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deus_exI get this error at the end of booting, after font and host are set:
deus_exHow do I find out what is causing it?10:27
tilmanif the font is set, then /etc/rc is probably run completely10:32
tilmanand /etc/rc.multi doesn't do much other stuff10:32
tilmanso it's maybe one of the daemons?10:32
deus_extilman: Maybe dbus?Should I add it to services in rc.conf, or it starts automagically?10:35
deus_ex(when xorg starts)10:36
tilmanthere's no reason why xorg would start dbus, per se10:38
tilmanyou could start by kicking out ALL daemons from the "services" array in /etc/rc.conf10:39
tilmanif it works then, you know it's one of your entries...10:39
deus_extilman: I'll try that, thanks :)10:41
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jdolan_USB drive.11:01
* treach ponders the source and decides he really doesn't want to know.11:02
jdolan_your loss :P11:05
jdolan_(it's perfectly work-safe)11:05
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treachjaeger: FYI, I get an md5sum mismatch for the flashplugin. (3a72f45a173126181022cff9029a1bb3 instead of a18532c8457f1140964c4d896a928c96)11:10
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deus_exSomeone please slap me :)11:27
treachwhat's up?11:28
deus_exAs I suspected, it was classic PEBKAC (error that occured during boot).11:28
treachthat's what you get from too much complexity. ;-)11:29
treachcan't beat pencil an paper. :P11:29
deus_extreach: When I updated lm_sensors, there was a merge conflict with previous sensors.conf.11:30
deus_exSo, I edited it.Kinda.11:30
deus_exI managed to miss most of the <<MERGE CONFLICT>> in it, hence keyword error.11:31
treachhmm. rejmerge..11:31
treachthanks for reminding me. =]11:32
deus_exnp :)11:32
ningoHmm, I've a few programs complaining about missing cairo-png.h12:15
ningoIs this header provided by cairo?12:15
ningoah, wait I see it got removed12:16
ningoprogram is rather old12:16
ningoahh, this sucks, anybody here knows how to convert svg to ps?12:18
Hanwith convert? :-)12:19
Hananybody else already using jre1.6.0?12:21
tilmanningo: for inclusion in a latex document?12:21
tilmani believe pdflatex can include svg directly12:22
ningotilman: exaclty12:22
ningoHan: it works, but the output is insane12:23
HanAnd to what formats can the native svg app, what's it called again, convert stuff?12:23
tilmanningo: "epslatex.pdf" (or something) is referenced from l2kurz.pdf (aka l2short). i think that's where i got that from. if it's not there, it doesn't work ;D12:24
HanI mean if you can get png your set I guess12:24
tilmanpdflatex can also read png/jpeg/whatever12:24
ningoahh, that's the problem if you need free images and wikipedia has it in svg only12:30
ningoIt screws up on every format I try on it12:32
tilmanlatex's output?12:33
ningono, I'm still trying to convert it12:33
tilmandid you try inkscape?12:34
ningoI'm about to try sodipodi in regards to google12:34
tilmani think inkscape is far superior to sodipodi these days ;)12:34
ningoinstalling... ;)12:34
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ningohmm, inkscape in contribs requires libpopt which is not in ports13:11
treachhappily there is popt..13:11
treachsame issue as "lib"speex, I presume.13:14
tilmanyeah, i was annoyed by that crap recently, too13:14
tilmanages ago we had a "speex" port in contrib13:15
treachNot sure about what the policy is on that, but I feel reasonably confident someone is violating it..13:15
tilmannowadays it's called "libspeex"13:15
tilmanfor god knows what reasons13:15
treachwell. I wouldn't call romster "god".13:15
tilmanpackager: younes hafri13:15
tilmannot sure who did the naming13:15
ningowell, inscape is asking for "libpopt", it's rather clear13:16
ningoI dunno how it's referenced to in other programms though13:16
treachtilman: maintainer is the one who's responsible though, right?13:16
tilmanupstream decided to call the package "popt"13:16
tilmanso it's rather clear13:16
tilmantreach: yep13:16
tilmantreach: if romster shows up, feel free to ask him to rename the port13:16
tilmantreach: or, even better, file a bug :)13:16
treachheh. I'll kick him around for a while instead. It's more fun. :D13:17
tilmandon't forget to add a bit of nitpicking re. his speling13:17
treachsure. We can't let him have that "shit-key", can we?13:18
ningotilman: I'd say the name of a library package should be the name it's referenced to in programs using it - providing there's no inconsistency13:18
tilmani think rule no 1 should be (or even is):13:19
tilmanif upstream's name makes at least a little sense, use it13:19
ningoprt-get depinst stuff - error: things not found13:21
tilmantoo verbose13:21
tilmanprt-get depinst stuff - oy13:21
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jdolan_speex wut?14:16
jdolan_i was (am?) using speex for a Free teamspeak-esque clone.14:16
jdolan_but i'm waiting for portaudio to mature, as it's currently quite a mess.14:16
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pitillohi jdolan_, where can I get a quetoo.cfg file?14:22
jdolan_pitillo, it'll generate the default one the first time you run it.14:23
pitillo(don't understand very well if itś used)14:23
jdolan_default bindings are w a s d for movement, plus a few other basics.14:23
jdolan_ /j #quetoo14:23
pitilloumm, then that isn't the problem I think...14:23
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treachhmm. OO.o update..14:38
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HanOO.o update in my repo :-)16:34
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Hanas I was saying....16:38
HanOO.o update in my repo :-)16:38
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treachjaeger: clb stopped logging?18:00
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jaegerhrmm, not intentionally18:01
jaegerI may have messed up its ssh keys18:01
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predatorfreaktilman: For whenever you return, libdrm has a broken include.18:04
predatorfreakor well whatever provides xf86drm.h18:04
predatorfreakI'm a little fuzzy.18:04
predatorfreakYeah that's libdrm alright.18:05
predatorfreakIt tries to include drm.h18:05
predatorfreakBut the actual file is <drm/drm.h>18:05
predatorfreakAs is xorg-server's /usr/include/xorg/dri.h18:10
predatorfreak#include "xf86dri.h"18:10
predatorfreakshould be18:10
predatorfreak#include <X11/dri/xf86dri.h>18:11
HanIs that normal for other headers as well?18:12
predatorfreakThose are what's mainly popping up for me.18:13
predatorfreakI'm honestly surprised no one else has encountered this yet.18:13
treachmh. speaking of normal, what would the "normal" permissions for /dev/pts be if you just mount them with the "default" options?18:15
treach(yah, I'm feeling a bit lazy..)18:15
jaegertreach: it's happy again18:15
predatorfreakdrwxr-xr-x 2 root root            0 2006-12-12 04:13 pts/18:15
treachwhee. :-)18:15
treachpredatorfreak: ok, and the stuff in it..?18:17
predatorfreakcrw------- 1 predatorfreak users 136, 0 2006-12-12 19:17 018:17
predatorfreakcrw------- 1 predatorfreak users 136, 1 2006-12-12 19:17 118:17
predatorfreakcrw------- 1 predatorfreak users 136, 2 2006-12-12 19:05 218:17
predatorfreakcrw------- 1 predatorfreak users 136, 3 2006-12-12 19:17 318:17
treachok. thanks.18:17
* treach wonders why suse sets it to <uid> tty and 0620...18:19
koefzMicrosoft influence and syndrome?18:23
koefzMaking the system do strange things for no apparent reason.18:23
treachquestion is, *why* do they think the tty group should be given write access..?18:25
treachtvivlar på att de gör det bara för att de tycker det är kul..18:26
koefzHeheh, näe. Men man vet ju aldrig.18:26
koefzNah, but seriously. Couldn't it have something to do with compatability with the server variants of SUSE, or all of Novells networking stuff?18:27
treachmaybe. I have admittedly no clue.18:28
Hancrw--w---- 1 han users 136, 0 2006-12-13 01:17 018:29
HanThat's odd...18:29
treachok, who's going for ''''?18:29
* Han testdrives udev-10318:34
koefzcrw--w----  1 rfe   tty       5,   2 Dec 13 01:34 /dev/ttyp218:34
koefzcrw-------  1 rfe   tty       5,   3 Dec 13 01:34 /dev/ttyp318:34
HanYou're being hacked ;-)18:34
treach"there is something very wong going on here"18:35
HanI bet it's all very explicable.18:37
HanSomething else _is_ very odd though.18:38
HanYour nick doesn't match your username! :P18:38
treachwhat? ....18:38
HanI was refering to koefz18:38
treachI thought I had screwed something up somewhere when I restored from backup recently.18:39
koefzThat's from OpenBSD with defaults basically. Running av irssi-session, and connected via ssh.18:39
HanWell a slow mind would ask instead of trying to figure it out all by himself ;-)18:39
koefzSo I have faith in that it looks like that for a good reason.18:39
* koefz håller tummarna.18:40
* Han likes koefz even better18:40
HanHe uses OpenBSD!18:40
treach"cross your fingers and hopes to turn green all over"? :P18:40
treachopenbsd is nice, but the apps are antiquidated, imo.18:41
Hanthe apps?18:42
koefzOpenBSD is probably my favourite system nowadays.18:43
koefzNever thought it would come to that.18:43
treachyou know, the stuff you are *using*. ;-) Like firefox etc.18:43
HanOh like that. Well I got c4o for you ;-)18:44
Han4th on google :-)18:44
treachthanks, but I just reinstalled. :-)18:45
treachand switching filesystems is such a chore. :-/18:45
HanIf you don't have a spare HD18:46
treachI usually sends stuff over the network, sshfs and tar. :P18:47
Hanin that case I'd use rsync18:48
koefzHeheh. I haven't even got that far. I still have a couple of unplugged NTFS disks with lots of stuff on them.18:48
treachwell. it's mostly compressed already, and the data still has to be shuffled..18:49
HanI simply don't trust fuse.18:50
treachwell, there is nfs then. ;-)18:50
HanThat I do trust. Over openvpn if it needs to be secured.18:50
treachit's even faster too. but it's a massive pain to set up, compared to sshfs.18:51
Hanit is?18:52
treachyeah. No messing with firewalls etc, etc.18:52
HanI don't think so. :o)18:52
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thrice`more syntax changes in udev eh? =\18:59
Hanyup. nothing serious though. I saw userids for dailer etc passing by19:00
Hanit's just very annoying that the output of the bootprocess isn't logged. >:-\19:02
treachdmesg isn't "booty" enough?19:03
Han/etc/udev/rules.d% grep -i nv 10-local.rules19:04
HanKERNEL="nvidia*",       NAME="%k", GROUP="video", MODE="660"19:04
Han/etc/udev/rules.d% ls -la /dev/nvidia*19:04
Hancrw-rw-rw- 1 root root 195,   0 2006-12-13 01:36 /dev/nvidia019:04
HanAnd I still don't get that the mode of the nvidia devices is ignored19:04
Han :-)19:10
Hanhmmm that didn't help either.19:12
thrice`odd =\19:12
HanIt still is the first document I found on udev19:15
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Han/etc/udev/rules.d% udevtest /sys/bus/pci/drivers/nvidia19:19
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HanKERNEL=="nvidia*", NAME="%k", GROUP="video", MODE="660"19:40
Hannote the extra =19:40
treachheh. "Så inihelvete lika med". (Goddamn equal with)19:41
thrice`Han: work ?19:41
Hannope. but it does fix the error with udevtest =)19:43
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Romsterthrice`, jaeger, pitillo, pointed out the problem along time ago and i incoripted it into my port that is now in contrib, was just missing the gcc -lx1120:55
Romsterconsidering i use them gstreamer, and there not gome i decided to add them to contrib.20:56
laodany heavy c wizrds that can help me puzzle out some syntax for a moment?21:07
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nipuL/j #c21:09
laod(void (*)(void *))function_name (this is the fifth argument to a function... which should be a function pointer). The part I'm having trouble figuring out is the "(void (*)(void *))"21:10
laod* as dereference operator is right associative, correct?21:10
laoder wait.. left21:10
laodoh wait.. it's a function pointer cast, duh... sorry21:11
nipuLthe parameter wants a function that takes (void *) parameters and return void *21:19
nipuLno it doesnt...ask in #c21:19
nipuLthis is #crux21:19
laodPoint well taken. Sorry.21:21
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