IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2006-12-05

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Romsterclose too, other than glibc etc.00:01
Romstererr that was ages ago :/00:01
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pitilloRomster, hi, good morning. Trying to install frozen-bubble gives me some error when removing some files: rm: cannot remove `/lib/perl5/site_perl/*/linux/auto/fb_c_stuff/': No such file or directory03:46
pitillorm: cannot remove `/lib/perl5/site_perl/*/linux/auto/fb_c_stuff/.packlist': No such file or directory03:46
Romsterhmmz i'll look into that soon03:47
Romstereating atm03:48
pitillothanks. no problem :)03:48
Romsterneed to test tat more b4 i put it in contrib03:48
Romsteru did use depinst ?03:49
Romsterprt-get deptree <port> and see if any ports are missing on your pc03:50
pitilloquickdep for it: libjpeg zlib alsa-lib libogg libpng freetype libsdl libvorbis sdl_image sdl_net sdl_gfx smpeg sdl_ttf sdl_mixer p5-sdl1-perl frozen-bubble03:50
pitilloand deptree seems to be fine, all installed, only frozenbubble doesn´t.03:51
Romsteru don't have sdl_pango ?03:53
Romsterports -u and prt-get cache then recheck03:53
pitillosdl_pango isn´t listed in quickdep and deptree03:53
pitillohaven´t it in my tree... only pango.03:54
Romsterits in my tree03:55
pitilloand here I haven´t it too.03:55
pitilloI haven´t it in your tree too...03:56
Romsterthen do a ports -u romster03:56
Romsterand check again03:56
pitilloupdating.... but updated before install frozen03:56
pitillonow seems to be in your tree03:56
Romsterrm -r /usr/ports/romster then update if need be.03:57
pitilloports -u works fine03:57
pitillodid you update did you update fb version too?03:58
Romstermight not be my problem04:00
pitilloit´s compiling now, and finished ok... another Q, has it ./configure ? I say this to not build .mo04:02
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Romsterpitillo, do a prt-get diff, that'll tell ya if anyting has been updated.04:08
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pitillodidn´t change anything04:16
pitillodon´t know about that option. Nice one04:17
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Romster:) prt-get help04:18
Romsterso whats the progress pitillo ?04:18
pitilloinstalled perfectly like I said. :)04:19
pitilloyeah, bit by bit I need to read all options04:20
Romsterok so it wasn't my error then :)04:21
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Romsterwhats the tool to use to list un-needed dependencys?04:35
Romsterwasn't prtverify04:35
Romsternevermind just found that, mayeb it should be in prtverify too..04:36
Romsterfindredundantdeps -h < dosn't give help04:37
Romsterman page atleast04:37
aonyes, -h doesn't do anything at all04:38
Romsterthen why is it listed on the arguments :)04:42
aonbeats me04:44
pitilloRomster, the error was in the deps. But solved adding sdl_pango :)05:06
Romstershould alraedy be in the deps...05:08
pitilloyeah, but wasn´t when updated before :) re-updating solved it05:09
Romsterheh strange.05:09
Romsterplays alright for you?05:09
pitillodidn´t try it by now. Working and it´s in work´s little laptop. This afternoon I will try it05:12
pitillo5 holidays "days" are waiting me... :)05:14
pitilloI´m getting some enterteinament and some work too (thinking in snort)05:14
Romsterah k05:17
pitillolooking at db to get snort...05:18
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foxi_so.. maybe anyone here can help me. my new installed crux won't do a ports -u07:01
foxi_due rsync error07:01
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foxi_nobody an idea? :/07:07
deus_exfoxi_: paste exact error07:18
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ManowarrioRHi, guys07:55
ManowarrioRI've readed all I can find on the net about Crux and... well, there is only one thing I don't like: the logo :-)07:56
ManowarrioReverything else seems to be really, really cool.07:56
ManowarrioRMaybe I will migrate in near 5-6 days07:58
ManowarrioRI will think more about it :-)07:58
mike_kthe logo is used to make non-target audience scared07:58
RomsterManowarrioR, lol the logo *gives you a mean look* j/k07:59
Romstermike_k, lol07:59
ManowarrioRlol :-)08:00
ManowarrioRwell.. dunno.. maybe because I hate the god damn penguin.. but I personally don't like it.08:00
ManowarrioRBut it's my opinion of course, which isnt important. Plus, a logo wouldnt stop me for using the distro anyway :-)08:01
ManowarrioRmike_k: the only thing that scares me is that the target audence is "experienced Linux users". Well, I have 2.5 exp. with FreeBSD08:02
ManowarrioRand only 5-6 months exp with linux distros, such as Debian, Fedora, SourceMage, Gentoo and.. um.. Mandrake (yes, mandrake 10, not mandriva008:03
ManowarrioRand I'm not sure that I am part of your target audence :-)08:04
mike_kManowarrioR: that is ok, just do not expect too much08:04
rehabdollhehe, that penguin is butt-ugly08:05
rehabdollcrosseyed and shit08:05
ManowarrioRmike_k: k08:06
rehabdollperhaps a hand giving the finger would be more suitable... less inviting atleast :)08:06
Romsterrehabdoll, lol08:06
ManowarrioR << here is what I am doing, if you need grapchis, poke me :-)08:06
rehabdollI vote for the finger!08:07
ManowarrioRlol :-)08:08
Romsterhrmmm ManowarrioR i could use a graphics designer :)08:09
Romsterrehabdoll, +1 be a change from seeing pengins08:09
ManowarrioRRomster: just poke me :-)08:10
ManowarrioRbut be warned: I have almost no idea of web design08:10
RomsterManowarrioR, any expeareance with intro stuff like flash or maybe som svg+music stuff?08:10
ManowarrioRflash - no.08:10
Romsterah i can cover web design i just suck at the graphics08:10
ManowarrioRI don't have enough to buy + I'm not using non-free software08:11
ManowarrioRand SVG - well, all those are SVG08:11
ManowarrioRbut no animation in Inkscape yet :-(08:11
Romsterdang :/08:11
Romsterwonder if there is a way to later svg frames?08:11
Romstererr layer*08:11
ManowarrioRperhaps. but I don't recommend you to do that yet. SVG isnt well supported (when talking for animations) in Gecko. And of course in IE08:12
ManowarrioRnot sure for Apple's Saphary08:12
ManowarrioR*not sure about08:13
ManowarrioRWhy do you need animation?08:13
ManowarrioRI mean..08:13
ManowarrioRFlash sucks.08:13
ManowarrioRSVG isnt well supported..08:13
ManowarrioR=> no aimation.08:13
Romsteri hate flash but i need some intro movie clip with sound, for a band site.08:14
Romstergot the music and will haev all the still pictures and possabilly some live film too but need to do fade in and slide effects etc.08:14
Romsteryeah i kneo SVG isn't well suported yet neather is CSS3 and i'm still wating for that too.08:15
ManowarrioRhmm.. well, maybe if I draw some guitars/microphones/etc and then you can make some effects with JS/CSS (change the picture on mouse over or something..)08:16
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RomsterManowarrioR, maybe.08:16
Romsteri'll get back to you on that stuff got some things comming up in the next few weeks.08:17
Romsterif your not too busy, payed work08:17
ManowarrioRmy biggest problem at the moment is, that 40% of the time my screen is green .. my monitor is broken and I can't draw ..08:17
ManowarrioRso, don't expect from me to be fast at this time :-(08:17
ManowarrioRanyway. if you need something, poke me :-)08:17
Romsteryor freelance or apart of a company?08:18
Romstergreen O_o08:18
Romsterneed a new monitor?08:18
ManowarrioRI'm a freelancer.08:19
Romsteri can't draw either other than circuit schmatics.08:19
Romster< electroncis tech and sound and lighting enginner08:19
ManowarrioR(don't want form you to donate, just don't want to tell the 'green monitor story' again)08:19
ManowarrioRwow :-)08:19
pitilloworking for E too ManowarrioR...08:19
ManowarrioRpitillo: I know.08:20
pitilloI mean you are working for E :)08:21
ManowarrioRaah :-) hahaha08:21
pitillo(going to work a bit)08:21
ManowarrioRexcuse me :-008:21
ManowarrioRRomster: so, I'd be very happy if I can work for someone.. I really need money right now08:22
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RomsterManowarrioR, ah your a young one, well if your as good as them pictures i've seen on your site :) then we'll see what can be aranged.08:23
Romsterhmmz tor circuit died..08:23
RomsterManowarrioR, i can help as much as i can with the linux i've setup a few pcs now, but i'm no expert compared to some expeareanced users here.08:24
ManowarrioRI made all the pics myself, i can send you the SVGs if you want :-)08:26
ManowarrioRand yes, I'm very young..08:28
ManowarrioRunfortunately :-)08:28
ManowarrioR16:24 < Romster> < electroncis tech and sound and lighting enginner08:28
ManowarrioRyou're an expert compared to me, for sure :-)08:28
Romsterin that field yes08:29
ManowarrioRtilman == ?08:29
Romsterbut i suck at graphics :)08:29
RomsterManowarrioR, yes08:29
Romsteri figured that out along time ago08:29
ManowarrioRanother Enlightened guy here :-)08:29
Romstertilman, is the one that maintains xorg ports.08:30
Romsterfor this distro.08:30
ManowarrioRlots of work for him... after X11R7..08:30
ManowarrioRwell, not everybody can have the tallant to draw..08:30
Romsteryeah 222 or so ports ;)08:30
ManowarrioRI'm a 'painter' .. or at least.. drawer..08:31
ManowarrioRI'm studying that in high school :-)08:31
ManowarrioRsome pics of me in the grapchis studio, where I'm learning etching, engraving, black-n-white grapchics, etc :-)08:31
Romsteri've worked with these 2 bands in the past and there coming down this way again on a tour :)08:33
Romsteramong many of other bands, i've worked with.08:34
ManowarrioRthey should come here in Europe :-)08:35
Romstermaybe :P08:36
Romsterworked with them 2 bands years ago specasilly airborne, they lived in the town next to me, 100KM away :)08:36
Romsteranyway i'll see what i can get sorted, i'd be interested in picures/artwork on band related and explosives too.08:37
Romsterand possabilly of other areas too, getting more photos to mess with so got something to work with.08:38
ManowarrioRokay. just tell me :-)08:38
ManowarrioRif you have Jabber account, my JID is slash@jabber.minus273.org08:42
ManowarrioRit would be more easy to find me there :-)08:42
ManowarrioRnow goint to the store. bbl08:43
Romstergotta setup my jabber08:50
pitillome searching/recollecting info about snort ...08:53
Romsterwhat are you doing with snort pitillo ?08:58
pitilloI want to add it to my little server (in a future) and playing with it sure I learn more things to do with a ids ...09:00
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Romsterwish i knew what was wrong with that damn firewall pc i feel like throwing the whole box out....09:04
Romsteri've checked ram hdd etc all points back to the mobo....09:05
rehabdollwhats wrong with it?09:06
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Romsterkepps doing kernel faults...09:23
Romsternew version of imq out i'll update it and see if that helps09:23
Romsterspecasilly when i do a ports -u, or when i access alot of web sites and squid caches it all to hdd, i'm sure the hdd controler is rooted..09:25
Romsteror some software bug i can't get rid of...09:25
pitillowhat´s the stack related? did you find some info in the error?09:30
Romsternot alot...09:32
Romsterfunny i can extract the kernel from a tarball fine patch it and now compiling...09:42
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deus_exManowarrioR: <----do you have high resolution version(1600x1200).09:45
deus_exIt would make a nice wallpaper...09:45
ManowarrioRNo, unfortunately. the pic was taken with my cell phone (I don't have photo camera) and its small :-(09:46
deus_exok, too bad :)09:47
deus_exNice work, btw.09:47
ManowarrioRThank you.09:47
* ManowarrioR hugs his Inkscape and his GIMP09:49
ManowarrioRyou can browse the wole "art" section, it doesnt require bulgarian language knowlage :-)09:50
Romsterah thats the language was wondering what.09:50
* Romster waits forever to compile a kernel on a 266MHz pc...09:51
deus_exBulgarian is similair somewhat to macedonian, and I understand that a bit ;)09:51
pitillowhy not compile it on yours?09:51
Romsteri could do it on my desktop but the firewall has a newer toolchain..09:51
ManowarrioRheh... Macedonian is pure bulgarian writen on serbian typewriter :-)09:52
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Romsteri uped the tool chain one time it took 2 days todo lol09:52
pitilloummm, I´m lost then.... I don´t understand that.09:52
ManowarrioRi'm often reading macedonian blogs without needing a dictionary or something :-009:52
ManowarrioRdeus_ex: you're from Macedonia?09:53
deus_exNo, Serbia.09:53
ManowarrioRoh :-) hi, neighbour :-)09:53
deus_exHi :)09:53
ManowarrioRWhere in Serbia, btw?09:54
ManowarrioRhmm.. where is that? Which part of Serbia?09:54
deus_ex40 km down the Danube from Belgrade.09:55
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ManowarrioRwell, Its somewhat near the border.. we might go to drink coffee sometime in the future :-)09:57
deus_exs/coffee/beer/.Any time :)09:58
ManowarrioRheheh :-)09:59
ManowarrioRbeer is fine too :-)09:59
ManowarrioRI'm creating a backup09:59
ManowarrioRrigh now09:59
ManowarrioRwill install crux in next hours :-)10:00
Romstermaybe updateing the kernel will solve my problems if i'm lucky or this mobo is gonna go and i'll build another one up, or put my amd k6 back into service but thats a pain having to recompile everything...10:02
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Romsterfire kernel:  [device_not_available+35/41] error_code+0x4f/0x5410:24
Romsteris it a frigger mobo or hdd fault grr...10:24
Romsterand the box is on the bottom of a stack of computers too, so fuck pulling all the other stuff off to get to it at 3 in the morning10:25
pitillowith other distro does the same? did you touch some option at low level that can make it crash? (some strange compiler option)10:34
Romsternope standared options10:36
Romsteri have a feeling hdd is fucked10:36
Romsterfire kernel:  [device_not_available+35/41] error_code+0x4f/0x5410:36
Romsterno phisical defects on the platter but the electronics are dodgy i think10:37
Romstergot another hdd in there almsot empty i'll transfer it over and swap the hdd cables around and make the other hdd primary master.10:38
Romstertoo tired to do that now.10:38
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Romsteraha found something fishy, the bios battery is flat!! i bet my flash ram is corupt, i've seen this before, never even thought about that.10:58
Romsterwas wondering why the time was out after rebooting it...10:59
Romsteri'll get a new battery for it later today when the shops are open...10:59
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tilmanManowarrioR: is famous or something?11:10
ManowarrioRtilman: well, I know this site.. around E and the ruby efl bindings, etc11:10
ManowarrioRI have seen you in #e, just wasnt sure thats you11:11
tilmani guess it would be easier if i had a weird nick name11:11
tilmanthat i would use all over that website :D11:11
ManowarrioRheh :-)11:11
ManowarrioRwell, you're e(fl) developer, we're from the same team, it'd be shame to don't know you :-)11:12
tilmannot really, since i hardly touch the efl stuff these days11:12
tilmanthough i do know your name too :P11:12
ManowarrioRwell... take a look in your e17 default icons. you already know me :-P11:13
tilmani don't run e1711:13
ManowarrioRumm.. e16?11:13
tilmani run openbox11:14
ManowarrioRjeasus.. why? why you left E?11:15
aonob <311:15
tilmanwho says i ever ran e for more than a week?11:15
tilmani didn't11:15
tilmane16 sucks11:15
tilmane17 sucked everytime i tried it11:15
ManowarrioRwell, when you tried e17 for last time?11:16
tilmandon't know, but it's irrelevant, i won't switch11:16
ManowarrioRwell, if it's more than 5 months, I think you must at least try :-)11:17
ManowarrioRat least you will see my icons :-P11:17
tilmani disagree :]11:17
ManowarrioRheh :-) okay.. I was just messing anyway :-)11:17
ManowarrioRyour choice :-)11:17
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ManowarrioRbtw, what editors are included in crux's cd?11:46
ManowarrioRgood :-)11:46
ManowarrioRnow I know how to read the docs.11:46
aonno emac(s) anymore on cd11:48
ManowarrioRok. :-) brb..11:49
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deus_exIs gtf ( included with xorg) recommended/safest/standard  way to generate modelines?12:47
tilmanyes/at least it's good enough/probably12:48
tilmaneven though an nvidia dude wrote it!12:48
deus_extilman: I've tried several generators, and all generate slightly diferent results, hence my question ;)12:49
tilmanall these online generators cgi stuff suck12:50
tilmangtf just wants the clock, resolution, refresh rate12:50
tilmanand it does work :P12:50
deus_exok, gtf it is, then :D12:51
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thrice`jaeger, does avahi...replace hal stuff ?13:18
jaegerhal, no. howl, yes13:18
jaegerin some cases13:18
thrice`oh, alright13:19
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mike_kRomster: what is the re13:44
mike_ksorry, what causes that odd commits like "Merge remote branch 'origin/2.2' into 2.2"13:45
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* deus_ex likes 1600X1200 resolution14:37
deus_exLots of space, console font is a bit tiny, though.14:37
*** j^2 has joined #crux14:38
tilmanchoose a bigger one in the kernel config14:38
* treach thinks of the time when 1280x1024 was an ocean..14:38
deus_extilman: in xfce Terminal. terminus 10 is a bit little, 12 is way too big.14:40
jaegertried 11? :)14:40
tilmanmaybe you need to tweak the DPI?14:40
deus_exjaeger: Yes, not much different that 10 :)14:41
deus_extilman: according to xorg.log, it's 116, 117 dpi.14:42
deus_exI'll set it to 100 dpi in xserverrc, that should solve it.14:43
*** ManowarrioR has joined #Crux14:50
ManowarrioRhello from Crux :-)14:50
ManowarrioRfinally, I've installed it.14:50
ManowarrioRDamn, I forgot how gnu/linux looked like :-)14:50
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ManowarrioRand now, the first bug report. I think that the port "x11-fonts-corefonts" is broken14:51
ManowarrioRactually, I don't think, it is :-)14:51
ManowarrioRERROR 404: Not Found14:52
ManowarrioRwhile downloading 'airal32.exe'14:52
ManowarrioRI'll have to download it myself.14:52
treachaye, that's usually how things like that get resolved.14:52
tilmani don't understand why people want ms' corefonts14:52
ManowarrioRtilman: fonts in web browser are looking ugly14:53
ManowarrioRespecially the cyrillic fonts14:53
treachManowarrioR: it's not an error with crux per se, rather just the mirror you tried to use.14:53
tilmanfix your web browser to use vera/14:53
tilmanaha, dunno about cyrillic stuff14:53
* tilman lame ass latin1 :P14:53
ManowarrioRlet me try14:53
ManowarrioRnah.. still look ugly14:55
ManowarrioR(the cyrillic fonts)14:55
* deus_ex couldn't write with cyrillic alphabet these days to save his life14:55
deus_exIt's been years since I last used it.14:55
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treachManowarrioR: for the sake of your eventual sanity, read the faq on if you haven't already. Otherwise will drive you nuts.14:56
ManowarrioRjust reading the handbook... missed the faq.14:57
* ManowarrioR will get FAQed14:57
tilmanhahahaha, "eventual sanity"14:57
treachhey, I don't know the guy. I can't assume he's sane, can I? ;-)14:58
ManowarrioRlol :-)14:58
deus_ex'come, sanity, good sanity...*BOOM* the bastard'14:58
RedShiftwhat's sane these days14:59
ManowarrioRtreach: ok, fixed. thank you.14:59
RedShiftupgrading a colo'ed server without reading the instructions or going to war with a country that never attacked you15:00
ManowarrioRAnd I am sorry about the 'bug report', I should read the docs first.15:00
ManowarrioRExcuse me.15:00
RedShiftthe line is thin15:00
deus_exRedShift: true man never read instructions ;)15:00
treachManowarrioR: don't worry, you are not the first by far, even.15:01
ManowarrioRAnd I'm not the last, for sure.15:01
treachI bet not.15:01
treachI *really* think the faq should be a bit more prominiently displayed.15:01
ManowarrioRyep. maybe in the main menu |home|documentation|FAQ|Download|etc15:02
mike_kwho is in charge of perl port these days? Any way to get
* treach has a shuftie in the FAQ: "New versions are however usually released every 3 or 4 months."15:06
treachyeah, right. :D15:06
tilman"New versions are however usually released eventually."15:06
tilmannot sure that makes sense grammar-wise though ;p15:07
treachI think that would be a case of broken logic..15:07
treach"New versions are usually not released at all, PERIOD!"15:07
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treachmmh, I wonder why j^2 left.. it also still refers to devfs. :-/15:11
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ManowarrioRhmm... I can't see the ms corefonts in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/ and cyrillic fonts still look ugly in firefox..15:21
tilmansee /usr/ports/opt/x11-fonts-corefonts/README15:21
Auge^mh. i have problems building evolution :/15:22
Auge^/usr/bin/install: cannot stat `evolution-2.8-C.omf.out': No such file or directory15:22
Auge^any hints/ideas?15:23
ManowarrioRtilman: thank you.15:23
*** j^2 has joined #crux15:23
Auge^for file in evolution-2.8-C.omf; do /usr/bin/install -c -m 644 $file.out /usr/ports/work/pkg/usr/share/omf/evolution/$file;15:24
Auge^mh :(15:24
Auge^no ideas? :(15:28
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Auge^mh... there are some steps missing from Makefile... so the .out isn't there...15:34
tilmanfile a bug, post a patch15:37
Auge^mh, make install-data-hook should be do a make omf before installing...15:42
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marotilman: tried pkgutils on libarchive 2.0a2 yet? :)15:52
tilmanyeah, seems to work15:52
maroran into a really weird bug yesterday - seems permissions aren't perserved on extracted device nodes15:52
marocould you verify? (re-install 'filesystem' and check /dev/null permissions)15:53
marowith 2.0a2 it's 644 while with 1.3.1 it's 666 (as in tarball)15:55
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tilmanyou prolly don't have the latest pkgutils code15:56
tilmantwo or three days ago, simone fixed our code so that permissions would be restored on extraction15:56
Romstermike_k, git-pull . refs/remotes/origin/2.2 causes that, but i think i shouldn't be git fetch ing before i commit as that causes that.15:56
mike_kRomster: isn't "git pull origin" enough?15:57
tilmanmaro: anyway, let me know if that's not the problem16:00
maroI'm using the C port16:00
Romsterorigin is default so isn't needed, normally git pull, is suficnet i think i need to edit my .git/remotes/origin file a bit more, i've altered it and using git clone --use-separate-remote crux:/home/crux/scm/ports/contrib.git contrib16:01
Romstertilman, xinte-lib problem?16:01
maroso I'm not sure if it applies to pkgutils too16:01
Romstererr xine-lib*16:01
maro(and as I said, it only applies to 2.0, not 1.3.1)16:01
mike_kRomster: no problem with that so far, but looks unnatural =(16:02
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Romstermike_k, ah ok i'm toying around with a slightly diferent setup16:04
RedShifthey anyone need decent colocation in Belgium Flanders area? 0:)16:04
*** Romster has quit IRC16:06
ManowarrioRok.. maybe I am blind or stupid.. but I haven't found anything about how to upgrade all my installed software with one command... I can see which apps/libs are outdated, I can update only one port(package), but I don't know how to upgrade all together16:14
treachman prt-get16:14
*** Romster has joined #crux16:14
treachyou're welcome.16:14
Romstertilman, ah new version do'h didn't spot that..16:15
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rehabdollRomster, the xine-lib footprint needs updating20:15
rehabdollMISSING   -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/xine/plugins/1.1.2/xineplug_vo_out_xxmc.so20:16
rehabdollNEW       drwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/xine/plugins/1.1.3/20:16
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