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schniggiewhere is Viper_ :) ?04:35
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RedShiftwhere gpasswd05:32
RedShiftcome out come out wherever you are05:32
RedShiftwhy does the port 'shadow' delete gpasswd?05:34
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tilman"Use the pkgutils in contrib."06:40
tilmangotta love him06:40
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RedShiftlol just read that too06:56
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deus_exAnybody else having problems with cups d/l? I keep getting 'service temprorarily unavailable' error.10:58
Hansearch for another mirror10:58
deus_exI have, I'm using atm to d/l the source.10:59
deus_exI just wanted to know if this is problem with my connection.11:00
RedShiftthere's no problem with your connection11:00
RedShiftit's the governement11:00
deus_exRedShift: Careful, or they just might activate a chip in your neck ;)11:01
deus_exCuriosly enough, last nights episode of 'Criminal minds' was about that...11:03
RedShiftdon't know that show11:03
RedShiftwhat's it about11:03
deus_exFBI profilers.11:04
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deus_exI want this as xmas present  :)
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deus_exOh, fuck.No chocolate left :(17:53
Hansounds like you're addicted.17:54
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sepenwhere is located crux-2.2-devtest2-030706.iso?18:01
sepenI think in should be one link to this18:01
sepenor to the last devtest iso18:01
deus_exHan: Absolutely :)18:02
Handeus_ex, there are worse things to be addicted to. ;-)18:03
deus_exHan: Agreed :) Dark chocolate is my favourite, altough is hard to find(everybody and their dog prefer milk chocolate, so it's more common in stores).18:13
Hanhmm in the netherlands the mix is about 50% dark and 50% milk18:16
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* deus_ex finds chocolate in the fridge, of all places... 18:21
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