IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2006-12-09

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trihow to get lcrux ?05:31
mike_ktri: heh, AFAIK author is not reachable for some month's05:35
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trilcrux was a bit like puppylinux ?05:37
mike_kdunno what puppylinux is. I still use lcrux 2.2 sometimes.05:38
trican you describe lcrux ?05:40
tripuppy linux is this http://www.puppyos.com05:41
mike_kit's crux on live cd, based on crux 2.2 packages. with X, windowmaker and many kernel modules.05:41
mike_knot that feature rich, like your link =)05:42
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jjpktilman: I don't have the sentenced dvd. :p06:19
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ningois it possible to pipe data to prt-get? for example "prt-get search foo | prt-get -"?07:09
mike_kfrom man page: prt-get grpinst --test `prt-get quickdep kdenetwork`07:22
mike_knot a pipe, but...07:23
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HanIt does what you want.08:01
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HanIf anyone is interested: I just updated my xfce ports to
HanSeems to be running OK, except for a few bugs that need reporting.08:10
mike_kyou have to promote it with screenshots these days =)08:14
Han*g* no way, those are online. :-)08:18
Hanbtw it supports accellerated 3d rendering. =)08:18
Hantrue transparency08:19
mike_kwith regular 6.x?08:19
Hanbeats me, I use xorg08:20
Han7.1 or something like that.08:20
mike_kso many (false) bugreports with modular X, I'll stick to opt/x11 for now08:21
Hanhmmm works ok over here.08:25
mike_kI know, just every 2 or three days here appears someone who can't get app foo to work with modular xorg08:26
Hanquite a few things changed indeed, for example the regenerating of the font-cache took me some time to figure out.08:27
HanBut I have to admit tilman did a nice job of creating the xorg repo and supporting documentation.08:28
mike_kI'didn't dig/decide yet. just waiting for next crux with it onboard.08:28
Hannext crux? :-)08:29
HanI know what you meant. I just don't believe you. ;-)08:29
mike_k!seen cptn08:30
jizzbotmike_k: cptn was last seen in #crux 7 weeks, 1 day, 21 hours, 47 minutes, and 41 seconds ago: <cptn> makes you forget about the depressing weather08:30
-MelOne- mike_k, I don't know cptn, ask wantez, maybe he knows something.08:30
HanI miss him too. :'(08:34
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Auge^mh. how to use fonts with tex? pdflatex complains about missing font, but font is there, but seems unmapped...09:12
Auge^gsftopk: fatal: map file `' not found.09:12
Auge^mktexpk: don't know how to create bitmap font for ptmr8r.09:12
Auge^what to do?09:12
Hanread the post-install09:15
Auge^ah!!! never take a look to post-install =) thx09:16
Auge^is there a option to do post-install per default and install/update?09:17
tilmansee /etc/prt-get.conf09:17
tilmanrunscripts yes09:17
Auge^thx... shame on me09:18
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cjgi was thinking that would be nice (at least for me) a dvd with ports complete of sources09:44
RyoScjg: feel free to create one09:52
mike_kthere used to be one09:54
mike_kafaik, aon helped artur_t a little in that task09:54
mike_kit was sold here, in ukraine in Opensource online shop09:55
mike_kthe hard thing is to force someone to download all that stuff for you (and to send via regular post)09:56
aonyeah, i hacked on his script a bit and compiled the image09:59
aonand the lafox guys downloaded it from my server09:59
aonit takes quite a lot of time :)09:59
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mike_kaon: so that was most mart of the job10:06
ningosomeone here knows how to align tables to the left side of the page?10:07
ningouh, in latex of course :)10:07
Hanningo, read lshort.pdf10:10
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ningoHan: I did, but 2.12 didn't solve my problem. The problem being, that you obviously can't \flush tables and the placement specifiers don't help in my case10:18
Hannopaste your code10:23
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* nullpointer saluta14:01
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