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ningowhere do I have to place *.sty to be found automatically? I had a look how yhafri does it; he just places them in /usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/{package}, but this doesn't work for me06:31
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* ningo highlights Viper_ 08:50
guaquaany estimates about 2.3?08:51
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ningoAfter hours of work I spotted an error in the latex package08:56
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tilmanguaqua: my personal estimate is: early january11:03
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mike_kread the crux-devel, guys... such a sad saturday evening =(13:18
mike_kI can't even compose something valuable. Hope someone would be brave enough to lead the system team.13:22
brointhemixyyy what happened?13:24
brointhemixcould you give me the link?13:24
brointhemixah, it's for subscribers only13:27
tilmanthat's most sucky13:32
brointhemixso what now?13:32
brointhemixhmm... maybe we should raise funds for the team hmm?13:33
brointhemixbad idea?13:34
tilmanyou can never have enough funds to pay someone to work fulltime on it anyway13:34
tilmanso it's pointless imo13:34
brointhemixhmm ok13:36
brointhemixyou're right13:36
brointhemixso what's gonna happen with CRUX?13:37
tilmani believe crux can exist w/o cptn13:38
brointhemixhe's the author of prt-get, right?13:39
jaegeryes, and httpup13:39
mike_kluckly icrux is simple enough to have one active developer supporting it. but no innovation that way...13:39
brointhemixyea :(13:41
jjpktilman: at least with a project the size of crux, fundraising would quickly run out.13:41
jjpkApart from that, you would have to form a legal entity and that can become messy, depending on the jurisdiction.13:41
brointhemixjjpk: raising funds was my idea ;)13:41
jjpkbrointhemix: I know, I'm simply agreeing with tilman's point of view.13:42
brointhemixjjpk: ok :)13:43
jjpkIt just might work, but for how long is a very unpredictable question. :p13:44
brointhemixwhat about "PayPal"?13:45
brointhemixcould the CRUX project use PayPal?13:52
jaegerI don't know that there's a reason to13:52
tilmanif you have too much money, feel free to buy your favourite crux contributor a nice christmas present13:53
jjpkSo far crux has lived without formal funding and at least I do not see a need for it.13:54
brointhemixmaybe spreading the word would help more13:55
brointhemixto find more users and developers, i mean13:55
jjpkWhat we need is to organize regarding roles and functions.13:55
jjpkThink about it, crux is supposed to follow the KISS principle. Money causes more problems than it is worth.13:57
brointhemixso, spreading the word would be a better choice13:59
brointhemixdamn, e.g. why use Slackware if there's CRUX? :013:59
brointhemixi mean, the port system rulz13:59
brointhemixpakcage-based distros are sooo wrong13:59
jjpkThere is no absolute right or wrong, there are just personal preferences. ;)14:00
brointhemixtrue :)14:01
mike_kThere is no absolute true or lie =)14:01
brointhemixbut i personally hate the idea that someone built a package and i should use it14:01
brointhemixand if i want different features of the software i need to make the package myself14:01
tilman"omg crux is dying"14:02
guaquadebian packaging system works, but granted, you can't get anything new with it14:02
tilman"just like bsd"14:02
brointhemixand with CRUX i just alter the Pkgfile and buid what i want and how i want it14:02
tilmaninstall gentoo, quick!14:02
guaquabut for server use crux is superior14:02
brointhemixtilman: :(14:02
guaquai know exactly what i'm getting and how14:02
brointhemixgentoo is wrong14:02
brointhemixgentoo is an institution14:03
brointhemixand i hate institutions14:03
brointhemixi'd sooner choose LFS or Sourcemage/Lunar/Sorcerer14:03
jjpkwhat's your point? crux is an instituion as well, just an informal one.14:03
brointhemixyes - CRUX for servers rocks14:03
guaquagentoo is for linux like jocks are for high school14:03
brointhemixjjpk: informal ones are good :)14:03
brointhemixjjpk: additionally, gentoo is a monster. 10.000 robots and ready-made scripts14:05
brointhemixi hate that14:05
brointhemixand with CRUX, you get the base and you do what you want with it14:06
brointhemixthat makes you learn14:06
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brointhemixand i love that14:06
jjpkThe way I see this, crux is in disarray because yet another "pillar" of the community has retired.14:07
jjpkNot completely, but it is difficult to function without anything, if you get my point.14:08
brointhemixjjpk: without anything?14:09
tilmanjjpk: no, the disarray hasn't started yet14:11
tilmanlet's see how the meating goes on tuesday14:11
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brointhemixtilman: at what time?14:12
tilman19:00 utc i think14:13
tilman20:00 your time14:13
brointhemixUTC = GMT ?14:13
brointhemixin case CRUX dissaray started on tuesday, i'll download the LFS handbook now :(14:15
brointhemixas there's no substitute for CRUX out there14:15
tilmanwould you please stop?14:15
brointhemixsorry, about that14:16
jaeger@seen vico14:16
clbjaeger: vico was last seen in #crux 3 weeks, 0 days, 19 hours, 44 minutes, and 57 seconds ago: <vico> Oh how optimistic :-)14:16
jizzbotjaeger: vico was last seen in #crux 3 weeks, 0 days, 19 hours, 45 minutes, and 18 seconds ago: <vico> Oh how optimistic :-)14:16
jjpkcrux has been around for long enough to absorb something like this.14:16
brointhemixi know, i'm being pessimistic :/14:17
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pyrxhi, i'm new to crux, cant get "ports -u" to run, returns something about unknown module and rsync error, what am i doing wrong?19:36
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treachpyrx: works here. Are you sure you've got everything needed installed?19:44
treach(like the ports and rsync packages)19:46
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pyrxthink i installed all packages, will compare "pkginfo -i" with cd to be sure, thanks20:01
treachhm. you're a bit short on details.20:03
pyrxok, well i will make a new try tomorrow instad, the problem is probably me beigt to sleepy..20:05
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jaegerdidn't this happen to someone a few days ago?20:14
jaegerI mean the "unknown module" error from rsync20:14
treachno idea, first time I've heard about it.20:15
jaegerwas something wrong at the router in his case20:16
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