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onestepgood day!05:42
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jjpkThere is little patience these days :D05:55
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mike_konestep: ukrtelecom sucks?05:55
onestepmike_k: nope, I was going to reboot :)05:56
mike_ktheir adsl connections are very unstable last 3 weeks in my town05:57
onestepI'm using ADSL too, but everything seems ok05:57
onestepwhat's your town? :)05:58
mike_konestep: Yalta06:00
onestepmike_k: it's too far from me... maybe that's why there's the difference :)06:03
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Auge^mh, how to change cursor design on runtime of X11?10:58
thrice`Auge^, - see the "Installing Cursor themes" part11:03
Auge^ic, thx11:04
HanAuge^, I got a cursor theme package in my repo11:05
Auge^yeah, i have seen it. but the gnome changer don't works with wmaker here...11:06
HanDuh! There is a readme11:07
Auge^uhm, where? i can find one.11:11
Auge^i can't even11:12
Auge^we talk about gcursor, right?11:14
treachxsetroot doesn't work?11:15
tilmani think you're talking about xpm cursors11:16
Auge^i talk about the stuff in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/icons/*/cursors/11:18
Auge^it doesn't really matter... my real problem is anywhere else...11:21
tilmanyeah, that's xpm cursor themes11:23
guaquait's snowing <311:23
tilman"xrdb" may refresh your settings11:23
tilmanbut i don't know for sure11:23
Auge^i thought to...11:24
treachsnow? What's that? I thought that stuff wasn't made anymore..11:24
guaquait'll melt on thursday :<11:24
Auge^5°C in Frankfurt...11:24
guaqua-1 in Helsinki11:24
Auge^62°C on my CPU ;)11:25
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sepenhi jaeger13:07
sepenI have question for U13:08
sepenwhy your openntp port not include ntpdate and utils?13:09
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jaegerit simply includes what the makefile says it should13:10
sepenin my obsd box I have this great utils: ntp-keygen,ntp-wait,ntpd,ntpdate,ntpdc,ntpq,ntptrace,tickadj13:11
guaquamodifying the Pkgfile is easy13:12
sepenIm happy with your port, it's only a opinion13:12
jaegersepen: are you sure they're part of openntpd?13:12
jjpkMy bet is that they are not, openbsd's base has plenty of software included standard.13:13
sepenntp obsd port, Im not sure in openntpd ..13:13
jaegerI just ask because it seems odd that they would not be default make targets if they're meant to be included13:13
brointhemixsepen: i've seen those files in the regular ntp port, but not in openntpd13:13
brointhemixsepen: prt-get install ntp and see for yourself13:14
sepenbrointhemix, xD13:14
sepenbrointhemix, Im using opt ports13:15
jaegerI think openntpd is intentionally small and simple13:15
sepenin my crux server box I never will install a non oficial port13:16
sepenonly core, opt and conntrib in that order13:16
sepenjaeger, thanks for that port13:16
brointhemixyea, these: ntp-keygen,ntp-wait,ntpd,ntpdate,ntpdc,ntpq,ntptrace,tickadj are in the "ntp" port13:17
brointhemix"openntpd" doesn't have it13:17
jaegergood to know13:18
sepenjaeger, Im set my preferer server in the config file and run ok but I love ntpdate tool that is the only thing13:19
sepensorry another time, pfffp!! in /etc/ntpd.conf13:21
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Hanprologic, pygtk depends on pycairo, not the other way around.18:47
prologicdoes pycairo depend on anything ?18:50
prologicand thanks18:50
prologiconly python I guess18:51
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