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pitillowell, I think it´s a good moment to register my repo to Seems to work fine and I hope someone with a bit of time can review ports on it.05:01
pitilloViper_, need I to send you a maill to do that?05:02
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schniggiei send Viper_ a mail too. but nothing happens05:59
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pitillowell, I will try to mail him this afternoon. :)06:19
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[dimaka]vux: йо08:01
[dimaka]hello amigos08:01
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vux[dimaka]: hi08:03
vuxHi all!! Who know when New CRUX? Sory for BAD English:(08:06
aonwhen it's ready08:06
sipvux, likely next month08:06
vuxHow about Glib Version???08:08
aonglib or glibc?08:08
[dimaka]arch rullez!08:09
vuxarch - fuflo08:10
* [dimaka] weechat 4erver08:11
[dimaka] /quit08:13
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j^2hey all08:54
aonhey j^208:56
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j^2hey, are there any sys/net admins around right now?09:22
j^2i'm looking for a ticketing system, any suggestions?09:23
j^2 i'm looking into this one, but it looks over kill09:23
sipflyspray ( is not that bad09:24
j^2for trouble tickets?09:24
sipmantis is another one oftwr used09:24
siper, often09:25
namenlosyes, i also heared about mantis09:25
namenlosonly good things09:25
Hanhi sip :-)09:25
siphey Han09:25
HanSomehow I never see you over here and now I am working so I'm totally busy and then I meet you...09:26
sipheh, just drop me a mail when you spare some time then09:27
sipemail is the new irc :-)09:28
HanJust too much spam on that server ;-)09:28
* sip goes out buying (more) beer09:32
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Romsteri can't get nvidia-x11r7 to work corectly, since i tryed to upgrade my kernel and nvidia, now i've gone back to my previous versions but i still can't get nvidia module to load it says its not found but its on my system, any ideas?09:54
Hantry my xorg-nvidia10:01
Hanbtw, your description is really bad, all you say is: `it doesn't work'10:02
Romstersh-3.1$ sudo /sbin/modprobe /lib/modules/2.6.18/kernel/drivers/video/nvidia10:11
RomsterFATAL: Module /lib/modules/2.6.18/kernel/drivers/video/nvidia not found.10:11
Romsterbut it is installed, nvidia-x11r7 used to work fine for me, you always say to use yours.. whats so diferent not much the last time i looked..10:11
siptry intstalling the standard nvidia driver10:12
Romsterwhy i get FATAL: Module videonbd not found also on rc.modules when i don't have that module loaded beats me nor what module requires that or what it does.10:12
Romsterthe xorg one works10:13
Romsterbut i get stuck to the 1024*768 res when i was on 1280*1024 plus i loose 3d and my good fps on the standared driver...10:13
pitilloRomster, did you try "depmod -ae" before modprobe¿?10:13
j^2 hey, /usr/ports/opt/zopeinterface is zope right?10:13
j^2why isnt it called zopet?10:14
Romsteri'm about ready to throw this old video card out and but a new one that is supported in 3d10:14
j^2opps, zope10:14
Romsterdepmod -a is in rc.modules10:14
sipj^2, well, it's called 'zope interface'10:15
sipAFAIK it's not zope10:15
Romsterhans repo isn't int he database wtf..10:16
Romsterand where the hell is prologic i keep ringing him and get hes answering machine.... and the sites dead...10:16
sippfft, aussies :-)10:17
Romsterlol what...10:17
Romsterhas anyone seen prologic recently?10:17
Romstergot sites hosted and there all down...10:17
Romsternot good10:17
j^2Romster: isn't it like 4am in the aussie land?10:18
j^2i was close ;)10:18
Romsteri've tryed rining james during the days10:18
Romsteryou know him he could be up all nite sometimes10:18
Romsteranyone knows what videonbd does? its a module but what?10:19
siplast time I talked to him, he said there was some (known) problem with his site10:19
Handepmod -a10:19
Romsterdoen that...10:21
pitilloRomster, ls -la /lib/modules/2.6.18/kernel/drivers/video/nv*10:24
Romsteralso whats happening with the git repo, done the changes to it? i can't get a listing of ports if i use git-clone --use-separate-remote10:24
Romsterpitillo, the file exists10:25
Romster-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 51150 Nov 28 01:04 nvidiafb.ko10:25
Romstererr hang on...10:25
Romsterwhy is that got fb on it. for frambuffer10:25
pitilloRomster, but nvidia.ko exists?10:26
Romsterls -la /lib/modules/2.6.18/kernel/drivers/video/ shows nvidia.ko10:26
Romsteryes it exists but it won't damn well load10:26
Romstereven if i give modprobe an absolulte path10:26
pitillotry with insmod and the absolute path...10:27
Romsteri'm beginning to think i got a kernel issue10:27
Romsterinsmod: error inserting '/lib/modules/2.6.18/kernel/drivers/video/nvidia.ko': -1 No such device10:27
sipRomster, re-run the portdb cacher, han's repo appears to be there now10:28
Romsterno such device wtf..10:28
Romsterhmm k10:28
sipseems it was a temporary hiccup10:28
tilmanmaybe try it on the box that actually has an nvidia card10:28
Romstertilman, this box has a nvidia card!!!10:30
Romstergeforce 4 mx420 64MB10:31
sipbtw, romster repo seems unavailable10:31
Romsteryeah becasue prologics server is not on, and ic an't friggen ring him, i get hes answering machine....10:31
pitilloto register a repo need I to talk with Viper_ ? (or I´m in wrong)10:33
sippitillo,  right, unfortunately Viper_  seems to be unreachable lately10:34
Romsterhan your xorg-nvidia port writes a file outside of the port "ln -s*"10:35
sipjust drop e an email10:35
pitillosip, well, I want to be sure. Thanks. :)10:35
Romsterpitillo, i have a repo... jsut where the fuck is prologic and the server...10:35
sipprologis is reported to be 'in the bush'10:35
Romsterah sorry pitillo's after a repo..10:35
Romsteralong with all my web sites...10:36
Romsterand ports...10:36
pitilloRomster, take a look to some free server or look for a cheap one.10:36
Romsterpitillo, that was a free one... i got paying customers on prologics server too....10:37
Romsterplus i can't get the ML mail while shortcircuit is down either...10:37
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Romsteraside from prologic and server missing, is there a fix on git repo... i'm not gonna risk loosing more edited files untill its fixed i clone with --use-separate-remote but then i can't git checkout 2.210:40
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sipRomster,  I think the proper way is to pull remote 2.x as another name (not direcly into local 2.x)11:17
sipso you can merge remote/local branches when needed11:17
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Romsterthat was the idea of --use-separate-remote11:19
RomsterSave remotes heads under $GIT_DIR/remotes/origin/ instead of $GIT_DIR/refs/heads/. Only the master branch is saved in the latter.11:19
_mavrick61Is there any one who can make a pkg for vconfig 802.1q (VLAN 1Q Tagging) source I'm not sure how to do that.11:21
sipI  dont't have enough git experience to answer this11:21
Romstersip, i was talking in #git about that11:21
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sipRomster, what was the general advice?11:23
Romsterthat --use-separate-remote should be the default for git-clone11:24
Romsterbut then i can't figure out the changes to .git/remotes/origin to make it work though.11:25
Romstersip, preaty much what i pasted last time in #rux-devel11:25
Romsterdamn inset key11:26
Romsterits too close to the backspace key on this keyboard11:26
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tilmanmaro: there's a chance that mesa 6.5.2 will be out RSN, i'll give them a few days before putting in the patch11:36
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marotilman: I know, but you know Brian Paul's "RSN" ;)11:51
maro(last friday was the last I heard)11:51
RomsterKISS - Keep It Sophisticated, Slimeball < lol11:53
tilmanmaro: yeah11:54
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HanRomster, you are mistaken13:00
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HanThough there is something wrong with the symlinks.13:06
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nipuLis there a utility to handle ports that have dependencies removed/added?22:47
nipuLsudo prt-get grpinst `prt-get depends xorg-libx11 | grep "^\[\ " | cut -b5-`22:47
nipuLis a bit unweildly22:47
nipuLit would be nice if prt-get sysup would detect new dependencies22:49
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thrice`i agree22:53
thrice`especially those you can't see diffs of online22:53
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Romsteryeah i end up doing a prt-get deptree and seeing missing ports and manually install them.23:22
Romsterbe nice if prr-get had a argument to install missing dependencys23:23
Romsterwhat verson of the binary nvidia driver vs kernel verson are you lot on?23:23
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Romsterstill no luck won't build... even on 2.6.1723:47
Romstergot the kernel sources but not compiled maybe it needs compiled kernel sources?23:48
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