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eliteforceis it possible to build crux with uclibc?03:26
mike_kthere was a project with such aim03:28
mike_keliteforce: search google for "uCRUX"03:28
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morlenxusSomeone here use the bootsplash patch? I have a question about the initrd file.08:44
morlenxusI already have an initrd file, is there a way to asign the bootsplash image with another parameter?08:44
HanDo you boot that often? :-)08:45
morlenxusWas that the answer?08:48
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morlenxusNo, i'm working on an usb bootable system.08:48
morlenxusAnd it shouldn't show debug informations on default.08:49
HanWhy are you so upset by my question?08:58
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jaegermorlenxus: from all the docs I've read you have to recreate the initrd to change the image09:23
jaegerI have not used it myself09:23
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morlenxusHan: sorry09:55
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morlenxusOr maybe someone does know a kernel argument to force loading the usb subsystem as one of the first steps? I have the problem that if the pc is powered off and i start the kernel has immediatly detected the sda1 device - when i just reset the pc it takes a bit more time and the kernel can't boot from the stick.09:56
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mike_kmorlenxus: after ~ 2.6.13  you can append  "rootdelay=8"10:00
morlenxusYou make my day!10:01
morlenxusThanks a lot.10:01
morlenxusIf that works.10:01
morlenxusReally, much much thanks.10:01
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namenloshi, is anyone using linux 2.6.19?10:58
namenlossomehow i can't find my usb stick10:58
namenlosi mean the device...10:59
j^2nothing in /dev?11:00
j^2do you have scsi support? for mass storage or something like that?11:00
Hanis udevd running?11:00
namenlosj^2: yes, i got them both11:01
namenlosHan: 1009 ?        00:00:00 udevd11:01
namenlosHan: yes, it is running11:01
Hanodd, umass works fine here.11:01
namenlosi got no sda* in my /dev...11:02
thrice`dmesg doesn't say anything when you plug it in ?11:02
namenlosah, is it /dev/uba then?11:06
thrice`uba1 perhaps ?11:06
thrice`dunno, try11:06
namenlosthrice`: was /dev/uba1. thanks a lot. didn't know that the system is updating dmesg after startup, too :(11:08
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thrice`sure thing.  not sure why it's uba1, but I suppose if it works ;)11:11
namenloson my xubuntu system it was still sda1... maybe this was one of the changes in
jaegermaybe that's why hal is completely broken on this machine11:13
jaeger2.6.19, I mean11:13
namenloshal = hardware abstraction layer?11:14
namenlosunfortunately i got no idea about hal - i'm not so deepin into linux, yet.11:17
thrice`dunno, my usb stick is still sda* on 2.6.1811:20
onestephal is not needed11:36
treachI think gnome/kde might get pissy if you rob them of it.11:37
onestepi use KDE without hal :)11:37
onestepeverything's fine11:38
treachok, wasn't sure if kde *needed* it *yet*. :-)11:38
Han~% l /dev/nvidia*11:39
Hancrw-rw---- 1 root video 195,   0 2006-12-14 18:36 /dev/nvidia011:39
Hancrw-rw---- 1 root video 195, 255 2006-12-14 18:36 /dev/nvidiactl11:39
treachyeah. Still listed as "optional". wonder when that will change.11:39
onestepdid anyone test betas of kde4?11:41
HanThat's the way to do it:
treachNot I. Got tired of building all that stuff on this fossile.11:42
HanEven though I got a blazing fast machine I still like minimal windowmanagers.11:43
onestepwhy fossile?11:43
onestepHan: xfce is really cute imho :)11:43
HanHe's got an old computer.11:43
Hanonestep, yes I got xfce in my repo as well.11:44
HanThe latest snapshot.11:44
treachbecause it's old, and don't have nearly enough horsepower to build all that kde stuff within a reasonable timeframe, IMO.11:44
thrice`i like the new xfce alot11:44
treachs don't/doesn't11:44
thrice`Han: you're referring to 4.4 beta?11:44
onestepsome time ago I've tried to build kde3 on my pentium-mmx 20011:45
thrice`ah...yeah, i think that's getting very nice11:45
Hanit has got true transparancy support etc11:45
HanAnyway, I still stay with fluxbox.11:45
treachonestep: sounds like fun.11:45
onestepwithout xgl etc?11:46
Hanwith xgl11:46
onesteptreach: I wasn't even able to finish build of qt :)11:46
treachI'm not surprised.11:46
treachmaybe if you had a few gigs of swap.. :P11:46
onestepfrom that times I love xfce11:47
onestepand gtk11:47
treachmh. Actually, the sad thing is that apart from the building part kde is probably a lot more effective than any alternative.11:47
treach(unless you cheat and go console apps exclusively.)11:48
onestepit's too hard for me to understand11:49
onestepenglish is not my native11:49
treachalso: it uses less resources while running than an equal setup with gtk applications do.11:50
treachit's just the compling part that is inhuman.11:51
onestepyes. actually, pango use near a twice resources referring to qt's renderer11:51
onestepbut... it renders with a higher quality11:52
treachMaybe, I've never noticed any difference.11:52
onesteptry to compare mc in Konsole and gnome-terminal11:53
thrice`Han: couldn't you set the perms of the device from xorg.conf ?11:53
tilmanonestep: got numbers to back up the pango vs qt rendering claim? :P11:54
treachonestep: to thanks. :)11:54
treachtilman: it stands to reason at least.11:54
tilmandunno, i'd find that very surprising11:54
treachpango does have something of a reputation as slow and bloated, while qt is used quite frequently in very limited environments..11:55
thrice`**cough first hit on google** :)11:55
onestep"Qt was respectively 7, 5 and 6 times faster."11:56
tilmanand where does it say "pango" in zack's polygon rendering benchmark?11:57
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onestepI began to wonder :)11:57
onestepthere is cairo11:57
tilmanthe benchmark where he tested qt vs cairo11:57
onestepwhich is used by pango for rendering11:57
thrice`I thought pango and cairo went hand in hand11:57
tilmani guess i'm the only one who read that article11:57
treachthrice`: and you're calling yourself an engineer? ;-)11:57
tilmanit's NOT about font rendering11:57
onestepthrice`: you thought right11:57
thrice`mechanical, no software ;)11:57
treachyou should be able to read charts anyway. :o)11:58
thrice`perhaps my understanding of pango is off11:58
thrice`it only does text ?11:58
treachthrice`: open source computing library for rendering internationalized texts in high quality,11:59
treachqoute from wp. ;-)11:59
thrice`=\  my bad11:59
treachdon't worry.11:59
* thrice` backs away in shame11:59
tilmancough first hit on whatever my ass11:59
tilmanthanks for trying though12:00
Hanthrice`, Is that possible? How should that be done? I never heard of that method.12:00
onestepwell.. c u later12:00
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thrice`Han: not sure.  I thought for an old ATI card you could set MODE "0660"12:00
HanI tried doing it with /etc/udev/rules.d/ but that is ignored.12:01
thrice`but perhaps that was only for access to OpenGL ICD12:02
tilmanthat applies to all ati drivers12:03
tilmanbecause it applies to teh dri12:03
tilmanwhich is used by all ati drivers12:03
thrice`but not nvidia ?12:03
tilmannvidia doesn't use DRI12:03
tilmanthey use their own crap12:03
thrice`ah.  i've never been privileged enough to own an nvidia card :)12:03
tilmani'd give you one of mine if you lived next door12:04
HanThey work very nicely, but I still don't like having to use a closed source driver.12:05
treachheh, a "privilege" that last about as long as nvidia feels like supporting youc card..12:05
Hanyour OS12:05
treachs youc/your12:05
thrice`yeah, my 9700 pro is still supported by fglrx, but i've found the OSS in modular xorg to be much easier12:05
HanThe r is not even close to the c :o)12:05
tilmanmaybe not on your crappy keyboard layout12:06
treachHan: well. If you're editing what you're typing it might happen anyway.. ;)12:06
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thrice`for some reason, my contrib is rsyncing to /usr/ports/contrib/contrib21:05
thrice`I am using:; collection=ports/crux-2.2/contrib; destination=/usr/ports/contrib21:06
thrice`is something off ?21:06
jaegerthe trailing slash is important for rsync21:07
thrice`oh, I see; thank you :)21:07
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