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namenlosimagemagick 6.3.1 is out.02:19
prologicI"m sure the maintainer knows :)03:30
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namenlosprologic: i only recognized it, because the actual version in opt threw a seg default, while i executed montage... so i modified the port to 6.3.1...03:32
prologicI often use feh instead :)03:32
namenloscan it also overlay two images?03:35
namenlosor resize images?03:35
prologicnot sure :)03:35
prologicI just use it to view images03:35
prologicbut it probably can03:35
namenloshmm... seems that i couldn't do that with feh. (at least i couldn't find the command to do it)03:38
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j^2question, (btw hey all), in my server room i have 40 110v plugs that need to be plugged in, what's a way for me to figure out how much actual power i need?09:08
jjpkI will assume you can find some gauge from the local hardware store.09:13
jjpkDo you mean finding out how many kilowatts / hr or what?09:13
aonsomething like that09:15
jjpkThat should do it.09:16
jjpkOtherwise you probably have to spend time guestimating average use. :p09:17
j^2ah nice thanks guys!09:17
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prologicwelcome to hell :010:09
ManowarrioRlol :-)10:09
prologicyeah I thought so too!10:09
prologicwhat can we do for you today ? :)10:10
ManowarrioRhehe :-)10:10
ManowarrioRwell... x11r7 don't run :-)10:10
prologicruns fine here :)10:10
ManowarrioRcould not open default font 'fixed'10:10
HanThat's a very terse problem report.10:10
HanOh that one.10:11
prologicinstall some fonts :)10:11
ManowarrioRthe question is: where to get the 'fixed' fonts10:11
prologic$ prt-get listinst | grep font -i | wc -l10:11
HanCheck your xorg config. The fontpath  settings are wrong.10:11
rehabdollask tilman, he loves to help troubleshooting xorg7 :D10:11
prologicactually check the wiki10:11
prologicI documented this "wrong config" problem10:11
rehabdollfixed is in misc-misc if i remember correctly10:12
prologicI had the same problem10:12
prologicit's actually a problem with /etc/fonts/font.conf afaik10:12
ManowarrioRlet me se10:13
prologicread "Installing Fonts"10:13
ManowarrioRlet me install a text browser :-)10:14
prologicelinks rocks :)10:14
ManowarrioRtrue :-)10:15
ManowarrioRwell, I've readed this page.. or at least the HOWTO by tilman, and I saw the fonts section, and I've installed every single font package that is listed there.10:16
ManowarrioRlike adobe-100dpi, 75ddpi, etc, etc, etc10:16
rehabdollmake sure you run the post-install scripts10:16
jaegerdo you have /usr/X11R6 paths in /etc/fonts/fonts.conf?10:17
ManowarrioRrehabdoll: I haven't run any scripts10:17
rehabdollprt-get --install-scripts depinst <port>10:18
ManowarrioRoh, I've done that :-)10:18
ManowarrioRthe --install-scripts part10:18
ManowarrioRstrange situtation.10:20
rehabdolli also had some issues with the fixed font10:22
rehabdolldont really remember how i fixed it though :)10:22
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ManowarrioRheh :-)10:23
ManowarrioRI'll wait for tilman , maybe he will know  what's wrong10:25
rehabdollbrave soul :D10:26
ManowarrioRlol :-)10:26
ManowarrioRand now I'm bored..10:33
ManowarrioRI think I found what's wrong10:35
ManowarrioR"fonts.dir not found or not valid in /usr/lib/X11/fonts/[...]"10:35
ManowarrioRand there is no fonts.dir in any subdirectory of /usr/lib/X11/10:36
ManowarrioR=> "Entry Deleted From FontPath"10:37
ManowarrioR=> X can't find it's fonts10:37
ManowarrioRso any ideas how to generate the fonts.dir files?10:38
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tilmanmaybe read the frigging x11 howto and follow it11:00
ManowarrioRI was following it when I installed x11r711:01
tilmansure, that's why you ended up without fonts.blah files11:01
tilmanthe real mystery is why noone bothers to put a note for this on the wiki article11:02
tilmanit's like hundreds of people have been bitten by it11:02
ManowarrioRI'm not sure what the problem is, but I have following the howto step by step.11:03
ManowarrioRI'm re-reading it at the moment just to be 100% that I haven't missed something11:03
ManowarrioRdamn my english11:04
ManowarrioRwell, seems that I havent missed anything11:05
tilmani edited it11:05
tilmanwho spots the difference? :)11:05
tilmanwe have a winner!11:07
laod_anyway... if it's a problem, run through the font dirs and run mkfontscale and mkfontdir... that should help.11:07
ManowarrioRi am 99% sure that I've ran --install-scripts when I installed it11:10
ManowarrioRlaod_: and still not working :-(11:10
tilmanare your FontPath settings correct11:12
ManowarrioRYes. They are pointing to /usr/lib/X11/fonts/[..]11:14
ManowarrioRPlus, I've generated new xorg.conf11:14
ManowarrioR(X -configure)11:14
ManowarrioRand still the same error..11:15
tilmandid you do what laod_ said11:15
tilmanhow big are the fonts.dir files it created11:16
ManowarrioRmaybe the problem is that I was in X session when I installed it11:18
RyoSManowarrioR: whats the problem?11:19
ManowarrioRI've installed X11R7 following the HOWTO on the official site, but now, I'm getting the error: "could not open default font 'fixed'" when running startx11:20
ManowarrioRthe xorg.conf is new, generated by X -configure11:20
tilmaninstall xorg-fonts-misc-misc11:20
RyoSyou have some wicked libs in /lib11:21
RyoSmaybe :P11:21
tilmanno he doesn't11:21
RyoSoh ok you checked that11:21
RyoShave you tried the patch in mkfontscale you made for me?11:21
tilmanand xorg-font-alias11:21
tilman(18:16) <@   tilman> how big are the fonts.dir files it created11:21
tilman(18:17) < Manowarri> ~4K11:21
ManowarrioRtilman: both are already installed11:24
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RyoSmay i ask how many libs one should have in /lib by the way?11:26
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RyoStilman: ? ._.11:27
rehabdoll10 is the global maximum i believe11:28
RyoSrehabdoll: for real!?11:28
RyoSbo:~$ ls /lib | wc -l11:28
tilman128 is the maximum11:28
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tilmanso choose wisely11:29
ManowarrioR70 here.11:29
ManowarrioRtilman: I guess I'll have to remove all the ~100 packages and reinstall them..11:29
RyoSi have fglrx libs, X libs, freetype libs and so one...11:29
tilmandon't think that would help11:30
RyoSis this all supposed to be there actually?11:30
rehabdollManowarrioR: that solved it for me11:30
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ManowarrioRrehabdoll: I hope you're not kidding, becouse removing all the ~100 packages is very unpleasent thing :-)11:30
RyoSwhat should i do to "clean" it up? i have no idea how the hack i get so much crap in there11:30
rehabdollManowarrioR: do a prt-get --install-scripts depinst xorg again11:31
rehabdolland see if there still are any packages to install11:31
tilmanRyoS: identify && reinstall11:31
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rehabdollthere were some failures for me, and its easy to miss the errors11:32
RyoStilman: so i could try reinstalling freetype, and then what will happen to the libs in /lib11:32
RyoScan i delete it manually or will it get deleted automaticly?11:32
tilmandoes 'pkginfo -o /lib/' really say "freetype"?11:32
tilmanie, does pkgutils believe it properly installed it there?11:33
ManowarrioRrehabdoll: "package xorg already installed" .. I'll have to remove all X packages..11:33
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tilmanwhy would that help?11:33
RyoSyes it says11:33
tilmandid you link /usr/lib to /lib?11:33
tilmanor some other madness?11:33
tilmanjust reinstall freetype then and see what happens11:34
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Kuphi! i've problems with libiconv ... some apps won't compile, like gnupg. in some cases --with-libiconv=gnu solved this problem, but i still can't build gnupg:11:34
Kuputf8conv.c:(.text+0x247): undefined reference to `libiconv_open'11:34
RyoSKup: you use yhafaris ports?11:35
ManowarrioRtilman: well, I think that the problem is, that I was in X session when I compiled X11R711:35
RyoSKup: remove libiconv port11:35
ManowarrioRtilman: you wrote in the HOWTO that it "should work", but its not tested.11:35
RyoSi suggest you lock it and never install it again11:35
RyoSi had same problem, make your own ports for which he uses his libiconv11:35
ManowarrioRso.. now, when I'm not in X session, perhaps it will work this time.11:35
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Kupi see11:36
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laod_before you reinstall you might try running fc-cache -f ... I can't imagine it would matter but I don't know11:39
tilmanit doesn't11:40
tilmanfontconfig only deals with ttfs11:40
tilmani'd strace X and see why it can't open the file11:40
tilmanbut i don't feel like doing the work for you right now11:40
RyoStilman: reinstalled, no footprint missmatch, still its there, pkginfo still says its used by freetype11:41
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tilmanguess you have to figure it out then11:41
tilmani'd start by examining the tarball ;)11:42
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RyoSthe tarbald has nothing like lib/ inside11:44
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ningoIs it still possible to search the portsdb for strings?14:31
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ManowarrioRfinally. got X up and running :-)14:40
ManowarrioRthank you everybody for the help :-)14:40
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ManowarrioRnow I have to figure out why the hell I can't have sound.14:43
ManowarrioRand btw, Crux is amazingly nice. :-)14:43
thrice`glad you like it ;)14:43
ManowarrioRyea :-) I didnt belive that there are so nice GNU/Linux distributions. Thank you for your work on it.14:44
thrice`oh, I can't take the credit.  But it is driven by some pretty intelligent people14:44
ManowarrioRIt seems so :-)14:45
ManowarrioRThe ml is active, right?14:45
thrice`very much so14:45
ManowarrioRIt may be a better idea to write there about my sound card problems14:45
thrice`well, what type of problems?14:46
ManowarrioRwell.. I have sound card support in the kernel as modules (alsa, my SiS card, etc) and the driver is loaded at boot time (snd-intel8x0). Good. I have alsalib and alsa-utils installed, and alsaconf is finding my sound card. Good. But, when I run alsa-mixer I can't increase the volume of the "Master" and "PCM" items14:48
ManowarrioRwhich, of course are the most important items14:48
ManowarrioR=> no sound14:48
thrice`hrm...are you apart of the audio group ?14:48
ManowarrioRI tried to read some alsa HOWTOS/FAQs/etc but thre is always the "alsa init script" and Crux has no init scripts14:49
ManowarrioRyes, I am14:49
ManowarrioRthe root too14:49
ManowarrioRstill no effect14:49
thrice`usually I have to create an audio group and add myself14:49
ManowarrioRthats in my /etc/group14:49
thrice`strange :-\14:50
ManowarrioRYes. And I am sure that there is good support for my sound card in the Linux kernel - it worked perfectly on Fedora14:51
ManowarrioRand Debian14:51
ManowarrioR(two years ago, iirc)14:51
thrice`are you certain that's the only module that needs to load?14:51
thrice`my intel also requires ac97_codec14:51
ManowarrioRI suspect that.14:52
ManowarrioRwhere is that ac97_codec?14:52
ManowarrioR(in the kernel)14:53
thrice`which kernel are you on ?14:53
ManowarrioRstill not updated it14:53
thrice`device drivers -> sound -> ALSA14:54
thrice`and then PCI Devices14:54
thrice`I have the Intel / SiS / nVidia / AMD / ALi AC97 loaded as well14:55
jaeger <-- those are what I have loaded, for what it's worth14:55
ManowarrioRthrice`: same here..14:55
thrice`ManowarrioR, and you have that module loaded ?14:55
ManowarrioRjaeger: can you show me your /etc/rc.modules~14:57
ManowarrioRI am loading only the snd_intel8x0 driver and its dependencies14:58
jaegeralso see rc.local and modprobe.conf in the same dir14:58
ManowarrioRthank you.14:58
ManowarrioRlet me check14:58
ManowarrioRI've missed the OSS seq API15:00
ManowarrioRhm .. it cannot be compiled as a module15:03
ManowarrioR(the sequencer api)15:03
ManowarrioRmake: warning:  Clock skew detected.  Your build may be incomplete.15:05
ManowarrioRwhat the..15:05
ManowarrioR(after saving the kernel config and closing the ncurses dialog)15:05
mike_kjaeger: I was trying to get =)15:06
mike_knice 404 page15:07
jaegerthanks :)15:08
jaegerManowarrioR: any drastic clock changes lately on that system?15:09
ManowarrioRanyway, I recompiled it with the oss seq api support15:16
ManowarrioRnow using your conf15:16
ManowarrioRwill reboot15:16
ManowarrioRif it fail - will chroot and recompile15:16
ManowarrioRwish me good luck.15:16
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ManowarrioRnow thats crazy..15:19
ManowarrioRstill no effect15:20
RyoSwhat fails ManowarrioR?15:20
ManowarrioRthe sound :-)15:20
RyoSyou have tried alsamixer right? ;)15:21
RyoSif you have everything loaded it is supposed to work ^^15:21
ManowarrioRI'm installing bmp right now15:21
ManowarrioRwill see if it works15:21
RyoSyou have master and pcm on?15:21
RyoSManowarrioR: use audacious ;)15:21
ManowarrioRwell, yes. they aren't muted15:21
RyoSnot muted is a good start, but have you put the bar higher than 0? ;)15:22
ManowarrioRI'd prefer Banshee, but the port is *too* old15:22
RyoSits a fork of bmp 0.9.7 iirc15:22
ManowarrioRIt can't be higher :-(15:22
ManowarrioRI'm hitting the up arrow without effect15:22
ManowarrioRits not muted.. it just cant be increased15:23
jaegerManowarrioR: have you tried using amixer directly?15:23
jaegeramixer -c 1 set PCM 50%15:23
jaegeror something similar15:23
Auge^transcode is not possible to passthrough DTS on muxing... is there a dvdrip-tool which uses mencoder and supports DTS passthrough?15:24
ManowarrioRI've tried amixer set Master 1515:24
ManowarrioRno effect15:24
jaegerAuge^: no idea, here15:25
ManowarrioRgood news. before I rebooted aumix wasnt able to start. now it works15:26
ManowarrioRlet's see if bmp will play15:26
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ManowarrioRit's working!15:38
ManowarrioRit's fuckin' working!!!15:38
* ManowarrioR dances around15:38
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ManowarrioRbtw.. I have a question. I'd like to contribute to the project with translations. I want to translate the site and since I'm too poor to buy a domain, can we have or something?15:41
ManowarrioR(and to make it to automatically redirects users from Bulgaria to if they're visiting the site)15:44
ManowarrioR(like in
ManowarrioRok, goin't to take a shower. brb15:47
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Auge^ok. port acidrip added. let's try :)16:06
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nipuLManowarrioR: i doubt they would be interested in that, why not just get a free domain and get it added to the community section17:11
nipuLno that's not the right sections17:11
nipuLwell there is the public wiki now17:12
ManowarrioRI may do that.17:13
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