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* deus_ex likes transparency feature in xfce08:06
* treach likes windows actually updating with some speed in fvwm. ;-)08:07
deus_exEye candy, I know, but still :)08:07
deus_extreach: You keep mentioning fvwm, I must see how that looks eventually ;)08:08
treachdeus_ex: mine, or the default? :P08:08
guaquai'd like to get that beryl or compiz stuff working08:09
deus_exYours , default I can see at the fvwm site.08:09
guaquathat's what i call multimedia08:09
jaegertreach: what does yours look like?08:09
treachhere be fancy screenshots for those who wants that..
treachmine isn't fancy at all.
treachI'm primarily using it because it's light, fast and has been around since the stoneage. :-)08:12
jaegerlooks clean, though08:13
treachyeah, that's how I like it. :)08:13
jaegerstill hard to beat dual-head twm, baby08:13
deus_extreach: What is that on the right side of the screen?Looks like gkrellm?08:13
treachheh, "pass!"08:13
treachdeus_ex: yeah-08:13
treachs /-/./08:14
deus_extreach: Which theme do you use for gkrellm?08:14
treach"invisible". :)08:15
deus_exIt figures :)08:16
deus_exThis one looks pretty clean, too.
treachI think I like mine better. ;)08:21
deus_exjaeger: I don't think wm can get more minimal than that screenshot of yours :)08:24
treachmmh. it even makes aon's famous screenshots look overloaded. :P08:24
treachI don't know twm, but I like how easy it is to create keybindings in fvwm as well. You can create keybindings for pretty much anything..08:26
guaquakatapult is probably the smartest thing i've experienced in a long time08:28
guaquacoolest would be better08:28
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rehabdolllol, thats one ugly desktop jaeger :)09:29
treachsome kind of reaction to the constant overdosing of gnome maybe? :o)09:30
namenlostreach: at least you got a nice menu ;) . at the moment i'm not so satisfyed by my fvwm config...09:34
treachheh, I sometimes I get the feeling the defaults are chosen to scare people away. :)09:35
namenlostreach: sorry, was reading an old post of you...09:35
jaegerthe twm desktop is a joke, in case anyone missed that09:35
namenlostreach: indeed09:36
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j^2hey guys09:40
pitillogoodafternoon j^209:42
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j^2morning pitillo09:42
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tilmanwhy does the predat0r dude report weird bugs and then leave?11:06
ningoIsn't it a special trait of the predators to become invisible?11:09
ningoNever havr seen them reporting bugs, though.11:09
tilmanit's probably rather PEBKAC than a real bug anyway11:10
tilmanwhy don't we build glibc's libsegfault?11:16
jaegernobody likes segfaults11:17
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illovaehello :)11:48
illovaeexcuse me do you know someone names Vico (Vincenzo Colosimo) please ?11:48
tilmannot personally though :P11:49
illovaeah well... :)11:50
illovaecrux is a GNU/Linux distribution ?11:50
illovaeah ok...11:51
tilmanyeah, see ;)11:51
illovaeyes i'm on it :D11:51
illovaewell i was searching for a binaire of larsbiff, i found the vico's repo but crux seems to build the bin directly from sources11:52
tilmanbuilding it seems to be trivial though11:53
tilmanit doesn't even require additional libraries :)11:53
illovaeyes i know, but i have some errors while the 'make' process so...11:53
illovaewhile i run the*11:53
tilmantry in #larswm maybe ;)11:54
illovaeyou are right lol thank you :P11:54
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illovaeok, thanks for your help tilman :D11:59
illovaegoodbye :)11:59
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tilmanyo maro13:23
marotilman: reporting for service13:23
tilmanmaro: do you have a patch to build core/glibc w/ libsegfault?13:24
marohmm, what's the problem?13:25
maro(my footprint has, but I'm not doing anything weird)13:25
tilmanhang on13:26
tilmanoh shit13:26
maro? :)13:27
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tilmanmy grep failed because of weird casing13:28
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ningoa new computer running unix: $500 dollar, a "command line for dummies course": 1000$ dollar. making yourself the fool in an irc channel for not getting the syntax of grep right: priceless13:31
ningosorry. :(13:33
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* RyoS tries to hide his giggle, fearing tilmans revenge13:33
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