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Romsterdoh, i hadn't added ffmpeg...02:02
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RyoSis there a command to convert every filename to lowercase for a complete dir + subdirs?04:51
prologicfind . -type f -exec mv {} `echo {} | tr A-Z a-z` \;04:53
prologicsomething like that might work04:53
prologicI also do have a script called renameall (in python) which can be quite usefull04:53
prologictakes two arguments, a search pattern and a replace pattern04:54
RyoSthanks :)04:55
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* j^2 tips hat to *09:39
aonhi j^209:39
j^2morning aon09:40
aonyeah, it's dark outside, can't say if it's morning or night :)09:40
aoni'd be totally lost if we had 12h clock :)09:40
j^2i'm actally going to be in england on the 22nd...i cant believe i'm about to ask this...09:41
j^2but does it snow there?09:41
j^2england that is09:41
aoni don't think so09:42
aonyeah, but not now09:42
j^2ah nice, thanks guys ;)09:43
j^2The latest forecast for this winter continues to favour near average or warmer-than-average temperatures, but still with potential for lower temperatures later in the period.09:44
j^2so generic it's scary09:44
aonyeah, the winter has been awful here too09:44
treachI think some bastard missed the memo about that.09:45
aonwhat's amazing is that there still seems to be salt on the roads although it always rains :)09:47
j^2hey, what brings in 320kps constantly on average? internet radio?09:47
aoncould be09:48
treachcapped wares-ftp? ;-)09:48
aonif that's kbps it's quite a low cap :)09:49
aonby current standards anyway :)09:49
treachalas, time goes by. :-(09:50
j^2yeah i was looking at my mrtg log, and something keeps coming in at that speed, but on friday it turns off, i'd think some one was listening to internet radio or something....09:56
aongo there and shout "FIRE DRILL! EVERYBODY GET OUTSIDE!", it's the person who remains seated with his headphones on09:57
j^2that's me :P09:58
aonapparently better not say the drill09:58
j^2i've learned the hard way the least i talk to people about non work stuff the better09:59
treachah, the mundane guy.09:59
aonwork should be all about talking about non-work stuff ;)10:00
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ningowork should be about not working10:01
treachhmm. wouldn't that make the concept of "non-work stuff" impossible? :P10:02
ningoIndeed, solved 2 problems again.10:02
treachaon: sorry if you think I'm slow, my sleep cycle is totally fubar right now. :-/10:03
aonno :)10:03
aon...and mine too10:03
aon0400-0800 doesn't really cut it when it goes on for several weeks10:03
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treachindeed not.10:04
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j^2jesus aon.... that's worse then my wow playing gf ;)10:16
j^2i personally aim for like 8-9 hours a night10:17
j^2but it never happens... :(10:17
aonhehe :)10:20
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j^2any mssql guys here?12:00
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tilmanadministrators or developers? :P12:05
j^2admins, i need to create a mssql script to do a project... i'm lost12:09
j^2hell i'll even pay some one to do it for me :P12:10
j^2it's a school project that according to my teacher will only take about 2 hours, but i dont even know where to start12:11
j^2no no the actual project :(12:11
j^2i created the visio doc12:12
j^2but now to convert that to sql12:12
j^2that's the problem12:12
ningomsdn, heh12:12
tilmanyou shouldn't have said "no, admins" then12:12
ningoI just got it, hahaha, funney :|12:12
tilmanbut unfortunately (for you :P) i never turned visio diagrams into sql either12:13
tilmanningo: huh? msdn _is_ a somewhat okayish ms sql resource?12:13
j^2thanks anywany tilman12:13
tilmandid you try "save as... sql"? ;D12:14
ningotilman: huh? did he said ms sql?12:14
tilman(i was bitten by the fact that visio calls "export" "save as" recently myself)12:14
tilmanningo: sure he did, read again :P12:14
ningowell, cross the last 4 lines, then.12:14
RedShifthey guys12:17
RedShiftwould this be smart?12:17
RedShiftln -s /var/log /home/system/logs12:17
RedShift(/home is on another partition)12:17
ningoprivileges ok?12:18
j^2yeah like /var/log/messages is only read by root12:19
ningounless I'm not missing something blatantly obvious here, it should be ok to do so, if the privileges are correct12:20
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Auge^mh... 40 ports... building crux ports is funny ;)12:34
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RedShiftdoes /dev/shm need to be mounted?12:44
thrice`depends if you want to use shared memory12:48
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tilmansome apps might rely on it12:49
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jaegerglibc likes to have it13:07
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ningoany pdfviewers in the ports besides acroread and xpdshit?16:28
laod_evince in the gnome ports, I guess16:29
ningohey, gv can view pdf too :)16:30
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sepenoOo-Office r00lz!!17:05
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* treach cheers three times for sitecopy. :-)17:46
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