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brointhemixlong time no see07:26
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brointhemixhas anyone of you ever run a 2.6.18 kernel on a PIIX4 chipset?07:45
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tilmanrugek: /msg Viper_ about getting access07:58
rugektilman: thx08:01
RedShiftbrointhemix: yes08:06
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brointhemixRedShift: have you found a solution to the "* Found PM-Timer Bug on the chipset. Due to workarounds for a bug, this clock source is slow. Consider trying other clock sources" ?08:07
brointhemixRedShift: clocksource=tsc doesn't help :/08:08
RedShiftno not really08:08
RedShiftI just ignore it08:08
RedShiftdoes it have impact on performance?08:08
brointhemixi do'nt know :/08:09
brointhemixall i know is that with this but the gettimeofday() has to read the clock 3 times to get an accurate result08:09
brointhemixthat's the meaning of "slow" there08:10
brointhemixi lack practical knowledge on how slow is "slow"08:10
RedShiftI have noticed the actually system time lagging behind, I have to sync it with ntp so it wouldn't drift to far off08:11
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brointhemixyup, i run ntp as well08:12
brointhemixbut the clock drifted away in with the previous kernels as well although passing "clock=tsc" to the kernel at boot removed the PM-timer bug warning08:12
brointhemixi even had as much as 34s time difference with the ntp server08:13
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brointhemixi'm more worried about the system performance though08:15
RedShiftwell I haven't really worried about it08:15
brointhemixnow i start wondering whether passing clock=tsc to the 2.6.17 kernel really solves the problem or if it only makes the info disappear...08:17
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acruxjaeger: new nvidia drivers work without problem on nv25 based cards11:29
jaegergood to know, thanks11:30
acruxi've used lithium's Pkgfile11:33
acrux'caouse with your old one it doesn't compile11:33
acruxbut maybe it's my kernel (2.6.19-ck1)11:34
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jaegerit built fine for me on, I'll test it on .1911:36
jaegerit also built fine on vanilla .1911:39
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foxi_anyone there? =)13:24
foxi_sorry for meta... i got a problem with rsync. it won't work, so prt doesn't work either13:25
teKdon't tell us, what you did (not)13:26
foxi_hm i followed the handbook.13:26
foxi_at the point i was advised to make a ports -u13:26
foxi_rsync quits with error. unknown module13:26
teKls /etc/ports13:27
tilmanyou need an updated ports package probably13:27
foxi_mh but i tried to get a special page via the homepage. i pasted the rsync command but it does not work either13:28
foxi_core.rsync and opt.rsync13:28
foxi_ok mo13:29
foxi_same error13:30
tilmanwhat error exactly?13:30
foxi_Updating file list from
foxi_@ERROR: Unknown module 'PORT 84,173,124,93,130,158'13:33
clbfoxi_: Error: "ERROR:" is not a valid command.13:33
jizzbotfoxi_: Error: "ERROR:" is not a valid command.13:33
foxi_rsync error: error starting client-server protocol (code 5) at main.c(1296) [rec13:33
foxi_thats all13:33
tilmanlooks like the version of rsync on the server is incompatible with the one in crux 2.213:34
tilmani'll upload a current rsync package in a minute13:34
foxi_thats uncool13:34
foxi_thats cool13:34
foxi_mom need an aditional lib now13:36
foxi_lol ok13:42
foxi_ports -u now wanted popt. i installed it.. now the same error as before :/13:42
foxi_i sorry not the same error. its not anymore at main.c(1296) but main.c(1383)13:44
jaegerhrmm, strange error13:47
foxi_yes :(13:48
foxi_i like crux very much..everything works fine but rsync won't...13:48
jaegercan you even see the repo list with it?13:49
foxi_nothing inside13:51
jaegershould see "ports           CRUX ports rsync repository"13:52
foxi_ok that works13:52
jaegerhow about rsync
foxi_the error appears13:54
jaegerI see it in the server log, too... never seen it before, though13:55
jaegerdo you have any RSYNC_* environment variables set?13:58
tilmanyou updated rsync with the package that i uploaded?13:58
foxi_jaeger: i dont know13:59
jaegerset | grep RSYNC13:59
foxi_maybe my rsyncd.conf is corrupt?14:00
tilmanthat's for the server14:00
jaegerI would think rsyncd.conf would not affect the client14:00
tilmanyou're only running the client14:00
foxi_i have no idea what i could have done wrong14:03
jaegernor do I, at the moment14:04
tilmantry to feed google with (parts of) the error message14:06
foxi_i allready did14:07
foxi_hours and hours :(14:07
jaegeranything more useful if you add the verbose flag?14:07
foxi_no :/14:08
jaegeryou said you're using the package tilman just linked, right?14:09
tilmancould it be some firewall problem?14:09
foxi_i installed it. then ports -u wanted a
tilmanthe RSYNC package!14:09
tilmannot the ports package14:09
foxi_mom i try to disable the firewall14:10
foxi_its a router14:10
jaegertilman's package file works here14:10
jaegerguess the binary itself is fine14:10
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foxi__you win =>14:12
foxi__thankyou verymuch.. shame on me14:12
jaegerrouter problem?14:13
tilmani would have expected a more obvious error message14:13
tilmanfoxi__: so it's not that bad i think ;D14:14
foxi__me too14:14
foxi__which ports do i need for rsync?14:14
foxi__just forwarded everthing for a test14:15
jaeger873 is the default14:15
foxi__ok thankyou :)14:15
tilmanno need to forward it14:15
tilmanjust un-block it14:15
foxi__i think thats to much for my router14:17
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foxi__i like the ports system =D14:30
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foxi__i have a little other problem. somehow i made su not working anymore. but i have no idea what i did wrong, is there a howto to get su working?14:39
teKwhat are you doing14:41
teKbtw what response(s) do you get14:41
foxi__nothing =/14:41
foxi__after the installation su worked fine14:41
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teKwell you have to type 'su[enter]' at least...14:41
teKand then?14:41
foxi__then hes asking for pw14:41
foxi__i give the _right_ password14:42
foxi__-> Sorry.14:42
foxi__nothing more14:42
teKuh i don't know exactly, but are you in the 'wheel' group?14:42
tilmanthen it's not the right password...14:42
foxi__yes i am14:42
foxi__tilman: it is14:42
foxi__i swear =)14:42
foxi__i changed the password to 1234 for a test... the same14:43
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Auge^ <- is this error caused by mismatching include files? or let me ask the other way: where to search?17:28
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Auge^ok. solved. :)17:58
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thrice`tilman: around ?18:21
thrice`oops, looks like he's not; does anyone know if xorg 7.1.1 is setup for aiglx naturally ?  I want to try beryl stuff that jaeger has in his repo, using the ATI OSS drivers18:22
jaegerit should be. check the beryl wiki and the gentoo wiki, good docs there18:23
Hangive it a shot18:23
thrice`jaeger: yeah, i'm checking out gentoo's right now, and they advise using aiglx as a USE flag to build mod. xorg18:23
jaegerdon't know for sure, I use the nvidia drivers instead... turn on the aiglx xorg.conf option and watch the log :)18:27
thrice`if it doesn't crash, of course ;)  thanks for the tip18:28
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thrice`hm, Han 's beryl stuff seems to do all in 1 shot18:32
thrice`jaeger: since you use gnome, have you fooled around with heliodor ?18:35
jaegeryeah, I prefer heliodor18:39
thrice`alright, maybe that's the approach i'll take.  Is heliodor included in any of your svn builds ?18:42
thrice`erm..probably the one called "heliodor" ;(18:42
thrice`ok, i'll stop bombarding with stupidity; thanks for the direction18:43
jaegerno worries18:43
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thrice`jaeger: do you use beryl --replace dbus settings & heliodor --replace & from a running session ?21:34
jaegerI generally run beryl-manager and start it there but I bet the other works21:34
thrice`and that's using emerald ?21:38
jaegerI don't even have emerald installed anymore21:43
thrice`ah; alright.  I haven't quite got there yet, just doing a bit of reading in the mean time21:45
jaegerthe manager allows you to pick the window decorator and the compositing manager21:46
thrice`so once xorg.conf is setup to utilized aiglx (for my ati card), the manager can pretty much take care of the rest ?21:47
thrice`jaeger: awesome; that'll be a good start ;)  lastly, have you ever ran into this building gstreamer-plugins-ffmpeg ?
jaegerNope... but isn't that in libX11?22:02
thrice`it should be; I have xorg-libx11 installed for sure22:04
thrice`didn't tilman recently update that package? maybe it doesn't like something22:07
thrice`jaeger: think your binary package would like it? ;)22:16
thrice`oh man, there isn't one for the ffmpeg; maybe yours didn't build either :)22:18
jaegerI thought you meant x22:19
jaegerdon't have an ffmpeg one handy22:20
thrice`oh, no.  this is gstreamer-plugins-ffmpeg that's not building22:20
jaegerI'll take a look at it in the morning22:28
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thrice`jaeger: sounds good; I tried hacking Makefiles to look for libx11 with no luck; thanks for the help, though23:16
jaegerif you find a solution before I do, let me know... about to go to sleep for tonight, though23:21
thrice`yeah, me too; thanks again23:22
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