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prologicumm question00:32
prologiccan crux be installed remotely onto an existing machine running some other variant of linux ?00:33
prologicI need to know how (if at all) this can be done00:33
Romsteri can't see why not download the iso mount it then run setup, over write the existing setup somehow and remove its old files ?00:36
Romsterbe easier if you let them install the core system using the crux live cd.00:36
Romsterhow friggen hard can it be to mount a NTFS partiton...00:38
prologica. I don't thin it's that simple00:45
prologicb. they won't install a custom os - stingy bastards :)00:45
prologicneways I"ve gotta go to training00:45
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thrice`Romster, linux can mount them fine - just not write to them01:11
Romsteri can't even mount it.... and i want to be able to deleate files on the NTFS hdd then backup some files then format it to ext3 like my other hdd is.01:12
Romsterwell i guess i could avoid the delating bit but its gonna be ahrder to see what i want to keep..01:13
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pitillowich often do you mantain your ports? (contrib ones, I can suppose core/opt maintained more often) Do you look for updates all days? with one day by week is it sufficient (without security important updates)?01:41
Romsteri check once a day useally or when i get back to my computer if i'm out for a few days.01:46
Romsterck4up is good for checking.01:46
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pitilloumm nice that tool. I will try to keep my ports update, but not sure if I will do daily.01:50
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Romsterpitillo, i do daily or whenever i get to my pc, sometimes i might miss a day or 2 if i'm really busy02:08
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RomsterFATAL  contrib/thttpd ........... world writable directory found: home/www/users/ < nasty06:23
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rehabdollbtw romster, any specific reason why libidn is only at v0.5.20 ?07:14
Romsterah let me check07:15
Romsteri didn't realse there was a more recent version O_o ok trying it out.07:21
Romsteri mus of missed that07:21
Romsterits hard to know if anyone is even using ports other than runnign prt-get dependent :/07:22
Romsterah kdelibs is using it :)07:24
Romsterof course thats why i added it as i use kde07:25
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RyoSjaeger: hi, have you tried the audacious-plugins-ugly? :)08:00
jaegerRyoS: not yet08:01
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RyoSit includes an mplayer plugin08:01
RyoSand if you like running audacious in a term, try audtty :>08:03
jaegerI generally like the small gui but I did see audtty :)08:03
RyoSalright :)08:04
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Romsterrehabdoll, updated.08:25
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Romsteron flyspray there is no dropdown for ports contrib, only for core/opt any reason? and what do i do if i want to submit a bug for contrib?10:19
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Romsteranyone? or should i just bug the contrib maintainers var email?10:28
mike_kRomster: be patient, choose "for Project CRUX-contrib"10:29
* Romster slaps myself, i didn't notice that...10:31
Romsteri can't even change assigned to...10:32
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ManowarrioRI am not a Crux user.. (actually, not a Linux user) and I'd like to ask... is Crux source based? I mean.. are people compiling their software?13:54
ManowarrioRor theese are some kind of packages...13:54
jaegerthe CD release is binary package-based but once installed, you generally build packages with a ports tree from source13:55
ManowarrioRokay. sounds interesting to me.13:56
ManowarrioRAnd so, are there any live CDs, based on Crux, or a free ssh connection to a crux machine, just to see how "unix-oriented", "clean" and "simple" is it?13:57
ManowarrioRI am a FreeBSD user and all this sounds very interesting.13:57
ManowarrioRToo few GNU/Linux distributions are behaving as a UNIX system theese days.13:57
ManowarrioR*as UNIX systems13:58
ManowarrioRexcuse my english.13:58
ManowarrioROkay, I know: Google is my friend :-)14:00
ManowarrioRSorry for the silly questions.14:00
jjpkhehe, don't worry. This channel has seen much worse in the past ;)14:01
ManowarrioRHehehe :-)14:02
jjpkI have the impression that there used to be a crux live-cd somewhere.14:02
ManowarrioRI will search. :-)14:03
ManowarrioRI'm very interested in this distro.14:03
ManowarrioRAnd as I can see, the project isn't that large => good community.14:03
ManowarrioRI haven't used GNU/Linux for a lot of time14:03
ManowarrioRExcept 2 weeks on Fedora two months ago14:04
ManowarrioRAnd it was .. uhh.. disgusting14:04
ManowarrioRSo, I will need some help, if I move.14:04
jaegerI've been planning to make a real livecd sometime, just not done yet14:04
jjpkSince you use freebsd, you will see many similarities. crux is just much more simplistic so you have to know what to configure, etc.14:05
jjpkA lot less questions asked.14:05
ManowarrioRI see.14:05
RyoSwhen i've tried freebsd i had problems with the ports system, maybe it was me (it was pretty sure me :P) but i couldnt get along with it14:06
RyoSi love crux ports <314:06
ManowarrioRWell, can you explain me (or give me a document where is described) how this port colllection works, what exactly is happening,e tc14:06
ManowarrioRis it using shell scripts, or python scripts, or something else..?14:07 documentation14:07
RyoSshould give you all the answers you seek14:07
jaegerbash/sh scripts, generally14:07
RyoSyou seek for ^^14:07
ManowarrioRThank you.14:07
ManowarrioRAnd is there a way to browse online the ports?14:09
ManowarrioRviewcvs or something?14:09
jaegerand /gitweb/14:10
ManowarrioRhmm.. the only thing I can't find is Blender14:13
ManowarrioRand it's a bit strange to me to have so many repos.. don't know where to search for an app :-)14:13
ManowarrioRotherwise, I like what is included in core14:14
ManowarrioRthis is a real core, a real base system. not as in fedora "core" ..14:14
jjpkManowarrioR: I agree with that.14:15
jjpkThe user repos exist because crux is a small distro with very limited resources :p14:15
jjpkAlthough the resources are well used imho.14:15
treachjust sort the repos and ports in prt-get.conf and you'll be fine.14:15
ManowarrioRah, found Blender. it's in the "sepen" repo14:17
jaegerManowarrioR: one of the niceties of such a system is that you aren't burdened with more repositories or ports than you wish to be14:17
sepenManowarrioR, blender is in testing state14:18
ManowarrioRwhat do you mean?14:18
sepenwhen it became stable amybe it could be in contrib14:18
ManowarrioRit should work..14:18
sepenIm using on my desktop and works really fine!14:19
treachManowarrioR: all those repos are provided "as is" by the people responsible for them.14:19
sepenthe only thing is that could be inestable with footprint or dependencies14:19
sepenfor that is in testing state for people imo14:21
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sepenin addition to
ManowarrioRbtw, I'm still not sure if I want to left my FreeBSD, but... well, I can't help to the community in much ways. I'm only a desginer.14:27
ManowarrioRSo, if you need one, I may do something :-)14:27
treachthe benefit of doing things yourself is that you get things "Your Way"(TM). Not how some dimwitted packager thougth it should be.14:29
tilmanmaro: since xkbdata is now officially deprecated, the odds are quite good that i'll use xkeyboard-config for 7.2 ;)14:31
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marotilman: :)14:35
marotilman: still have the patch around? :)14:35
marooh well, seems I haven't cleaned up for a while, it's still there:
ManowarrioRmorlenxus: you're good promoter of your distro. :-)14:36
marome too!14:37
maroI joing several distro channels once a week and yell "omfg crux rulez, $distro suxx!"14:38
tilmanwhy do i DO believe that :P14:38
treachmust be because the semi regular arch badmouthing. ;-)14:39
maroshut up and make my distro better14:39
marolazy developers14:39
tilmanand WOW14:39
tilmannobody bitched about freetype not enabling the patented truetype hinting crap in 2.3 yet14:39
marotilman: I would have suggested that14:40
tilmaneither the usual suspects are in agreement with that14:40
tilmanor, hell, something's wrong :P14:40
maro(suggesting it be disabled that is)14:40
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marodoesn't make much sense to enable it, then force use of the autohinter in fontconfig14:40
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tilmani prolly need to fix my stupid fc config for dvi again14:42
tilmanconnecting my panel via dvi makes thing look a bit funny14:42
tilmanswapping gfx cards, brb ;)14:42
marotilman: you could probably cut out the autohinter symlink in fontconfig btw14:42
maroif you haven't already :)14:43
RedShifthey guys14:43
RedShiftwhat hosting control panels do you guys use?14:43
Romstermaro, rofl14:44
jaegerRedShift: never used one, myself14:44
Romsteri've browsed a few never ported any or tryed any.14:50
* sepen add dillo support to
tilmanmaro: why?14:57
RedShiftRomster: got a list of what you were looking at?14:57
Romsterbe mixed in amonigst all my other linux stuff probbly.. i'll see if i can dig some out15:01
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marotilman: does it have any effect with the bytecode interpreter disabled?15:11
tilmanwho knows, it's a mystery ;)15:13
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RomsterRedShift, or may suit your needs15:30
Romsteris so hard to find stuff in my bookmarks15:31
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prologicmorn'n all16:19
prologicheya jaeger16:34
prologicany ideas how I'll install crux onto a remote machine (vmware) running redhat ?16:35
prologicis: re-install/replace redhat16:35
jaegernever tried something like that, sorry16:39
prologicno worries16:39
prologicis the crux live iso around somewhere ?16:39
prologicfor 2.216:39
jaegerlinked on my page,
prologicthe iso is so small16:43
jaegerer, MB16:43
prologicnot the netinst one then16:43
jaegeryou can use the netinst one if you like16:43
prologic <-- that one ?16:43
jaegerthey're basically the same... netinst contains no packages and has a net setup script16:44
prologicah k16:44
prologicthe netinst iso will still give a remote sshable setup envionment though ?16:45
jaegerboth will16:45
prologick cool16:46
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seekwillHow can I check if a partition was mounted as read only or not?17:23
sepenseekwill, mount17:24
seekwillAh, thanks.17:25
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laodWeird the comments in sun's zfs code read like ad copy.17:26
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prologicISPS are stupid :/17:56
prologicthese so-called sales and tech reps don't know what they're doing :/17:56
jaegerthey're only representing someone who does :)17:58
treachit doesn't matter, since nobody else does, neither competitors nor customers. :->17:59
prologicsome customers do though :)18:00
prologicit's fsutrating :)18:00
treachtough shit, it's not like the competition is any better, so where do you go?18:00
treachbig business -> *caching* :>18:01
rehabdollany suggestions on a really small mta.. only needed to send mails within my lan18:37
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jaegerI've heard exim is also good, haven't used it myself18:43
rehabdollesmtp seems to do what i want, thanls18:47
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caramooHello i was wondering if anyone knows if and when crux 2.3 will be comeing out?23:14
prologicwhen it's ready23:15
prologicif you just keep sysup'ing your system it'll be at 2.3 already :)23:16

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