out how to get the 2.3 branch23:14
Romsteradd the 2 lines to contrib/.git/remotes/origin for 2.323:29
Romstergit checkout 2.323:29
RomsterYou can list the available branches and display the active one with23:29
Romster$ git branch23:29
Romsterbut not sure on how you switch to which branch yet, i gotta get this error sorted first when someone can help.23:30
nipuLwould be nice if you could do that on the command line23:33
nipuLie, a pull would find new branches23:33
*** Romster has quit IRC23:35
*** alc has joined #crux23:48
*** Romster has joined #crux23:55
Romsterhmm nipuL ya can use command line but easier in a config file23:57

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