IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2006-12-02

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timbSo, how active is CRUX development currently?02:21
prologicevery few hours02:32
prologicwhy ? :)02:32
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Hannot much to do, it all works fine03:07
HanJust maintaining ports a bit.03:09
tilmantimb: quite active ;)03:24
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bd2oh.. I fed up with prtverify/broken source reports.. :-/ Now I'll finally sit and edit my .mailfilter :-)03:33
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Hanprtverify helped me find a few problems, but most remarks are useless.03:44
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bd2I'm more concerned about emails to -devel. It's good idea to demangle maintainer's emails in Pkgfiles and sent issues directly. But I don't care anymore, .mailfilter rocks :-)03:46
HanYes, I use maildrop as well.03:52
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jjpkbd2: good mda choice. I have used it for about six months now.06:27
jjpkThat looked like a heated debate last night here about svn/cvs o_o06:28
prologicgit rocks :)06:34
jjpkI think git fits crux's KISS principle, mainly because it consists of c and shell code. :p06:36
prologicgit does fit more nicely with development06:37
prologicand especially contrib maintainence06:37
prologicI quite like it06:37
prologicneways I"m off06:38
bd2git also depends on python (just few commands), and that's pity.. but I hope they'll get rid of python soon06:39
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] > prt-get depends git |grep pyth06:39
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] >06:39
tilmanthat dependency was removed some weeks ago06:39
tilmanafaik it was just one command (that rerere thing)06:40
bd2wow!! perfect!06:40
tilmanwhich has been rewritten in c06:40
bd2really exciting news, thanks tilman06:40
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tilmanit's just python06:55
tilmaneveryone has python06:55
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tilman(warez *cough* torrent *cough*)06:55
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Hanjjpk, it was about external sources, for example my e17 ports.07:23
jjpkthe lack of so-called standards seems to piss some people off.07:28
RyoSoooh 2.6.19 is out *cheers*07:29
HanNah. He wanted me to make ports which are guaranteed to work.07:29
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HanLike I care if a cvs port break. Try again tomorrow. Or put in a tag.07:31
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tilmanlike you care about anything07:50
rxihe cares about not caring07:51
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guaquaanyone else having trouble starting bittorrent tracker?09:16
guaquaie. is there an easy fix?09:16
guaqua"ImportError: No module named twisted.python" is where i end up..09:16
RyoSwhat was that about warez + python? *cough*09:17
guaquagoing to share some photos with it ^__^09:18
RyoSoh, amateurs or professionals? *SCNR* :P09:19
guaquainstalling zopeinterface & twisted-core now09:24
guaquagot another error09:26
guaquaso i must be advancing ;)09:26
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RyoSsomeone here using the new pata driver maybe and can tell if it works fine?09:38
tilmanjust resist the urge to try it09:38
RyoSi... can't...09:38
guaquablahh, assentionerror with the tracker09:39
RyoSguaqua: you know this is not #torrent?09:39
RyoSits maybe just a config error09:39
guaquayes, this is #crux09:39
guaquai'll try there09:40
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Hanguaqua, use rtorrent. It rocks.13:12
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deus_exYou've got to be fucking kidding me...Kids
jjpkthe original is bad enough as it is :D13:31
deus_exjjpk: I fear that UNICEF doesn't know about it.Whatever happened to 'Think about the kids!' campaign?13:35
deus_exkid's eurovision--> $country_idol-->$reality_show--> 'adult' eurovision.Viciuos circle...13:37
tilmanMesa 6.5.2 released \o/13:38
* deus_ex opens champaign13:38
deus_extilman: You're resident xorg wizard.Have you played with aiglx/beryl?13:41
deus_exIs there any jaw-dropping clip of aiglx in action, so I can show it to my 'can't wait to install Vista" friends?13:44
tilmani don't even know13:44
tilmantry youtube :D13:44
deus_exWhy didn't I think of that ;) ?13:45
tilmanfor a few months now i'm trying to make the mga x driver not suck13:45
tilmani'm not that interested in aiglx/beryl/xgl/compiss etc ;)13:46
* deus_ex is doing a 'research' on asian babes.13:46
deus_exInteresting subject...13:46
deus_exI think I better get back to my research...13:51
HanI tried getting beryl to work. What a pain.13:52
HanJust refused to dig the nvidia libs and headers properly.13:52
jaegerI've played with beryl a few times, it's neat... but not all that useful13:59
jaegereye candy for fun :)14:00
laod_wow.. the beryl site is a little bit under-maintained... it looks interesting, though14:03
tilmancool, the mga dri driver is broken in mesa 6.5.214:14
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deus_exDuct tape never looked this good...
jaegershe will be when she takes off that tape14:34
tilmani could have done without the tape14:34
deus_ex'duct tape holds the universe together'14:36
laod_I suspect she could also do without the tape. *winces*14:36
deus_exMaybe she packaged herself as xmas present?14:37
deus_exsanta is evil14:38
Hanmust be a tedious job to unpack her.14:38
deus_exI can imagine...14:39
HanAnyway, this does confirm the theory that the universe would collapse without ducttape.14:40
laod_Ugh. I'm such a slacker about maintaining my ports :/14:43
laod_I'd also like to bellyache about Makefiles that don't use DESTDIR consistently. Waa.14:45
Hanspeaking of which... jaeger, alsa-utils 1.0.13 has been released.14:46
Hanlaod_, try ./configure --prefix='$(DESTDIR)/usr'14:47
tilmanlaod_: fix them, send the patch upstream for inclusion :)14:48
laod_I will on both counts. Thanks.14:48
jaegerHan: ok, thanks for the heads-up14:48
laod_I can't believe I didn't think of that --prefix trick. That makes me feel a little dumb.14:48
tilmanif may yield unexpected results, laod_14:49
tilmanremember the prefix might be baked into the binary14:49
laod_Ahh. Good point. That would be a fun surprise.14:50
laod_especially with apps that create files :D14:50
jaeger <-- they sell a crux badge, heh14:56
laod_It really is unfortunate that beagle is a mono app... it would be really nice to have as part of the base gnome suite. :/15:00
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timbWhat version of GCC does CRUX shit with?22:47
bd2it shits with gcc-4.0.3 for the version 2.2 :-)22:51
timbHaha, okay, good to know. I'm assuming 3.4 would be in ports if I needed it?22:56
bd2I doubt. But you can write your own gcc port in few minutes22:58
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timbOkay. What kernel is CRUX based off? 2.6 I'm assuming?23:01
timbAwesome. I think CRUX will work out well for our game server.23:02
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timbI can't get this bloody Torque Game Engine to compile under FreeBSD... I just hate using most Linux distros because they're so bloated. CRUX to the rescue it seems.23:13
Romster < sweet too bad they don't have the slightly wider keys like for the windows menu key replacment.23:13
Romstertimb, its easy to change the kernel version or anything really, thats the power of crux23:13
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rxihello jay23:20
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