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Hanrehabdoll, a simple editor00:01
HanThose things are called pagers btw00:02
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namenlosthunderbird is out03:12
* Romster updates.03:20
aonrehabdoll: xless03:32
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aon < some src03:32
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namenlosi don't know whether a update of thunderbird to would be so good:
Romsterresoltion fixed...03:55
Romsterhmmz i'm not riskign it i thought that version is ment to be stable, not testing04:00
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spn|workmike_k, are you here?!05:06
mike_kspn|work: here05:09
spn|workyour xmms port needs libvorbis05:11
spn|workfootprint missmatch with and .so05:12
spn|workdid you compiled it with libvorbis installed?05:12
mike_kseems so.05:13
mike_know trying without05:13
mike_kbut it's noted as "Nice to have"05:14
mike_kmore sad is that curl update breakes mod_php 5.1.6, which fails to compile here and 5.2.0 is still needs fixing05:16
mike_kspn|work: xmms: only a footprint mismatch, nothing to worry about05:20
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pitillogood weekend for all!09:01
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tilmanupdate xorg with care10:24
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rehabdollanything specific?10:54
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roberthrehabdoll: New ports, i guess: xorg-libxcb12:30
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tilmanrehabdoll, roberth: yes, and the new libx11 uses xcb as its backend14:13
rehabdollyeah, noticed that.. no worries since libx11 wont compile without it though14:17
tilmanbut the xcb thing underneath might cause some problems14:17
tilmanit's unlikely though :D14:17
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tilmanjust noticed xcompmgr has some issues eg14:18
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blokkieHan:   you still maintain the e17 obsd pkg port ?14:41
Hannot for openbsd14:41
blokkiefor net or free ?14:42
HanBut you can easily port my cruxports to openbsd since I made c4014:42
HanI mean.... it's trivial.14:42
blokkienow how would I do that ?14:42
Hanfirst install c4o and then get my e17 ports in a sepperate repo and the prt-get depinst e1714:42
Han15 minutes of work14:43
blokkiecan't resolve c4o14:43
blokkiewhere do I get that piece ?14:43
Hanoh come on dude, use google14:44
blokkieI did ... but the name is so vague that google is not giving me relevant urls14:46
RyoStry for a start :)14:46
thrice`blokkie, are you kidding? was the 4th hit14:47
tilman5th for me14:47
RyoSspoiling the fun, i want my money back :P14:47
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blokkiewell .. here I get stuff like [PS]14:47
blokkiec4o, 6/15/1994 CHAPTER 4 ELEMENTARY HYPOTHESIS TESTING | John ...14:47
blokkieIndex of /vorhersagen/pickett/beispiele/C4O14:48
blokkieI blame google here14:48
tilmantried gooling for "crux c4o"?14:48
RyoSc4o, 7th hit here, :þ14:48
tilmanyou need to learn a lot about smart STFW'ing, young padawan :P14:48
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RyoSbtw Han: c4o is a great piece of work14:49
RyoSjust wanted to say that once when the time came :P14:50
blokkietilman ...  yeah .. well ..  in any case :-) I abused your css for my blog  in hobix :-)14:50
tilmandid you use my hobix css?14:50
tilmanor did you port my current one back to hobix again? :D14:50
Hanwell if you combinate c4o and openbsd it's really the first hit.14:51
blokkieI use hobix .. and  after the yaml  nightmares  I did not have the spirit to write a css  .. so I nicked yours:-)14:51
blokkieok .. back to c4u14:51
HanRyoS, I just wish that pax would work with fakeroot :'(14:51
Hanor gnutar would support the -s option14:52
blokkie# ./usr/cruxports/core/pkgutils/bootstrap14:53
blokkieI'll ask you when I think I need root permissions, ok?14:53
blokkieI'm root :-)14:53
blokkiehan .. eum .. I don't have pkgmk  in obsd14:56
HanThen you should install c4o14:56
blokkiebut that's what I'm doing14:56
blokkiesee  pkgmk -i14:57
Hanrun bootstrap without root-permissions14:58
blokkieno sudo in obsd15:00
blokkie find /usr/ports -name sudo15:00
blokkielinux hippys :-)15:01
blokkiesudo is not needed on obsd:-)15:01
Hanstomme belg!15:01
Hanopenbsd != linux15:01
blokkieklote hollander !15:02
RyoSomg ^^15:03
jjpkYou do realize sudo is part of the base install in obsd... ;)15:03
blokkienu voel ik me compleet achterlijk15:05
blokkietranslation .. now I feel like a complete moron15:05
Hanblokkie, finally we agree on something :-)15:06
* Han runs15:06
blokkieHan:   you could do an id check in your  bootstrap script ...15:06
blokkieHan:  if you would be a reiserfs4 I would fsck you live 20 times as ext215:07
Hanblokkie, you are a complete mor_r_on indeed. :-)15:08
blokkieoh .. you seduce me to install you app  to port your e17 port and then  insult me like a complete dutchmen ...15:10
jjpkThat says more about your own gullibility than anything else.15:11
HanWell you started asking good questions and then you started working and stopped using your head.15:11
tilmanlike a complete dutchman?15:11
HanAnd then you really needed insulting.15:11
jjpktilman: this is new info. So the typical dutch is only a half or quarter. interesting...15:12
blokkieHan:   I hate to admit it ,  but you are indeed right . :'(15:12
blokkieI've got some hickups for pkgmk ... but it's going ok now15:14
blokkiethrice`:   a disadvantage of having people that know you too well15:15
* Han sends blokkie a jupiler for fixing it15:15
thrice`blokkie, no, we just know Han a bit more ;)15:16
blokkiefair enough :-)15:16
RyoSHAHAHA german tv, tilman do you watch focus tv right now?15:18
RyoSdamn... :D15:18
RyoSabout computer games, once again15:18
RyoSthis is so funny15:18
RyoSswitch in if you can :D15:18
tilmani find these discussions annoying15:18
RyoSjust watch ;)15:19
tilmanthe most annoying thing is the gam0r bastards who are all upset about games being accused15:19
Hanthrice`, blokkie has been a visitor at my place, drinking beer and all.15:19
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RyoSthey showed an therapy in holland, in amsterdam, crack and heroin junkies sitting in one group with wow-gamers (still teens) talking about their "need" to play - lol15:19
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thrice`Han, i'd join you if it weren't for the continents between us ;)15:20
thrice`i could use one after this assignment is done15:20
tilmani think i'll grab a beer now :P15:20
RyoSi dont have any beer left... no~ :(15:20
blokkieHan:   from your ilustre install : "And then all the other ports in the core directory but first the"  ...  how BIG is this core stuff ?15:22
blokkie /xdcc send jupiler RyoS15:22
Hanoh just a few ports you really need.15:22
blokkieroger ,  done .. processing the next step now15:23
RyoSah i see15:23
RyoSthe goggles are all-mighty15:23
blokkiethis go's smooth now that i'm using the stuff between my ears..  I'll prolly need to poke you for the e17 stuff though15:23
HanAll I can think of is that you should 's|/usr|/usr/local|g' all the Pkgfiles15:25
Hanand footprints.15:26
Hanoh, and gzip the footprints after that.15:26
blokkieI'm doing this now :     prt-get depinst vorbis-tools15:26
blokkieso I cannot do  prt-get e17 ?15:27
HanYou can do, it just won't work until you port those e17 ports.15:27
blokkiewhy do I need the vorbis tools ?15:28
blokkiehan  .. all done15:31
blokkienow what ?15:31
blokkiehello ?15:34
blokkieI've got c4o15:42
blokkienow what ?15:42
RyoSbrain off irc on15:43
RyoSprt-get depinst <port>15:43
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blokkiee17 or enlightenment is NOT in the list15:50
thrice`did you port them over?15:50
blokkiedefine "port them over"15:52
thrice`<Han> You can do, it just won't work until you port those e17 ports.15:52
blokkiebut I need the orig e17 ports first .. so  I thouhgt with prt-get to fetch em15:55
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blokkietipisch hé16:11
blokkiesilence now16:11
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vicotilman: still awake? When using "cg clone" I get an error message: *** glibc detected *** double free or corruption ... bla bla bla. Does this happend to you too?18:07
bd2_vico, that's clearly error in "cg" or "git". try to upgrade18:08
vicothis is the update from today :-)18:08
bd2_oh.. then downgrade :-))18:08
vicoOk good answer :-918:09
vicodamm keyboard i mean :-)18:09
bd2_I got no problems with git- (but I'm not using cg, just pure git)18:10
vicowell cogito a pure bash scripts, so I asume its git or curl18:11
Hanhi vico18:13
vicoHi Han18:13
HanI imported an updated version of your cogitoport into contrib as you may have noticed.18:13
Hanimho cogito sucks. I even consider removing it again.18:14
vicoYep I saw it.18:14
vicoWell I run into some minor errors, so at the moment I use git.18:15
HanThis guy claims to provide a wiki for git users and then dicards all simple git commands and pushes his frontend whenever possible.18:15
HanI can't appreciate that.18:15
Hanactually I'll remove it right now! :P18:16
bd2_lol :-)18:16
bd2_what so good in cogito btw?18:16
vicoWell git is not that difficult to master as I thought some time ago18:16
Hanplop... gone18:17
vicoAll of my ports are in an git repository for 3 weeks now18:18
vicoSo I say goodbye to my good old rusty prcs. sniff ...18:19
Hanprcs? what's that?18:19
vicoWhat I used for some years
Hanoh ok. I use cvs atm internally, works fine.18:20
vicoto bad I can't import it into git18:21
Hantoo bad indeed18:23
Hanperhaps via a conversion with cvs? :-)18:23
vicoOh... maybe. I think there is a prcs to cvs converter.18:24
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HanNP: Elend - Winds Devouring Men - 04 - Under War-Broken Trees.flac18:26
bd2_heh.. 44 users.. CRUX is obviously dying :-)18:28
bd2_since 2001 ;-)18:29
aoneverything after birth is slow dying :)18:29
Hanat the very moment of conception18:30
vicoOh how optimistic :-)18:31
HanNah, realistic. We're all going to die. Get over it.18:31
bd2_ :-P18:36
Hanthe dentist :-)18:37
bd2_ :-))18:46
Hannature == math18:47
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nipuLno way, i'm immortal19:17
nipuLso far anyway19:18
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