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_mavrick61Hi.. Is there any way to force a NIC to use a IRQ and to share it. In our main router the NIC which is connected to Internet is sharing IRQ, that seem to cause NorthBright to be overloaded.11:40
rehabdollno idea. just out of curiosity, what kind of chipset?11:41
tilmandepends on whether the card supports it i __think__ (like, jumper crap)11:42
tilmanthe pci pnp blahblah spec probably says that irq assignment is totally dynamic11:42
tilmanbut i'm not sure11:42
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_mavrick61Dose settings in BIOS really affekt Linux krnl to use that IRQ11:44
Romster/etc/ports/drivers/httpup: line 22:  3570 Segmentation fault      httpup sync $REPO $ROOT_DIR/$PORT11:46
Romsterhmmz my firewall pc spat that out at me.11:46
_mavrick61Since I found out we have very high load I have try to finde the problem the only change which can have been made is the udev/kernel assign differnet IRQ to the NIC..11:46
Romsterfire kernel: Bad page state in process 'httpup'11:46
_mavrick61So the main NIC out to internet have now to share IRQ with 2 other NIC.11:47
Romsteri got 2 nics in one 1 pc here and no problems with IRQ's, seems strange _mavrick6111:47
_mavrick61I bleve that depends of how much traffik going trhough. We have 2 4 Port NIC's D-Link 470 and one Intel and the load can be upp to 80 Mbs on each NIC.. Thar generat a lot of IRQ...11:50
_mavrick61 19:   15368468   IO-APIC-level  eth3, eth6, eth811:51
_mavrick61That for the soft IRQ..11:51
pitillo_mavrick61, is there a way to change the slot?11:56
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Hanroot... that's uncoolest name for a commiter I ever heard.15:06
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Auge^anyone using _successfully_ pci dvb-t card?16:05
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aonhow can you put successful and dvb in the same sentence?16:10
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Auge^aon: as i am able to build sentences. ;)16:34
Auge^i am just 2km away from a big dvb-t transmitter...16:34
aonour signal comes from 50km away16:35
aonit's quite good, most problems are because of box sw bugs16:36
aonof course the content is mostly crap :)16:38
Romsteraon look in crux-devel :)16:50
aondone that16:50
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rehabdollcan somebody recommend a simple less-like program for X? :D20:51
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bd2_xterm -e less ;-)21:10
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rehabdollyeah, couldnt find anything else21:47
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