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timbGees CRUX is easy to install.00:55
jaeger <-- odd but neat beryl feature, 3d window depths00:58
timbShould there be anything wrong with having swab on hda1 and root on hda2?01:05
timbAnd swap is type 82 right?01:06
timbMust have screwed up the boot process some how then. Let's try this again.01:14
* bismark is away: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZzzZZZZzzZZZzzZZZz01:16
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Romstertimb, did you mark hda2 (root) as bootable flag?01:59
Romsteri forgot that the first time i tryed :)01:59
Romsteryeah :)01:59
Romsteri'm watching it with intent. :D01:59
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timbNow this virtual machine won't boot at all...03:02
* timb murders Parallels03:02
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timbAlright... Let's try this again.03:33
Romsteryou running crux in a VM?03:36
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timbIt's just not booting.03:40
timbThe partition is set to bootable...03:40
timbI set boot= and root= to /dev/hda1 in the lilo configuration file.03:41
timbRan lilo...03:41
timbI copied the kernel to vmlinuz...03:41
timbThat should be everything, right?03:41
timbOh crap.03:42
timbboot= should have been /dev/hda03:42
timbNot /dev/hda1 I think.03:42
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Romsteryeah boot is the device not the partition...03:58
Romsterroot is the root partition03:58
timbYea, late night slipup on my part.03:58
timb<-- Not used to LILO or Linux.03:58
Romstereasily confused to add the partition on the end of the boot in lilo though for new users.03:58
timb<-- FreeBSD Admin03:59
timbHmmm, okay, now to get my network card going...03:59
Romsterah ok, been there done that, passed and learned more :)03:59
Romsteri've never used BSD :/03:59
timbSeems like CRUX borrowed heavily from it, which I like. (ports and the BSD init scripts.)04:00
Romsteredit /etc/rc.modules04:00
Romsteredit /etc/rc.d/net04:00
Romsteryeah that part was.04:00
Romsterso much neater than some init.d with all the diferent run levels04:00
mike_kmatter of taste though04:01
RomsterCRUX simple and to the point :)04:01
Romstermike_k, true.04:01
timbinit.d leaves a bad taste in my mouth mike_k :-)04:01
Romsterthats why there is heaps of distros :)04:01
Romstertoo me its a messy layout that.04:02
Romsterrc.d simple and to the point :)04:02
mike_kanyone with qemu network connetctions experience? Manual is do damn tricky. I have one real card: eth0. tun/tap, bridge modules loaded. what are the exact steps to connect guest's ethernet card with host's?04:04
timbHmmm, this is a RealTek 8029... So that should be NE2000 PCI if I recall correctly. Which should have been compiled as a module.04:04
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timbHelp on the Kernel Config says the module is ne2k-pci... Where exactly do I activate that at?04:06
timbI know I can manually load it via modprobe ne2k-pci04:10
timbBut I want it to go at boot time.04:10
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tilmanput the 'modprobe blah' line in /etc/rc.modules04:10
timbOh, well... That's simple enough.04:11
timbThat was so simple in fact, that I thought it wasn't right.04:11
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timbSo this is odd...04:23
timbI have set as the NS in resolv.conf04:23
timbIt's taking forever to lookup certain domains (like and sometimes it's not even looking them up at all...04:24
timbBut if I dig it works fine.... I know the NS is working though.... Because I can dig @ from any of the PCs in the house.04:24
timbSeems like the resolver is being funky somehow...04:26
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Romsterhmm sounds like your running a dns daemon04:28
Romsterlike dnsmasq like.04:28
Romsterthats not configured to look at isp dns servers first before others.04:28
timbThe router ( is masquerading for the local network, it sends all requests upstream to the ISPs DNS servers. (The router is a load balancing router, so it has cable and DSL hooked to it. It splits incoming DNS requests between the two connections and their appropos DNS servers.)04:31
timbFor all intents and purposes any local clients on the network should think that IS the DNS server.04:31
timbLike I said, none of the other machines here have trouble with it: Windows XP, Mac OS X, Debian, FreeBSD04:32
Romsterwell are they set to or the ISP dns servers?04:36
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timbWelcome back.04:37
timbYea, other the other systems are using for DNS.04:38
Romsterthat was cleaver i hit shift and ctrl and some other key by accedent and xchat closed...04:38
Romstertimb, as for your dns slowness *shrugs* other than maybe a QoS setup that dosn't include that ip of the linux machine.04:46
Romsteror the VM itself.04:46
timbEh, I'll fix it later.04:47
timbI kept typing "make install clean" when I go into a port...04:47
timb*kept = keep04:47
timbCRUX ports do dependancy checking, yes?04:49
Romsterprt-get depinst <port>04:50
Romsterpkgmk itself dosn't but prt-get does and is a front end to it.04:50
timbOkay, cool.04:50
Romsterlike prt-get depinst xorg --install-scripts04:50
Romsterwould install the base xorg04:51
Romster(note to put xorg at the top of /etc/prt-get.conf or else it'll mess up with x11 and mesa in opt)04:51
Romstertimb, jsut made crux sound cooler eh :P04:51
Romsterports -u; prt-get cache; prt-get sysup, to update the system too.04:52
Romsterit should be all in the doc's, i think soem of them docs are a bit stale now though.04:52
timbHoly crap...04:54
timbMy game server just compiled.04:54
timbFresh out of the box CRUX install. All I did as add the libsdl, libogg, libvorbis and libtheora ports.04:55
timb*was add04:55
timbAnd BOOM... It just worked...04:55
Romsterhehe oh and don't forget rejmerge too, man rejmerge04:55
Romsterdid you make a package of it?04:55
Romsteror do it in /usr/src ?04:55
timbMy game server? I downloaded the source and compiled it myself.04:56
Romstermake a Pkgfile so you can use pkgmk :)04:56
Romsterthats the prefered way04:56
timbWell, it's sort of a specialized server. I just wanted to see if it would compile.04:56
Romsterthen anyone can use your ports if you register a repo on the web site.04:56
Romsterah ok.04:57
timb(It's a MMORPG server based off the Torque Game Engine. Highly specialized.)04:57
timbBut, holy damn, CRUX is fast.04:57
Romstereven for yourself it would be easier to list the dependencys you needed in the Pkgfile then use prt-get depinst game-server-name04:57
Romstereven faster if you take the time to fine tune it04:58
Romsterdesktop pc set the kernel frequency to 1000Hz for example :)04:58
Romsterand enable framebuffer for video and other stuff.04:58
timbOh wow... The server RUNS! And doesn't segfault with memory allocation errors...04:59
timbWell, I found the OS that our MMORPG will run on...04:59
Romstertimb, thats if you decide to use crux on your computers ;)04:59
timbCRUX is right up my alley. Bloat free and fast.05:00
tilmanif memory allocation errors give you segfaults, you're doing something wrong :P05:00
Romstercrux is highly customiseable as you can see, you can even prt-get edit port on core ports if you dare to mess with them :)05:00
Romsterbut CRUX can be broken easily if you mess with the wrong stuff and make a mistake :)05:01
timbtilman: Heh, well... I was trying to get Torque Game Engine running under FreeBSD and... let's just say no... It took me about a day to get it to compile because their makefile was so screwed up. Once I did, I got the server running, but when a client connected it would segfault due to memory allocation errors.05:02
timbThe wonderful programmers at Garage Games were doing some pretty things with the memory manager.05:02
timbFrom what I can tell, half of their files were making dirty calls to malloc.h, instead of going through stdlib.h the right way.05:03
Romsterhmm sounds like a buggy memory alocation to try and speed up the server :/05:03
tilmansounds like it was development on a weird system. maybe windows :P05:04
timbHaha yea, it was...05:04
timbLinux seems more forgiving than FreeBSD. Although, FreeBSD is more secure. So I suppose it's a trade off.05:04
Romsterlol tilman05:05
Romstertimb, if you really wanna get testing try -O3 :)05:07
Romsterand see if it breaks or not, if it don't break it may run more optomised.05:07
Romsterbut bigger file size.05:07
timbHaha yea, I'll mess around with that this afternoon. I'm just happy it's running at this point!05:07
Romsterworth a try as you can always revert :)05:08
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Angelohi all anyone online ?05:13
Angeloi have some trouble instaling a crux 2.2 on a raid matrix05:13
Romsterwhat problem is that?05:14
Angeloi wanned to install from begining crux but ... never thinck when05:14
Angeloi have taked the computer if the hardware is compatible with crux05:15
Angeloit's an Intel CORE duo05:15
Angeloand the motherboard have a raid controler integrated05:16
Angelo2 SATA hdd in raid 1 matrix05:16
Angeloi get stuck on install05:16
mike_kthat intel software raid thing? mdadm (that is daemon for such fake raid's) was very unstable in my setup on intel D945PVS mobo.05:16
mike_kI'd better stay away from such things05:17
Angeloit's a hardware raid05:17
mike_kare you shure?05:17
mike_kgot model name?05:18
Angeloit's a raid controler integrated on the mobo05:18
Angelothe mobo is a05:18
AngeloIntel P5B-E05:19
Angeloam i kicked if i paste a link to the mobo model?05:20
Angelothats the mobo05:21
Angelonick RA05:21
*** Angelo is now known as RA05:21
timbThe server runs!05:22
RAso ....05:22
RAi'll tell u the controler name05:23
RAjust a sec05:23
mike_kRA:  I guess it's "fake raid" =(05:23
tilmanas if compiling with -O3 optOmozations is a test for the _application_...05:24
timbI haven't even tried that yet.05:25
timbI just connected to the server with a client and it didn't segfault.05:25
RAIs Intel ICH5/6/7 SATA really hardware RAID?          i have an ICH8R05:25
tilmantimb: don't bother, it's a bad idea05:25
RAthe boot cd of crux just hangs on boot it said it can not mount /root sistem ...05:26
mike_kRA: in other words you are likely to have much pain with mdadm and that thing, without visible performance gains. Yor cpu will do the most part. I doubt ICH8R is very different from ICH7R. mdadm docs might give a clue05:28
RAhmmm i just read that ...05:28
RAtnx guy ...05:28
RAone hard day folowed by a long whyte night is awaiting me05:29
RAdamn ... i should play earlier with that that mdadmin05:29
timbICHx does hardare stripping...05:29
mike_kRA: you may try to install on a separate HDD, than stting up mdadm and cloning the system05:29
RAyeap that's an answer too05:30
RAhmmmm take a look at taht05:31
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RA - 6 x SATA 3.0 Gb/s ports05:32
RA - Intel Matrix Storage Technology supports  RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10.05:32
RAJMicron® JMB363 PATA and SATA controller05:32
RA - 1 x UltraDMA 133/100/66 for up to 2 PATA devices05:32
RA - 1 x Internal SATA 3.0 Gb/s port05:32
RA - 1 x External SATA 3.0 Gb/s port (SATA On-the-Go)05:32
RA - Support SATA RAID 0, 1 and JBOD (by 1x External SATA & 1x Internal SATA)05:32
RAthere are 2 controlers on this mobo05:32
RAi wonder which one is true raid ... and if it is true raid ... crux does have drivers ?05:33
timb Neither are. They're both software assisted.05:33
timbYou have Hardware RAID, Pseudo-Hardware RAID and Software RAID.05:34
timbBoth of those are Pseudo-Hardware RAID.05:34
timbA Hardware RAID card will run you $500 or so.05:34
RAstrange ... the southbridge have an entire separate bios just like a true adaptek card05:35
timbYes, again that's not uncommon.05:35
timbThe ICHx will have it's own BIOS.05:35
timbThen again, Promise RAID cards have their own BIOS and they're still Pseudo-Hardware RAID.05:36
timbIf it was true hardware RAID, it would have 256MB of cache memory and a battery backup with it...05:36
RA:)) true .....05:38
* timb strokes his Adaptec RAID-5 card with 64MB cache and a 48 hour battery backup.05:38
HanThey don't keep their promise, so they can keep it.05:40
RAi might add that a true raid have the option to add a hot spare to a stripe05:41
timbYes, that's a good point RA05:41
RAtoo bad thar my other server which runs a Oracle db runs on W2000Serv05:42
RAi'm shame to admit ... that 3 years ago .. i was a noob on linux ...05:43
RAthen was the time i built that server with dual MP and 6 SCSI RAID storage sistem05:44
RAnow i want ... to get rid of that pesky os made by micros...05:46
RomsterRA yeah M$ is so unstable.05:56
Romsterwhen vista was being made and i saw its so called features i went ewww no thanks, thats when i moved to liux desktops, but had been doing linux servers for longer,05:57
RAi have to admit that linux desktops are much stable indistructible by users and could not be hacked by viruses06:03
RAbut ... the stupid users always want something ... i could not see that movie ... i could not go on messenger ... and all this are much hard to set up on Linux than M$06:04
RAall my routers are in Linux boxes.... and since the moment i build them ... until now .... not even 1 problem06:05
RomsterRA, true06:15
Romsterthey jsut keep running and running06:15
RAdamn ... i start reading mdadmin ..... the f..king boot cd keeps teling me kernel panic ... id does not see any SATA drive ....06:21
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RAi'll installit on a PATA then cloneit on a SATA06:21
RAand after that i'll made the raid06:22
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_mavrick61Hi all09:56
jaegerheyo, _mavrick6109:57
_mavrick61How is it...09:59
jaegernot bad10:00
_mavrick61We have now a new router up and running... But will switch to a new hig-end MB...10:01
_mavrick61But I got this error in dmesg. ACPI: OEMB (v001 A M I  AMI_OEM  0x03000617 MSFT 0x00000097) @ 0x3f7ae04010:02
_mavrick61  >>> ERROR: Invalid checksum10:02
_mavrick61What is that... Is it any serious problem...10:04
jaegera quick search turns up some acpi pages such as
jaegerbut the message looks bios-related to me, I'd try updating the bios first10:05
jaegerif there's not a new one, perhaps even reflashing the current version10:05
_mavrick61If I now will work I switch to this MB SE7221BK1-E
_mavrick61Need more I/O throughput.10:07
_mavrick61Use now 1Q V-LAN tagged routing, then the system onlyuse one NIC.10:08
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jaegerlooks pretty decent10:12
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Hannew firefox-flash-plugin beta release19:28
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Romsterbash-3.1# ntfsmount /dev/sdb123:43
RomsterCouldn't mount device '/dev/sdb1' : Input/output error23:43
Romsterwonder what i'm doing worng i'm using the defaults in the README file23:43

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