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namenlosimagemagick 6.3.1-2 is out...01:24
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namenloshi, if i want to set my system encoding to utf-8, i only got to execute 'export LC_ALL="de_AT.utf8"', right, and if then the execution of locale shows e.g.: 'LC_CTYPE="de_AT.utf8"' it should be fine?02:33
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bd2hi all. is there any crux-2.3-rc or something?03:05
maronope, only the git repo :(03:08
marohopefully rolling your own releases will be a breeze post-2.303:09
bd2but thanks anyway..03:12
marobut who knows, maybe someone could roll a pre-release iso...03:13
bd2I just need to upgrade my toolchain, and -rc would save me much time ;-)03:13
marowhere's jaeger? :P03:13
marobd2: true :)03:13
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j^2hey guys09:23
j^2not much, how is everyone?09:25
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pitillogood afternoon, anyone using TeamSpeak? I can't run it with a game and hear both (the same game with xmms works). I think I'm missing the correct configuration. Any tip about?11:25
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tilmando the game and teamspeak both support alsa?11:27
tilmanif so, use dmix (i think)11:27
tilmanif you need to use OSS, you're SOL11:27
tilmanbuy a card whose driver supports 2 (or more) dsp devices11:27
Hanpitillo, which game?11:27
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pitillothe game use alsa, TS not sure. I thought adding a second card to use it with TS only and the other with the game.11:28
pitilloHan, et+tce11:28
Hanah, known problem11:28
rehabdollet does not use alsa11:29
tilmani should swap gfx cards and play some tce again11:29
Han# echo "quake3.x86 0 0 direct" > /proc/asound/card0/pcm0p/oss11:29
Han# echo "quake3.x86 0 0 disable" > /proc/asound/card0/pcm0c/oss11:29
HanAdd that without the # to your rc.local11:29
tilmanrehabdoll: maybe someone should offer them to implement it. can't be so frigging hard :x11:29
pitilloI found it a nice game, Han ummmm thanks forgot that. I will try it.11:30
HanEhm... and replace that quake3.x86 with the right binaryname. :-)11:30
rehabdollyeah, one might wonder why they are hogging the sourcecode, since they released it free of charge and the q3 source is already out11:30
pitilloHan, yes I understand it :)11:30
tilmanrehabdoll: dunno. was it id or raven who extended the engine for rtcw/et? that might explain it11:31
rehabdollraven i guess, not id atleast11:31
rehabdollsplash damage even :)11:32
pitilloummmm haven't the pcm0p/oss device ... I missing oss support I think.11:32
tilmanrehabdoll: i don't think splash damage worked much on the graphics engine, did they? i don't really follow game development ;D11:33
rehabdollwell its the q3 engine11:36
tilmanbut it to extended for RTCW11:36
rehabdollThe team was introduced to Activision by Kevin Cloud and Robert Duffy of id Software in early 2002, and developed id Software?s Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory? (Wolf ET)..11:37
rehabdolli guess its impossible to determine who did what :)11:37
rehabdollid probably owns most of the rights, together with splash11:38
rehabdollET: quakewars looks kind of fun .)11:42
pitilloneed to read more about the creation of pcm files. I did the script to get sound with q3, but with crux never need it (and now I see I can't use it)11:43
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ningohmm, I've exactly this problem with vpnc as I can see you applied the patch, however the error still occurs12:04
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tilmanit works now? :P12:16
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ningo_tilman: indeed12:21
ningo_I changed the patch a bit12:21
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ningo_just my dead client12:32
ningo_I was wondering when he would time out ;)12:33
tilmani meant the patch patch12:34
tilmanlet's hilight jaeger so he knows :P12:34
* ningo_ highlights jaeger randomly12:35
jaegerI've got a fix on my laptop, it's just booted into windows right now to do a vegas export13:04
ningo_aaaww :(13:05
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ningo_dudes, I need a mp3toogg converter, if possible for the CLI, anything cool in the ports?13:40
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jaegerningo_: maybe mp3 -> wav -> ogg with mpg123 and oggenc?13:43
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mike_kningo: imho, ugly artefacts might appear after such conversion14:02
jdolan_rebuild sox with libmad and libvorbis installed.14:11
jdolan_then sox my.mp3 my.ogg14:12
jdolan_pretty easy.14:12
jjpkLucky you that person is too slick to even be here :D14:12
jdolan_i needz to readz bett0r.14:12
jjpkNah, he just needs to stick around longer.14:13
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