IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2006-11-22

nipuLwell that was a painless merge, *2.3-x86_6400:00
nipuLback to porting again00:01
Romsteri'd push some changes but it won't let me :/00:04
thrice`nipuL: you're doing 64 bit ?00:07
nipuLworking on it00:11
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thrice`wow, that's so awesome00:12
nipuLdanm has already done it, but he couldnt keep maintaing it. I'm just picking up the peices00:13
thrice`true, but that's half the battle ;)00:13
nipuLwith git it should be relatively easy to keep up with official ports00:14
nipuLimo crux64's downfall was it's divergence from core00:16
nipuLie, adding pam support00:16
thrice`yeah...i'm sure he figured not many outside of him used it00:16
nipuLi used it00:16
nipuLi still use it00:17
RomsternipuL, i'd be interested in joining crux64 when i get a 64 bit processor later on :)00:26
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Romsterfs git is pissing me off... google isn't helping i guess i'll see freenode channel00:55
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pitilloRomster, did you try the links with help?01:16
pitillothere are lot of info about git use01:18
Romster* refs/heads/2.2: not updating to non-fast forward branch '2.2' of crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/contrib01:18
Romsterthat is pissing me off i can't find how to resolve that...01:18
Romsteryeah really and i've spent hours reading...01:18
Romstereven the #git channel is dead..01:18
Romstereven bzr isn't as anoying as git...01:19
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pitillonipuL, do you think that docs in nagios port needs to be deleted? (It´s part of webpage documentation)01:40
pitilloit´s in -> Location: /usr/share/nagios/docs01:42
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pitillowell, both ports seems to work fine. Need to fix the docs directory if it´s necesary. Waiting comments about. (imo it´s interesting to keep it to get help at nagios webpage)04:03
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RedShifthey guys, in a shared hosting enviroment, what do you set umask to?04:58
RedShiftI think 027 is the safest04:58
teKif that fits your needs, yes05:00
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schniggieViper_: you ther enow ?05:33
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Romsterhmm my umask is 002206:02
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mike_kaon: it cowardly killed my ff browser!09:32
mike_kuh, resurrected09:33
aonyes, it seems to use some plugins09:34
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HanRedShift, 777 is the safest.10:09
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RedShiftHan: hehe12:29
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