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pitillothe problem with alsa was solved. Was my error compiling the kernel, added alsa stuff that removes asound/pcm0 procs.... This afternoon I will try TS and tce. Thank you all for your help :)05:08
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ningoOh, opera's been updated.09:48
prologicoh goody09:48
mike_kand iproute209:48
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j^2aww jaeger that's not very nice!...making clb quit like that :P09:53
jaegerhad to move him, I won't have access to my office from the 20th until january 1st09:53
Auge^no ssh tunnel?09:55
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jaegerthe power will be off09:57
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onestephi everyone09:57
jaegerit's not that I need access to my office, it's that the bot runs from here09:57
jaegerheyo, onestep09:57
HanAuge^, wait until jaeger's not here09:58
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jaegerthere is no ping, there is only zuul10:43
j^2i'm looking for advice10:44
j^2i'm creating a new email server, and i'm...well..lost10:44
j^2i'm thinking postfix10:44
j^2with courier imap/pop10:44
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j^2any advice?10:45
prologicAdvice: what we ask for when we already know the answer, but wish we didn't.10:45
tilmanpostfix good10:45
tilmanno idea about courier, i'm running dovecot10:45
prologicyeah I use dovecot too10:45
prologicpostfix + dovecot10:45
j^2yeah there are alot of howtos on devcot10:45
jaegerI run postfix and dovecot as well10:45
j^2mySQL backed?10:45
j^2or just plain text10:46
j^2postfix that is10:46
jaegerplan text/postmaps10:46
prologicI use a mysql backend on mine10:46
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prologicpostfix(mysql backend) + dovecot(mysql backend+ with full virtual hosting10:47
j^2i got postfix sending.......i'm sad :(10:47
j^2i'm confused :(10:48
tilmanhint: you didn't really say what the problem is yet10:49
j^2ah, sorry tilman, i guess the problem is that taking over my corporates email, i need to find a good solution and i'm nervious that postfix might not be the right one10:53
prologicpostfix works in many corporate envionments quite nicely10:54
prologicleast in ones I've been involved in10:54
j^2nice thanks guys10:57
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guaquawe have a large mail solution built on exim and wu-imapd(?)12:11
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jmvrjoin #crux-devel15:49
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blizzhey there17:29
blizzhow do the rsync repositories keep the latest copy of the svn-based package data?17:29
blizztrying to immitate that17:29
jaegervia svn export, every 5 minutes or so17:29
blizzoh, a cronjob it is?17:30
blizzwell, easy one then. i asked in the subversion channel for live snapshots, they recommend apache with svn-webdav but that'S to complicated imho17:31
blizzthanks jaeger17:32
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blizzhumm, is there a more elegant way then rm -rf $PORTS_DIR and svn export ... $PORTS_DIR?18:12
jaegerperhaps if [ -d $PORTS_DIR ]; then cd $PORTS_DIR && svn update; else svn co ... $PORTS_DIR; fi18:15
jaegersomething along those lines18:15
blizzi thought svn information gets discarded when exporting18:48
blizzbut i could also checkout & update and tell httpup-repgen to ignore the svn dat18:48
jaegeryeah, it does, nm18:49
* jaeger isn't thinking tonight18:49
blizzpff :-)18:51
blizzme neither - never.18:51
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nick26anyone know if there is anyway i can get older ports that have since deceased?21:38
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nick26someone used to have some hp printer pkgs, and installed them back then but now its not working and i wanted to install the newer ones but i'd like to see the pkgfile for the old ones21:39
jaegeryou can check the git history or the attic but we don't really maintain stuff for that long, don't have the resources21:45
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* treach hugs his brother PS printer. :)22:34
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