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Romsterhmm freenode update, interesting00:47
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ningoany ghostscript viewer available in opt/contrib?10:41
tilmanopt/ghostscript has ps2pdf10:43
ningothe cups source gives a 503, btw.10:44
ManowarrioRis there a openoffice package?10:45
ManowarrioRjust don't want to compile it.. it will took at least 50 hours10:45
tilmanports -l|grep openoffice10:45
jjpkManowarrioR: openoffice in opt is binary.10:45
ManowarrioRum.. :-) excuse me then10:46
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thrice`_ManowarrioR, prt-get search is your friend ;)11:51
ManowarrioRthrice`_: prt < port search. I tought this is a port (-> compilation) not a package ;-)11:52
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jdolan_ /etc/rc.d/jizzbot start12:24
jdolan_8===========) ~o ~o12:24
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jjpk#crux's resident sexpert12:41
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ManowarrioRjjpk: what the..?!12:48
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thrice`_it seems that less and less ports are appearing when i search :(12:59
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prologic$ find /usr/ports/ -type d | wc -l13:01
prologicnot enough for you ?13:01
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thrice`oh, no complaints ;)  just stuff like graveman that used to always exist (as an example) didn't make the migration13:02
prologicahh yeah13:10
prologicI've seen that13:10
prologicit'll all come back eventually :)13:10
thrice`really?  contrib seemed to stablize at less than contrib-old13:11
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Auge^does anybody use an realtime kernel?15:02
Auge^patching of molnar's patch works fine... but compiling fails (vanilla 2.6.19)15:05
jaegernot I15:08
Auge^mh, i will try
Auge^or .5 now.15:25
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tilmanjjpk: just in case you're still laughing: i've found the subtitles by now *cough*16:07
jaegerin case anyone's wondering, rlwrap is the shit16:08
jaegerif you're one of the many people who hate sqlplus' terminal handling, use it :)16:09
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HanRecordholder impatience?17:26
jaegerpretty close if not a win17:28
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deus_exHow do I check if 3d acceleration is enabled? cedega test fails.glxinfo?18:30
jaegerglxinfo is a good start18:31
deus_exglxinfo output : 'direct rendering:yes'18:32
jaegerdoes cedega output anything to a terminal when you run the test?18:33
deus_exjaeger: No, just a warning that python-dbus bindings are not installed.18:38
jaegerhrmm, no idea then18:40
deus_exI'll check transgaming forums, I might dig up something.18:42
deus_exIt seems that low fps in glxgears = no 3d acceleration in cedega.18:44
nipuLglxinfo | grep direct18:45
deus_exnipuL: 'direct rendering: Yes.'18:47
deus_exIt seems that 'solution' is to preload before cedega starts.18:48
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AlexCwhats new in 2.2?18:52
nipuLwth, my printer has disappeared :[18:55
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rehabdollnew in 2.2?18:59
AlexCyay 1% crux19:05
AlexConly 20hours to go19:07
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leggolaasgreetings all19:21
leggolaasI have just installed crux 2 for the first time ,and I was looking for the default X11 config file, which isnt located in its usual LSB location.19:23
leggolaasI tried running xorgconfig it had then generated a file in the /etc/X11/xorg.conf = which failed miserably after compiling the NVIDIA driver from source.19:25
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leggolaasSo my question is when I remove the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file everything works again (minus the Nvidia module) , I would like to locate the original file but cant- please help and thanks in advance :)19:27
jaegerI don't think there was an original19:33
jaegerit's up to the user to generate one or x uses builtin defaults19:33
leggolaasyeah well its seems to fire up without the /etc/x11/xorg.conf - anyway <shrugs shoulders>19:33
jaeger"or x uses builtin defaults"19:34
leggolaasI prefer the concept of "keep it simple" but I need to get alittle used to the simplicity :)19:35
leggolaashave you heard of potato_graveyard ?19:39
leggolaashe challenged me to try CRUX19:40
jaegernot I19:43
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cheikhi am trying to install xmms but i get footprint mismatch found missing usr/lib/xmms/Input/libvorbis.la23:08
cheikhmissing usr/lib/xmms/Input/libvorbis.so23:08
cheikhit looks like i need to install that libvorbis first23:23
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_mavrick61Hi.. I try to boot from USB connected CDROM. I have try /dev/hda-j  /dev/sda-j /dev/uba-j But get kernel panic23:46
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_mavrick61Which device type should i test with.. /dev/sdX /dev/hdX /dev/ubX23:48
elinviernoseacerI have a little problem23:50
_mavrick61Me too23:50
_mavrick61I try to boot from USB connected CDROM. I have try /dev/hda-j  /dev/sda-j /dev/uba-j But get kernel panic23:50
_mavrick61What is yours23:50
elinviernoseacera few hours ago I've installed crux on a virtual machine without having installed the virtual ethernet adapter23:51
elinviernoseacerand I have put it now, but the system doesn't recognize it23:52
elinviernoseacerso, how can I install a nic in crux if it doesn't appear in /dev/23:53
plundraDo you have support for it in the kernel?23:53
elinviernoseaceri think so...23:53
plundraWhat version of vmware are you using?23:53
plundraOk, probably a pcnet32 device then I suppose.23:54
elinviernoseacerthat's it23:54
elinviernoseacerhow could I see if my kernel supports it?23:55
elinviernoseacermaybe de .config23:55
plundraAnyways, getting kind of late... (7am), hope you figure it out :-]23:56
elinviernoseaceri can't sleep tonight23:57
elinviernoseacerin my .config appears CONFIG_PCNET32=m23:57
_mavrick61Anyone try to boot fronm CDROM connected trought USB.. Which device will it be... /dev/hdX /dev/sdX /dev/ubX or any thing else23:59
elinviernoseacerdo this mean that /dev/eth0 should exist in my sistem?23:59

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