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thrice`Han: elicit doesn't seem to be synced to contrib, but is a dep of e1700:36
Romsterthats han for ya :P00:50
RomsterHan, probbly forgot00:51
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Hanthrice`, synced? :-)01:01
Han/usr/ports/contrib/elicit% git push origin01:14
Hanssh: connect to host port 2222: Connection timed out01:14
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spn|workjaeger, what has happened about your enemy-territory port?08:12
jaegerI haven't played ET in a long time, wasn't keeping it up to date08:15
mike_kspn|work: your racer port has failed downloads =(08:16
jaegerspn|work: if you want the remains of it,
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pitilloViper_, thanks for the update :) I hope, if anyone take a look to my repo and see errors can tell me about.08:32
pitilloprt-get quickdep sylpheed-claws08:36
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namenloshi, got a stupid question: i got a big repository, but i only want to retrieve one single file of it and not the whole module08:50
namenloshow can i do this with cvs08:51
aoncvs checkout module/path/file08:51
namenloscvs co -n -d . src usr.sco -n -d . src/usr.sbin/inetd08:51
namenlosgives: cvs server: ignoring module src/usr.sbin/inetd08:51
namenlosmom, brb08:52
roberthpeder: Hvilke grupper skulle gi windowstilgang?08:54
roberthfeil screen08:54
namenlosaon: thanks, got it... i got to delete the "-d ."08:55
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spn|workmike_k, tonight I'll rebuild racer09:05
spn|workjaeger, I need it as dependency for my enemy-territory-mod-tce, do you plain to put it in new contrib?09:08
jaegerspn|work: no, I don't plan to, since I don't play it =/09:08
spn|workjaeger, can I adopt it?09:08
jaegerspn|work: certainly :)09:09
spn|workmmm work for tonight, hehe09:09
spn|workpackager: jaeger, mantainer: sepen ?09:10
mike_kspn|work: thanks09:10
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j^2hey all09:31
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mike_kjaeger: how d' you think, will cedega 5.2.3 work with 5.2.7 'local update' engine?09:42
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jaegermike_k: it should09:48
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tilmannipuL: *shrug* xorg-xdm isn't my port10:48
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thrice`tilman: i get a weird error when running glxgears:10:52
thrice`glxgears: xcb_xlib.c:50: xcb_xlib_unlock: Assertion `c->xlib.lock` failed.  Aborted10:52
tilmanyeah, it's a bug in mesa10:53
tilmanyou can apply a patch now, or wait for mesa 6.5.210:53
thrice`ah..alright.  was just curious; all of the references I could find referred to using specific apps that cause it, none of which i have10:54
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thrice`thanks tilman :)10:54
thrice`just got done compiling R7, and wanted to see if the OS radeon drivers were working10:55
tilmani hope mesa 6.5.2 will ship before the weekend, otherwise i'll ahve to incorporate that patch10:55
* Romster crosses fingers10:56
thrice`for crux 2.3?10:56
Romsterfor xorg R7.2 i assume?10:56
tilmanshouldn't have updated libx11 that early10:57
tilmanxorg-server 1.1 prolly won't build against mesa 6.5.2 \o/10:57
thrice`my fonts don't look so hot :(10:59
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thrice`jaeger: you wouldn't happen to have your old daapd port, would you ?11:05
jaegernot anymore, no11:08
thrice`ah...alright.  I wanted to try out mt-daapd, and figured that would be a decent starting point :)11:09
tilmanthrice`: can you verify that this patch fixes the problem?
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thrice`it breaks glx stuff though ?11:12
tilmanit shouldn't break anything11:12
thrice`nevermind, misread a comment11:12
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thrice` says that it can't open the patch file: no such file11:19
thrice`I have it cd Mesda-6.5.1, then patch -p0 -i ../$name-xcb-assertion-fix.diff11:19
tilmanyou need to add the patch to the "sources" array too11:20
tilmanin pkgfile11:20
thrice`oh, ok..sorry11:20
thrice`and did the wrong pnum :)11:22
Romsterheh -p0 or -p2 i guess :P11:22
thrice`it liked -p1 more11:23
thrice`tilman: yep, fixes it11:29
thrice`which tells me my radeon driver isn't working ;(11:30
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tilmanwhy not?11:33
thrice`tilman: a dumb xorg.conf error; I had dri still commented out (i started with a fresh xorg.conf when changing from fglrx to the OS driver)11:35
thrice`tilman: but yes, the patch works excellent11:35
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j^2if i'm using torrentcurses how do i stop torrents from stalling?11:53
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tilmandoes anyone know a hex editor that lets me put a structure definition on top of the data to help me interpret the data?12:54
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j^2nice thanks for the info bismark :P13:53
jjpkNot the first time that info has shown up.13:59
teKit's all about basics..14:37
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jdolan_SMP celerons huh?15:48
jdolan_that hasn't happened since socket 370, has it?15:48
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* jdolan_ remembers his abit bh6 dual cel533 fondly15:48
rehabdollprobably just a smp enabled kernel15:52
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jdolan_i was kinda poking fun at him ;)16:11
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nipuLoh right, it's a contrib port s/tilman/han/19:44
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