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nipuL.j #atarack00:57
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Hantilman, you forgot to remove the locale dir from xorg-libx1106:40
tilmanHan: and you forgot to fix the bugs assigned to you06:42
tilmanso what do we do now?06:42
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morlenxusIs there a timeline when xorg 7.* is getting in the default ports?07:07
tilman2.3 will not have opt/x11 anymore07:09
morlenxusWhat's happening?07:11
bd2CRUX is dying07:11
bd2no more opt/x11.. not more basix :-)07:12
morlenxusWill it change to opt/xorg or what?07:12
morlenxusOr just not part of the basic system?07:12
bd2morlenxus, 2.3 will contain Xorg-7.x afaik07:13
tilmanthat's what i was trying to say07:14
tilmanthe x11 stuff for crux 2.3 is not opt/x11 anymore, but xorg/*07:14
morlenxusah nice07:14
bd2tilman, not morged in opt/, right?07:14
morlenxusWhen will it released?07:14
tilmanbd2: no07:14
bd2tilman, god bless you07:15
tilmanmorlenxus: late december, early january MAYBE07:15
morlenxusAh :)07:16
morlenxusIs there a document about the changes in this relase or what is planed to be new?07:17
bd2morlenxus, a lot on www.crux.nu07:17
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morlenxusHm can't find a real "way to 2.3" document.07:48
tilmanyeah well07:50
tilmannew glibc, new gcc, xorg modular crap07:50
tilmanthat's it for exciting new features, ziomg07:50
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_mavrick61Is there any new Curx release in progress.... Like 2.3...08:15
treach2.3? New glibc, kernel headers, xorg reorganized etc, etc. Feels like 2.5, at least! ;-)08:19
aon(what's the alternative? just bump all the versions right before release and hope that it builds? :))08:19
aoni personally think that we should version it crux-ng 3000 :)08:19
rehabdollgoing initramfs sounds right imo.. floppies suck08:21
treachheh, 1984 called an wanted their floppies back? =)08:22
rehabdollyeah, yesterday :)08:22
rehabdollatleast add sata/ahci in the cdrom-kernel :)08:23
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aonyou're just asking for problems when you use hardware that's less than 5 years old :)08:24
treachhm, that's an exaggeration.. but bleeding edge will definitely cut you.08:24
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rehabdollbut initramfs would take care of that08:30
rehabdollgetting linux installed on this machine was a bit of a pain though08:32
rehabdollhad to buy a cheapo ide-controller and install on an ide-disk first :)08:32
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Cheikhwhat is the recommended way to have a graphical login run in crux10:59
Haneh? the recommended way is to use the one you like best.11:00
Cheikhput xdm at the end of rc.conf11:00
Cheikhhan i am very new to crux that is why i ask11:01
HanI always try if I think that's the solution.11:02
HanIf it doesn't work I try to find out why it doesn't work11:02
HanAnd if I really can't find it I ask.11:02
Cheikhi tried first in initab but did not work11:03
treachI'd recommend using slim over xdm, unless you specifically need some xdm feature. Further, the normal way of starting stuff is to put the related startup script from /etc/rc.d in the SERVICE array in rc.conf11:04
Cheikhnever heard of slim let me try it11:05
Hanwith xdm I can set up a random wallpaper each time :-)11:05
Cheikhso treach after installing slim i add it at the end of rc.conf11:07
treachuh.. that's not quite what I said, was it?11:07
aonSERVICES=(blah blah blah slim)11:07
aonif that's what you mean by end, yes11:08
treach"sudo /etc/rc.d/slim start" then. Just be sure to fix the paths in /etc/slim.conf if you're using tilmans xorg.11:09
Cheikhi am still using the xorg that came with 2.2 cd install11:10
treachok. that would be 6.9 then, so no need to edit.11:11
Cheikhactually when i did prt-get sysup that was the only package that failed to upgrade11:12
treachyou should be subscribed to the ml, I guess.11:13
CheikhI would plus i need to know how to make package it seems simple though11:15
treachsearch the ml, tilman has posted a few updates on the xorg issue there.11:16
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RedShiftlove sensation!12:54
treach :P13:08
treachhow nintendo plans to win the console wars: Their users will kill the other guys right out, by being in better physical shape.13:09
RyoShaha! :D13:10
tilmanheh, i thought the wii was a handheld14:04
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rehabdollwtf, python 2.5 (2.3) fails when i pkgmk it.. no errors if i compile it manually with the same options and patches15:39
RyoSwhere does it fail?15:41
rehabdollwhen building extensions15:44
rehabdollmy system must be b0rked somewhere15:46
thrice`did you try the python 2.5 from jue's repo ?15:47
rehabdollnot yet15:47
rehabdollbut i just removed all traces of python 2.4 and rebuilt 2.515:48
rehabdollseems to have worked15:48
thrice`odd =\15:48
tilmanof course15:48
tilmans/of course//15:48
rehabdollbtw, how about changing "ERROR: Footprint mismatch found:" to "WARNING: Footprint mismatch found:" ?15:54
tilmanthat deserves some pondering15:56
rehabdollits not wrong to be diffrent! :)15:58
tilmana footprint misprint it _might_ cause major headachages16:00
tilmanachages? wtf16:00
rehabdollyeah but most of the time they are quite harmless16:00
aonhow about combining the two: "WARRROR: ..."16:00
tilmanthat's why it needs pondering :D16:00
tilman"AAAARGGGH: footprint mismatch"16:01
rehabdollthats why a warning would suffice, imho16:01
tilmanrehabdoll: can you bring that matter up on the crux-devel list?16:01
bd2EBASIXNOTMATCH: footprint16:01
bd2I vote for that16:01
tilmanwhat about no output at all but a specific exit code?16:02
aonif [ $((RANDOM % 11)) = 10 ]; then echo "ERROR"; else echo "WARNING"; fi16:02
treachSkipping that "ERROR" message would probably reduce the number of questions about "failed" packages quite significantly...16:03
aonand change them to "wtf? is this serious?"16:03
treachNo. Just change the message to something sounding less severe.16:04
rehabdollsure tilman16:04
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treachlol @ml..17:02
deus_exIt would be...interesting... if footprint mismatch triggers highpitched tone from speakers, or Evil Overlord[tm]-style laughter...17:09
aonthe traditional knife-murdering violin sound would be cool17:12
aondo you know what i mean? :)17:12
teKfrom psycho?17:12
aonyeah :)17:12
teKi i i i17:12
treachsounds like you guys would turn this into Linux Vista Terror Edition in no time, given the chance. :P17:13
tilmanhahahah, violins17:13
tilmanmake a patch <317:13
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deus_exNah, not violins, theremin.
deus_exEeerie sounds are bettter :)17:18
deus_exOr theme for Twilight Zone...17:19
deus_ex(the original one)17:19
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shmonkHey ho17:58
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shmonkI just wonder if there's an official port for kdebase17:59
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bd2shmonk, there was whole KDE in ports, but maintainer left crux development and new [official] maintainer not yet prepared new KDE ports18:03
bd2though you can find kdebase and libs in ports db on site18:04
bd2"not official" ports18:04
shmonkYeah, that's what I meant. However, I'll use lithiums ports for now18:06
shmonkBtw, are there zsh completion scripts for the pkg/prt tools somewhere?18:07
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bd2I saw only bash, but never used them once18:07
shmonkI once wrote a completion script for prt-get long time ago, but I can't find it anymore :(18:08
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treachbd2: I don't think you got what the amusing part was.19:28
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treachthe funny part (IMO) was the "OMG fotprint error, gotta rebuild!" thingy. :-)19:47
bd2he stated clear, that he doing rebuild to pass "-uf" option along with -i/-u to "force" installation/upgrade19:51
treachrebuilding isn't needed.. just update the footprint.19:53
bd2pkgmk reports controversially. build failed19:57
treach"Error: Unable to parse"19:57
treachI don't understand what you're trying to tell me.19:58
bd2did I?19:59
treachOk, now you're just typing nonsense. I'll leave you alone until you get sorted out.19:59
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rehabdollahh, sarcasm. almost as venomous as tilman's20:20
treachsarcasm? that wasn't the intention.. it's just that "did I?" is not a valid response to "I don't understand you". Not even "I did" passes..20:22
bd2is it valid to "you're trying to tell me"? You can say "lol" again, or give an advice or tell me to shup up. which option you think better?20:26
bd2shut up20:26
bd2as you know, I'm not native English speaker (zomg), laugh now20:27
treachI'm not laughing, and I know you're not a native english speaker, neither am I. However, that doesn't change the fact that I don't understand what you're trying to say.20:28
treachand "valid" in this case shouldn't be read as "omg this stupid guy doesn't know english", it's just that it isn't a sane reply, it doesn't compute.20:31
thrice` I see where this is coming from :)  rebuild a package because of FP mismatch?  ;O20:54
bd2treach, heh. then maybe I was a bit biassed against you. :-/ I'm sorry21:39
treachno problem. Apparently I'm not very good at comunicating, people get me wrong all the time.21:40
bd2good night.. and I apologize again for being so rude :-/21:52
treachno harm done.21:55
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