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prologic_stupid pos04:10
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namenlosanyone ever tried to make an openbsd-inetd package04:59
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deus_ex_Psycho-a love story.
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j^2hey all09:31
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rehabdollwhy are there still dupes of ports and pkgutils in contrib? :(11:21
tilmanmaybe you can help motivating han to fix it11:21
tilmansince obviously maro and me cannot11:21
* rehabdoll slaps Han 11:22
HanThey're not duplicates. They provide the features everyone on the mailinglist is begging for.11:22
rehabdollwhy not simply put them in another repo then?11:23
* maro looks at Viper_11:23
rehabdollor at the very least rename them11:23
HanWhy not import my version in core?11:24
marobecause it's bloated and written in ugly shell11:25
tilmandoesn't he even recognize that the crux people make the rules for the crux repos?11:26
tilman(contrib happens to be a crux repo, just so you know)11:26
tilmanjesus motherfucker11:26
prologiccrux will only work with cooperation - let's try to stick to the rules we all agree on ?11:27
* prologic looks around :)11:27
maroprologic: I think you only need to look at Han :P11:27
prologicoooh right!11:28
* prologic glares at Han11:28
prologicfix ya shit :)11:28
maroOTOH, if Han wasn't there to fuck it up, it would be hard to differentiate opt and contrib wrt quality11:29
* tilman ponders11:30
tilmannot that convincing an argument11:30
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RyoSanyone wants to test a friends port on audacious -stable? oppions to js /msg js <opinion>12:29
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jshi. could one plz test an audacious port I did so we can put it on the HP if it works?13:03
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jsshouldn't take long to build, so I'd be happy if one could test13:04
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schniggieanyone know where Viper_  is ?13:15
* Viper_ is here13:15
schniggiecool ;)13:16
schniggiecan i query you ?13:16
Viper_if you want to :)13:16
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deus_ex_js: Can you upload it somewhere else, it seems I can't wget it.13:17
deus_ex_(Certificate verification error for unable to get local issuer certificate)13:17
jsdeus_ex_: replace https with http13:17
jsdeus_ex_: and add the cacert root certificate to your system as soon as you have time :)13:17
deus_ex_Heh.404 with http13:18
jsups, yup13:18
jsi forgot /~js/13:18
jstry that13:18
deus_ex_Got it.13:19
jsdeus_ex_: does it work?13:32
deus_ex_js: Builds fine.13:36
jsand works?13:36
jsgood :)13:37
jsthen we'll put it on the HP13:37
pitilloViper_, thanks for your reply and time. :)13:50
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deus_ex_Q:what does 'strip undervisning' mean?It's Danish, apparently, and it's worth 1700 Kr. if she does it --->
tilman(21:09) <@      tru> education for strippers14:09
deus_ex_'Bodytequilla' is what I think, tequilla shot from her bellybutton?14:11
* deus_ex_ never drank tequilla that way before.14:11
tilmanjust one 'l'14:12
tilmanmaybe i should install flash14:12
deus_ex_tilman: I think you should ;)14:13
deus_ex_One 'l' in tequila?One worm, too.14:14
tilmanone l for each worm!14:14
deus_ex_By the time I get to the worm, I can't spell my own language ;)14:15
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RyoSsry wrong channel15:44
teKgar ned!15:44
teKiss nich15:50
teKoeh, schonmal auf die Uhr geschaut? So spaet essen ist ungesund15:52
copworkbtiefgefrorenes fruechtebrot .. iss bis morgen sicher weich und flauschig15:54
teKwegen dem Schimmel obendrauf? ;)15:55
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copworkhehe, nee wegen der haltbarkei15:56
teKwohl bekomm's15:58
nipuLentschuldigen Sie, wo ist der Urinwandschrank?16:02
copworkHehe, gleich links hinter dem Kaeseholzofen.16:04
rehabdollich essen kartoffel!16:25
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nipuLtilman: just upgraded xorg-xdm...cute :P19:45
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