IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2006-12-06

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prologicanyone here tried to get mit-scheme compiled ?00:20
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Romsterrehabdoll, wtf i'm positive i updated that...00:38
Romsterfixed bah i didn't include the friggen port name ont eh commit message grr, still half asleep...00:48
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* treach searches his spambox and wonders if gmail has some preference for putting mails from .ru there..01:04
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teKquestion mainly to the devs: I had a look at the install cd's isolinux.cfg and saw it works without an initrd and sets root (hardcoded?) to /dev/hdc .. (why) does this work reliably?11:19
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RomsterteK, it can be changed apon boot time11:28
RomsterCRUX root=/dev/hdb11:29
Romsterif need be11:29
teKI installed CRUX *several* times and never had to change.. it's been luck? ok :)11:29
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RomsterteK, if you use hdc as the cd-rom drive you never run into that problem11:46
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teKobviously I did each time.. I'm just curious, thanks for your acknowledgement.11:48
Romsterit states that on boot up anyways some F key to get the menu11:50
Romsteroh that remined me of something11:50
Romsteri told my brother to press F5 whats he do presses F then 5 lol11:51
Romsterno the function 5 u idiot... i told him11:51
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Romsterthis was awhile ago now11:51
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Romsterdamn error anyone know what this means
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ManowarrioRok... sorry for the foolish question, but there is only one thing left to configure in my new Crux system: sound.12:55
ManowarrioRI have alsa, built in my kernel12:55
ManowarrioRI have alsa-utils12:55
ManowarrioRbut alsamixer says:12:55
ManowarrioRalsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device12:55
ManowarrioRseems that my sound isnt..turned on..12:56
ManowarrioRSorry, I was a FreeBSD user until yesterday, I'm really not famililar with ALSA12:56
ManowarrioRSo.. anybody?12:56
maroManowarrioR: do you have any device nodes in /dev/snd?12:57
marosay /dev/snd/controlC012:57
ManowarrioRls /dev/snd/12:59
ManowarrioRseq  timer12:59
ManowarrioRmaybe I did something wrong with kernel's ALSA configuration?13:00
marosure you have the right module loaded for your sound card?13:00
marolikely so13:00
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ManowarrioRmaro: and likely one more stupid question: how to see whats the sound card of this box?13:08
ManowarrioRaaah :-) yes.. I totally forgot about that command13:08
ManowarrioRthank you ;-)13:08
maroyou're welcome :)13:08
Romsteroh and add audio and video to the groups too.13:09
ManowarrioRRomster: okay.13:10
ManowarrioRAC'97 Sound Controller (rev a0)13:10
ManowarrioRso whats the driver for this?13:10
marono manufacturer?13:10
ManowarrioRsilicon integrated systems13:10
marolook for an sis driver then13:11
Romsterbe one of the ac97 drivers in the sound section for the motherboard13:11
marolikely CONFIG_SND_INTEL8X013:12
maro("Intel/SiS/nVidia/AMD/ALi AC97 Controller")13:12
ManowarrioRyes, found it13:12
ManowarrioRokay, let's recompile :-)13:12
maroif you make it a module you won't have to reboot :P13:13
Romstermore fun with 2 sound cards :P13:13
Romsterman i'm yawning13:13
Romsteri should goto bed :/13:13
ManowarrioRif I make it as a module, how to enable it by default on reboot?13:14
ManowarrioRRomster: good night :-)13:14
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maroManowarrioR: /etc/rc.modules13:14
ManowarrioRlol :-)13:17
ManowarrioRwell.. ok. it installed the new modules, but now 'lsmod' don't show them..13:17
ManowarrioRDamn, I've totally forgot the GNU/Linux systems.13:17
ManowarrioRooh.. lsmod was for showing the already loaded modules..13:19
ManowarrioRok. time for some googling ;-)13:19
ManowarrioRYes. modprobe. but modprobe <what> ?13:19
ManowarrioRI don't know the exact name of the module13:19
ManowarrioRits somewhere in /lib/modules13:20
ManowarrioRbut dunno where13:20
marotake a look around13:20
maroalso remember to run depmod -a13:21
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marosnd-intel8x0 could be a guess13:24
marousually the help of the kernel config option (press '?') tells the module name too13:25
ManowarrioRit works now13:25
ManowarrioRhmm.. ok. the module is loaded. the alsamixer app is running, but the "Master" item is off13:26
ManowarrioRand can't be changed13:26
maropress space13:27
maroor m13:27
maroit's probably muted13:27
ManowarrioRits "00".13:27
ManowarrioRbut its "on" now13:27
maropress ^13:28
maroPCM should be on too13:28
ManowarrioRit can't be moved :-( I am pressing space and ^ (the up arrow key)13:29
ManowarrioRbut no effect13:29
marom should unmute it13:29
ManowarrioRits not muted.. it's just '00' and can't be more than '00' ..13:29
maro00 is not the percentage though13:30
maro48/48 is the volume (left and right channel)13:31
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ManowarrioRwell, there is no such percents below "Master" here, only on other items :-(13:33
jaegermust be something related to that specific card/driver combo or something13:33
* jaeger guesses13:33
tilmanac97 ftl13:34
maroManowarrioR: are you running the command as root?13:34
ManowarrioRFedora worked perfectly on this box13:34
ManowarrioR=> crux should too13:34
marotilman: should I revert to libarchive 1.3.1?13:34
maroManowarrioR: that just means that you've messed it up :)13:35
ManowarrioRas usual :-)13:35
ManowarrioRI'll try to compile it in the kernel.. then willl reboot, etc. will see what happens.13:36
tilmanmaro: why?13:36
Hancompiling drivers in the kernel is the prefered method if you run your own compiled kernel.13:36
marobecause of the issue I mentioned yesterday :)13:36
maro(device nodes extracted as 644 no matter what the mode is in the archive)13:37
ManowarrioRHan: so let's see if thre is a differece :-)13:38
tilmanmaro: did you try to update pkgutils as i suggested?13:38
HanIt _should_ not matter, but it sure is a lot easier to setup.13:39
marotilman: this is seen in the C port of pkgutils - but I suspect it being a libarchive bug, hence I asked you to verify yesterday13:39
tilmancan you actually answer the question?13:41
tilmani said it worked for me13:41
marohm, linked (statically) against the new libarchive?13:41
marosorry, must have missed that :)13:41
tilman(20:38) <@   tilman> maro: did you try to update pkgutils as i suggested?13:43
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maroI don't use the C++ version of pkgutils13:43
tilmansucks to be you then13:43
tilmansee the last two commits there13:43
tilmanand apply them to the c version of whatever you use13:43
marowill do, thanks :)13:44
marothe C port already does that13:45
maroand ARCHIVE_EXTRACT_UNLINK too - which will break existing hard links instead of truncating13:47
maroI'll advise you to do it in the C++ version too13:47
maroI remember that my X froze during a full system rebuild before that got committed13:48
maroalso, is the archive_read_support_*_all() really needed?13:49
tilmanEXTRACT_UNLINK looks good13:50
marowhy not just format_tar and compression_gzip? (will avoid bzip2 linking and probably some libarchive code)13:50
maroanother thing I noticed13:51
marothe bzip2 port makes a shared lib, but there's no - which means everything gets the static version...13:51
maro<- bugmaster :)13:52
marodo you want diffs for those issues? :)13:53
tilmangood point about bz213:54
maroa small "thanks" or "nice spottted" would be nice :P13:54
tilmanupgrading xorg while x is running is a bad idea btw14:00
marowhy? :)14:00
tilmanthere's a good chance of freezing the system at any rate14:00
tilmani doubt it's worked by unlinking the existing files first14:00
marowell, it has14:01
maroI've been doing full rebuilds every few weeks for a year now14:01
maroit only hanged on me after I switched to the C port of pkgutils before EXTRACT_UNLINK was added (and reproducably) and hasn't happened since14:02
maroI'm pretty sure pkgutils/libtar unlinked too14:02
tilmanjjpk: got the sentenced dvd? i need someone to translate the stuff the guys say ;)14:03
maroyou know another really confusing error caused by not unlinking? :)14:04
maropkgutils upgrades14:04
maroerr, obviously only the C port (dynamically linked executables) - but to start with pkgrm and pkginfo were symlinks because of the old pkgutils14:05
marothat was how I discovered the bug - I got pretty "WTF?" when pkginfo -i would tell me that it didn't have an -i option, etc. ;)14:07
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RedShiftjust what I need16:15
RedShiftdoesn't beat the real thing16:16
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